Author's Note: I decided to do the ipod challenge. I got a list of songs off of my ipod and am going to make thirty drabbles out of the thirty songs. When finished, all the drabbles will create a story. This is also a weird insight into the extent of my itunes songs. I listen to a lot of diverse music. Each chapter will begin with the line from the song that I'm basing the fic off of.

Show me how it ends. It's alright. Show me how defenseless you really are. Satisfied and empty inside. That's all right. Let's give this another try.

He was staring out the window. He had been silent for several hours now, and she had just been watching him. He didn't move, didn't speak, just stared out the window. She suspected that he wasn't seeing that.

"Nate." He shook his head, and she went to his side, resting her hand gently on his shoulder. "We can't save them all. We tried, Nate."

"He died anyway." Nate murmured. "I started this so that there wouldn't be another Sam if I could stop it. His son died anyway. What are we doing Sophie? Can we help anyone?"

"We've helped people already, Nate."

"This time, we lost."