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Sasagawa Kyoko


Kyoko is well aware of how serious Tsuna was the first time he confessed to her. She'd simply worried that the sudden change in personality meant he'd had some kind of psychotic breakdown and thought it best to give him some time to recover.

The day, several years later, that his loser self and his Dying Will self at last find a middle ground as the peaceful but resolute Vongola X, she finally agrees to go on that first date.


Kyoko is not and will never be a fighter. One thing sadly overlooked by the majority of the Vongola family, however, is her devastating charisma and endless capacity to adjust to bizarre situations.

Reborn, whether thankfully or not, is not in the majority, and ten years later Kyoko still doesn't have the heart to break it to her own boss that she's one of his top spies.


Out of all the people in the Vongola family, it is Bianchi that Kyoko comes to associate herself with most, and Bianchi concurs.

Whatever the vast differences in their personalities and values, the bond of possessing fatalistically reckless brothers cannot be denied.

(As the years go by and the injuries grow more numerous, Kyoko and Bianchi become the only ones permitted to set up betting pools completely independent of the Arcobaleno's influence, as it's generally agreed that, having paid for so many of their respective brothers' hospital bills at this point, they effectively own them and any wagers associated with them.)


Kyoko, like her brother, possesses the Sun flame, although hers is infinitely less intense than his. Ordinarily she puts her flame to use as a healer, but while the power of Mist is most ideal for concealment, it is Sun's activation properties that get the more advanced surveillance Box Weapons up and running, and so Kyoko becomes Chrome Dokuro's unlikely partner in a number of espionage missions for the Vongola family.

Interestingly enough, Rokudo Mukuro seems more concerned with Kyoko's ability to draw Chrome out of her protective shell than any advantage he might gain by associating with the Vongola Decimo's only confirmed weakness.


Although Tsuna was not mistaken in assuming that Kyoko was interested in Gokudera Hayato when he first set foot in their classroom, he misunderstood exactly why she was. Kyoko has never been attracted to bad boys or delinquents like the majority of her classmates, but (perhaps because of her affinity with the healing Sun flames) she will never pass up an opportunity to try to help damaged individuals.

(This is, in fact, the entire reason Tsuna fell in love with her at all—where Kyoko saw herself giving a much-needed confidence boost to the poor beleaguered boy everyone else seemed to pick on, Tsuna saw a bright-eyed angel who had actually lowered herself to speak with a loser like him and thus fell victim to his infamous crush.)

In Gokudera she saw a hurting, resentful soul both adverse to and afraid of social interaction, and vowed to do everything in her power to help him recover.

When he reenters the classroom with a nervous-looking Tsuna just hours later chatting animatedly with the other boy and looking decidedly less angry at the world, Kyoko smiles to herself and rests assured in the knowledge that the two of them should do just fine helping each other, instead.


While Chrome's collection is impressive, Kyoko is actually the one with the most blackmail material on the Vongola family itself.

Chrome's concealment techniques are without parallel, but it's amazing how much people are willing to just sit down and confess to a girl with a sympathetic ear and a kind smile.


Kyoko has never fired a gun.

(Countless bottles of mace and the occasional taser are another story entirely.)

She has, however, been responsible for baiting quite a few assassins and members of rival families into Vongola traps, unleashed the entire base's automatic security system on several intruders, and helpfully informed the Guardians and Varia of the various enemy weaknesses she's made note of on those unfortunately frequent occasions when she's been taken hostage.

Kyoko is determined to never take a life, but she's occasionally disturbed by how indifferent she's become toward watching others do it.


Kurokawa Hana has been Kyoko's best friend and polar opposite for as long as either of them can remember. Kyoko is the empathetic, optimistic yin to Hana's caustic, pessimistic yang, and Hana is the cold reality check to Kyoko's inner guidance counselor.

Hana's spent years building up her reputation as the snarky, outspoken guard dog to Namimori's sweet school idol, and Kyoko will always be grateful for her support.

Their mutual best kept secret, though, is that it's really Kyoko's will of steel that hides Hana's bleeding heart from the rest of the world.

(Kyoko will deny until her dying day that she had anything to do with setting up her brother and her best friend, but she is glad that they've found happiness with one another.)


Like her brother, there is nothing Kyoko enjoys more than a challenge. She first befriends Hana precisely because the other girl makes her work for her approval, and her reputation at Namimori is in no small part due to her constant participation in activities she hopes will put her through her paces.

In the Vongola family Kyoko is knocked back down to the bottom rung of the social ladder for the first time in years, and it's a while before she figures out and develops the skills necessary to find her place there.

Kyoko considers even a single moment of praise within the Vongola more valuable than her years of popularity because she's absolutely certain she's earned it.


Technically speaking, Kyoko is the strongest member of the Vongola family.

She is the only person Sawada Tsunayoshi will never, ever defeat.

(And together, they're unstoppable.)

Kyoko kicks ass with PACIFISM. (It's not a total oxymoron. Or maybe it is.)

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