Chapter 1: Problems in Louisiana

"Rogue, where are you going?" Professor Xavier asked seeing Rogue leaving the mansion during practice.

"Sorry professor but ah need to go. There is somewhere ah need to go." Rogue said as she headed out the door.

'Rogue, just please don't go where I fear that you'll be going. It's far too dangerous.' Xavier thought as he watched Rogue leave.

Rogue hopped onto her new motorcycle and rode off toward the airport. Thinking about the call that she had received earlier.


Rogue sat there waiting for her turn to go and train since there had already been too many of the X-men helping out the new recruits already. Rogue just sat and read New Moon from the Twilight series when her phone rang. Rogue pulled out her phone and answered it. "Hello?"

"Hello cherie, ah ain't to excited to say that ah in need of ya help." The person on the other side of the phone said.

"Gambit, what ya want?" Rogue said as she saved her spot in her book.

"Ah am in a bit of a situation here in Louisiana cherie. If ya like this place, ya had better get here before it no longer exists." With that Gambit hung up the phone leaving Rogue confused by what he meant.

'Ah wonder if the trainin is for whatever is happenin in Louisiana.' Rogue thought. "Professor, do you know what is happenin in Louisiana?" Rogue asked Xavier as she put her phone away.

"Rogue, there has been some kind of outbreak there. You don't need to know anymore as of right now." Xavier said.

'Sorry professor, ah need to go.' Rogue thought as she left.

Xavier saw Rogue leave and decided it best to go after her.

End Flashback

Rogue rode quickly to the closest transport that she could get to which happened to be a train. She hopped on and laid back not knowing exactly why she decided to go. True, she loves Louisiana but is that why she was going or was it for Gambit. "Darn Cajun is messin wit my mind." Rogue said leaning against the train's wall and then realized why she wasn't too fond of trains. "Too many memories wrapped up in these tings." Rogue said remembering the few train related incidents.

Back at the mansion the professor had called everyone in for a small meeting. "What's this about professor, did we mess up on something." Scott asked since this wasn't a usual thing.

"Scott, no body has done anything wrong, however we must speed up our training for I fear for Rouge." Xavier said folding his hands and leaning on his fists.

"Professor, what's wrong and where is Rouge?" Jean asked with a worried look on her face as well as a worried look on everyone else's faces.

"Everyone, Rogue has left for Louisiana I fear?" Xavier said and then was interrupted.

"Vats wrong with Louisiana?" Kurt asked.

"There has been an outbreak of some kind. The same kind of outbreak that appeared in Africa not to long ago." Xavier said and then got a reaction from Storm.

"Professor, you can't mean the outbreak in Africa. That outbreak is finished, it can't come back." Storm said with all eyes on her and then turned to the professor.

"Unfortunately Storm, it is the same outbreak and it's getting to close to home and is has hit Rogues. If we are to help Rogue now, we must train at an even faster rate." Xavier said with sad eyes.

"Professor, what is this outbreak exactly and why weren't we informed about it?" Hank asked.

"This outbreak is, to put it simply is called Uriboros and it infected many people in Africa. This thing turns people into, something that I'm not even sure of. I was lucky enough to know what it's called. I wasn't ready to inform any of you about this until I knew you would be ready for it. Some of you would rush off without being ready for what is to happen." Xavier looked over at Storm sadly and then back to the group. "This thing was thought to be destroyed when the person controlling it was killed, however it seemed to have lived somehow. That is however all I know of it which is why I want everyone trained properly for this." Xavier leaned back in his chair.

"Charles, I have had more then enough experience with my powers as you know. Why don't you let me go after Rouge?" Logan asked.

"Usually I would however not even you alone Logan, could defend Rogue long enough without some experience with these types of creatures; which is why I have invited one person that has had enough experience with them to be able to teach you what you need to know. He should arrive anytime now. His name is Leon Kennedy and though he hasn't had any experience with Uriboros, he has had to deal with something with the exact effect as Uriboros if not similar." Xavier looked out the window and noticed a man with shoulder length blonde hair, and a brown jacket on coming up to the gate. Xavier left and opened up the gate to let him in. "Logan, why don't you go and let Leon in." Xavier asked.

"Sure Charles." With that said, Logan left.

"Shouldn't someone like, go and help Rouge if this thing is really that dangerous?" Kitty asked.

"The best thing right now is to let Rogue find the one person that is sure to be there that can help." Xavier said knowing that more then just one person has had enough experience with this.

Rouge arrived short of Louisiana as the train had stopped short. "What's going on here?" Rogue asked and then someone grabbed onto her shoulder. Rogue flipped around to find three people behind her. "Who are ya?" Rouge asked.

"My name is Chris, and this is my partner Jill and my partner from Africa, Sheva. You are?" Chris asked.

"Ma name is Rouge. Ah am here to help with tings. What's goin on here?" Rouge asked folding her arms across her chest and staring the three down.

"We'll explain on the way." Jill said as they started walking.

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