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Sasori almost didn't catch Deidara, still being in shock.

'Pregnant!' he was confused, was Deidara over exaggerating?Or was it true was his lover... Pregnant?"

He quickly scooped the blond up, and took him to their shared bed.

He was confused, and wanted to actually find out if he was pregnant.

He slowly lifted the blonds shirt up enough, so that he could see his stomach. His eyes widened. Deidara's stomach looked bigger than when he last saw it. There was a small bump on his stomach.

Sasori put the shirt back down and went into his library. There he was looking through everything about pregnancy and vampires.

All it said was female and male vampires couldn't get pregnant, and there was nothing about a male or female human getting pregnant, because vampire and human relationships were strictly forbidden and those who were found out were punished for their crimes.

It was forbidden just because of an old legend that some believe, so they made humans, and vampires separate.

He decided to just take a sample of blood, and go from there.

He went back to the room to find Deidara staring through the door, and watching Sasori work and read.

He went straight the blond and kneeled by the bed. The blond had a blank stare.

"How did this happen, un?" his voice was so monotone, you couldn't here the question in his voice.

"I don't know, but I'm trying to figure it out." Sasori caressed his cheek with his thumb.

"I need to take a blood sample. Is that okay with you?" Deidara just nodded.

Sasori went back to his library to grab a syringe. He went back to the room.

Sasori stuck the needle in the blonds arm. Deidara didn't flinch at all.

Once Sasori had enough blood, he pulled the needle out and put a gauze pad over the hole, since he didn't have a regular bandied.

After ten minutes, the results came up. The blond was pregnant.

After two hours of testing the blood, he found out how it happened.

When Deidara was poisoned, the poison stays in your body for a month and a half, if alive that long. The anti dote covers up the poison, but the poison is still there , so the antidote stays as long as the poison does.

The antidote is what mainly caused Deidara the ability to get pregnant. Sasori was the other cause.

Sasori got up from his desk, and walked over to the blond.

Through the whole explanation, Deidara stayed quiet. No emotion on his face whats so ever.

Once Sasori finished, Deidara started to cry. Sasori wrapped his arms around the blond, and rocked him back, and forth.

Deidara was letting everything come out: the emotions, the tears, sobs, everything.

After ten minutes he settled down.

"How are you feeling?" of course it was a stupid question, but what else was he supposed to ask?

"Scared, hungry, tried, and almost mad, un." Sasori smiled slightly.

"You have a right to be all of those things." Deidara tilted his head to look at Sasori. He tilted his head further, and Sasori closed the gap between their lips.

They molded their lips together, but Sasori pulled away.

"Do you want to keep it, un?" Sasori smiled, he leaned in close to the blonds lips.

"Yes." he suddenly closed the gap between them and kissed him with about as much passion he could get.

Deidara started kissing back, but was as tired as hell, so he stopped. Sasori responded, and let the blond lie down, and fall asleep. He leaned into the blonds forehead, and kissed it lightly. "Prefect." that was the last thing Deidara heard, before falling asleep.

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