Nami held the crying woman in her arms, tightening her embrace on the blue haired woman minutely as she stroked her hand down the woman's back. "Don't worry about anything," she said softly into the princess's ear, "We'll get you back to your home alive."

"Thank you, Nami." The princess said through her tears, grabbing a hold of the tangerine coloured haired woman's top tightly and balling her fists in it holding on tightly.

"Don't mention it Vivi," Nami replied softly, "Don't even mention it."

"I don't know what I would do if you lot hadn't come around when you did," Vivi said with a laugh, "I bet I would be dead right now. And Crocodile would have won, I suppose."

"Probably," Nami replied softly laying the woman down on her bed so that she could rest, "We do have a knack for appearing at the right time."

Vivi grabbed a hold of the other woman's shoulder tightly as she turned to stand up. "Don't leave me, please."

Nami smiled down at her friend softly for a moment before she worked her way loose of the woman's hold, "I'm going to lock the door, we don't want Luffy or Zoro barrelling through the door in the morning – no wait, Sanji is the worst, if he gets in here he'll never leave."

The orange haired woman smiled as she saw the grin threatening to break out on Vivi's face, "I'll be right back okay Vivi?"

"Alright," The princess replied as she laid down with her head on the pillows watching Nami as she made her way to the door and turned the lock making sure that it was closed before she turned back to the bed and grinned at the princess.

"No men getting in this room tonight. Not if they want to live that is," She laughed before returning to Vivi's bedside and hopping up onto the bed beside the woman, "Get some sleep Vivi, I won't be leaving you anytime soon."

"Good," The princess replied before curling her body around the navigator's and allowing her eyes to drift closed as she listened to the woman's heartbeat. "I trust you."