Just a cute one-shot, inspired by Gibbs/Abby video I saw! Just a fluffy, happy story! Oh, and also slightly inspired by Sara Evan's "Perfect"! Enjoy! :)


Gibbs strode into NCIS one morning, a hint of a smile on his face as he arrived at the bullpen. Ziva, McGee and Tony all looked up at him, so he hid the smile with a sip of his coffee. The hot liquid almost scalded his mouth, and the smile dropped right off his face. But the thought that had planted the smile on his face stayed, especially through the fact that they had no open cases, and it looked like it was going to be a slow day.

As he got up and strode down to see Ducky, Tony got up and walked over to Ziva's desk, bending down and saying quietly, "Is it just me, or did the boss-man look extremely happy today?"

"He did," Ziva said slowly, pondering the reason why.

"Wonder who the girl was," Tony said thoughtfully, his mind straying to the proverbial gutter. Ziva's hand slapping him across the face brought him back to the present, and he scowled at her, saying, "What was that for?"

"For picturing Gibbs getting lucky with some bombshell," Ziva hissed, just as McGee walked over.

"What do you want, McGoo?" Tony questioned, his eyes narrowing at the younger agent.

"Just wondering why Gibbs looks so happy today," McGee mused, and Ziva scoffed, saying,

"Coin the club."

Tony and McGee looked at each other, but Jenny's voice from behind them spoke up, saying, "You mean join the club, Ziva, not coin,"

"Ah well, same difference," Ziva fumed, and Jenny had to smile before saying,

"And what club would that be, Agent DiNozzo?"

Tony's smile froze on his face, and he stuttered, "Well, you know, we were just discussing, you know, the, uh, the lack of a case today,"

"Nice try. Agent McGee, would you like to give my question a shot?" Jenny said politely, the mirth obvious in her eyes.

"Well, we were just wondering, uh, why Gibbs looked so happy," McGee muttered, basically admitting defeat.

"Ah. Well, why don't you just go down to autopsy and find out?" Jenny suggested, and then walked back up to her office with a grin on her face.

"Thanks, McTattletale," Tony snapped, and Ziva smiled, saying,

"That's a good idea. Let's go down and visit Ducky,"

The three agents went to the elevator and took a ride down to Autopsy. They walked in just as Gibbs and Ducky embraced, a big smile on both of their faces. Confusion appeared on Ziva's, Tony's and McGee's faces, but neither Ducky nor Gibbs explained as Gibbs clapped Ducky on the shoulder and walked out, muttering to the three agents,

"We don't have a case. Stop following me."

Ducky looked at them, his eyebrow raised. Their million questions were obviously written on their faces, because Ducky shook his head and said, "Jethro will tell you when he's ready."

"Is it good or bad?" Tony asked hesitantly, his mind jumping to the worst: Gibbs was retiring again.

"Definitely good." Ducky replied, a smile growing on his face. "Now shoo, I'm not telling you,"

The three agents turned to go, but Ducky called after them, "But you might try Jenny's office, I believe that is where Jethro said he was going," That hurried them along, and it was almost a race to the elevator. Ducky chuckled as he watched the elevator doors shut; they were like little children vying to discover daddy's little secret. Or big one, in this case.


"…I appreciate that, Jen, you have no idea what that means to me," Tony heard Gibbs say quietly. He was squashed against the door, his ear glued to it, in the same position Ziva and McGee were in. Cynthia just rolled her eyes at them, and went back to her computer.

"Actually, Jethro, I think I do…" Jenny replied, and McGee whispered,

"What's 'that?"

"Shut up!" Tony and Ziva hissed together, and only caught the tail end of what Jenny said,

"…after you personally."

"I expect nothing less, Jen," Gibbs replied, and what he said after was too soft for them to hear, on account of Cynthia's phone ringing. The three agents glared at her, and she just raised her eyebrows to them as she answered.

Just as Cynthia started to speak, Jenny's door was yanked open, and Ziva, Tony and McGee all fell face first onto the carpet at Gibbs' feet. They all looked up at him in surprise, and Ziva was the first to her feet, followed by Tony, and then McGee, though he stumbled and caught himself on Tony's arm, dragging both of them back down to the ground.

Gibbs waited while the two klutzy agents got to their feet, and then glared at them before said quietly, "Stop. Following. Me." With that, he walked out, leaving the three to look at Jenny sheepishly.

"I'd do what he says," Jenny suggested, a hint of a smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

"What is going on here, Jen?" Ziva asked flat-out, taking a few steps towards her.

"Something. You'll find out, Ziva, all of you will, just not now," Jenny said cryptically, and Ziva, recognizing defeat, turned and walked out, leaving Tony and McGee to scurry after her, not wanting to stay and face the director's wrath for eavesdropping on her conversation.

The trio trooped down to the bullpen, and didn't see Gibbs anywhere. Tony sat at his desk, while McGee and Ziva pulled their chairs up to his. "Forget what I said about Gibbs being happy," Tony muttered, glancing around to make sure Gibbs wasn't within hearing distance.

"I think he still is, just not towards us," Ziva announced, leaning on Tony's desk with her elbows.

"So, what could Gibbs want to talk to both Ducky and Jenny about?" McGee questioned, and Ziva said quickly,

"Leaving. Going back to Mexico. Something along those lines."

"Ducky said it wasn't, though," Tony interjected, and McGee corrected,

"Actually, Ducky said that it was a good thing, he didn't technically say…"

"I know, Probie, but Gibbs leaving isn't good." Tony shot back, and Ziva had to agree with him, saying,

"Perhaps it is a surprise party or something like that."

Tony thought about it, and then said, "You know, that could be possible. And, you know, my birthday's coming up soon," His mouth widened in a grin, but McGee and Ziva exchanged looks, and McGee said,

"Then why haven't Ziva and I been informed?"

"Because you two have big mouths." Tony quickly replied, standing up and his smile growing wider.

"Yes, I can see it now, balloons, streamers, Abby's touch of decorating of course, cake, ice cream, movie marathon…" His voice trailed off as he was lost in the world of DiNozzo.

Ziva and McGee rolled their eyes at Tony and discussed other possible reason why all three of them were being kept in the dark. After about an hour of discussion, Ziva and McGee both came to a way to figure out if they were the only ones left in the dark.

"Abby." They both said in unison, standing up and smacking Tony on the back of the head. He jumped, and as a reflex lunged out with both hands and smacked Ziva and McGee back. He was glared at for a long moment, and then the trio made it's way to Abby's elevator and down to her lab.

The doors opened and the three stepped out, literally bumping into Gibbs and Abby as they tried to board the elevator. "Hey my 3 musketeers!" Abby exclaimed, and Gibbs just looked at them, raising his eyebrow and saying,

"Getting off?"

They all shook their heads, and Abby shot them a confused look, but she got on, next to Gibbs, who glaring gaze swept all three of his agents. They pretended not to notice, and Ziva noticed Abby had her coat on. "Leaving already, Abby?" Ziva asked, and Abby smiled at her, saying,

"Nope, just going to lunch. It's past noon, surely you've noticed?" The shocked looks she got back from the three agents assured her that they didn't. "Well, me and Gibbs are going to lunch."

The look on Gibbs' face meant it wasn't an open invitation, but they were used to that. Gibbs always took Abby out to lunch if they didn't have a case open, that tradition had started even before Tony was at NCIS.

When the elevator arrived at the bullpen floor, Ziva, Tony and McGee got off. They turned and watched the elevator doors shut, with Abby waving at them. "Maybe that's when Gibbs is going to talk to Abby," Ziva mused, and McGee shrugged, saying,

"They've always gone to lunch, so who knows?"

"Yeah, even when Abby was with McHas-The-Hots-For-Abby," Tony added, and McGee glared at him. Tony put an innocent look on his face, and whipped out his phone, asking, "Who wants pizza?"

"DiNozzo's solution for everything," Ziva muttered as Tony called his favorite pizza place.

"Don't forget the movie marathon we're in for," McGee muttered back, and both of them shivered at the exact same time. Weren't they in for a treat?


End of the first chapter, one more to go! I was only going to write one chapter, but this got way too long, so I split it up! Wanna guess what Gibbs is hiding??? I'll bet you won't figure it out! (Of course, if I say that, someone's gonna get it right…oh well!) Hope you liked it, thanks for reading!!! :)