A/N: This is me once again, writing my prompt challange all by myself. It will eventually be one hundred drabbles. I plan to have twenty up by the school holidays, but knowing me it'll be close to a year.

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This first was, was based of the prompt Game.

It was a game between the two of them. He would make a move, and then she would make a move. Then it would be his turn again.

It was annoying really, because she was trapped in a never ending game. Sure, she loved games. On a rainy day she could sit down, play Cluedo or Monopoly and play them for hours on end. But this game she had been playing for years.

What was funny was that others were getting annoyed at this game she wa playing with him. How did they think she felt? She was the one trapped in this game!

So that was why she decided, she would play out of turn. Break the rules, turn this around on him; force him to make a move.

She did so, and it turned out to be just what she needed to break the cycle and end the game. Of course, they still played a game. But it was a different gameā€¦ and it was one, where this time, she was a willing participant.