By: Neko-chan

A/N: Kinda a look at Cara when she's told that she has to back to Earth and bring back her Grandmother. Kinda short, but hey. This is my first attempt at a fiction for one of Coville's stories! I just hope I don't mess it up...*sweatdrops*

Disclaimer: As much as I would like to claim that this is my isn't. x.x;;

Go back?

To turn around and go back seems so hard after what my friends and I went through. Why? I cannot say. A feeling seems to come over me. I don't know what will be ahead on this journey back to Earth....but I know that I won't have the courage or the strength to accomplish my Grandmother's wish.

But.....why does it seem so hard to turn around and go back? We faced so many dangers; my first day here, I almost died. So why is it so hard to go on? Didn't I accomplish my goal, my mission? I accomplished what I set out to do. Why can't I be done?

Yet......Grandmother trusted me with this. She believed that I would succeed. And I did. I did what I didn't think was possible. I beat them all; my own family Hunted me.....and I beat them.

But not without a price.

I finally saw Daddy. But he......he didn't care, not really. All he wanted was the Locket. All he wanted was to kill the unicorns. I shudder at the image that would make: My friends, unicorn and non, lying on the ground, red blood pooling from beneath their bodies. It was a nightmare.

A nightmare that I prevented.....for a time being. I was glad to have finally seen my Daddy.....but it was all for nothing. For, soon afterwards, I had to choose: Family or friends. And there was no choice.......I had chosen the unicorns over my family.

THEY were my family now. They sheltered me, protected me, comforted me, saved me....loved me when I needed to be loved. Though we didn't look alike, they were my family. And I loved them. With all of my heart, I loved them.

I close my eyes and let the imagery come to me: instead of the awful scene of my friends' deaths, I imagined a white unicorn, galloping across the fields, shaking its white mane in joy. Its.....HIS, I corrected horn sparkling in the starlight of the heavens above.

I smile slightly. This was were I home. I wanted to stay here. But.....what would happen to my Grandmother if I stayed? I knew that something horrible would happen. I knew it with all of my heart. There was no doubt, no hesitation.

There was only one thing that I could do. One thing that scared me, terrified me. One thing that I dreaded with all of my soul. I had to go back. Back to my world, to find my Grandmother and bring her back.

And I would....could find the strength to do so. My friends were behind me, they always were. No matter what I was forced to go through, I knew that they would be there with me. They were friends, and that's what friends do.

I could finally find the courage, the love......the go back.