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Black Irony

"Lelouch, wake up! Math class is over already and we've got to go to the student council now!" A blue haired boy yelled as he shook 'his' shoulder.

"Oh? It has already?" The raven hair teen, Lelouch, yawned as he stood up and observed his surroundings.

"Well yeah.. The class ended ten minutes ago but you were still sleeping like a cat!", said Lelouch's friend, Rival, as he grinned

Lelouch Lamperouge, a seemingly ordinary 17-year-old student at Ashford Academy has an important secret that cannot be revealed to anyone. His real identity is Lelouch vi Britannia, seventeenth in line to the throne, eleventh prince of the Holy Britannia Empire. He was sent to Area 11 by his father, Charles zi Britannia, the 98th emperor of the Bratannian Empire. He was given the position of sub-viceroy of Area 11 to assist his older brother, Clovis la Britannia who was the viceroy. Lelouch's identity as the sub-viceroy was a top secret within the Britannian army, so no one knew about it besides the viceroy, Jeremiah Gottwald, the leader of the Purebloods, Villetta Nu, subordinate of Jeremiah, Lloyd Asplund, weird scientist who is the head of the scientific research team Camelot, and finally, Cecile Croomy, Lloyd's subordinate.

As a sub-viceroy, Lelouch held control over all the Britannian army in Area 11 and was referred as the black prince, due to his calm, accurate strategies. However, the black prince who was feared by the enemies when he took command of the Britannian army, had a person who Lelouch dislikes the most and annoyed, whenever he talked to that person.

"So you've been sleeping during class again, Lelouch.", a cold-toned voice rose behind Lelouch and Rival as they were about to leave the classroom. Lelouch recognized who this voice belonged to. It was 'his' voice.

"Look like someone has decided to come to school today.", said Lelouch with a cold glare and a slight smile on his face.

"And I don't see how me sleeping during class is any of your business, Kururugi Suzaku.", added Lelouch as the owner of the 'voice' smirked at his comment.

Kururugi Suzaku, an honorary Britinnian, son of former prime minster of Japan, Kururugi Genbu, one of Lelouch's classmates, a Britannian soldier, and most importantly, the person who Lelouch hates!

"I just wondered if you needed any notes from today's class since you were during the lecture the entire time.", said Suzaku with irony in his voice.

"No thanks. Maybe you should pay attention to the lessons…you've been missing a lot of school recently. You wouldn't want your marks to drop do you?", smirked Lelouch.

Suzaku lowered his eyebrows but managed to keep his ironic smile. "Thanks for your concern but I can manage my time to complete the homework that are assigned." , replied Suzaku.

"That's good to hear."

"He…hey guys…let's go to the student council or we won't be able to finish the budget calculation by today…", Rival said nervously to the two teens who were still glaring at each other with fake smiles on their faces.

"Right! Let's go Rival!", said Suzaku as he remembered the matter and cheerfully smiled at Rival and started walking down the hallway.

At the student council room:

"You guys are LAAAAAATE!!!!" As soon as Lelouch, Suzaku, and Rival opened the door that led to the student council room, Milly Ashford, the president of the student council yelled.

"What were you guys doing until now!? Hurry up and finish calculating the budget for the horse back ride club before they come in on their horseback and sue us for insufficiency of money for their club activities!", she screamed.

"Okay, okay. We will start working right away.", said Lelouch as he sighed and sat on a chair to reach for a spreadsheet.

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