Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time, there lived a young man in gorgeous town. He had everything he wanted, but he was very spoiled. One night, an old man appeared before him asked him if he wanted more. But the young man turned him away. The old one told the young man not to be deceived by power, but still, the young man refused. Then, within one spell, the old one took the young man's heart away. The young man also gained a hideous wolf form and he ran away in shame. But he also received a blue rose, which only had one bloom. If he could learn to love someone and earn her love in return before the bloom ended, then he would gain his heart back. But there was a problem – who could ever learn to love a beast?

Chapter 1 – It Begins

A girl with auburn comes from her cottage in a village near the mountain base. She was on her way to the library. The other villagers were looking at her strangely. She wasn't like the others. Finally she made it to the library.

"Why, hello Kairi. How are you today?"

"Good morning. I'm fine. I just came to return my book."

"You're finished with it already?"

"It was just too interesting. Do you have new ones?"

"Nope, sorry."

"Oh that's okay. How about… that one?"

"This one? But you've read it so many times."

"But it's my favorite. Far off places, unknown magic, even a handsome man in disguise."

"Well, alright then."

"Thank you sir! Thank you very much!"

The young girl, named Kairi, took off with her book from the store. She loved reading all the time. It was practically her hobby to read and she wouldn't give it up, not for anything. Everything was held precious to her. While she was reading on the fountain in the center of the village, she heard someone coming up behind her. Kairi recognized the footsteps anywhere…. Sora and Riku.

"Hi guys."

"Hey there Kairi!"

"Sora! Let me handle this…"

"Sorry. My apologies."

"Kairi, why do you waste time reading? By going out with me, you can have everything in the world."

"I don't need everything in the world, but thanks. I appreciate your offer."

Kairi just then, heard a scream from her house. There was much destruction coming from the ground hole. The two boys were laughing so hard it was funny. But Kairi ran home and into the ground hole where her father was.

"Dad. Are you okay?"

"…Oh, Kairi. Hi sweetheart."

"What happened?"

"Oh… I can't get any ideas for my new book. It's not working."

"You know Dad. I heard that someone was nominated for best romance novels. If you go to the festival, you'll be world famous."

"Hmmm… alright, I'll go."

Her father got ready for the festival, where he hoped to win and wished his daughter goodbye. He rode off into the horizon and rode for three day and three nights. He had a map with him and everything and knew where he was going but something didn't seem right. It was almost like the forest was getting deeper and darker as he went on. He couldn't be lost though… could he? Soon he came to a large, dark castle, with huge iron gates at the entrance path. Kairi's father came off his horse and opened the gates and into the castle.

The entrance hall of the castle was huge and gloomy, with dark drapes and wolf statues everywhere. He walked upstairs and saw a room at the end of the hall. Suddenly, he heard a giant roar from the hall. Looking behind him, Kairi's father saw a much larger, than normal, blue and white wolf figure standing on two legs. The animal like figure seemed very angry and took her father away, screaming for help.

Three days later, Kairi was looking after the house when she heard a knock at the door. When looking to see who it was, she cringed and had a disgusted look… it was Riku.

"Uhh… hi, Riku."

"Hello, Kairi. I came to say something to you."

"Really? And what might that be?"

"Imagine this in the future… me and you in our own home and our four little boys crawling on the four. And you cooking up a fire… what do you say?"

"Uhh… Riku. I'm speechless. I'm very sorry but… I just don't deserve you."

With that, Kairi opened the door and pushed Riku out. Everyone was laughing at how he was rejected. Even his best friend Sora was laughing. But Riku just pounded his younger friend on the head.

"Listen, Sora. And listen carefully… only one of us will have Kairi as our girlfriend or wife. But I will be the one to make the first moves. Understand?"

With that, he tossed Sora aside and stomped off mad at what had just happened. When he was finally gone, Kairi looked out the back door to make sure he was and continue her regular chores.

"I can't believe it… he knows we're underage yet he asked me to marry him. That boorish… pervert! Can you imagine me as his little wife? Not me!"

Once Kairi finished her chores, she went off to the hill beside her house. She sat on the grass and pulled up a flower, then blowing the petals away.

"Why can't someone understand for once?"

Just then, cry from a horse was heard far away. Kairi looked up to see her father's horse running her way. Something was wrong, and she didn't know what. But she did know that she had to go find her father.

"What happened? Where's my father? Come on, we have to go find him!"

Kairi and the horse took off and the horse came to a stop when they reached a huge castle with huge iron gates. Kairi stared an amazement of how huge it was. Upon entering the castle itself, she wandered asking for help until she heard a cry from the dungeon nearby. In one cell was her father, locked up.

"Father! Are you okay?"

"Kairi! What are you doing here? You have to get out here quick!"

"Who did this to you, Father? Tell me."

"Go back now before he catches you!"

Just then, a roar was heard from behind Kairi and she jumped in fear. A huge blue and white wolf figure stood before her. The figure spoke to her in anger.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?!"

"I came for my father. Please let him go. He shouldn't be like this."

"It doesn't matter! He is my prisoner and there's nothing you can do!"

"Please let him go! Take me instead!"

"You… would take his place?"

"Yes, I will. You have my word."


Pretty soon, the animal figure morphed and became a tall man with long blue hair. Kairi looked at him in confusion. He was a werewolf… no doubt. She seemed interested in him, as he was in her. The man threw her father out of the castle and went back to the dungeon to Kairi.

"Tell me girl, what is your name?"

"It's… Kairi. Why do you ask?"

"No reason at all. You are now my prisoner Kairi… in the Beast's castle… the castle that belongs to the Beast, formerly known as Saix."


A/N: Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my new fanfic! As you all know, this is a Beauty and the Beast story, Kingdom Hearts version! What will become of Kairi since she is Saix's prisoner? Stay tuned for more!