Dean sat on the edge of the bed staring intently at the TV screen. People were dying, and it was killing Dean to know half of this was his fault. If he wouldn't of given in to Alistair in hell…if he would've held on until Castiel could save him…this would've never happened. But then, maybe Michael was right, there is no such thing as free will. But on the other hand…maybe there was. Dean quickly snapped that thought out of his mind. He had other things to do. Like trying to save the world and killing things…yeah that was a good remedy for his broken soul…if he even had one.

"Hey uh, Dean" Sam came in the room interrupting him from his lovely thoughts, "I think I found our next hunt.

"Did you now Sammy?" Dean replied dryly not even bothering to look at Sam.

"Yes Dean. And uh, I was looking through paper and I came across a town called Mystic Falls.

"What is the town full of mystery or something?" Dean managed to smile.

Sam gave his brother a slightly confused look as he shook his head, "No, Several people had died over the past few months"

"Well maybe old Lucy decided to flip a switch with death huh? Kill the small towns first, their not worth shit."

"No Dean, the bodies are drained of blood, I'm thinking—"

"Vampires?" Dean interrupted him, "Come on Sammy, don't you think we should be focusing on saving the world or something?"

"Look, Dean, I'm just trying to do what you told me"

"And what is that" Dean walked over to the bathroom sink and looked at himself in the mirror, god he looked so tired, he was tired. His insides were dead.

"To look for a damn hunt Dean, that's what you told me. Do even remember?" Dean opened his mouth to reply but Sam was quicker and cut him off, "Obviously not. Because you're too busy, thinking…about whatever the hell you're thinking about. You know, what's going on with you Dean huh? I would sure as hell like to know"

"Wouldn't everyone"

Damon wiped his eyes and squeezed them shut, how could of he been so stupid? To think that Katherine was in there? To think that she still wanted him? Everything he had done..the main reason why he came to Mystic Falls, was because of Katherine…and she wasn't even in the damned tomb.

"Damon?" It was Elena, he wasn't really in the mood to talk to any one tonight…especially since the big disappointment.

"What do you want Elena" He sighed.

"I'm so sorry…" He looked back at her; she had tears streaming down her face. For a second there, he wanted to hug her and tell her it would be alright, but he quickly shut that thought out.

"And what might you have to be sorry for Elena?"

"Katherine wasn't in the tomb…it must have been so heartbreaking"

"Oh what do you know about heart break huh?"

"I know what it feels like okay..? To lose someone you love"

Damon had to look away for a moment, but he realized his heart couldn't take it, he grabbed Elena and pulled her into an embrace, as she sobbed herself to sleep.

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