January 14, 1986


Rukia's Pov

"Happy birthday mom!" yelled my daughter. I smiled warmly as I blew out ninety-three candles on the carrot cake.

"Thank you." I thanked as my granddaughters and grandsons hugged me.

"Where did the years go by?" asked Momo, sitting on her chairs beside me.

"Who knows?" I laughed softly. Lachira, Yachiru, and my only son, Kito, were all grown up and had children of there on.

"I wish daddy was here." Lachira said as she hugged me and gave me my present.

"He is here…" Kaien died once Kito was born, and I was heartbroken, but slowly, I recovered.

"I know he's here with us," Lachira leaned over to my ear "I mean my real daddy."

"I wish he was here too." I smiled. Momo heard and smiled as well.

"Sorry I'm late." We heard from the front door "I had to pickup Rangiku." I slowly saw Rayura and Rangiku arrive.

"You missed everything." Momo answered "You two are never on time."

"Momo, I'm going to take a nap, I feel tired." I said as I got up and walked towards my room.

"Oo, ok then." Momo said, a bit concerned.

I walked in quickly and lay down, looking over at my dresser. I had many pictures of myself when I was working as a model for a year or so. I had pictures of all my children and their children. I had some of special moments I had during my life. I even had the same pictures taken by Ichigo on that day.

"I will see you very soon…" I whispered to myself, closing my eyes and falling asleep.

Normal Pov

"Rukia?" Momo said as she walked into Rukia's room. She looked over at the lump under the covers.

"Rukia??" she asked again. No respond. She walked over to her and shook her, but she didn't budge. "Rukia??" Momo started to relies that Rukia was not going to respond. Momo felt tears slowly making their way to her eyes and down her wrinkle cheeks. She had lost her best friend.

The door opened suddenly "Momo, why haven't you got…." Rayura stopped talking once she notices Momo crying. "What's wrong?"

"She's gone." Momo cried. Rayura felt tears follow quickly, walking slowly toward the bed her sister had passed away on.

"Rukia." Rayura sobbed as she got on her knees on the other side of the bed, opposite to Momo.

"Say hi to Ichigo and Toushiro for me…" Momo cried as she held on to Rukia's hand and laid her head on her belly. Then, it was silent in the room.

Rukia's Pov

I was nineteen again, no wrinkles, no sores, no nothing. I looked around and was quickly taken back by the sight. I was standing at the entrance of the titanic. I looked down at myself and notice that I had on the same blue kimono I had on the day Ichigo took the pictures.

"Come with me, Rukia." Said a man with a suit on. It was Urahura, I was sure he was. He put out a shoulder and I took it. He walked me across the deck, and I saw many people standing on the side of halls. They smiled at me, leading me to something.

"You know where to go from here." He simply said as he opened the door for me.

"Thank you." I thanked and I walked in. I started walking in, toward the grand stair case.

"Rukia," I heard from my side. I looked and smiled. "Long time no see."

"Toushiro." I smiled and I embraced him.

"Somebody wants to see you." He said as he moved over and I saw someone I missed very dearly.

"Rico." I cried as I ran to him and he picked me up in his arms.

"Rukia." He breathed "I missed you so much."

"I did too, brother." I cried. Cora stood there, smiling at me.

"Look up there." He said as he moved back. Cora took his arm and looked up at the stair case. The people around me smiled at me as other looked up at something.

I looked up and tears quickly ran down my face, my heart suddenly stopped, and a huge smile was planted on my face. "Ichigo." I cried.

"Rukia." He smiled, giving me his hand. I looked around me and they simple smile and told me to go to him. I slowly walked toward the stairs, holding on to the rail.

"Ichigo." I sobbed, tears clinging to my face as I took his hand.

"Don't cry," He comfort as he whipped the tears away "Rukia." And he leaned in and took my lips. I wrapped my arms around him and deepened it. Everyone started to clap, cheering as we kissed again.

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