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Deidara was nervous. It was his ninth month, and he was supposed to give birth soon.

Konan and Sasori turned the couples bedroom into almost like a hospital room, so it was now sterol for when the time came.

Deidara was worried that something would go wrong.

Deidara was in their bedroom alone. Konan had to go to work, and Sasori went to go get more supplies. So Deidara was home alone.

He was sitting on their bed waiting for his lover to come home. He started rubbing his belly. "Just me and you kiddos, un." he got a kick in return, and he smiled. He stood up going to go get something to eat, but he heard something dripping, and he also felt wet. Then a pain shot through his legs, and he screamed in agony.

He was giving birth now, and he was alone. He quickly grabbed his cell phone off the night stand, and pushed Sasori's speed dial button.

"Hello?" it was Sasoris' calm voice, but right now nothing would calm Deidara more then getting their children out of him.

"Sasori get over here now-Ahhh!" Deidara sat down on the bed, and clutched his stomach in pain.

"Deidara what's wrong!"

Deidara started his breathing exercise to ease the pain. "What the fuck do you think, un! Giving birth!" Deidara screamed again.

"I-I'll call Konan, and be there in five minutes."

Deidara was in tears now. "H-hurry, un." it was barely a whisper.

The phone went dead, and Deidara sat fully on the bed, his back against the head board.

He was taking deep breaths trying to calm himself, and make the pain subside. Suddenly another pain shot through his back, and he screamed even louder.

He stopped when he felt a hand on his own. He looked up to Sasoris' worried eyes. Deidara grabbed Sasoris' shirt with both hands, and pulled him down, their faces mere inched apart.

"I swear if you ever, ever get me pregnant again, you will never see the light of day again, un!" Deidara pulled Sasori into a teeth shattering kiss, and pulled away a few seconds later.

"You done now?" Deidara nodded, and whimpered in pain.

They waited for twenty minutes for Konan to get there, and during those twenty minutes, Deidara was in the worst pain in his life.

Konan barged in. "Where the hell were you, un!"

Konan rushed over to the bed. "I know I'm sorry. Now come on Deidara we have to get those kids out of you." Once Deidara was dressed in the proper clothing for the procedure, struggle began. "Come on Deidara push again!" Konans' screaming wasn't helping any, and Sasori was actually feeling pain from Deidara holding his hand so tightly.

Deidara was loosing his breath quick from screaming, but he had to try.

"Ahhh, un!" he almost blacked out from the pain, but he heard a cry, and came back.

"It's a girl!" Konan said excitedly. She put the baby down onto a readied blanket to wipe off.

"I win, un." Deidara said breathlessly. Sasori smiled. "There's still one more." Then the same pain from before shot through Deidaras' legs, signifying it wasn't over yet.

Deidara screamed again in pain. Konan was back in position. "Come on Dei you already have one, you just need one more.

Deidara was breathing harshly. 'If most men don't survive regular birth, how am I supposed to have twins?' It was something Deidara dreaded, that he wouldn't survive. 'No I will survive.' He gave on last push, and there was a cry.

"It's a boy!" His eyes were closing, and he smiled lightly. Things were starting to go black.

Sasori saw what was happening, and quickly bit his wrist, and put it to the blonds mouth. Deidara took the blood, and drank it. It tasted as sweat as ever. He began to heal completely, and Sasori took his wrist away.

Sasori then sat down next to Deidara to hold. "Don't get to comfy yet, you now have parenting to do." Konan smiled and handed each a bundle.

Deidara's was the girl. She was as pale as Sasori, and had a head of red hair. She opened her eyes. They were the exact same shade of blue as Deidara's. He felt himself tearing up, and kissed her forehead.

Sasori had the boy. He had Deidara's blond hair, and was also pale like Sasori, he even had Sasori's eyes. He smiled lightly and kissed his forehead.

"I guess we both won, huh?" Deidara turned from his daughter, and smiled at Sasori. He quickly looked at their son. "Can I see him, un?" Sasori nodded, and they switched.

Out of no where their son laughed, and Sasori and Deidara saw a little pointy tooth. Then their daughter giggled, trying to get attention too. She also had a pointy tooth.

"Hato" Sasori said softly, and kissed her forehead,

"Naoto, un." Deidara kissed his forehead ever so gently.


"Just perfect, un."

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