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"Hey! Don't you know about the bombing terrorism lead by those filthy Elevens ?"

"Yeah I know! Those Elvens were caught and the bombs disarmed were right?"

"Oh yeah! Remember the bank robbery by some low-class Britannians?"

"Of course! Those Britannians are such a disgrace to our people."

"I wonder who caught those criminals? Was it the military?"

"Wow, I'm surprised that you didn't know about them! They are famous right now you know, along with the mysterious sub-viceroy."

"Huh? Who are they?"

"Oh my god you dummy! They are the -"

"Hey Kallen! I see you are back to school! How are feeling today?" Shirley stood beside Kallen's desk and asked with a sweet smile.

Kallen, who was listening to the conversation between her friends, raised her head slowly.

"Hello Shirley. I feel fine thank you." Answered Kallen, with her noble-like, genial smile.

"Oh… Are you sure you are okay? You've missed school for three days in a row."

"Yes I am completely fine. Even the doctor said that I am getting better yesterday."

Kallen replied, while feeling frustrated inside.

'I could have returned in two days if that bustard didn't budge in like that and interfere with my move.' Growled Kallen in her mind while keeping her 'mask' on as a noble, weak girl.

"Well I'm glad that you are feeling okay! Let's go to the student council! Everyone is waiting for us!" grinned Shirley as she pulled Kallen up from her seat.

At the student council.

"…..ahh this is so BORNING! Why isn't Lelouch here? I could have bullied him!" yelled Milley as she took a glance at the table.

"Bullying? You mean teasing him right, Madam President." Said Rivel grinning.

"Noooo! I want to stay here to bully him and I want to go home now!" said Milley childishly.

"Madam President, your sentence is contradicting." commented Suzaku.

"If Lelouch was here, this work would be a lot easier." Nina said as she faced her computer.

"If you hadn't leave these documents until yesterday, we could have gone home by now" said Shirley, lowering her eyebrow while facing the culprit who created the situation.

"You know I don't like organizing documents… ahh I wanna go home!"

"We even have Suzaku and Kallen to help us today so this shouldn't take us that long!" Rival said cheerfully, trying to encourage Milley to get back to the work.

One Hour Later:

"Gahh! Where are you Lelouch? We need you!" sighed Milley, bringing up the same topic.

"Apparently, he has this 'family business' that he has to help with…again.."

"He seems to be missing school a lot." Kallen muttered.

"You are missing school too Suzaku. I thought you are part of the science department, but they seem to call you back a lot recently." Said Shirley

"Yeah…..they are short handed so I have to go help them."

"Speaking of which, there've been a lot of incidents caused by Elevens recently…" said Nina, sounding frightened.

With that the room was filled with silent for a moment.

"Well…don't worry Nina. It's not like they are going to come here and bomb the school. Besides, they can't do anything in the middle of Tokyou….." said Milley while moving her hand to her chin to form a thinking gesture. Then suddenly raised her voice.

"That's it!"

"Huh?" Everyone questioned in unison.

"We will go to the hot spring as a recreational trip for the student council!" Milley announced. "All members of the student council must attend this trip! It's mandatory."

"But President! Why now out of all time?" Shierly questioned.

"No buts! We are going to relax ourselves. It won't hurt to relax ourselves once in a while." said Milley as she winked.

15 minutes later.

A voice echoed in the empty hallway. A voice not to high to fit within the range of soprano, but not too low as alto.

"Hello, Lelouch? No, nothing urgent. I just wanted to tell you that the President has decided to go to a hot spring trip tomorrow with the student council…right…Are you sure your schedule will workout tomorrow?...okay. We will be waiting for you in front of the bus station."

Lelouch will come back into the story next chapter!

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