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Prenote: This story can be dark at times, but the overall theme is hope and encouragement.

A third Timeline.

Here she was again...The morning dew of the flowers felt good on her exposed skin. She turned her heads to see the damp petals that always greeted her fall. Beads of water, threatening to drop at any given. How many resets was this? How many true resets? She chuckled lightly. She lost track. It was a chaotic world that was vast beyond this underground, but managed to reach it. Here was a place with no sunlight, but filled with wonder. It was the world where they could live in harmony. However, that was not her fate. She was destined to repeat mistakes. The runs she had before had warped her sense of reality and mentality. This run was going to be different, not like her past runs of pacifism, or genocide. This way she hoped she would save everyone. She turned her head to the reflective nature of the knife that lay beside her. The tarnished silver perfectly reflected her mind. The perfect tool to reflect her and all she had done and been through. God, she was so ugly in that silver. She smiled softly at her reflection. She really was always a monster, wasn't she? Hard to read, to decipher. She was a never ending puzzle that changed every second. Gripping the knife in her hand with vigor, she stood up and began to walk. She felt his presence, the boy who had fell long ago. It was his grave after all. He narrated the scenes, gave her wisdom. She smiled as he knew that this wasn't the first time she had true reset. He must have been wondering if he had to help her, maybe it was just boredom or curiosity. She had barely made it a few feet before her first monster appearance. The flower popped up in front of her and smiled at her. He looked so innocent there, just a lonely flower. She had to try something different, just to be able to manage to keep herself sane.

"Howdy, I'm…" She ignored him and walked right up to the flower, causing him to look up at her confused.

"I know who you are, Asriel." The flower seemed to run through different emotions. He changed from confused to denial and then looked away.

"Hee…. hee…My name is Flowey the flower, friend, not…" Frisk gripped the knife tighter.

"It's me Asriel, Chara." She felt the spirit of Chara tell her that it isn't right but she ignored him for now. Frisk flashed the knife she held in her hand as if the flower needed proof. She then stabbed it into the ground, terrifying the flower. Fixated on the knife for fear of being killed, the flower hesitatingly glanced around to see no one. The flower then looked up in both confusion and fear.

"Chara? You can't be Chara. Chara died a long time ago you see…" Flowey stopped as he gazed upon the girls face. He felt this fear come over him as she stared at him. "What's with that creepy face?" Frisk had enough with this game. She pulled the knife out of the ground and inspected the edge. After she was satisfied with the edge, she looked up.

"Asriel, I don't have time to play this game with you. You know why I'm here." Flower began to shake in fear.

"Hee hee…" Flowey stared at the knife. "I think I better…" Flowey tried to go under the ground but she caught him right under the petal. He struggled against her grip, in reality his stem was between her ring and middle finger."Stop it…. Stop it!" He danced in her fingers, a dance of fear. She gripped the knife. "Chara…STOP! I could be useful to you… we could be friends again…" Flowey felt the knife against his stem. "Chara… STOP…. I'M SORRY…"

"When I died a long time ago, Asriel Dreemurr," Flowey struggled as hard as he could, hoping to break through her fingers. "We had a plan..." Asriel stopped fighting and froze in fear as the knife pressed against his stem harder. "When we had the power to save everyone… you blew it." Flowey became manic, unable to control himself from crying.

"N…No… it wasn't like that Chara…I couldn't bring myself to do it… they were innocent…I…"

"Then why not share control with me? I could have done it for you. I died for monsters, for you… Was my sacrifice nothing to you? Was my life meaningless to you?" She acted like she was waiting for an answer but the flower just cried in her hands.

"No Chara! It wasn't like that! Please… Please give me a chance to show you…" She toyed with the handle and saw that everything was ready. She turned her attention back to him.

"You had the power of a God. Now look at you. Unable to feel or do anything because of that." Flowey felt one thing for sure. He felt like he had never felt before, being terrified and powerless. "I control the save point now. So this is for keeps." Flowers eyes sunk into complete fear.

"Chara… don't… please don't kill me… don't…" Frisk pulled him up a little further from the ground. She pulled him out of the ground and pulled him so that she could whisper in his petal. After a few words, she smiled and felt the determination to continue.

"The next time you wake up. I will expect you to be a good flower." Flowey tried to scream when his stem was sliced in one motion. The world around Flowey suddenly stopped and went black. She stood up and was filled with… determination. She sheathed her blade and sure enough, she came around the corner.

"Oh, you poor innocent child…" Frisk knew that if it had worked on Asriel, it would work on her too. She took her hand as Toriel lead her through the ruins. She knew the words that she was going to say. She knew the pie that would be left for her next to her bed. She also knew what had to happen next. She woke up early to prepare herself for what had to happen. It was deathly quiet in the ruins, and Toriel seemed to notice but didn't question why there was no one around. She knew the next step. Toriel walked down that hallway, begging her to stay with her. Frisk felt betrayal in herself as she felt the knife stab Toriel. She wanted to cry but felt Chara's spirit unhappy with her decision. Was it even right for her to cry at this point? She sheathed her blade again as she moved forward, leaving behind empty space. She walked up to the spot where she was expecting Flowey to appear again. Oh, wait… he wouldn't show up this time. Frisk looked down at the knife.

"Right…" Suddenly she was in the frozen tundra. She felt his presence, as she always had in the true reset. She was reaching the tall structure of the gate, he would show up soon. She turned and fell into the snow, clutching her chest. She couldn't hold herself back. She heard the footsteps but refused to look up. There was no turning back now. She felt the pang in her heart.

"Hey human, I'm…" She knew what would come eventually to him. She stood up and before he could do anything and wiped the tears from her eyes. She wrapped him in a light quick hug.

"Sans… please don't hate me. I'm doing this for you… for all of you." Before Sans could respond to the strange words, she had turned around and began to walk off, leaving behind a trail of sparkling tears. Sans just laughed lightly.

"That was weird. I've never seen a human do that before. But more importantly…" Sans watched her walk away. He even felt his eye begin to glow. "How did she know my name?" She remembered most of the lines as she had done before. It reminded her of why she was here, of why this had to be done. She begged Papyrus to forgive her as well as she felt the knife go into him. Stab.

"Please forgive me Undyne!" She screamed as she plunged the knife into her. "Please forgive me Mettaton!" She screamed as she plunged the knife into him. It seemed like such a blur in her memory after each time. Was she blocking it out because deep down it affected her? Maybe she questioned if this was the right way? She gripped the knife as she stood before each of her past timeline friends. She knew this was the best way, her determination waned from time to time, but was real. She knew the end game that stood before her. One by one they fell, completely unaware of her true plans. Until… he stood before her.

"Hey, kid… "She tuned him out. However, she knew what to do. She took a step forward. She felt the burning on her face. The anger and justice he demanded was justified, her sins exposed. The pain was unbearable. "It's a beautiful day outside. The birds are singing; the flowers are blooming… on days like this…"

"I should be burning in hell." Sans raised an eyebrow. Again how did she…? She didn't give him time to think as she charged him and saw the weak point she has known from the past, on how to kill him. However, this time… That's not what she wanted. She saw his attack and instead of dodging it, she let it hit her by stopping in its path. She felt the pain as she has before of his bone attack and felt her body thrown up and down like a rag doll. Sans began to question what her true motive was when she didn't even try dodging his attacks, hell she was intentionally taking them. What really got Sans' was her LV it was still level 1. It made no sense. He knew she was the one killing everyone and yet her LV didn't go up? It made no sense unless… She felt the pain as this time this was all according to plan. He stopped and she began to stand up. "Sans…" The glowing eye showed his hurt, his justice, his determination. However, something inside him let him respond anyway.

"Yeah kid…." She dropped the knife. Sans watched the knife drop to the floor as she tried to hug him. Sans was confused.

"Hey kid, what the hell is with you?" She could hear his voice. The voice that she had grown to love. The voice that she knew was the reason this was the right path. She continued to walk towards him. He saw she was wide open and free to attack. He could end her in one more hit but…"Get Dunked on." A few bones sprung up from the floor, as if this was meant to end her, however they missed her completely. She heard the whistle of high speed bones as they pinned her to the wall instead of killing her. She could feel the pain as he walked up slowly to her. "Kid, after all you did. Did you really think that I would just let you spare me? Why didn't you spare the rest of them? Why is your LV still 1?" She could tell he wanted an answer before she died. She looked at the knife just a few feet away. Sans began to hit her with bone after bone, trying to wear her body down. Or maybe he just enjoyed it, the sweet nectar of suffering. She was the angel of death, brought to her knees before him. She felt blood begin to break from her skin, unwillingly exiting her body. Finally, he stopped after she began coughing up blood. "Are you ready to tell me why? Or should I just end this game of ours?" He clearly was conflicted but hid it well. She looked back over at the knife.

"You want to know why?" Sans looked at the knife she was staring at. "It's time you learned the truth." She turned her gaze at him. "Pick it up." Sans looked at her. He pressed her harder against the wall.

"Kid… I'm not you… I'm not going to…." She snapped.

"PICK UP THE KNIFE." She enunciated, screaming in pain. She felt the bones began to strengthen their hold on her. She felt the rage inside her. It needed to end…. It needed to end now. "Sans… if you want your answers pick up my knife and look at the handle." Sans raised an eyebrow.

"What is this, kid?" He felt like something was definitely off. She was strong, maybe stronger than him and yet she spared him? She got beaten so easily by him. He couldn't help knowing that there was something more than what he saw, perhaps that alone is what saved her. She couldn't hold it back any longer. She felt the pain rise in her. Tears flowed from her face freely.

"Pick it up and look at the handle already…please…. I don't have much time left." She didn't know if that was true or not but it didn't matter now. Sans looked down at the knife and hesitantly walked over and picked it up. He noticed not one drop of blood on the knife and wondered if she cleaned it. He saw his reflection on the tarnished silver that the knife was made out of. He couldn't help but notice that his reflection had altered in it as if it was purposely made to distort figures. Creeped out, he flipped it over and looked at the bottom and noticed an indent in the very bottom of the handle. It looked like the knife could be opened. He pulled the handle and heard a pop. A little row of flashing lights on a motherboard, with a single switch. Should he flip it? Sans looked at the girl before him, questions burned in his eyes. "Flip it before I die… please… at least let me have this…." She begged. Sans felt like she wasn't worthy of any mercy but began to eye the switch again. Maybe this was what she was hiding? It wouldn't matter in the long run since if she died she would just reset. However, he was curious to see just what she was planning. He placed his thumb on it and flicked it. The knife began to vibrate and she smiled. Suddenly, Sans watched as everywhere around him came the bodies of his brother and the rest of the monsters that he thought she killed. Sans began to shake with confusion and dropped the knife. Apparently, he wasn't the only one who didn't know what was going on.

"URG… MY HEAD…" Papyrus rubbed his head. Undyne leaned against him and clutching her head.

"Damn… what was that?" She said looked around her. "And why is everyone here? Did I miss something?" The monsters all looked confused at each other.

"Papy…. Undyne… everyone…" Sans violently eyed everyone in shock and confusion. He walked up to his brother and poked him.

"NOT NOW SANS. MY HEAD HURTS." Sans lost it.

"You're…you're alive…" Sans couldn't help himself from jumping on his brother's leg and hug him tightly.

"Eh? WHAT ARE YOU DOING SANS?" Sans continued his vice grip. Papyrus tried to push Sans off. "GET OFF OF ME. I THE GREAT PAPYRUS AM FINE." Sans released him and took a step back. He looked over to see Toriel who looked confused as she clutched her head. She didn't know what was going on either. She saw the human child and she began to notice the bones and Sans' glowing eye.

"What the hell is going on here!" She screamed as she watched the human child pinned against the wall. "Sans!" Sans felt the guilt on his back as he felt Toriel begin to glare at him. Suddenly he felt the stares of monsters of all over trying to figure out why Sans was hurting Frisk.

"I don't understand… I thought…you were all dead….and…" Sans couldn't finish his sentence as the human child began violently coughing. The monsters including Sans turned their heads at the child to see blood coming from her smiling mouth.

"Please… don't be mad at him. He thought I killed you all." She said in such a sweet voice that it was almost creepy. She turned her attention back to Sans. "Congratulations Sans… you're a hero… you saved everyone!" She smiled but it quickly turned sour as she violently coughed again, her jagged breaths showing her worsening condition. Sans couldn't understand this. Sans looked at Papyrus and the rest of them; then back at her.

"Kid… what did you do…" Sans was confused and filled of…regret. The regret panged in his bones as he watched her. Frisk smiled again as hard as she could.

"In my pocket… holds the answers you are looking for…I wrote everything down to help you…" Frisk began to shake uncontrollably. Sans couldn't stop staring at her now.


"Just know…" Frisk smiled that best she could at them.


"That everything I did for you…all of you" Sans began to walk towards her, his legs shaking.


"was out of…" Sans removed the bones that pinned her in place.

Regret. Regret.

Sans felt the weight of her body as he caught her in his arms. He stared down at her as he shook her lightly.

"Kid… Kid… don't die on me… I need you to tell me what's going on…I don't understand…" Sans heard the sound of paper rustling inside her shirt. He was about to grab whatever was in there when he stared at her face. The color in her face was leaving her. She wouldn't last much longer now if he didn't do something. He teleported to Alphys' lab. Alphys saw the footage on her screen and still was in shock when Sans appeared behind her with the human.

"I-I don't understand Sans… w-what's going on!" Alphys pleaded. "S-Suddenly everyone is back? What was that Kn-knife?" Sans stared at her.

"I don't know… please keep her alive. We need answers and…" He looked down at her. "Nevermind. Just treat her." Alphys shook her head and went to get a bed for her to take a look at Frisk on. Feeling like now was the time, Sans reached into her shirt and grabbed the few page thick letter she had written. Alphy's appeared a moment later with a movable bed. Sans put her down and felt the weight leave him. He teleported back to the confused monsters who at this point began talking to each other. Sans held the paper in his hands as everyone asked him what was going on. He opened the letter and began to summarize what he was reading, out loud every few seconds.


If you are reading this, then you at least are giving a chance to explain myself. I can't write everything on here, as it would take too long. However, I wanted to say congratulations on killing me. I don't care what you do to my body but as long as you all are safe is all that matters.

Sans gripped the page tighter. "She thanks everyone for giving her a chance to explain herself." The monsters stared at him, hanging on every word.

I've met you all before and I had the power to reset time on many occasions. You wouldn't remember but in a few of them, we were great friends. I know all about your past and how you were a great scientist and all. I learned from you every time that you died trying to protect me; you are a good person, Sans. I don't want you to blame yourself for this. I'm sure even as I was dying, I could still remember the good times we had.

"She knows we are all good people and doesn't want us to blame ourselves for her death," Sans mumbled under his breath. "Kid… why…." Sans felt terrible but read on anyway.

In a few of the timelines, we broke the barrier together and met the humans. I became your ambassador and things were great for a time. Honestly there were some prejudices but for the most part nothing violent. Except, old legacies die hard as small pockets of different groups, descendants of those who sealed you guys, that still held the belief that monsters couldn't be trusted. It started when monsters would disappear and no one would know why. After investigating, we found why. They were used as lab rats, tested on and used for sick experiments.

"She was worried about humans on the outside being untrustworthy." Sans felt like his eyes were about to explode.

Most would be killed to experiment on their souls. I watched as not even the government could do anything as these groups lived a life of shadow and monsters feared for their lives. Soon, we too were captured, and I watched as you guys died slow and painful deaths… screaming my name to find a way to escape as they drained your souls. I reset the timeline but each time was the same no matter how hard I tried to protect you. It got so bad that I was driven mad and at one point, even killed you guys myself, thinking that it was better you all died by my hand than theirs. After I killed you and Asgore, I saw the blood on my hands and cried for days, unable to cope with what I had done. I don't know what became of Alphys, but I used her lab to contain myself. As the days went on, I realized that there had to be a better way.

"She wanted to find a way to save all of us from that." Sans continued reading, needing to know more.

There had to be. It was then I remembered that when we were originally captured when Undyne became determined to protect us she… evolved. She was filled with determination. She fought hard but by then, it was too late. The only other time I had seen her with that much determination, was when she thought Papyrus and everyone was dead and she was dead set on stopping me during my murdering rampage. I realized something in Alphys' lab. That if monsters needed to have a chance at overcoming the odds, then they needed to have that; they needed determination. How then? How to give it to them? I could kill myself to give someone my soul but I would just reset. There had to be a better way. There had to be a way to stop myself from resetting and give you guys determination. I found it. I came up with a plan. My research told me that those with the biggest determination would have the power to reset. Then, I knew what I had to do. I would become the villain. I would make everyone hate me so that they could evolve and become determined. Most of all, Sans… you would become more determined than me.

When I faced you, I walked in knowing I would die. I was okay with that. I would sacrifice everything to make sure monsters had the chance at freedom that they deserved, including my life. Just, make sure you use my soul to break the barrier.

"She wanted to give us all determination to survive, even if it meant…" Sans stopped there and kept reading. Everyone else let their thought culminate, forming what Sans wanted to say.

Now here you are… and by now you should have already released the monsters from the knife holding device. It was a modification of a device that the groups used to capture monsters silently for their experiments. To be honest, I felt sick holding it. It's a cruel device that I hated so much I probably loved it when it was finally out of my hands. But I guess that leads us here. I'm dead and you guys are strong enough and have the knowledge to survive. I wish you all luck and courage to make it in the world! Just, don't hate all humans, and I hope that one day you can forgive me. I also hope that I was right. I can't reset this time and I can only leave it into your hands that this was the right move.

Stay determined,

Love, real love


Sans watched as tears filled his eyes. "She wants us to stay determined and not hate humans." He had made a terrible mistake. He didn't know what she was planning. How could he have known? A darkness held its place in his very soul. Why did he beat her to an inch of her life? He had went back on a few promises for nothing. In the end, he had very possibly killed a human, something he swore he wouldn't do anymore. Sans carefully refolded the paper and placed it in his pocket. The monsters stared at him as their questions now had some answers but they wanted more answers. The main one being what happens now? Do they let the human die for her soul? He couldn't listen to them talk about her like that so he walked away from them. They began to yell at him, wondering what he thought. Papyrus stepped up and told them that Sans needed time to think. Sans tried to not stay in one place but always found himself back at the gate in Snowdin. The words she first said to him echoed in his mind. Don't hate me…Sans couldn't stop the torrent of tears from falling. It was strange… he barely knew the kid except for the feelings hovering over him, feelings he fought against during his fight. "Kid…Why didn't you just tell me then? Why? Why couldn't we have found a different way together?" Sans fell to his knees. Just like she had back then. It's almost like now, he understood how she felt, why she fell down in front of him. The kid must have had some determination to stand. He smiled weakly if only to hide his pain. "Kid, I don't know if I have the strength to get off my knees. How did you find it?" He spoke to no one. He felt the tears run down his skull until he felt them freeze up and no more fell.


He didn't know how long he was there, but Papyrus walked up behind him.

"SANS…YOU SHOULD GO TO ALPHYS' LAB." Papyrus kneeled silently. "SANS, PLEASE. GO TO ALPHYS' LAB. WE ARE ALL GOING THERE." Sans shook his head.

"Why should I, Papy? Is there something you're not telling me?" Sans could hear the undertones in Papyrus' voice and knew what it meant. However, he wanted a chance to believe that he didn't kill her.

"OF COURSE NOT, SANS…" Papyrus just wanted to let him down easy and in this state he was fragile.

"Don't try and hide it Pap. I can tell when you're lying." Papyrus sighed. Papyrus knew it was useless to hide from him. They knew each other too well to really hide anything.

"THE HUMAN IS DYING, SANS. ALPHYS DID EVERYTHING SHE COULD, BUT…SHE'S NEVER TREATED A HUMAN BEFORE. SHE…TRIED HER BEST TO…" Papyrus didn't want to finish his statement, but Sans knew what he wanted to say.

"It's my fault Pap." Papyrus tried to hide his own hurt. "She was here just like this. She was crying telling me to forgive her…" He stood up and placed out a hand for Sans to grab if he needed help and to show him that he was there.



Couldn't this have ended differently? Couldn't there have been another way to get everyone determined?

Don't hate me.

It was those words that held such a sustained guilt over him. He had to confront her. Sans jumped up and ran past Papyrus. Sans heard him yell something but right now, he needed to run. Sans ran until he stood in Hotlands, outside Alphys' Lab. He tried to catch his breath for a while before entering or maybe, he was just stalling himself for what he might see. He gritted his teeth and tried to plaster a smile on his face as he always had. Sans walked in to see Asgore, Toriel, among others standing around what he assumed to be the human. He made his way past them to see the human with tubes coming out of everywhere on her body. Sans walked all the way up to her bed and stood silent for a moment. He could hear some sobs and some who didn't know if they should be sad or happy. Sans seemed to just randomly spoke.

"How long?" Everyone understood the question but it was difficult to say. Toriel walked up to him, clearly, she had been crying. She red in her eyes and the cracking in her voice gave it away.

"Sans, I'm sorry for before but don't beat yourself up over this. None of us knew what she really had planned. I think she was wrong in doing it this way, but..." She looked at the child. "It's too late to change anything now." Toriel's tears were barely contained, she had lost another child. Sans just stood on the side of the bed, ignoring the pleas to not blame himself. He didn't seem to hear or care. He was barely able to see her as the bed was above his height. He was dead set on pretending not to care until a rustle from in front of him made him care. Frisk gently patted his head as she tried to smile.

"Sans…" Everyone stared at the human. "Maybe I'm just a stupid human after all but I needed you all to be strong. Please don't hate me over…" Sans grabbed her hand to stop her from comforting him. Sans couldn't help himself.

"Wow kid, you look so bad that you could make me jump right out of my skin." Nobody laughed. "I've got another one… what did you eat today? I hope it wasn't bone meal." Everyone knew what this was. Frisk felt her heart breaking, seeing Sans try to not only deny the truth but cover up his pain with his jokes.

"Sans… you don't have to try to do this…" Sans just kept the smiled on his face and looked away.

"Do what? I'm just trying to have some fun here kid. I guess you could say, I'm just ribbing you." Frisk felt his pain and it nearly brought her to tears. It was hard to stay strong when she had to face their pain head on. "Wow, tough crowd. I guess you could say…" Frisk knew this wouldn't end because he was stalling. She tried to bottle up everything inside her again as she prepared to do what she had to do.

"SANS!" Frisk shouted getting everyone's attention. "STOP IT!" Sans felt as both his eyes sunk into his head. Frisk tried to tone down the volume of her voice since Sans seemed to respond to her now. "Just stop it… you beat me already… can't you all just be happy? Be happy that you all will be free soon! Be happy that the final soul you need is right here…" She pointed to her chest. "Sans… you especially should be happy since…" Sans abruptly spoke up in a dark tone.

"Don't tell me how I should feel Kid… I broke a promise. I don't make promises often. So when you turned to a dirty trick like this..." Sans felt a warm sensation and looked up to see her soul floating above her chest. Frisk just seemed to smile, clearly hiding her emotions. Toriel and other began to plead for her to not give her soul up.

"Sans, I want you to have this." Frisk held her soul out to Sans. "Please, forgive me and accept this to help monsters be free." Sans looked down and began to force a chuckle.

"Hee…hee…Don't you think you'll need that for when you get out of here?" Frisk stared at him for a moment.

"Sans, we both know that I'm not going to last much longer. Please, spare me the speeches and let my life have one last meaning." She held it out to him but he didn't take it. Instead, she tried to shove it into him by force, but he caught her hand and was careful to not let her soul into him.

"What are you doing, kid?" The dark tone in his voice returned. She just looked down and pushed as hard as she could. It was a tug of war that Sans was winning. Sans finally managed to push her own soul back into her. "Kid, stop being like this and…" She slapped his hand away.

"I want you to spare me. Don't you understand? I give up! Please take my soul and live free!" Sans shook his head. "Why not?!" Sans didn't answer. Frisk began to cough as the yelling was taking a toll on her body. Asgore stepped forward.

"Human." Frisk looked over at Asgore. "I'll accept your sacrifice." A lot of monsters around him, including Toriel, began yelling at him for even suggesting that. However, others stood seemingly indifferent. "I won't let it be in vain," Toriel screamed at him, begging him to tell her why he was doing this. Frisk just stared at him. It was just like him to take every burden on himself like this. However, she really didn't want him to have her soul. She looked down at her chest and then a moment later smiled.

"Thank you Asgore. I guess you understand what I'm trying to do." He nodded. She felt her soul leave her chest again and let it float in the palm of her hand. This was it. It was finally coming to a close. So many emotions rushed over her, but pain and fear outweighed them all. "Just, promise me that you won't hate all humans." Tears began to form in her eyes. "That we aren't all bad. My actions… among others… shouldn't…" Frisk felt the tears betray her desire to keep them in and fell from her face. "Please, just take it…I don't want to feel it anymore." Asgore nodded and reached out to grab it. That moment… Lasted forever for everyone. Sans watched Asgore try to grab Frisk's soul. It was slow motion and he watched as it inched closer and closer. Asgore's fingertip was almost at it when…

"Sorry, kid…" Sans' eye lit up and he flung Asgore and everyone close to the bed back towards the wall.

"NO!" Before anyone could react, Sans erected a bone barrier around them to ensure no one would interfere. Sans couldn't help but feel a little unnerved by her scream. It wasn't a demanding scream; it was a scream of a heart filled pain. "Then, you take it then Sans…" She held it out to him but he refused. She gritted her teeth. "Give me this at least! Even if you hate me…Give me this…" Sans tried to not let it get to him.

"Kid, why are you so eager to die?" Sans questioned. Frisk just ignored his question.

"Just take it and…" Sans let his arm reach out slightly as if to accept but far enough that she couldn't hit him.

"I'll take it if you tell me the truth. Why do you want to die?" Frisk saw his eye glow bright meaning he was determined. She felt the pang in her chest and didn't know if that was her heart hurting from her injuries or emotional hurt. No matter what it was, it didn't matter now. It was the end game. The final countdown.

"I don't want to suffer anymore knowing I couldn't make a difference…" Frisk couldn't stop the tears from falling down her face again. "I've died so many times knowing there wasn't anything I could do to help you guys. The pain… it's unbearable…I don't want to suffer anymore… I don't want to live anymore knowing I'll just get reset… That I'll just have to watch my friends die over and over in front of me. I can't stand it anymore…" Frisk wrapped her arms around her chest. "It hurts…" She began to shake. "It hurts so much…" Sans went to reach out to her when Frisk began to cry hysterically. "Why…Why can't it just be a happy ending? Why can't I just … just…" She started breathing heavy as she could barely breathe with her nose clogged and her eyes dumping tears down her face. The machine beside her began to beep, indicating a problem. "Just let me die!" She felt a pain across her cheek as she saw Sans' hand leave her face.

"Kid…" She growled and turned to him.

"What the hell, Sans?" Sans eye began to glow and she was lifted off the bed and thrown against the wall. Sans ripped off the beeping machine's sensors and heard the flat tone that computer made. Sans and Frisk could hear the screams of the monsters outside ordering him to stop this and take down the barrier.

"You want to die so bad buddy? I'd be happy to help you out. You see, I'm in a lot of pain too." Sans let the tears roll down his eyes. "You see, here I've already tried to do the right thing, no matter how much it hurt me. If the right thing is to let you die… then I'll do that." Sans could feel the monsters beginning to try and break down his bone barrier. "Just answer me a few questions before I do that." Sans pulled Frisk close to his face. "Am I dead to you? Or just another Sans? Just another timeline?" Frisk growled.

"What the hell does…"

"SHUT UP AND ANSWER ME." Sans' eye demanded. Frisk felt her sins on her back. She wanted so bad to tell him everything but… no, he deserved the truth. Frisk let her head drop as she felt the pain her body began to increase. She had to tell him.

"No." Sans' eye softened slightly. "No matter how many times I reset, it's like seeing you again. I know you don't remember who I am or what we did but I do." Sans smiled.

"Then what would I do when I saw a friend who was about to die?" Frisk looked down.

Run Frisk! Go! Hurry!

I'm just laying down kid. I'll be fine. Just leave these tired bones here…

I'll protect you kid.

We are friends, aren't we? Then let me be your friend and help you.

Frisk could hear them as if they were all staring at her right now. It wasn't them who changed, it was her.

"So here's an idea. If you still want to die, then I'll kill you myself right now." Sans let his eye soften even more as he gently put her down on the ground. "Or you can promise me that you will never want to die again, and we can fight this together." Frisk stared at the tubes coming out of her body and then looked up at Sans. "So, tell me, kid… what kind of time do you want to have?" Frisk felt dizzy but knew the answer she wanted to say. Was it okay to feel this way? Was it okay to want her friends? She tried to stand up but felt the world around her spin. Sans rushed and caught her and held her in his arms. She stared up at him and grabbed his jacket.

"I just want a good ending. I want to be with you all." Sans tried not to show any emotions.

"And…?" Frisk felt the tears drip from both their eyes.

"I don't want to die…" Sans smiled and wrapped her in a hug.

"Good choice, kid. I know it must have been hard to make this choice; to go back on everything you've worked up to. I want you to know, I won't let it go to waste." The bone wall fell, but neither Sans nor Frisk could be found. They were gone. There was no trace of them anywhere in Alyphs' lab. The monsters searched all over the underground but no one could find heads or tails of them. Suddenly, the monster underworld felt the breaking of the barrier to the surface. They immediately knew that Frisk had to have been used with the other souls to destroy it. Despite their attempt to get to the site as fast as they could, neither Frisk nor Sans were there. Instead, blood stains littered the ground around were the barrier stood, and all the way out of the underground.