Chapter One: Prophecy

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A cold breeze wafted its way into the darkened room as the mighty oak doors burst open, sending chills down the spines of the many dark figures that shuffled about. From between these two oak doors an even taller figure appeared, glowing an unearthly pale blue in the deep darkness that surrounded him. In his right hand he carried a single chain, so powerful it radiated a golden dazzling light and seemed to throb with its immense power. The man's footsteps echoed eerily as he entered the room, the shuffling of the many other dark figures quieting to a mere whisper.

A great murmur began, low at first, but soon increasing in volume until the great uproar was almost deafening. The glowing blue man turned to the source of the murmur, his unseen eyes seeming to scan the room for the one who dared make a sound in his presence. At once, the roar quieted down again.

Almost smirking in satisfaction with his nonexistent mouth, the man continued with his mighty stride, every step bringing him closer and closer to a single dark figure at the end of the hall. Tall and muscular was this figure, with eyes that glowed a deep crimson red. No mouth could be seen upon his face as he stood upright and erect, awaiting the approach of his master. In his two hands he carried only a single jar, filled with a strange golden substance that gently throbbed within.

The blue figure stopped in front of him, looking down upon this shorter body as if it were nothing but dirt. "What is it, Primid number 2453? Why have you called me here tonight?"

The Primid said no words, only making a strange gurgling sound from its throat as it knelt before the great man before him. With his two hands he held out the jar of golden substance, a vapour it was, as he bent even lower and pressed his face to the man's feet, as if kissing them. The blue man grabbed the jar from the Primid before him and gazed into it with such intent, the golden substance seemed to shiver under his glare.

"Brilliant…" he whispered, "The last one, their last hope… captured and here in my very hand…"

Another gargling noise escaped the Primid at his feet. The tall man turned to it again, a look of disgust contorting his features. Dropping his golden chain, he shot out a long and well muscled arm, grasping the Primid by the throat.

"Where is the body?" he demanded, his voice little more than an angered whisper.

More gargling noises were heard as the other Primids spoke to each other in their own language. More shuffling could be heard as well as some of them went to the very back of the room, as if to fetch something. It wasn't long until they returned, carrying the body of a young man with them.

This man was well built and muscular, a mop of brown hair topping his head. His face could only be described as being carved by the gods themselves, sometimes invoking a horrible envy on those around him. He was dressed in a pure white toga, sandals encasing his feet. Atop his head he wore a crown of golden olive leaves, a symbol of a great champion in his world. His eyes were opened, showing off the clear crystal blue within, yet they possessed no spark of life, no emotion or personality. But what was most perplexing of all was the two pure white wings that sprouted from his shoulders. They seemed to glow white hot in this dark world, every feather defined and pristine.

A smile seemed to tug at the corners of the man's nonexistent mouth as he gazed at the body of this boy. "Yes… and so my victory is sealed…"

With a sudden wave of his arm, he dropped the Primid he was holding and snatched up his chain, waving it around over his head. With a great cry that rang for miles, he directed this chain so that it plunged deep within the body of the winged boy. As he did this, the golden vapour seemed to shudder in pain, a silent scream emitting from the jar.

Blood, crimson red blood, seeped out from the body of the boy, gushing out like a fountain. Quick as lighting, the tall man snapped his fingers and a number of Shadow Bugs appeared, coming from the darkest shadows of the room. Another snap directed these horrible bugs to the boy's opened wound, which they soon attacked fiercely. Faster and faster they attacked the wound until they decided enough was enough and began to enter the wound itself. A horrible sight met the eyes of the witnesses as the Shadow Bugs dugs deeper and deeper into the body of the winged lad, filling his blood vessels and clouding his mind.

The body began to vibrate, shaking horribly as the Shadows Bugs filled him. Faster and faster he shook until he could shake no more. Closing his eyes, he let out an unearthly cry, higher than a banshee's wail and as horrid as the howl of a great wolf. Louder and louder he screamed until his eyes flew open once more, shining a horrible deep yellow.

Almost at once, the screaming stopped. A dark aura surrounded the boy as his yellow eyes darted about, contemplating his surroundings. With another great cry, he kicked away the Primids that held him and flew up into the air, coming down in a lightening fast dive upon a Primid hidden deep within a corner. There were sounds of fighting, as well as the horrified screams of the Primid and then the boy emerged again, victorious.

In his right hand he carried a bow unlike any other in the world. Gleaming gold and blue, this bow was sharp enough to be a sword, yet powerful enough to double as a bow. A set of golden rings had appeared on his wrist, these rings used to create his arrows as he fired electric blue arrow after arrow at the great crowd below him. When he tired of firing arrows, he dived down again and split his bow in half, transforming it into twin blades. Over and over again he sliced his way through the crowd.

The audience was in panic now, fear overcoming their reason. They ran to and fro as the boy continued to slice his way through, screams escaping their mouths. Suddenly, the tall blue man's great voice sounded through the room, creating a strange echo in the din.

"Pit! That's enough from you…"

The boy immediately lowered his blades, standing at attention. The Primids timidly stepped forward and surrounded him, ready to strike. Pit paid no attention to them as he continued to gaze at the man before him.

A smile played at the man's lips. "You are an excellent warrior, young angel. And you are the perfect addition to my army, the final thing that stands in the way of my domination of the Smash World. Know that I, Tabuu, am your new master. You are to obey all my orders without question and help me lead my armies to victory! Is that understood?"

The angel nodded. Getting down on his knees, he threw his bow at Tabuu's feet, swearing allegiance to the Lord of Subspace in his own silent way. Tabuu smiled, knowing that his victory was near.

"Get rid of this," he said, carelessly tossing the jar to a nearby Primid, "And prepare my training grounds. Young Pit here has much to learn before he is as capable as Sir Ike and Prince Marth…"

Taking Pit by the shoulders, Tabuu slowly led him out of the room as the Primids shuffled about some more. Once the oak doors closed, a great murmur of gargling broke out. In the midst of all of this, the Primid with the jar of golden vapour calmly walked over to a nearby window and threw it outside, not even bothering to look to see if it landed in the dumpster down below.

The large white hand hidden underneath opened his palm ever so carefully, taking care not to shatter the precious object he held. A strange sound, almost a sob, escaped him as he gazed at the little jar of golden vapour. Clutching the valuable object tight, he concentrated on his destination and teleported away.

"Brutha!" another hand shouted, "You eez home!"

"Yes, Crazy," his brother answered wearily, carefully placing the jar on a large wooden table before him.

Atop this table sat a great many jars, much like the one that had just been brought. However, each of these jars had a different colored vapour floating in it and each vapour seemed to be alive. Some vapours sat quietly in their jars, untroubled with their captivity. Others smacked themselves against the glass, as if trying to find a ways of escape. Still others seemed to turn to look at the golden substance as it was placed on the table, as if trying to figure out what that was. The large hand let out a sigh.

"My Smashers," he whispered, his voice choked with tears, "Oh, what have I done?"

"You is doingz nothingz, brutha…" Crazy said sadly, "It all my fault!"

"No Crazy," the hand said firmly, "I was the one who didn't tell the Smashers and I should be the one to fix it."

With that, he leaned closer to the jar of golden substance, his middle finger almost touching it. The golden substance seemed to sense his presence as it clamoured closer to him.

"Pit," the hand said, his voice barely above a whisper, "Pit, can you hear me?"

The golden vapour seemed to stand still at first. Then, it began to swirl in small circles, like a whirlpool in the ocean. It wasn't long before shapes began to form in this vapour, twisting and turning until they formed a pair of eyes. Clear blue eyes…

"Master Hand!" the vapour shouted, "It's really you! What's going on? What happened to me? How come I don't have my body?"

"I think you know what happened, Pit," Master Hand said gravely.

"Well… not really," Pit said sheepishly, his eyes downcast, "Last thing I remember was that I was cutting through those Primids like paper! And then when I tried to strike Tabuu, he shot this… this weird red blast at me and I felt as if I was floating away…"

"Your soul was ripped away from your body," the hand explained, backing away from the jar a bit, "By now, Tabuu probably has those Shadow Bugs crawling around in it, ready to possess it for him…"

"Gross!" Pit exclaimed, his eyes narrowing in disgust, "We should get myself back then, shouldn't we?"

Master Hand made a gesture, as if he was shaking his head. "It doesn't work like that, Pit. Neither Crazy nor I are powerful enough to take on Tabuu head on. Worse, we're probably not powerful enough to even get past the possessed bodies of the others. What we need is the help of the guardians…"

"The guardians?" Pit asked, confusion evident in his voice.

It was at that moment that a jar of vapor behind him began to swirl, shapes forming within its depths. This vapour was dark green in colour, like that of the trees of the forest. Slowly, the shape of wolf- like eyes appeared, coloured a piercing sky blue.

"Pit!" the dark green vapor yelled, "You too?"

"Link?" Pit asked, his eyes widening in surprise as he turned around.

A jar of lavender vapor next to Link began to swirl as well, forming two beautiful sapphire orbs. "Pit! Oh, thank the goddesses!"

"Zelda!" Pit exclaimed.

"So you're stuck in these accursed jars too, huh?" a dark blue vapour asked, blue eyes rimmed with red appearing.

"Shut up, Falco," a jar of sky blue vapour muttered, the voice of a woman coming from it, "No one wants to put up with your whining! We're all in the same boat, here…"

"Oh, so that's how you wanna play, huh sister?" Falco asked, his eyes narrowing angrily.

"Bring it on!" the woman said fiercely.

"Calm yourselves!" Master Hand's voice rang out, "Samus, Falco, if you two don't quit your useless fighting right now, I'll never get on with what I'm going to say!"

The two vapors retreated into an angry silence, occasionally shooting glares at each other from afar. Master Hand cleared his "throat".

"Yes, well… good. Now, as I was saying we need the help of the Guardians of Smashville to get your bodies back. These guardians will act as your vessels in which you shall be st-"

"Back it up a bit," a jar of crimson vapour commanded, "You're saying that we're going to be living inside a bunch of peoples' heads?"

"That's right, Ike," the hand answered, "The guardians are chosen by destiny to be the worthiest of mortals to house and protect your souls. They will be human, of course, but-"

"Well that's just great!" a cloud of puce green vapour said angrily, "We're going to be 'protected' by a bunch of stupid humans!"

"Watch-a your tongue, Bowser!" a cherry red fog said indignantly, "I'm-a as human as anyone and-a look how many times-a I can beat you!"

"May I continue?" Master Hand asked, slightly offended.

"Yes-a please!" a green vapor said eagerly.

"Yes, well… continuing from where I left off, these guardians will be human, yet they'll inherit some of your powers," Master Hand continued, "They will, for example, be able to make great use of your weapons, perhaps not well at first, but with a bit of training they should master them. Th-"

"There's no way in heck I'm letting some stupid little human touch my gun!" a light grey vapour shouted.

"Wolf, you have at least ten guns to your name," an orange cloud sighed, "At least just give up one to be touched by human hands!"

"Anyways," the hand said, shooting what seemed like a glare at the two jars, "Their strength and speed will also be enhanced and they will-"

"They'll always be too slow!" an ocean blue vapor announced.

"Shut up, hedgehog!" a cerulean fog shouted.

"What's wrong, Craptain Falcon?" the hedgehog asked innocently, "Jealous that you're too slow?"

"If I had my body right now…" Captain Falcon murmured darkly, shooting a glare at the hedgehog.

"And of course, they will need to band together and find a way to destroy Tabuu," Master Hand finished, glad that some of the Smashers had not been so rude as to interrupt him.

A silence fell between the Smasher and the hand, punctuated only by the sounds of Crazy Hand blowing raspberries at them. It was Link who finally spoke, his voice filled with concern.

"So… how are we going to find these people?"

"When they're born," the hand said simply.

A low murmur broke out amongst the Smashers at his words. Then, a black vapour seemed to rise up and face the hand before him, evil yellow eyes peering out at him.

"And how shall we know when they're born?" the vapour asked, his voice low and cruel, "After all, there's no possible way we can seeing as we're nothing more than a bunch of colored smoke!"

"Calm yourself, Ganondorf," Master Hand said, "I've placed a magical seal on each of your jars. When the guardian is ready for your presence within their mind, the seal shall break and you will be swept into their mind. From there, you are to talk to them and try to get to know them. After all, if you're going to be sharing thoughts, you should do so quite often…"

"But what about when we need to think by ourselves?" a light blue vapor asked.

"Simple," Master Hand replied, "You will have the ability to exit their mind for a brief period of time, but be warned that it'll weary you horribly and that humans have a very limited amount of energy to spare for the day. If you use up too much of it, you could end up either seriously hurting, or even killing them!"

"That would be nice," Bowser muttered.

"But you shouldn't," the hand said firmly, "Not unless you want to spend the rest of eternity as smoke. Now, is that all of your questions?"

For a few moments, nobody said a word. Finally, Pit's voice broke out once more, his voice cracking slightly at the thought.

"How long will we have to wait?"

The giant floating hand seemed to pause for a moment, trying to find the best way to word his answer. Finally, after a long period of silence he allowed a sigh to escape him. Shaking his head, he spoke the words that seemed to burn themselves into the very recesses of Pit's mind forever, not allowing him to forget a thing that was said here tonight.

"It could be anywhere between one year and an eternity…"