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Chapter 17 – Jinchuuriki, Kage, Battles

Wave after wave of sand came from the gourd on Gaara's back. Naruto continuously moved away from the fast moving sand and, having noticed the effect soaking the sand had, unleashed liquid poison or fired off Suiton jutsu as often as possible. Not to say that he'd let up on producing the thick toxic smoke he'd been producing since this battle started. For all the benefits Jinchuuriki had; rapid healing, heightened immunities, fast chakra replenishment, and whatever unique skills their Bijuu afforded them. The fact of the matter was they were all still human, and therefore needed to breathe.

"Die, Uzumaki!" Gaara roared out as a wave of sand swamped the area Naruto was in. The blonde shinobi flipped backwards, stuck to the wall behind him with chakra then leaped onto the ceiling while making hand seals.

"Suiton: Teppoudama!" Naruto inhaled before blasting three large spheres of water at Gaara. The Suna-nin's sand shield automatically moved to defend him and was soaked through, slowing it down as it became heavier. Seeing the sand moving sluggishly Naruto leaped to the floor and then rocketed forward with a powerful Raikoumutei Ryu kick that sent the wet sand flying.

"What?!" Gaara seemed perplexed that the Uzumaki was so close to him all of a sudden. He didn't notice the swirling orb of chakra forming in Naruto's right hand.

"Rasengan!" Naruto hollered as he drove the jutsu into Gaara's chest. The blonde grimaced as he noticed sand flying from the point of impact. Apparently Gaara's Sand Armor was taking the majority of the blow for the crazed Jinchuuriki. Naruto leapt backwards barely avoiding the sand returning to Gaara and trying to catch him.

"Struggle, Uzumaki, your resistance further proves that I exist!" Gaara growled as his wet sand twisted around him.

"Fucking annoying sand." Naruto grimaced at the automatic defense. Offense and defense in one and freely changing between both at the mere whim of the Suna Jinchuuriki. What a pain in the ass. Flipping through more hand seals Naruto unleashed another jutsu. "Yuudoku Suiton: Dokuso Teppoudama no jutsu!" Four large spheres of liquid poison were launched at Gaara and his sluggish sand shield barely rose up in time to block them. The sand practically dripped uselessly to the floor afterwards.

"You will die, Uzumaki." Gaara muttered holding his head with one of his hands. The large gourd on his back turned into sand and sand bullets were launched at high speed. Naruto cursed as he ducked, flipped, slid, and bounced off the walls, floor and ceiling to dodge the fast moving projectiles. Taking a chance Naruto dashed forward dodging the soaked sand and closed in on Gaara again.

"Ninpou: Dokugiri no jutsu!" Naruto called and breathed a thick, noxious purple smoke directly at the Suna-nin. The soaked sand shield couldn't react fast enough to stop the poisonous smoke and Gaara was completely engulfed. Naruto pressed his advantage and formed another Rasengan in his right hand. Gaara reeled back, hacking and coughing, just as Naruto slammed the Rasengan into his stomach. The sand armor, already weakened from the battle, was torn apart by the rotating sphere of chakra and Gaara was launched out of the participant's box through the window. Gaara slammed into the ground amid his wet, poison-filled, sand while still hacking and coughing as the poisons he'd been breathing in had started to outpace his Jinchuuriki healing.

"No…I…can't…" Gaara wheezed out as he tried to move. Everything felt heavy, his body wouldn't move like he wanted it to. His sand was barely moving, it was so thoroughly soaked, and a hint of panic began to seep into the Jinchuuriki's mind. He'd never been this vulnerable before. Barely noticed by the suffering Suna-nin, Naruto landed on the ground not too far from him.

"I'm ending this." Naruto intoned his hand turning a purplish color as he converted his very chakra into a poison. Gaara sluggishly tried to move to form hand seals so he could put himself to sleep. Naruto wasn't foolish enough to allow an enemy to use a jutsu when he could stop it. The blonde closed the distance and drove his fingertips into the unprotected abdomen of his opponent and poured the toxic chakra into his opponent's chakra circulatory system. For a brief moment Naruto could swear he heard a screeching roar of pain before he pulled his hand back. Gaara stilled and slumped backwards muttering just loud enough for Naruto to hear.

"Mother? The voice…it…it finally…stopped…" Gaara muttered before his eyes closed and he stopped moving. Naruto cocked an eyebrow at the strange statement before looking at his purplish colored hand.

"Does my Toxic Chakra actually affect Bijuu?" Naruto wondered as he removed the poisonous aspect of his bloodline, his hand quickly reverted back to its normal skin tone. "Bijuu are supposedly just giant masses of sentient chakra, according to the legends at least. Maybe I can cause them temporary harm or discomfort with toxic chakra?" He mused before looking around the stadium seeing Konoha's forces fighting back the tide of the Suna and Oto forces. "Questions for later, I've got to find Anko." With that Naruto leapt into the stands to find his lover. Any enemy that got in his way would quickly regret it! Back on the field Kankuro stealthily approached his downed little brother. Temari already recovered from her match, at least mostly, moved with him as they recovered their defeated brother and quietly made their way to one of the escape routes that had been decided on in advance in case the invasion was repelled.

"I've never seen Gaara look so vulnerable." Temari worried as they carried Gaara away. The fact that her brother was still breathing was more than enough for her though.

"I honestly wasn't sure it was possible." Kankuro whispered back as they slipped into the trees and headed for the wall surrounding Konoha. With a bit of luck the siblings made it over the wall and headed back towards a rendezvous point that would be retreating to Suna first.

-Within the Barrier-

"Orochimaru, what do you expect to gain from this?" Sarutobi questioned his former student as he fought against the missing-nin's hold on him.

"I expect to see Konoha burn, sensei." Orochimaru chuckled darkly. Sarutobi shot his elbow into Orochimaru's stomach and managed to escape his grasp. The old Hokage landed next to the Raikage and shed his robes revealing his shinobi gear underneath. The Raikage tossed off his own robes revealing his muscled torso and the large belt he wore around his waist.

"We've been preparing for your invasion plan for some time, my foolish student." Sarutobi informed Orochimaru and this fact was proven when a massive explosion went off outside of Konoha's walls. The very area that Orochimaru had decided one of his massive three-headed snake summons would break through. It would seem the outer wall of Konoha would remain intact today.

"How? You couldn't have found out my plans, I never told them to anybody in full." Orochimaru questioned shedding his disguise as the Kazekage.

"Who do you think taught you? I know your tactics because I taught them to you as a boy!" Sarutobi admonished his fallen student. "Even if you change them the basics remain the same! I simply planned for as many variations as possible." Orochimaru smirked darkly at his former sensei to mask his anger.

"I don't give a damn about the history between you two!" A roared as he was surrounded by his Lightning Armor. "Orochimaru! I know for a fact that multiple shinobi from Kumo disappeared by your hand. All of them Kekkei Genkai holders, that has your stench all over it!"

"When such tempting specimens are just let out of your village I can't help but take a few for myself." Orochimaru grinned a look of utter remorselessness on his face.

"I'll see you dead for your crimes against Kumo, snake!" A growled his Lightning Armor sparking around him. Orochimaru grinned as his hands came together.

"Two-on-one seems a bit unfair, why don't we put the odds in my favor?" Orochimaru suggested, his grin becoming a demented smile. He made it through two hand seals before he had to jump to the side to dodge the Raikage's lightning-clad fist.

"You think I'm foolish enough to let you use a jutsu?!" A demanded as he chased after the snake summoner. Orochimaru dodged backwards only to have to contort his body unnaturally to avoid a swing from his sensei's Adamantine Staff. His eyes widened as he realized that he hadn't actually seen Sarutobi summon Monkey King Enma to even have the summon transform into the staff.

"Today I correct my mistake with you, Orochimaru!" Sarutobi promised as he rushed his student. Orochimaru didn't even get a chance to reply as he, once more, contorted unnaturally and dodged the Raikage. The three shinobi rushed around their barrier-encased battlefield striking at each other. Sarutobi made great use of having been Orochimaru's sensei when the man had first been learning the Shinobi Arts. The old Hokage could pick apart any and every opening in his former student's style and Orochimaru was forced to retreat multiple times after taking a blow. The Raikage had tried to pierce Orochimaru's body almost every time the two came close to one another. The Raikage had no intentions of letting the missing-nin leave alive. A swing of Sarutobi's staff connected with Orochimaru's side and sent the man bouncing across the rooftop. The Raikage followed after and landed his first punch of the fight shattering the roof tiles under Orochimaru's body as he drove the missing-nin into the roof.

"Drop the building." Sarutobi ordered the Anbu Captain near the edge of the barrier as the Raikage jumped back from a horde of snakes Orochimaru had released from his sleeves. All the serpents quickly lost their heads from a single swing of the Raikage's arm.

"Yes sir!" The Captain responded as he and a dozen other Anbu disappeared with Shunshin. Seeing his orders carried out Sarutobi returned to the battle and drove his student back from his Kumo counterpart.

"This has become rather tedious, sensei." Orochimaru grit his teeth and released snakes from one of his sleeves towards the old man. The extending Adamantine Staff forced Orochimaru to tilt his head an odd angle to dodge. He missed the brief instant it took for the Raikage to close the distance.

"Die!" A growled as his lightning-clad hand severed the Sannin's left arm from his body. Orochimaru hissed in pain as he launched himself backwards, leaving his severed arm to be crushed by the Raikage's foot. "Damn, I meant to take his head!"

"We've taken away his ability to use any complex jutsu." Sarutobi stated as he readied his staff. "Just a bit more and we can end him."

"Oh…you think so, sensei?" Orochimaru chuckled menacingly as he opened his mouth unnaturally wide and a whole new Orochimaru slithered out leaving the injured body to fall over dead. "I've long since left behind the limitations of the human body."

"You monster! What demented experiments have you been doing?!" Sarutobi roared, knowing that a rejuvenation jutsu like that one could only come about with many, many twisted trials and experiments.

"I don't give a shit what he's been doing!" A rumbled his Lightning Armor intensifying further. "He won't be doing anything after today!" The Raikage seemingly vanished and Orochimaru had a sparking fist through his chest in the very next instant.

"Too bad…" Orochimaru whispered as he dissolved into mud.

"Tsuchi Bunshin?" A questioned before his instincts flared and he moved. The blade of Orochimaru's Kusanagi stabbing through the area he'd just been in. Sarutobi engaged his student in a staff vs sword fight and quickly forced his student back.

"You will fall today Orochimaru!" Sarutobi promised his fallen student as he knocked the Kusanagi away and kicked Orochimaru in the chest. The sudden multiple explosions that went off within the building they were standing on staggered the three shinobi. The roof began to crumble as the building was brought down by the Anbu, just as Sarutobi ordered. Without a stable location to erect the Shishienjin the barrier couldn't be used or maintained. The impenetrable barrier failed as the four corners became uneven as the roof and building collapsed underneath them.

"Fuck!" The red-haired woman shouted as she leapt off the falling roof.

"Retreat! The plan is compromised!" Orochimaru ordered as he dodged a staff to the head from Sarutobi before he spit up another body. The new Orochimaru quickly disappeared in an advanced Shunshin leaving behind a body that he'd just covered in Explosive Tags. Sarutobi mustered all his strength and smacked the husk straight upward with his staff. The impromptu explosive rocketed into the air easily clearing almost three hundred feet before the tags exploded harmlessly in the air. The four ninja that had held the barrier tried dashing off as Anbu started giving chase. A shinobi with six arms suddenly spat out what appeared to be spider webbing trapping the majority of the pursuing shinobi. The red-haired woman had to jump in the opposite direction as the roof collapsed and had a whole squad of Anbu on her tail before she could even land.

"Get out of my way!" A roared as he blitzed forward and tore through the webbing. His lighting-clad hand was instantly pierced through the six-armed shinobi while the other two quickly vanished in their own Shunshin. The impaled shinobi coughed up a huge amount of blood. A looked down at the dying Oto-nin before he removed his hand from the man's chest. With a motion that was too fast for several of the shinobi there to see, A grabbed the dying enemy and drove his head straight down into the ground shattering the spider-like shinobi's head into mush. "Damn it!" The Raikage roared out his frustration at Orochimaru's escape.

"Clear the village of the enemy forces!" Sarutobi ordered his Anbu and the masked shinobi all suddenly darted out across the village to assist in repelling the invaders.

"Sir, enemy captured; standard protocol?" An Anbu member asked as the four man squad held the bound and unconscious red-haired woman.

"Yes, once she's secured join the rest of the Anbu in eliminating the enemy." Sarutobi nodded and the Anbu saluted before they disappeared along with the prisoner.

-In the Stands-

"This is the best Chuunin Exams ever!" Anko grinned as she killed two Suna-nin with thrown kunai and one Oto-nin when she slipped behind him and twisted his neck until his face was looking the opposite direction it was supposed to be.

"Anko!" Kurenai sighed at her friend's love for violence while she dodged a kunai swipe from an Oto-nin before grabbing his wrist, disarming him, then catching the falling weapon and stabbing it straight through the enemy's neck.

"What? This is what it's all about Kure-chan! Fighting, killing, and surviving to see another day!" Anko retorted as she unleashed a horde of venomous snakes from her sleeves engulfing three more enemies. "Besides, I'm fighting for two!"

"Just don't over-exert yourself!" Kurenai fussed slightly as she completed a set of hand seals and the enemies around them suddenly started aiming about a foot to the left of their targets.

"No worries there!" Anko promised as a handful of shuriken found themselves lodged in the faces of the two enemies she'd just engaged. Kurenai swiped her kunai across a disorientated enemy's throat and the man fell before realizing why he couldn't breathe.

"Dynamic Entry!" Gai yelled as an Oto-nin was sent flying out of the stands and fell to the ground inside the arena.

"What the Hell?" Kurenai exclaimed before she and Anko leaped out of the way as a Suna-nin rag-dolled into the area they'd just been fighting in.

"Kakashi, you asshole! You almost hit us!" Anko hollered anger clear on her face.

"My apologies, Anko, Kurenai, it wasn't my intention." Kakashi replied before catching three kunai that had been thrown at him, he threw them back, only much faster! The thrown kunai hit a Suna-nin and two Oto-nin straight through their eyes, the three enemies collapsing instantly.

"Keep your kills on the ground, not flying through the air!" Anko huffed before she kicked a Suna-nin in the knee so hard a loud crack was heard as he collapsed. He didn't suffer long as he lost the ability to breathe when Anko's kunai opened his throat.

"Has anyone ever told you that your skills are beautiful to watch in action, Anko-hime?" Naruto asked his lover as he landed next to her. Anko's face lit up with a beaming smile as she looked her lover over not seeing any significant injury on him.

"Not really," Anko mused playfully. "You should say it more often!"

"Can do!" Naruto smiled back before taking a deep breath and launching a compressed ball of toxic smoke at a group of Suna and Oto Shinobi that had formed a makeshift barrier. The ball exploded on contact and the ensuing cloud of smoke choked the entrenched ninja. With their ability to see, and breathe, compromised they were unable to defend against the large fireballs three Chuunin launched into their position. The screams were silenced almost instantly since the enemies didn't have the breath with which to continue.

"He's a well-trained shinobi that is taking out any enemy he comes across, and none of them are able to stop him!" Anko smiled happily while Kurenai listened to her.

"And?" Kurenai asked while seeing Naruto launching himself into the fight.

"And I really want to take him to bed right now!" Anko pouted as the Konoha forces rallied and started leaving the stadium to continue the fight. Kurenai could only sigh at her friend before they went to join the continuing battle.

"Anko, later, you can 'celebrate' all you want after this." Kurenai reminded as the two kunoichi landed on the roof of the arena; the part that hadn't been dropped by the Anbu at least. "Defending the village comes first." Anko playfully pouted at first, but quickly got into it, and leapt off the roof with Kurenai to push the invaders out of the village.

"Out of my way!" Naruto demanded, as he was fighting any Oto or Suna shinobi that got in his path. A small group that had charged the Genin, thinking he was an easy kill, found themselves drenched in a clear liquid. A few seconds later the group was screaming as the poison seeped through their skin and set off their pain receptors. The screaming enemies were quickly ended in a hail of kunai from a passing Anbu squad.

"Look at him go!" Asuma mentioned before gutting two Suna-nin with his trench knives.

"Yosh! Naruto is really showing off his Spring Time of Youth!" Gai yelled while roundhouse kicking an Oto-nin through a nearby wall.

-At the Wall-

"Behold the Gallant Jiraiya!" Jiraiya called out as he summoned three huge toads that crashed onto the battlefield sending enemy shinobi flying. "Gamabunta, Gamaken, Gamahiro…let's make this quick!" The Sannin grinned as the three massive toads pulled out their respective weapons. The ensuing battle quickly turned in Konoha's favor as the enemy was driven backwards by the massive summons. They'd lost their own snake summons to explosives that had been planted beforehand. None of the Suna or Oto shinobi could figure out how Konoha had known their plan of attack.

"Well this should be over shortly." Ibiki commented as he was choking out an Oto-nin he'd noticed giving out orders. The enemy shinobi was feebly trying to get out of Ibiki's sleeper hold, but the large Interrogation expert had already cut off the blood flow to the man's brain for too long for any real resistance. The Oto-nin went limp and Ibiki dropped the man. "We'll have some questions for you." He grinned as he quickly secured the enemy commander. It was always good to take a few leaders prisoner during battle. They were more often than not the only ones that knew anything of true value.

"Katon: Gamayu Endan (Toad Oil Flame Bullet)!" Jiraiya called out and a massive burning wave of oil was launched from Gamabunta and Jiraiya in tandem. The amount of the battlefield that was now on fire was staggering. Enemy shinobi fled, or tried to, as the forest caught fire and long range jutsu were being launched into their ranks from behind the burning oil field.

"Retreat! Retreat! Pull back!" A commander in Suna gear called out making the majority of the Suna forces fall back rapidly.

"Damn it! Retreat!" An Oto commander ordered and the Oto forces began to pull back in a different direction than the Suna forces.

"That's right! Run! Konoha won't fall to the likes of you!" Jiraiya yelled from atop Gamabunta as a cheer rose up from the Konoha forces.

"Jiraiya, you are going to put out the fire you started, right?" Ibiki hollered up at the Sannin. The man in question flinched before looking out at the massive fire that was currently burning a good chunk of the forest directly in front of them.

"I'll get right on that…" Jiraiya sighed as Ibiki nodded his thanks. Oil fires were a pain in the ass to put out after all.

This day Konoha had repelled and defeated the forces of Suna and Oto. The ambush invasion plan of the two villages had failed to take down the oldest and strongest of the Five Great Shinobi Villages. Konoha was not without casualties of its own, but with prior warning and information gleaned from Orochimaru's own sensei, the battle was heavily in Konoha's favor. The damage to the village was minimal but the loss of trust between Konoha and Suna was the most major blow that this attack dealt to the Leaf Village. Though the efforts of the Raikage and his bodyguards had led to Sarutobi and A talking and a potential treaty between Kumo and Konoha was brought up. It would be quite a while before anything would come of such hasty talks, but both Kage could agree that peace between their villages could have its benefits.

Naruto and Anko would indeed 'celebrate' that night. The two would be on patrols through the village and the surrounding areas the next two weeks to ferret out any lingering enemies. Fortunately there hadn't been any found on their patrols. The best news for the couple came three weeks after the Invasion.

"Uzumaki Naruto, for your exemplary performance in the Chuunin Exams, as well as your performance in the Suna-Oto Invasion, Konohagakure recognizes you as worthy of promotion to Chuunin Rank." Sarutobi stated as he handed his surrogate grandson the flak vest of a Konoha Chuunin. Naruto smiled proudly as he slipped the vest on before saluting.

"That's my man!" Anko laughed happily while Naruto grinned at her and Sarutobi shook his head fondly.

"Since you have already met all of the requirements and the paperwork has been filed, let me be the first to welcome the new Uzumaki Clan into Konoha." Sarutobi smiled as Naruto and Anko embraced each other and their lips met in a kiss. The two left the office of the Hokage a short time later hand in hand. The couple quickly walked to the plot of land that had been set aside for their future compound.

"It's amazing," Anko smiled as they looked over the wide area. "This will soon be where we start our family."

"I can't wait, Anko-hime." Naruto smiled as he kissed her cheek while his hand gently rubbed her belly. Anko's hand settled on top of his and the two soon-to-be parents both gazed fondly at the small bump that had developed on Anko's tummy.

"Neither can I Naru-koi." Anko nuzzled against him. "Or should I be calling you 'Papa' now?" She giggled as Naruto pulled her closer.

"I don't mind the sound of that, 'Mama'." Naruto teased back kissing her cheek again.

"Me neither…" Anko sighed happily before the couple headed for her apartment.

-End Chapter-


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