The room was in complete chaos. Sonny now had Nikolas in a full nelson, holding him there while Jason beat the shit out of him. One hand was on the Prince's shoulder while the other was forcefully making contact with the other man's stomach.

Elizabeth had run up to Jason screaming, trying in vain to pry him off of the father of her child. This was not how the secret was supposed to come out. She was going to convince Nik to leave the country with her, then when she was safe distance away, she was going to send a letter to him. What she hadn't counted on was just how much Nik still cared for Emily.

The second that he found out about the baby, he had run out to find his wife and attempt to explain the situation. Before he had a chance to say anything he found her in their bedroom, suitcase in hand. She told him that she was sick and tired of being second best to his work. She had told him that she had tried to support him, but why should she if he was willing to support her.

Emily had told him that she was going to be staying with her brother until Nik got his priorities straightened out. That had sent him on tirade, telling her that if she walked away from him then he wanted a divorce. He told her that she may be fed up with his work, but he was sick of her always running to Jason when things got tough. Emily had slapped him and immediately left to find Jason.

Now she was standing in shock as her brother pummeled her husband, Sonny offering assistance any way he could. Carly had backed Elizabeth into a corner and was smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Sam had since returned to the little mini bar and poured herself another couple of shots, not bothering to even check what she was pouring. Next she helped herself to a rather large and dry martini before plopping down onto the oversized couch to watch the show.

She felt no need to get involved in something that didn't have anything to do with her. That changed, however, when she heard her name being screamed from across the room

"That bitch is the reason for all this! If she hadn't come along, I would still be with Jason!" No way was that bitch going to blame her for the fact that she was slut. She got off the couch and stormed over to stand next to Carly

"Don't you dare fucking blame this on me. I am not the one who screwed around on my boyfriend with his sister's hubby. Don't you have any God damn morals?" Her shoulders were set and the slight buzz from the alcohol only made her that much more dangerous.

"Don't lecture me on morals little Miss I-use-my-body-to-get-what-I-want"

"What the fuck are you talking about? You know absolutely nothing about me. I would NEVER use sex to get what I wanted. I do believe that's your area of expertise. Miss I-can't-get-any-from-my-boyfriend-so-I-get-it-from-somebody-else. Pray tell, Is this kid really Nikolas' or are you just looking for someone with money to pin your bastard kid on?" Within and instant, Elizabeth lunged toward Sam and managed to land a sucker punch to the ribs.

Sam didn't even stumble, she just let out a curt laugh "That all you got, bitch? Cause that was damn pathetic. You give women a bad name" And with that, Sam's fist connected with Elizabeth's jaw. She howled in pain as tears came to her eyes

"Now that's a punch, you little tramp" Carly and Sam laughed as they watched Elizabeth flee the room, holding her jaw while she ran. Glancing over at the guys, they saw Emily finally snap out of her shocked state and rushed to get between her brother and her husband

Nikolas was in pretty bad shape. He sporting a shiner just under his right eye. There was blood trickling down his lower lip. His body was going limp, his eyes barely open. Emily got there at the moment Sonny released Nik from his grip and the man fell to the ground.

Instead of helping him to his feet, Emily went to stand next to her brother and examined him for injuries. The only thing she could detect were his bloody knuckles. Nikolas groaned and Jason protectively pushed his sister behind him

"Stay the hell away from my sister. You come anywhere near her, and I'll make sure you don't live to see the sunlight. Do you understand me?" The Cassadine Prince nodded and then was pulled to his feet by Max and Milo

"Oh, and this never happened. You don't remember anything that happened. All you remember was waking up in an alley and in a lot of pain. You best make sure you make this look like some random mugging or something. Because if I end up in jail for this, I won't be a very happy camper when I get out. And guess who I would come visit first?"

Jason's eyes were cold and daring. Sam walked up next to him and put a hand on his shoulder. Immediately his eyes softened.

"This is your one and only warning, Cassadine. Now get the hell out of my sight" Jason dismissed him with a casual wave of the hand. Max and Milo were ready to haul him out of the house when the doors burst open and several officers from the PCPD stormed the room, aiming guns.

Mac Scorpio stepped forward along with two officers nobody recognized

"Jason Morgan. Sam McCall. You are both under arrest for the assault of Nikolas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber respectively. You have the right…." Both Jason and Sam were being handcuffed. Both looked extremely pissed off and that made them both dangerous. They shared a quick glance before both silently agreed on a plan

"I don't feel so good" Sam's face paled and her eyes rolled back before her knees buckled from under her and she fell to the floor, taking the restraining officer with her

"SAM!!" Jason pulled away from the cop holding him and went to kneel next to Sam. Looking up at Mac, his voice was laced with venom. Carly was screaming and was currently being held back by Lucky Spencer, her cousin. Sonny was on the phone with Diane while surveying the scene before him

"What did you do to her? If anything happens, I am suing your department for police harassment" Once the cop got off of Sam, Jason leaned over as if he was listening to her breathing. The next anyone knew, a cloud of smoke enveloped the entire room. When it cleared, the people left in the room were the members of the PCPD and a now unconscious Nikolas.

As Mac took in his surroundings, he bent down to badly beaten man and found two pairs of handcuffs, along with the keys, resting at his feet.

"FIND THEM!!" Mac shouted as the cuffs were shoved at the nearest officer.

[i]Two Years Later[/i]

"It's good to be home" Sam stepped into the front door of her little cabin with a small bundle in her arms. Jason came in behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders smiling at the little face looking back at him

"I can't believe it's been two years since I've been here." She looked around the small area and concluded, that with an exception to the amount of dust, the place was exactly as she'd left it.

"I can't believe how dirty this place is. I wonder how bad the penthouse is…" Jason placed a bag onto the bed and moved to open the dresser drawers. They had been running from the police with Sonny, Carly, and Emily accompanying them the entire way.

Carly had eventually told Sam what she had found out them having the same father. Sam had been shocked and in disbelief for a while, but she finally warmed up to the idea of having Carly for a sister. They had bonded while on the run and now all three girls were inseparable.

They had lived on the island for a couple months until the police showed up there one night. Next stop had been a small town in Spain followed by Venice, Italy where Sam found out that she was pregnant.

The pregnancy had been a pleasant surprise for Jason. He was going to be a father and he couldn't have wished for a better woman to be carrying his child. They had been able to settle in Italy until Sam began closing in on her due date.

Emily had met somebody within weeks of arriving in Venice. They had came across each other at a small market not far from where they were staying. He had been the man to heal her aching heart. They dated for a couple of months and knew that they were destined for each other. After some major convincing, Jason had relented and allowed Demetri to propose to his sister, after threatening the man's life if he broke her heart of course.

Soon after the wedding, the police started getting closer and they knew it would be impossible to leave the country with Sam being almost 9 months pregnant. Finding a smaller town, they were able to stay put long enough in order for Sam to have the baby. Their daughter, who was currently snuggled into her mother's protective embrace.

They had named her Raven, after the small town of Ravenna where she was born. The infant had her father's blonde hair and her mother's mocha eyes. From the moment they had the first ultrasound, the little girl had her parents wrapped around her finger.

When Raven had been only a month and a half old, the adults received word that Nikolas and Elizabeth were getting married, dropping the charges, and moving to Greece with their almost 2 year old son. They had decided that too much time had passed and they wanted to put that awful night behind them.

They had gone to Mac Scorpio and called off the search party, explaining to him that there were no longer any ill-harbored feelings. They just wanted to forget. He hadn't wanted to, but Mac finally consented and called off the world-wide hunt.

Not wanting to travel with Raven at such a young age, Jason and Sam sent Sonny, Carly, and Emily back to Port Charles without them. The couple promised to return once the pediatrician cleared the infant for long distance travel.

The baby was now 3 months old and her parents were thrilled to be back in the small town of Port Charles. They had made a quick stop at Sam's cabin to grab a few things and then they made their way to Harbor View Towers. Sam had never really been inside Jason's apartment before. Well, she never made it past the couch, anyway. They had basically known each other for less than 48 hours when they had went on the run

Jason inserted his key into the lock and pushed the door open. The second he did that, he stopped and looked around. The penthouse had been freshly cleaned, painted, and redecorated. It was nothing like it had been before they had left.

There was all new furniture, a dining room table where his pool table had once been. Next to the couch was bassinet and small playpen. A smile touched his lips in realization. Carly and Emily had done this. They were the only ones, beside Sonny of course, who knew about the baby.

Sam came to stand next to Jason and rested her head on his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed the top of her head. This was how it was supposed to be from the beginning. Just him, his beautiful wife, and their precious baby girl.