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Chapter 11 – Chuunin Preliminaries, Non-Poisoned Beast

As the screen came to a stop two names were revealed to the assembled shinobi.

"Will Inuzuka Kiba and Uzumaki Naruto come down for their match. " Requested Hayate as he looked towards the upper balcony.

"Alright! Let's do this Akamaru!" Kiba shouted as he jumped down to the arena floor.

"I'll be back soon Anko-chan." Naruto said with a smile as he kissed Anko on the cheek.

"Make it quick Naru-koi." Anko replied with a grin as she watched Naruto walk down the stairs to the arena floor. Naruto was soon standing a few feet across from Kiba with Hayate between them.

"Are both competitors ready?" Hayate asked as he looked between the two Genin. Both Kiba and Naruto gave a nod to show they were ready. "Alright then, begin!" Hayate declared as he jumped back to let the two Genin begin their match.

"Don't think you're going to win this match Naruto! Me and Akamaru have been training like crazy to prepare for these exams." Kiba yelled as he jumped back and let Akamaru out of his coat. Naruto showed no reaction to Kiba's statement and simply shot forward with a side kick aimed at Kiba's stomach. Kiba barely registered the attack in time to avoid it by leaping back several feet with while Akamaru growled and leapt at Naruto intent on biting him. Naruto made a quick two hundred seventy degree spin and landed a palm thrust to the side of the ninken's body sending Akamaru towards Kiba with a yelp. Kiba was quick to catch his partner with a worried look on his face. "You ok Akamaru?" he asked to which the ninken gave an affirmative bark. "You'll pay for that one Naruto!" Kiba declared as he set Akamaru down and rushed Naruto with claws raised to strike.

"You're telegraphing your movements Kiba." Naruto calmly stated as he sidestepped Kiba's claw swipes and used a Hebidageki Ryu strike to quickly hit Kiba in the back of the neck. Kiba went stumbling forward from the strike and struggled to maintain his balance to prevent himself from falling face first onto the arena floor. Behind Naruto Akamaru had again jumped at Naruto in an attempt to bite him and give his partner time to recover.

"I recognize that striking style." Gai stated as he watched the match before looking towards Anko who was grinning widely as she watched Naruto display his skill with one of the Taijutsu styles she taught him. "You taught Naruto Hebidageki Ryu didn't you, Anko-san." Gai stated which caused several of the present Jounins' eyes to widen slightly.

"Damn right I did. Naruto is rather proficient at it too." Anko replied with a smirk before turning back towards the fight. At that moment several thoughts were going through the minds of the various shinobi currently watching the match between Naruto and Kiba.

'If he's a proficient user of the Hebidageki Ryu I'll have to warn my team to be constantly on guard for sudden surprise attacks.' Gai thought while looking between his team and the match.

'To think that Naruto could become proficient in a style like Hebidageki Ryu in only a few months is impressive. I'm not sure how well anyone on my team would fair against him as they are now.' Kakashi remarked internally as he watched Naruto spin around and smack down Akamaru with an open palm strike to the top of the ninken's head.

'Naruto has grown so well under Anko in their time together. It seems putting the two together was the right thing to do. They've helped each other not only professionally but emotionally as well.' Sarutobi mused with a small grin as he watched Akamaru hit the floor from Naruto's palm strike.

'Ku ku ku, so little Anko has taught her apprentice the same Taijutsu style I taught her when she was my apprentice. How very amusing.' Orochimaru thought with a dark smirk on his faced as he watched the match disguised as the Oto Jounin-sensei.

"Akamaru!" Kiba yelled as he quickly rushed to his downed partner and picked the ninken up mid sprint as he rushed to a spot on the opposite side of the arena from Naruto. "You alright boy?" Kiba asked his partner to which he received a whimper before Akamaru got back to his paws and barked at Kiba. "You're right boy. Let's show Naruto what we can really do." Kiba said as he made a hand seal. "Shikyaku no Jutsu." Kiba called out as he dropped to all fours and chakra began rising off his body. Akamaru quickly jumped on Kiba's back before a smoke cloud covered the ninken's form from view. "Juujin Bunshin no Jutsu." Kiba announced as the smoke cleared revealing another Kiba. The two Kibas quickly leapt apart before charging towards Naruto. "Gatsuuga!" Kiba yelled as he and Akamaru both jumped into the air and began rotating at high speed becoming two whirling drill-like attacks of claws.

"Not bad, Kiba." Naruto remarked as he dodged the two tornados of claws. He was quick to make a few hand seals as the two Kibas landed and turned towards him again to continue their attack.

"Gatsuuga!" Kiba called again as he an Akamaru became the twin tornados of claws again and launched themselves at Naruto.

"Too late, Kiba." Naruto replied as he unleashed his technique. "Fuuton: Daitoppa no Jutsu!" Naruto announced as he sent a large gale of wind at the incoming Gatsuuga. Both Kiba and Akamaru were sent flying back and slammed into the far wall at high speed. Akamaru dropped out of his transformation and Kiba coughed violently before hitting the floor face first where he lay unmoving. Hayate was quick to appear beside Kiba and check his condition.

"Inuzuka Kiba is unconscious. Therefore the winner is Uzumaki Naruto." Hayate announced as Naruto made his way back up to the observation balcony and towards Anko.

"Great job, Naru-koi." Anko whispered as she kissed his cheek.

"I try to make you proud Anko-chan." Naruto whispered back as he returned her kiss with one of his own and gently ran his left hand over Anko's stomach. "Both of you." He whispered with a grin as Anko's face lit up with a bright smile. Both of them noticed the board had chosen the next two competitors and both were already standing across from each other in the arena.

"The next match will be Tenten versus Sabaku no Temari…begin." Hayate called out before jumping back to a safe position. Tenten and Temari both jumped back to get some distance between each other, the young weapons mistress threw kunai at the Suna nin, but Temari gathered Fuuton chakra to alter the path of the thrown kunai away from her.

"What? But that attack was right on target." Tenten exclaimed as she knew her kunai should have hit their mark. 'How could I have missed? Did she do something I didn't notice?' Tenten wondered to herself while keeping an eye on her opponent.

'She is using wind manipulation, that's a bad matchup for a weapons specialist. She has little chance of winning unless she has something besides weapon skills. Some Katon ninjutsu would help overcome Temari's Fuuton but I don't know what Gai has taught his students.' Anko thought as she watched the two kunoichi on the arena floor.

"Anko-chan, that's Fuuton manipulation, correct?" Naruto asked while looking towards Anko.

"Yes, I'm afraid the up and coming weapons mistress won't be able to touch that Suna kunoichi." Anko responded while keeping her eyes on the match. Temari unclasped her fan and opened it up to reveal a purple moon on the fan.

"This is the first moon, girl. When you see all three, the match will be over." Temari announced with a smirk. Tenten clenched her teeth as she thought hard about her opponent's abilities. 'How is she doing that? She's not using any hand seals and yet my attacks can't get through.' Tenten ran towards Temari and threw multiple kunai in all directions to try and find a weak point in her enemy's defense, 'This should show me how she's blocking me.' Tenten thought but Temari swung her fan unleashing are large blast of wind sending Tenten and her weapons back several feet. "You're on the second moon now, girl. It's over your weapons aren't effective against me, which I've proven twice now." Temari said as she held her fan, which was opened up two thirds of the way showing two purple circles. In response Tenten unclasped the two scrolls on her hips.

"Tenten, you're not thinking of using that technique, aren't you?" Lee wondered aloud but only his team was close enough to hear him

"I have no choice, this move should be able to pierce that wind defense she's using. I can't lose here." Tenten said to herself as she placed the two scrolls apart from each other and bit her thumb, drawing blood. "Well, let's see how you handle this, Soushouryuu!" she shouted. The two scrolls burst open and launched up into the air in a spiral of smoke and continued to spiral around. Tenten jumped up into the middle of the two scrolls then she swiped her blood on the markings making various weapons unseal from the scrolls. Tenten quickly threw the weapons one by one at Temari.

"No matter how many weapons you throw at me it still won't work." Temari stated with a smirk as she swung her fan again unleashing another gale of wind blowing the weapons off course and causing them to stab or fall on the ground around her. Tenten smirked and brought her hands back to her body revealing the near invisible wires attached to her weapons, with a pull of her hands the weapons came back to her ready to be thrown again.

"Very clever, she used wires attached to the weapons. An excellent kunoichi Gai has on his team." Kakashi said to himself while watching Tenten's technique.

"Still not going to work, you lose." Temari stated as she opened her fan all the way revealing the third moon and swung the fan while shouting, "Ninpou: Kamaitachi no Jutsu!" The weapons were again blown back by an intense gale of wind and Tenten was trapped in the cyclone, she was slashed multiple times by invisible blades of wind before the technique ended. Tenten fell to the ground and Temari let her fall onto her fan's blunt end.

"No way…" Lee whispered in shock at seeing his teammate defeated so easily.

"Tenten's weapon attacks were rendered useless." Neji stated as he watched the arena.

"How boring." Temari said with a sigh before sliding Tenten off of her fan and onto the floor.

"Winner is Sabaku no Temari." Hayate announced while calling for medics to come get Tenten and take her for treatment. Gai quickly went down to the arena floor and retrieved Tenten's weapons and scrolls before returning to the balcony.

"The Suna nin are rather ruthless this year." Sarutobi whispered to himself while watching one of his Genin get taken off the field. The electronic board flashed through names again before stopping on the next two opponents to face each other and the audience instantly heard Shikamaru comment.

"Man, this sucks, plus its tough fighting against a girl. Troublesome." Shikamaru sighed while slowly walking to the stairs.

"Well, Shikamaru is still as lazy as ever." Naruto commented with a grin as he watched the Nara make his way down the stairs.

"Typical Nara, incredibly smart and just as incredibly lazy." Anko responded with a grin of her own.

The female Kumo nin, a redhead with dark skin and bright gold eyes snapped out, "Then I'll end it quickly for you."

"Don't lose, Shikamaru!" Ino called out with a grin.

'Ino seems to be enjoying Shika's misery.' Chouji thought as he looked at her.

"Well, this is troublesome, I have no idea what her abilities are at all. But that means she doesn't know mine either." Shikamaru mumbled to himself as he finally stood across from his Kumo kunoichi opponent.

"Next match will be Nara Shikamaru versus Karui." Hayate shouted, "You may begin!" and with that Hayate once again leapt back to a safe position.

"Hope this works." Shikamaru sighed as he made the rat hand seal while calling out "Kagemane no Jutsu." His shadow grew and shot toward Karui, who dodged it by leaping back. 'I don't know exactly what his technique does so I better avoid his shadow.' Karui thought as she kept her eyes on moving shadow.

"Ah man, she would have to be fast." Shikamaru sighed as he redirected his shadow toward the Kumo nin.

"So he doesn't have to recast his jutsu again to change its direction. That's annoying." Karui said to herself as she dodged the shadow again. 'But why doesn't he do anything else with it? Surely he should have some kind of offensive ability or technique, unless of course….' Karui instantly voiced the conclusion she'd come up with and declared, "You're a one trick pony aren't you? All you can do is chase me with your shadow and try and catch me with it!"

"Crap, she already figured out my jutsu." Shikamaru muttered as he again tried to catch Karui in his shadow. She jumped over the shadow and threw some shuriken at Shikamaru who was forced to release his jutsu. He turned slightly to dodge the shuriken and moved a few steps back. In the few seconds that he'd taken his eyes off of her Karui had drawn the sword she had strapped across her back and was already bring it down on his head.

"Got you now, Leaf-nin!" Karui shouted as she slashed at Shikamaru who barely jumped out of the way before throwing a handful of his own shuriken at her. While Karui blocked the shuriken with her sword Shikamaru quickly backed up as far as he could to formulate a plan.

"This should be easy enough just avoid the sword and catch her when she gets close." Shikamaru thought out loud as he made the rat hand seal again activating his Kagemane no Jutsu.

"Too late!" Karui shouted as she swung her sword down at him and Shikamaru fell backwards onto the ground to dodge the blade. Suddenly Karui's body struggled to move as she tried to bring her sword down on Shikamaru's head. Shikamaru got up with a relieved sigh.

"Kagemane no Jutsu success!" Shikamaru stated as he made Karui toss her sword away.

"No way, he got me." Karui ground out as she looked down at their connected shadows.

"Exactly, I just had to connect with your shadow before you split my head like a melon." Shikamaru said with a sigh as he walked the both of them a few steps over to where Karui's sword rested on the ground

'Damn him!' Karui thought as she watched Shikamaru pick up her sword. 'I can't believe this! He's going to use my own sword against me!'

"Sorry about this but I'm going to have to ask you to surrender." Shikamaru said as he rested Karui's own sword against her neck.

"Tell me something I don't know you prick!" Karui snapped at him before grudgingly announcing, "Proctor, I forfeit."

"Winner of this match, Nara Shikamaru!" Hayate declared to the cheers of Team Ten.

"Man that was tiring." Shikamaru complained as he released Karui and handed her sword back to her. "Here, you can have this back." He said with a yawn.

"You better not have got any of your Leaf germs on it!" Karui growled at him as she looked over her sword while walking back up to her team.

"Yeah, yeah jeez. So, troublesome." Shikamaru said as he headed back up the balcony towards his team.

"Well that's three for Konoha, one for Suna, and zero for Kumo so far." Anko said while watching the board as it began to flash through names.

"Yeah, but remember I still have to fight again before I move on to the Finals, Anko-chan." Naruto replied as he began to gently rub her stomach again causing Anko to sigh happily at the feeling.

"You and I both know that their probably isn't a Genin hear that can beat you Naru-koi." Anko responded as she leaned against him. 'Except that Gaara guy, maybe.' Naruto thought as he watched the red-haired Suna-nin from across the balcony.

-End Chapter-

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