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Summary: People often wonder about 'what ifs' this is my interpretation of such a scenario. What if Naruto Uzumaki hadn't been such an overly hyperactive student and actually put most of his energy towards studying a type of jutsu rarely used in the shinobi world. An art that he unknowingly has a kekkei genkai for. A bloodline limit thought long extinct, the Dokushu.


"Human Talking"

'Human Thinking'

"Demon Talking/ Jinchuuriki Using Demon Chakra"

'Demon Thinking'

Chapter 1-Awakening Master, Toxic Revival

Uzumaki Naruto a young blonde haired, blue eyed boy of six years old was walking to his first day of school at the Konoha Ninja Academy. Naruto was wearing his new ninja outfit given to him by his Jiji, also known as the Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. His 'awesome ninja clothes' as he called them consisted of a short-sleeved mesh undershirt, a dark burnt orange long-sleeved over shirt, black ninja pants with a kunai holster strapped to his right thigh, and dark blue ninja sandals. Along with several of the same outfit Hiruzen had also given Naruto a belt that had several small storage pouches sewn into it to carry various ninja tools and supplies.

As Naruto ran around him Hiruzen couldn't help but smile fondly at the child's antics. "An then I'm gonna be the best in taijutsu, and ninjutsu, and weapons, and all the other awesome ninja things jiji!" Naruto exclaimed as he ran a few feet ahead of the Hokage. "I'm sure you will be Naruto, I'm sure you will be." Hiruzen chuckled as the boy had been proclaiming such things since he'd picked him up from his apartment that morning.

Now you may be wondering why such a young child was living on his own at the tender age of six. You see on the night Naruto was born the Kyuubi no Youko, the greatest of the Bijuu, suddenly attacked Konohagakure without warning. It appeared so suddenly that no proper defense could be raised and no ways to defeat it could be found. As the ninja of Konoha raced to defend their home against the beast the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, was welcoming his new born son into the world. Sadly for the proud father his wife, Uzumaki-Namikaze Kushina, hadn't been able to survive the birthing of her son with the malicious chakra and unending killing intent of the Kyuubi pressing down on all of Konoha.

With no other alternative left the Yondaime resorted to his only solution. He sealed the beast into his own son at the cost of his life. Mere hours after he had been born Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto had been left alone in this world. The Yondaime's final wish was for the whole of Konohagakure to view his son as the hero that kept them safe from the beast. However; human emotions often get the better of people and this case was no exception. Once the newly reinstated Sandaime Hokage had revealed Naruto's status as the beasts' living prison the villagers, with their losses and undirected anger, chose baby Naruto as the target of their rage. So great was the villagers' outcry that the Sandaime passed a law stating that any person who spoke of Naruto's burden to anyone who did not already know would be executed for treason against Konoha.

So it came to be that Naruto, the only child of the Yondaime Hokage, was raised alone and secluded by Sarutobi's most trusted maternal caregivers. The boy grew up being cared for by both retired and active kunoichi and shinobi. So it came as no small surprise to Hiruzen that the boy had wanted to join the villages' military shinobi force. So the Hokage had enrolled the boy, despite some protests from the civilian representatives on the council and a small number of his own shinobi force, into the Academy when Naruto had reached the age of six. As they both walked towards the Academy the Hokage took notice of the glares of the villagers directed towards Naruto. 'It's been six years now, even though the villagers have calmed themselves and tried to move past that horrible night many still can't see the boy as more than the Kyuubi.' Hiruzen thought sadly as he looked upon the happy smiling form of his surrogate grandson.

"Hey, hey, Jiji we're here! We're here!" came Naruto's joyous exclamation; The Hokage looked up from his musings and smiled at the young blond. "Indeed we are Naruto." the Sandaime replied with a grin. As the Hokage escorted Naruto to his class he noted the looks the boy was receiving from both parents and the teachers. 'Hmmm,' he mused, 'it looks like most of the teachers understand the boy's situation. Sadly the parents don't seem to want their children to interact with the boy.' Naruto, as happy as he was, wasn't oblivious to the glares and cold looks he was receiving from the villagers. 'It's always the same.' he thought, 'they all look at me like I did something wrong to them.' Naruto's thoughts were cut short when the Hokage ushered him into a classroom. Upon entering the blonde saw various children his age sitting in several rows of seats. He noticed that several were from what his jiji called Konoha's Ninja Clans, while most were civilian children who wanted to try their hand at being in the shinobi forces.

"Now, Naruto" said the Hokage, "I want you to study hard and listen to your sensei, alright?" Naruto vigorously nodded his head while replying. "Sure thing Jiji! I'll learn everything sensei teaches me and I'll be the best ninja ever!" With a smile on his face and after playfully tussling the blondes' hair the Hokage left Naruto to find a seat as the sensei began to quiet the class down in preparation for role call. After finishing the role call the sensei introduced himself. "Hello students, my name is Iruka and this is my assistant Mizuki." said Iruka as he pointed to Mizuki. "We will be your sensei for the duration of your time here at the academy." Naruto instantly took to Iruka's kind tone and calm composure. However; he felt something was a bit off with Mizuki. Something just didn't seem right about the man. Especially when he saw Mizuki glare at him with those cold eyes he saw the villagers give him. 'Note to self,' thought Naruto, 'watch out for Mizuki-sensei, something isn't right about him.'

-----------------------------------Time Skip ~ End of the First Semester-------------------------

At the end of the first semester the first year student rankings were posted in the lobby of the Academy for all to see. To Naruto's great joy he was ranked a bit above the middle of the class. 'Yes!' Naruto exclaimed in his mind, 'All that extra studying is paying off. Wait 'til I tell Jiji about this.' With that thought in his mind Naruto took off toward the Hokage Tower in the center of the village. As he arrived he saw the Anbu guarding the doors, the two Anbu gave him a respectful bow as one opened the door for him. To this day Naruto still couldn't figure out why his Jiji's 'masked ninja', as Naruto called them, were so kind and courteous to him but he thanked them both anyway as he made his way into the tower.

Upon arriving at the Hokage's office door Naruto asked the secretary if he could see the old man. After the secretary checked with the Hokage through the intercom and telling him it was ok Naruto rushed into the office, but not before the secretary told him how cute she thought he was and her giving him a few sweets to have later. "Hey Jiji!" Naruto yelled as he jumped in front of the Hokage's desk, "You'll never guess where I was ranked on the first year students list!" Naruto was practically bouncing where he stood from excitement. "Oh and where was that Naruto?" the Hokage asked kindly even though he had received said rankings the day before. "I'm in the top of the middle tier of students!" Naruto shouted as he grinned broadly. "My, my, Naruto." said the Hokage fondly, "That's quite an achievement." Naruto, if possible, smiled even brighter at the praise. "Just you wait Jiji!" Naruto laughed, "Soon enough I'll be at the top of the whole school and then I'll be a ninja just like you!" Sarutobi chuckled at his surrogate grandson's energetic proclamation. "I have no doubt that you will be someday Naruto. But how about we celebrate with some ramen now?" he asked the young blonde who nodded happily as he led the Hokage out of his office and towards Ichiraku Ramen.

--------------------------------Time Skip ~ End of the First Year---------------------------------

"Uzumaki, Uzumaki, Uzumaki…" Naruto repeated to himself as his eyes scrolled down the first year student's final ranking list on the bulletin board. "Aha! Here it is." he exclaimed as he found his name. 'Awesome! I'm in the middle of the upper tier!' he thought proudly as he saw his name directly below someone named Aburame Shino. Naruto made his way to Ichiraku with a grin on his face for his accomplishment. After gorging himself with as much ramen as he could eat he went home to his apartment to get some rest. On his way home he began to think about what Iruka had told them of the various fields of the ninja force. Iruka had explained that each field usually had an expertise in a given art of the ninja profession and that they should all begin thinking about what kind of ninja they wanted to be when they graduated. 'Well obviously I want to be the best ninja ever.' thought Naruto as he recalled that particular lecture. In his now seven year old mind that was all there was to being a ninja. 'Though I have to admit what the text books say about poisons is really cool.' Naruto mused, 'I mean come on, you could barely touch a bad guy with some of those poisons and he'd drop to the ground unconscious or worse in less than a minute.' These kinds of thoughts spurred Naruto's imagination and filled his dreams that night with him using his 'awesome ninja poisons' to defeat bad guys and rescue princesses and damiyos.

------------------------------------Time Skip ~ The Next Day--------------------------------------

On Naruto's first day of summer break he immediately set off for the library in hopes of finding out more about his newly chosen weapon of choice, poisons. When he asked the chuunin that watched over the shinobi part of the library about any books on the subject he got a strange look before the chuunin pointed him to a small section that contained the information Naruto sought. After checking out a few of the books he immediately set off for home to begin learning all he could about the subject that had caught his fascination. "Oh wow!" Naruto exclaimed. He had just finished the first chapter of the first book and already he was completely awestruck by the power poisons could contain. "I can't believe more ninja don't use poisons." Naruto said with a sigh, "You can do so much with them from capture, to interrogation, to outright killing." Naruto was so enamored with the versatility of poisons that he resolved to learn all he could and by the end of summer break he would beg Jiji to teach him at least one of the, admittedly few, poison jutsu the book had mentioned.

----------------------------------Time Skip ~ End of Summer Break------------------------------

After two months worth of intense studying Naruto had finished all of the libraries books on poisons and had learned how to use the non-lethal ones the books gave instructions on creating. Naruto was rather surprised that his outside hobby for gardening could be used to grow various types of plants that when mixed correctly produced mild poisons that could cause anything from mild aches to near total paralysis. The hardest thing he had done was getting the Hokage to teach him one of the Poison Jutsu the books had listed. But after explaining to Naruto that the jutsu wasn't to be used unless supervised or as a last resort the Hokage had caved and taught Naruto the Dokugiri no jutsu (1). Naruto now used the belt pouches the Sandaime had given him to carry various poisons and antidotes as well as a new weapon the books had stated did well with poisons, senbon.

Now Naruto was making his way to the first day of his second year at the Academy. He noticed the glares the villagers still sent his way but ignored them. 'One day they'll respect me.' Naruto thought. 'When I'm Hokage they'll show me the respect they show Jiji.' After getting situated in his seat at the Academy and after role had been called Iruka took them all outside with Mizuki following behind the students. "Alright class" Iruka said in his 'teacher voice'. "Since it's the first day back we would like to see what all the students have trained in and learned since we last saw you." Once most of the class had shown Iruka and Mizuki what they had done over their summer break Naruto was called up to show what he had done over the summer. "Actually Iruka-sensei, if you could, can you get everyone to step back a bit?" Naruto asked. Iruka raised an eyebrow at Naruto's request but did as asked and had all the students move back. 'Perfect, now I can show everybody my new jutsu.' Naruto thought happily. "Alright everybody watch this!" Naruto exclaimed before starting a few hand seals and inhaling deeply. "Dokugiri no jutsu!" Naruto half shouted as he exhaled a large cloud of thick purple mist at a group of training dummies. After the mist had cleared everyone saw the result of Naruto's jutsu. The training dummies that had stood there before were made of a light brown wood, after Naruto's jutsu however; all three of them were a light purple color where the poisonous mist had stuck to the surface of the dummies.

"Naruto…" Iruka called stunned, "Do you realize that you just preformed a B-Rank Ninjutsu technique?" he asked the now grinning blonde. "Of course Iruka-sensei!" Naruto laughed, "It was the only one I could get down over the summer." After getting over his shock Iruka told everyone to return to class while he washed the poison on the dummies away so that they could be used again without poisoning anyone. On the way back to class all of the students were talking about Naruto's new technique. A boy Naruto knew as Inuzuka Kiba actually congratulated Naruto on knowing a 'badass jutsu' before they were all ushered into their seats. Meanwhile unbeknownst to Naruto a certain shy Hyuuga girl in the back row was blushing and looking admirably at him as she poked her fingers together and mumbled out a "Naruto-kun", before turning her attention to Iruka who had just walked back into the classroom to start their lessons for the day.

------------------------------Time Skip ~ End of Second Year------------------------------------

After Naruto's impressive display on the first day many of the students and teachers had started regarding the boy as a student with amazing potential. Iruka was incredibly proud that several of his students were being regarded as the best the academy had to offer. After dismissing the students for the last time this year Iruka pondered on how much they would all have improved come the beginning of next year. Naruto however was completely oblivious to this as he was going over various poisons and the processes used to create them in his head. The now eight year old boy was unknowingly becoming the most knowledgeable non-ninja poison user in all of Hi no Kuni. As it was though, Naruto had just gotten to his apartment and quickly went to his small garden in his spare room. "Alright, now what do I need for Tsuraikusa (2) poison?" Naruto asked himself as he checked his book for the ingredients while browsing through his small garden.

-------------------------------Time Skip ~ Several Weeks Later-----------------------------------

Uzumaki Naruto was seen running in a full sprint towards the Hokage Tower on a normal enough summer afternoon. To anyone that knew the boy, which was a very small number of people, you could tell that he was both excited about something and incredibly confused. Upon reaching the tower the Anbu stopped the boy at the door to ask him what was wrong. "Why are you in such a hurry Uzumaki-san?" the Anbu on the right with the monkey mask asked. "I've gotta show Jiji something!" Naruto practically yelled as he continued bouncing in front of the two Anbu. "What is it you need to show Hokage-sama, Uzumaki-san? Did something happen?" questioned the other Anbu this one with a bird mask. "Yes!" Naruto shouted, "Something did happen! Look at this!" with that the boy focused his chakra into his hands and to both Anbu members' surprise a dark purple and green colored mist like chakra began to seep from the boys hands. "Tori can you handle things here while I escort Uzumaki-san to Hokage-sama?" the monkey masked anbu asked his partner. "I'll take care of it Saru. Get Uzumaki-san to Hokage-sama." the bird masked Anbu replied.

After being led to the Hokage's office, and being let in, the monkey masked Anbu returned to his post while Naruto showed his new discovery to his Jiji. Once Naruto had shown what he could do only one word escaped Sarutobi's mouth in shock, "Dokushu… (3)" he breathed out. "What?" Naruto asked the Hokage in confusion. "Naruto my boy. What you've done was thought to be impossible now days. The last user of the Dokushu bloodline died almost fifty years ago." the Hokage answered as he continued to stare at Naruto's chakra covered hands. "Hey, Jiji, does this mean I have a Kekkei Genkai thing, like the ones Iruka-sensei taught us about?" Naruto questioned as he let the chakra in his hands disperse. "Yes, Naruto, you do. Your kekkei genkai was thought to be extinct for decades now. To see it come back after all these years is truly remarkable." The Hokage said as he stood up to get a scroll off one of the shelves in his office. After finding the one he was looking for the old Hokage returned to his desk and unrolled the scroll for Naruto to see. "Now, Naruto, your bloodline limit is called Dokushu. It allows the one who carries it to not only become immune to poisons of all types, but to also turn their very chakra and even their own body into poison." Sarutobi explained as Naruto looked at the scroll that documented his newly discovered bloodline. "You mean I can turn into a poison mist or a puddle of liquid poison?" Naruto asked as he looked up in confusion. "Not quite Naruto, you see a Dokushu user's body can constantly produce various poisons from the pores of their skin when they apply chakra to their body. Anyone who comes into physical contact with said user will be poisoned on contact. With training the Dokushu user can control what kind of poison their body releases at any given time in battle." the Hokage explained as he handed the scroll to Naruto. "Inside that scroll is a list of the known Dokushu techniques, they are rightfully yours now as you are the only known carrier of the bloodline." the Hokage said as he looked at the boys' shocked face. "Jiji," Naruto questioned, "Does this mean I can find out who my family was?" The old Hokage sighed before speaking again. "I'm afraid not, my boy. The last Dokushu user died in the first attack on Uzu no Kuni by Iwa and Kumo in the start of the Third Ninja War. That was almost fifty years ago now. All I can say is that you must be his descendant from either your mother or father." As Naruto left the tower and headed to his apartment for the night he had only a single thought running through his head. 'I will master my new bloodline.' he thought. 'I'll make all of my ancestors proud that I'm carrying on their Kekkei Genkai!' he mentally shouted as he headed off to bed.

------------------------------Time Skip ~ Academy Graduation-----------------------------------

Uzumaki Naruto was sitting in his usual seat in class as he waited to take the Genin Exam. Since the discovery of his bloodline he had worked even harder in the Academy and had climbed all the way up into the top ten students of his year. The teachers called him a gifted hard working student and told other students to try and emulate his school behavior. Only a few students didn't look up to Naruto as an example of a good future shinobi. One such person was Uchiha Sasuke, after his brother Itachi had committed the genocide of the Uchiha clan, he had become antisocial and looked down on others as weak and as dead weight in his goal to become stronger and take revenge on his brother. This however didn't affect any of Sasuke's numerous fan girls from fawning all over him constantly. Two of the worst about it were Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino, Naruto had long since realized that both had the potential to be good kunoichi if they'd stop hanging all over Sasuke and actually trained. But, it wasn't his problem. If they wanted to waste time begging Sasuke for dates let them, he wouldn't be surprised when they came back traumatized from a mission. "Uzumaki Naruto!" Iruka called out as he held the door to the testing room open. "Well time to pass." Naruto mumbled as he made his way down the stairs. As he passed Sasuke he heard the boy whisper, "Try not to fail, dobe." Naruto knew Sasuke felt threatened by Naruto's ranking in the class being so close to his own and that Sasuke took every chance he could to belittle Naruto for it. "Careful Uchiha," Naruto whispered back, "It'd be a shame if had to send you to the hospital for massive poison damage to your organs." with that said Naruto walked into the next room to begin his test while Sasuke brooded in his seat at Naruto's remark.

"Alright, Naruto, we'll need you to perform the Henge no jutsu (4), the Kawarimi no jutsu (5), and the Bunshin no jutsu (6) in order to pass and graduate this year." Iruka said kindly as he got ready to mark Naruto's scores. "No problem Iruka-sensei." replied Naruto as he quickly substituted himself with one of the empty chairs in the room. "Very good Naruto." Iruka praised as he gave Naruto a passing grade on the jutsu. Shortly after Naruto transformed into the Sandaime much too said old mans' enjoyment as he watched the boys' test through his viewing orb. "Perfect Naruto." Iruka remarked as he marked another passing grade on the boys' test. Naruto then did seven hand seals and shouted, "Doku Bunshin no jutsu! (7)" in a puff of white smoke there stood eleven Narutos including the original. "Very, very, good Naruto. I take it these are some of your bloodline clones, right?" Iruka asked as he observed the movements of the clones. "Got it in one Sensei." Naruto replied as he dismissed his clones causing them to disperse into thick clouds of purple ninja smoke. "Congratulations, Naruto you more than qualify to graduate." Iruka said as he tossed Naruto a black clothed headband with the standard metal plate with the Konoha insignia on it. "Thank you very much, Iruka-sensei." Naruto replied as he caught the headband and tied it securely to his forehead.

Walking back into the room wearing his new headband Naruto smirked at Sasuke's brooding face before going back to his seat. "Awesome Naruto," Kiba said as he slapped Naruto on the back. "You passed." Naruto smiled back at Kiba before replying, "Was there any doubt?" In the back sat Hyuuga Hinata and as she stared at Naruto with a heavy blush on her face she thought, 'I'm so happy Naruto-kun passed.' Meanwhile Naruto was looking forward to Iruka who had just re-entered the classroom. "Congratulations to all of you who passed the exams." Iruka said as he looked at all the students. "Now you will all need to report back here tomorrow for team placements." Iruka called out to the class before dismissing them for the day. After the last student had left Iruka used Shunshin no jutsu to get to the Hokage's office so he could deliver the list of students who passed to the Sandaime. So that the Hokage could group them into three man teams.

After leaving the Academy for the day and heading home to check on his little garden of plants, Naruto was just staring out of his window thinking about whose team he could be placed on tomorrow. 'As long as I'm not with that arrogant bastard Sasuke, I guess I could learn to work with just about anyone.' Naruto mused as he continued staring out of his window. Suddenly Naruto noticed a suspicious figure jumping from roof to roof with a large scroll strapped to their back. 'Well, that doesn't seem normal.' Naruto thought before grabbing his gear and trying to stealthily follow the figure. After several minutes the figure dropped down into a clearing in the woods. Naruto carefully looked on from behind a tree as the figure removes their mask revealing themselves as Mizuki. "Now that I've got the Forbidden Scroll I can finally leave this village and gain my reward from Orochimaru-sama." he said as he readjusted the scroll on his back while preparing to leap back into the trees.

'So that is his plan, huh? Well, if he thinks he can get away with betraying the village and trying to steal jutsu he has another thing coming.' Naruto thought as he threw five senbon coated with a numbing poison that would rob a limb of all movement within two minutes. Mizuki sensing the weapons coming rolled to the side avoiding four of the five senbon. The last one however was imbedded about an inch into his left arm just below the shoulder. "Damn it!" Mizuki cursed as he pulled the senbon out of his shoulder. "Who the hell did that!? Show yourself damn it!" he yelled into the surrounding forest. "Shinobi lesson one." said a hidden voice in the trees. "Never reveal your presence if you don't have to." Suddenly Mizuki had to dodge another salvo of senbon. Mizuki quickly guessed where the weapons had come from and jumped into Naruto's hiding spot and knocked the boy out of the tree and to the ground below.

"Well if it isn't the demon brat." he said with a sneer. "Ow, damn that hurt." Naruto said as he looked up at Mizuki. "Why are you calling me that anyway?" Naruto asked as he prepared for Mizuki's next move. "Oh, that's right; no one is allowed to tell you are they?" Mizuki said as he looked down at the boy. "Tell me what?" Naruto asked as he wondered what Mizuki was talking about. "That you're the Kyuubi no Youko!" Mizuki yelled at him with his face twisted by rage. "What the hell are you talking about?" Naruto questioned as he listened to what the traitor had to say. "The Yondaime couldn't kill the Kyuubi the night it attacked the village. So he did the next best thing, he sealed it away into a child. That child was you Naruto! You are the Kyuubi reborn!" Mizuki yelled as he charged towards the boy intent on punching the boy in the face for the senbon he had been hit with earlier.

Naruto was shocked; he had the Kyuubi inside him? Was it true? Why hadn't he been told? Was he really a demon like some of the villagers had claimed? Before he could think anymore Mizuki's fist impacted his left cheek and he was sent sprawling to the forest floor. "How was that demon boy?" Mizuki asked as he smiled maliciously at the boy lying on the ground. "I'd say that was the second mistake you've made in this fight Mizuki." Naruto replied as he picked himself up off the ground. "What are you babbling about demon?" Mizuki questioned as he looked at the now standing form of Naruto. "Your first mistake was getting hit by my senbon." Naruto explained as he looked into Mizuki's eyes. "You can't even feel your left arm anymore can you?" he asked. To Mizuki's shocked horror he found that he couldn't move his left arm at all. "What did you do to me you monster!" he yelled at the now grinning Naruto. "Oh just a dose of a certain poison that I coated my senbon with." he said as he stood there with a grin on his face.

"Your second mistake was punching me." Naruto lectured as he pointed to Mizuki's right fist. Mizuki looked to his own hand and saw it was covered in a thin layer of a sticky green liquid. "What is this stuff you demon brat!" Mizuki yelled at Naruto who was now slowly waking towards him. "Oh that?" Naruto replied innocently, "That's a highly potent neurotoxin that seeps through the skin and sets off all the pain receptive nerves it encounters." he explained nonchalantly as he took another couple of steps forward. "In fact it should start working, right…about…now." Naruto said only to be interrupted as Mizuki began screaming himself hoarse. "Aaaaaahhh, you bastard, aaahhh aahhh, you demon brat, aaaaaahhh ahh aaahhh!", Mizuki tried to speak but couldn't stop the pain that was now spreading up his right arm.

"Your third and final mistake, Mizuki, WAS UNDERESTIMATING ME!" Naruto yelled as he slammed his right hand with all five fingers in a claw position into Mizuki's chest hard enough to actually bury the tips of his fingers in Mizuki's skin. As Mizuki laid on the ground trying to cough and scream at the same time Naruto stood over him and told him one last thing, "Before you go into shock and pass out, you traitorous piece of shit, let me tell you one more little tidbit of information. I can turn my own chakra into a poison. With that poison I can attack or even destroy my opponent's chakra circulatory system. Unfortunately for you I think Jiji's interrogators will want to have a few words with you about your actions here tonight. So I just crippled your chakra network with my poison. After tonight you'll never again be able to mold chakra, your life as a ninja is now over Mizuki. Reflect on your mistakes and pray for a swift end." With those last words Mizuki succumbed to shock and passed out on the forest floor.

Moments later four Anbu and the Hokage landed in the clearing and surrounded Mizuki. "We saw everything Naruto." The Hokage stated as Naruto knelt before him. "You did well to prevent Mizuki from taking the Forbidden Scroll. My Anbu will take him to the interrogation headquarters where they'll extract the information from him that we need." After he said that the four Anbu, carefully avoiding Mizuki's poison coated right hand, took the traitor away in a swirl of leaves. "Now, Naruto go home and get some rest I'll explain everything to you tomorrow morning before you go to the academy to meet your team." The Hokage said before he too disappeared in a swirl of leaves. "I'll be sure to do that, Hokage-sama." Naruto said before heading home for a good nights sleep.

-----------------------------------------End Chapter 1-----------------------------------------------


1-Dokugiri no jutsu (Literally; Poison Mist Technique) B-Ranked, Range: 0m-15m

2-Tsuraikusa (Literally; Painful Grass) A type of poison made by mixing several grasses together until they're in a liquid state. C-Class poison, Effect-Causes severe muscle pain throughout the body making even basic movements incredibly painful.

3-Dokushu (Literally; Poison Master) Naruto's Kekkei Genkai he inherited from his mother's side of the family.

4-Henge no Jutsu (Literally; Transformation Technique)

5-Kawarimi no Jutsu (Literally; Substitution Technique)

6- Bunshin no Jutsu (Literally: Clone Technique)

7-Doku Bunshin no Jutsu (Literally; Poison Clone Technique) A bloodline technique of the Dokushu. Enables solid clones to be made from poisonous mist or liquids. When dispersed can enshroud victim in a cloud of poison or soak them with a sticky poisonous liquid. C-Ranked, Range: 0m-20m

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