"I can't believe that I you are actually doing this!" Jason Morgan, 25, was seated with his two best friends and coworkers looking absolutely dumbfounded

"Jase, haven't you ever seen that show Parental Control? Well think of this as Friends Intervene" Carly Corinthos, 23, would do anything for her best friend and she enjoyed the challenge

"Come on Jason, she just doesn't fit. How come you can't see her in the same light as everybody else?" Sonny Corinthos, 26, is married to Carly and is controls the largest mob organization on the East Coast. Jason is his right hand man, while Carly runs the legal side of the business. That doesn't stop her from going off on crazy adventures in order to save the two most important men in her life. This was one of her "adventures" to "save" her best friend.

For a little over 7 months, Jason has been dating Elizabeth Webber. Working as a nurse at the local hospital and volunteering information about everyone in town like it was second nature would never be able to fit into the hit man's life style. She was already whining and complaining about how dangerous his job was and she couldn't even think about what she would do if he was rolled into the ER while she was on duty. The simple fact that he was still with her was quite the anomaly indeed.

Letting out a sigh of frustration, Jason signaled his defeat "Fine… you each can pick one person, just like the show and I will go on one date with each of them. After that, I have the final say, though." Shaking his head, he could not believe what he just agreed to. He is actually allowing them to run his life like he was their son.

"Good, because Sonny and I have our interviews set up for this afternoon. Meet us at the penthouse around noon tomorrow… oh, and bring your precious Lizzie homemaker. She gets to sit with Sonny and me and watch your dates as they happen." A malicious gleam sparkled in the woman's eyes as she thought about watching the scrawny nurse squirm

"Don't hurt her Carly… Don't make me regret agreeing to this"

"Yeah, yeah… whatever." The blonde rose from her chair and practically dragged her husband from the establishment

The interview process

Sonny and Carly were seated on a luxurious love seat, taking in their first applicant to date Jason Morgan. Carly was the first to speak as she sized up the red head in front of her. The woman looked to be in her late twenties and had an obnoxiously shinny nose piercing

"What do you do for a living….?" She let the question linger as she awaited the other woman to address herself

"Robin… and I am a doctor, a neuropatholigist to be exact" Sonny watched as his wife rolled her eyes at the woman's obvious gloating of her title. Before Carly could say anything, he stepped in

"And how come you would be a good choice for our friend?"

"Well, with his line of work it would probably be a good idea to be dating a doctor" Her disapproval of his job was evident and Sonny could tell that Carly was ready to pounce

"He is actually currently dating a nurse and one of the reasons we…" she pointed between herself and her husband and challenged the doctor to argue with her "…are doing this. That bitch is too damn soft for him and is constantly scared of his job. Can you honestly say that you won't feel the same?" Another challenging glare and Sonny saw Robin cower away

"I guess not" While a frown fell on her face, Carly was outwardly smiling and Sonny just rolled his eyes at her behavior

"We'll be in touch, Robin" He stood and held out his hand for her shake. After she left the room, Carly turned angry eyes on him

"I cannot believe that she did not mention her HIV status! I mean, hello that would probably have been something worth bringing up. She's a doctor for goodness sake, that should be like second nature for her" She took a deep breath in an attempt to calm down while Sonny spoke

"First of all, how do you know about that? Second of all, what makes you think that she wouldn't have told Jason?"

"To your first question, I have your resources. And to your second question…. Well I just know things."

Sooner than Sonny could comment on her using his mob ties, a tall masculine looking blonde entered the room and sat in vacant seat across from the couple. Glancing over at Carly, he saw the look of disgust on her face and knew that it was going to be a long day

Carly watched the tall, masculine looking blonde woman saunter into the room like she owned the damn place. An instant dislike washed over her and she felt Sonny squeeze her arm warningly, but that did nothing to prevent the fire burn inside of her when the woman had the nerve to check out her husband

"Married" was all she said as a glare of death was shot through her

"No" came the curt response as she leaned across the table and placed her left hand on Sonny's knee "Obviously" Her fingers danced briefly before she felt a hand around her wrist, twisting it hard. Looking up, she felt pure rage pouring from the other woman in waves

"It wasn't a question, but a statement. He's married…" Upon seeing her glance back at Sonny, probably at his left hand, Carly twisted harder "To me" One final twist and the arm was released and the body pushed back into her chair

"Uh, um… Name?" Sonny awkwardly adjusted his tie and looked anywhere but at the unnamed woman in front of him

"Courtney Matthews" The woman leaned back into the chair, draped one arm over the back of it, and then crossed her legs, causing the rather short skirt she was wearing to ride up to a rather revealing position

"Occupation?" Carly was too furious and did not trust herself with more than one word at a time. This bitch was still coming onto her man even after learning that he was married… She knew for a fact that this Courtney Matthews would not be getting her vote. She wanted her far away from her husband and best friend.

"I'm in the um… entertainment business" Courtney smiled smugly and purposefully looked, once again at Sonny

'What kind of entertainment?" Carly all but ground out her question, trying extremely hard to avoid getting out of her chair and slapping the conceited smile from her face

"The adult kind" Sonny's eyes widened as Courtney uncrossed her legs and ran a hand down her thigh. Carly mumbled something that sounded like "Well damn, I could have answered that question myself" and then stood, walking toward the door

"Leave now" Opening the door, she motioned with her hand for the other woman to exit. All Courtney did was stand and then glance from Sonny to his wife


"NOW" the volume and tone of Carly's voice caused her jump and rush for the door. "Next" Was all she said before returning to her seat and watching a rather short, attractive brunette enter and take the empty seat.

"All right, name?" Sonny kept a close eye on his wife seeing that the previous two were not very successful. Shockingly, she seemed to have taken an on the spot fondness for this woman

"Samantha McCall, but everyone calls me Sam" This woman was dressed in a basic pair of low riding blue jeans, a simple black t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. Her hair was in a pony tail and she only had a touch of make up on. Unlike the previous contenders, she wasn't trying to be somebody she wasn't. What you saw was what you got, and Carly respected that

"So Sam, what do you do for a living?" The couple watched as the young woman pondered the question for a minute before cautiously answering

"Though I am currently unemployed, I did a lot of con work and stealing when I was younger for my father. I am a professional safe cracker and am damn good at computer hacking, if I do say so myself" Satisfied with her answer, Sam waited for the all too common judgment about her skills. Imagine her surprise when she received approval instead of criticism

"That's good. How about self defense? You any good in that area?" Carly liked this woman more and more every second that they were together

Sam reached behind her and placed her Glock 19 on the table in front of her. She then rolled up her jeans, unzipped her boot, and revealed an 8 ½ inch boot knife strapped to her calf. Carly smiled in approval while Sonny realized he needed to fire the two guards posted outside. Granted, he was impressed with this woman, but those incompetents should have caught at least the gun. Breaking from his thoughts, he posed the question that would make all the difference in the world

"Sam, what do you think of the mob?" He watched her closely as she nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders as if he was asking her about the weather

"It's a paying job…. It does have its risks, but what one doesn't? I mean nothing in this world is completely safe. Just some random, normal person could be walking down the street and get mugged or shot. An accidental house fire could break out and kill the occupants. Nobody is one hundred percent immune to harm… and if somebody thinks that they are, then they are complete and total idiots."

With a grin 3 miles long, Carly stood and approached Sam. She stuck her hand out and the brunette rose from her chair and shook it "We will definitely be in touch Sam." Watching the petite woman smile in return and then depart the room, she couldn't help but think how perfect she would be for her friend.

Unfortunately, she would have to sit through 4 more interviews since those first two women wouldn't have a fighting chance in hell at getting anywhere near Jason. Returning to her seat, Carly sighed as yet another bimbette took the vacant seat.

Somebody kill me now Was all she could think when the woman who called herself Nadine began to speak