Chapter 6 – I Care for You

That night, Kairi and her father waited for the villagers to come back. She was afraid of what they would do to Saïx. In fact, she couldn't even bear to think of what they would do to him. Eventually, she heard yelling outside and when she ran outside, Riku and Sora were smiling… carrying him in his wolf form.

"What did you guys do?"

"Just a little favor for our village."

When they threw Saïx to the ground, Kairi ran to him and knelt by his side. A stab wound was in his side and when she touched, small growl came from his mouth. Did they actually hurt him that badly? Riku held him up by the coat of his fur.

"You will not plague our village any longer. You may have this girl fooled but not us. Beasts like you ask for judgement and yours is… exile!"

"Riku, stop!"

He just pushed Kairi aside and carried Saïx's beaten body away. Kairi tried to run through the crowd to stop him from banishing him but they just held her back. She screamed at the top of her lungs with tears in her eyes, but she couldn't do anything. Once Riku got to the crevice, he threw that damn beast's beaten body. He warned that beast not to come back… or he would be killed.

Kairi just knelt to the ground in sadness covering her face. She looked up at Riku who came back and he smiled sinister at her. He did still love her and he asked one more time if she would marry him. But Kairi couldn't stand the pain of losing Saïx, even if he didn't feel anything. She stood up in front of Riku and pushed him to the ground in anger, in sadness.

"You don't understand Riku! He's not what you think he is!"

"He's a beast Kairi! Beasts and beauties are never meant to be together!

"You are the beast Riku! I never liked you and Saïx is… he's so warm."

"You do have feelings for him… lock her inside!"

The crowd tossed Kairi back in the house and locked all the doors and windows. She ran upstairs to her bed and threw herself down. She would never see him again…her father couldn't even try to comfort her. Kairi felt completely hopeless, now more than ever.

The next morning, Kairi woke up in her bed slowly, the clouds covering the sun. When she looked down at her hand, an overwhelming feeling of sadness came over her. Before she knew it, Kairi had become so attached to Saïx that she couldn't bear to be apart from him for more than a day.

My hands can't touch him anymore… our voices won't reach again… I won't see him ever again…

Suddenly, her father entered Kairi's room to check on her. Just seeing his daughter in despair upset him so much. There was hardly anything he could do but he wondered if she could handle the way out… he knew of an underground tunnel somewhere. He sat on the bed next to his daughter and put his hand on her shoulder.

"I know a secret… follow me."


Kairi sat up from her bed slowly and followed her father down to the basement, where it was lit by candles. What was this all about? When he opened a hatch in floor, a natural underground passage was revealed. Did her father know where Saïx was? Would this lead to him? He handed Kairi a lantern and hugged her.

"Go find him… he needs you."

"Thank you Father."

She jumped down and landed on the ground and ran off. She had to get one last chance to prove what he meant to her. Kairi wandered through the aimless darkness of the passage, as it was dark and wet. But most of all, she felt lonely that no one was with her. Then, she finally saw the light at the end of the passage and ran towards it with the lantern in her hand.

When Kairi finally reached the outside air, she got to a wet ravine, slippery because of the snow and ice. It was cold and she was freezing without a shawl or nothing. Kairi tried calling his name over and over, but Saïx was nowhere to be seen. But then, she saw movement along the rocks and hills. Atop a tall mound, there he stood – the beast she cared about.

"Saïx! Over here!"


She ran up to him and embraced so tightly she was also crying. Finally, she was reunited with the one she loved. But even though he was glad to see her safe, he didn't want her to be with him.

"What are you doing here?"

"I… had to come find you… what Riku did… it was unforgivable."

"My own existence shouldn't even matter you."

"But it does!"

"Look at me, Kairi!"

When Kairi took a good look into his eyes, it was the same eyes he always had, but even if they were, she could also see emotions such as loneliness and sadness. She didn't want to believe that he was an unemotional beast. Saïx then turned away, with his back to Kairi.

"I know what I've become. Why do you waste all of your worry on me, when you know you shouldn't?"

"Because… in just three months, a short span of time… you've become precious to me."

He still didn't face her, but even without turning to her, Saïx could tell she was pouring out her tears. Her tears must have been so warm and comforting, but he didn't even bother to tell… he was that cold.

"You're lonely and you're sad. I want to help you… don't push me away, Saïx. I don't want anything else to happen to you. Keep me with you… please."

Kairi walked up behind him and clutched her hands to his back, with her face buried. Even if he was so cold as someone with no heart, she wanted to reach out to him one final time. She didn't want to be with humans anymore… only him.

"Kairi… you're so hard to push away."

"I can't help that I now care about you."

"What if I had a heart too… and I was the one who cared about you more?"

Kairi's eyes grew wide, with her tears still flowing. Did he… care about her too? Maybe the memories of caring for someone flowed into his mind like a river and he puts them toward Kairi too. Was that the truth? Saïx turned his eyes back to look at her. She was still clutching to him, not wanting to let go. He set his hand gently on to her head.

"Listen to me… you know I can't feel now, I have no heart. But you triggered my past memories of when I did have one. That's the best I can give you…"

"Thank you…"

"Don't be conscious of other people anymore. Worry about yourself…"

"I still want to be with you."

"But you know that you can't."


But then, Saïx put Kairi behind him, as he sensed someone watching them. When a figure stepped out from behind the rock, she recognized the figure immediately. A silver-haired male with a long sword, and ready to kill.

"Beasts and beauties should never be together…"


A/N: This is it, the last fight. Can Kairi live with Saïx after all this? Or is she gonna keep living with humans forever? Find out in Chapter 7!