Chapter 1: They meet, they fall in love and peak

WARNING: Sexual content and references are in this story. This will serve as your only warning if you don't like stories with this in it.

Naruto was running as fast as he could through the trees after a distant figure that had been eluding him for so long. The figure then ran into a cave where it looked back at the approaching Naruto and smiled. It then proceeded to walk into the cave to be stopped by him.

"Who are you?" Naruto demanded keeping a kunai in a defensive stance. Naruto moved slightly to allow some light to shine in which lit a lean naked woman with long streams of amber as hair, her pale skin shamed goddesses of every religion. He followed her curves, curves that made it seem like you could follow them forever and still become lost. The women turned to the speechless Naruto who was trying to not fall for her body which was so hard to do as he felt a tightening in his pants. 'Damn it not now!' Naruto mentally slapped himself as the women moved closer to him, putting more light on her body. Her breasts and skin gleamed in the light as Naruto tried to not give into his raging hormones and hard on. Naruto gripped the knife harder. It was a foreign event for him, for so long he never saw women like as a source of sexual fantasy. He knew other males did, however he never had the same feelings as them. The strong, intense urges. He wasn't permitted to finish his thoughts as the women spoke in a soft and angelic voice.

"Who am I?" The women retorted. "I am the women of your dreams Naru-kun and it's almost time." Naruto wanted to ask her what but she let her hands caress Naruto who couldn't move as he tried to pull himself together to resist. She was a medusa, turning his body into stone. "I have seen the rise and fall of empires." Her touch made him loose his breath as it became almost an unbearable pain to resist. "I have seen what most humans cannot and you Naru-kun are very special to me." Naruto wanted to give up so badly into his desire, to indulge his appetite. The woman circled him trailing her fingers across his body as if her touch were tying him up. Naruto felt strong pleasure senses he had long since forgotten spring into play as the women reached his front again. Naruto forced himself with everything he could spare to speak again.

"Who are you?" He grunted feeling more pain then he could imagine trying not to act on the girl who had kept her eyes closed the entire time. She smiled lovingly at him before pressing her body against his. Her hard nipples pressing into his rib cage causing his hard on to become unbearably hard.

"Who am I?" The women once again repeated this time placing both her hand on his cheek and pulling his lips close to hers. "I am the only living thing" Her breath made his lips doubt itself as he body become unresponsive to his thoughts. "that wishes nothing more than to see you happy." Her eyes opened reveling two sliced glowing red eyes. Her lips locked with his as Naruto felt extreme bliss richly flooding his body. A whimper, a last sign of defiance, had emerged from his lips. She parted lips to find him still trying to resist but his will was nearly broken. "and very soon my pet." She whispered as she gently pushed his body into the cave wall which startled him cause him to look at it then looking back to find her less than two centimeters away from his lips again. His body melted as it slid slowly to the floor as he looked up to see all of her body. He didn't concentrate on her body as much as her eyes. She laid down on top of him with her womanhood over his hard on as if they were about to make love. "I will be free to do so." She said slamming down over him cause him to groan in immense pleasure and waking up from the blissful nightmare. He awoke to find Sakura already at his bedside hospital bed. His friends, including Sakura, wanted him to stay under the watch of doctors after he started getting molested and invaded in his dreams by this woman. They feared for his mental health and wanted to make sure he was in good hands. Naruto begged them to not tell Tsunade because she was the closest thing to family he had and didn't want her to think he was crazy. He made them all swear in blood that they wouldn't and they agreed if he would stay at the hospital for observation. Sakura turned her head away and Naruto looked up sweating and near tears wondering why she wasn't looking at him.

"Why are you turning away?" Naruto asked with his breath giving a hard impression of fear with hints of relief it was over. Sakura pointed to the covers on his bed.

"Listen Naruto-kun, I know you are going through a really rough time right now and I'm trying all I can but I can't stand to look at you like this and that." On the word 'that' Naruto looked down to see he had morning 'wood.' He closed his legs on it trying to hide it.

"I'm sorry about all this Sakura-chan. I know you are trying to care for me and…" Naruto felt a presence against his back as he could swear he felt two arms cross around his neck and meeting at his chest. His eyes went wide as he felt a familiar feeling breasts press against his back. He swore he could feel movement towards his ear as his face lit up with fear.

"Soon my pet, you will be mine." Naruto's body started shaking uncontrollably as Sakura quickly turned back to see her friend going into shock. Sakura shouted out into the hall for medicine as she tried to calm him down.

"Please Naruto-kun you have to calm down!" Sakura begged him as her words fell on deaf ears. Naruto's eyes turned to his shoulder as if something was there but nothing was. Sakura couldn't sense anything on her chakra scans there but it was almost as if she could tell something was there by the way Naruto was looking at it. Naruto's eyes trembled with fear was he would almost see her face in real life this time. He started to think he saw a smile go across her face as her hands went south to his stomach where they stopped.

"Please don't fear me, I only wish to make you happy." The voice whispered in his ear. Naruto's body continued to shake.

"How… How can I be?" Naruto cried trying to hold back tears. "You are haunting me!" He screamed as he felt the presence subside, but he would still feel her. It was as if she was still gripping him on his stomach.

"Naruto snap out of it!" Sakura cried as well slapping him hard across the face which woke him up somewhat. Naruto remembered where he was.

"I'm sorry Sakura-chan." Naruto saw how scared Sakura was. He cared for his friends more than himself because it was his ticket out of the darkness. He felt a warm feeling in his stomach which soothed him. However, when he felt his stomach he could feel the warmth which confused him. He kept the covers over his waist and below but took off his hospital gown to notice the seal mark was glowing a bloody red glow. Naruto's conscious mind refused to see the connection. Naruto quickly grab his boxers and pants on the chair next to the bed and ran off leaving Sakura screaming his name and trying to keep up after him but he was too fast running towards the hokage's tower. Shizune saw Naruto running towards the office and prepared to greet him. Shizune could only watch as Naruto rushed past her and didn't say hi.

"Naruto-kun you can't go in there!" Shizune pleaded as Naruto ran up the stairs and to the Hokage's door before barreling through it.

(Moments before)

"Then you understand this is an Double S ranked mission then and no one including…" Naruto barreled through the door. Tsunade and Kakashi both turned to see Naruto sweating and his eyes trembling. Kakashi was there and understood why he was but Tsunade didn't. "You little brat!" Tsunade said dashing towards Naruto with immeasurable fear. Kakashi blocked the attack from Tsunade who looked at Kakashi with a strange look. Kakashi knew how to be very serious and Tsunade couldn't understand why Kakashi was being this serious about defending Naruto. "What is the meaning of this?" Tsunade demanded. Kakashi released the punch and kneeled down facing Naruto.

"Was it her again?" Kakashi asked placing his hands on Naruto's shoulders. Naruto nodded while Kakashi examined him. Tsunade cleared her throat and wanted to hit someone for being completely left out of the conversation.

"Mind telling me what is going on?" Tsunade said just now realizing how much fear in Naruto's eye there was. Tsunade never saw too much fear in Naruto's bright blue eyes before. The only times she's seen it was when he was about to lose someone precious to him. She calmed herself down giving her body the image of Naruto in fear which surprised and was unusual for him. It scared her for two reasons, one of course because whatever could scare Naruto was probably powerful or Sakura. Two, because she didn't have experience calming down Naruto from this traumatized state. She emerged from her thoughts when Naruto's entire body stiffened and Naruto's eyes grew wide. Kakashi only noticed he was like this after he awoke from one of those dreams.

"Baa-chan, I've been having nightmares lately." Naruto began trying to sit it out before she would come back. Tsunade's eye brow twitch as her anger built because she was interrupted for a nightmare. "This girl in my dreams keeps… assaulting me." Naruto hesitated to say sexual to someone as close to him as Tsunade. That didn't stop Tsunade from picking up the subtle hint that he left something out.

"So, she sexually assaults you in your sleep?" Naruto blushed with embarrassment.

"Hai." He no longer looking into Tsunade's eyes. Tsunade knew this was no normal nightmare, there had to be an underlying cause that he also wasn't telling her. She couldn't just come out and say were you raped or sexually assaulted to the young man. He embarrassed about saying sex in front of her. There was a long silence between the three as all of them thought about how to proceed. Naruto was the first to shatter the silence. "That's not why I came here though. I came to ask you if all you told me about the Kyuubi no Kitsune seal is everything there is to know." Naruto said still turned away. Tsunade wondered what the connection was.

"Naruto-kun the seal that imprisons the Kyuubi could never be permanent and would eventually fail, releasing the Kyuubi no Kitsune with some harm to you but thankfully not death. We never really knew exactly when it would happen. We thought it would happen around when you were sixteen but you seemed to keep the seal strong." Naruto absorbed the words one by one. It seemed like all along he knew. Tsunade's mind then began to wonder why he would ask that specific question. Then a spark of a thought appeared. "Is he doing this to you?" Tsunade tried to asked watching Naruto bite his lip and close his eyes. Tsunade had her answer. Now what? The most powerful demon known is sexually assaulting an 18 year old young man in his dreams. "What is he telling you?" Tsunade demanded provoking no response. "You wanted my advice, now spill it." Naruto's lip now began to bleed as Naruto didn't want to recall what she said.

"She told me…" Naruto said only trying to think of the words. Tsunade was surprised at the word 'she.' Tsunade had always figured the Kyuubi no Kitsune to be male. "she would be getting out soon." Naruto finished before quickly caging the memory. Tsunade's head dropped towards the floor as she went through every possible thought in her head.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me this sooner!" Tsunade demanded. "I could have helped you in some way!"

"I didn't want you to see me like this." Kakashi thought it'd be best for her to know the other half of the reason now that the words both raged around the room and in the three peoples' minds.

"He also didn't think you would believe him." Naruto shot a 'shut up' glance at Kakashi who quickly got the message but maintained his composure.

"What do you mean wouldn't believe him?" She asked before Naruto's face told why. "You thought I would think you were crazy or something?" Naruto couldn't stand anymore and tried to stand up to walk out of the door. "Or is it because you don't trust me? WHICH IS IT?" She demanded putting her fist through the wall next to Naruto's head. Naruto didn't flinch at the punch but at the truth. Before he could respond he felt a presence around him again. The seal began to glow which caught everyone's attention. Naruto felt a hand on his shoulder which caused him to jump in terror. Kakashi's hand quickly retreated. Naruto realized just who it was that touched him and calmed down slightly but was still in high alert. He could still feel deep warmth in his stomach which caused him to think the worst.

"It's time Naru-kun!" A voice inside his head cheerfully shouted. Naruto pushed away from Kakashi and Tsunade and started running but didn't get far before both of them stopped him. Before they could ask Naruto tried to run again but fell to his knees feeling the burning intensify. A sudden flare through his stomach ended the cycle as a single spark emerged from his chest, landing on the ground. The spark created a roaring inferno, that threatened to consume everything around it. Naruto tried to avoid it but was kept on his knees from the vomiting that followed the seal being broken. Once the inferno died down, the Kyuubi stood in lving color before them. Kakashi thought about what Naruto told him about her. She had hair strands in perfect amber color that made her hair look like an uncontrollable wild fire when blown. The (human) skin flawless in design. She was naked but her eyes still closed as she turned to the group in a mix of fear and bravery. She opened her eye lids showing off her two red sliced eyes making both Kakashi and Tsuande go defensive. As her eyes shot open a gust of wind blew throughout the halls. As the sudden force ended they watcher as the Kyuubi walked over to Naruto who was in a mix of fear and pain. In place of his seal mark, he now had a huge burn mark. His usual skin now blackened by the exiting of the Kyuubi. She smiled as one of her chakra tails emerged from her lower back. Her one tail slowly made its way over to Naruto who started tearing trying to hold back as the chakra tail scooped gently the tears rolling down his face. He saw the Kyuubi kneel in front of him and wipe the rest of his tears with her human hands. "I've always been there for you Naru-kun and I always will be." She said sweetly, caressing his cheek. "And anything you want, tell me and I will do anything in my power to make it happen." She said stroking his facial features. Naruto felt a small spark suddenly jolt from his heart. Hesitant and skeptical, he spoke.

"So it really was you?" Naruto asked. Kyuubi kissed his cheek and nodded. He felt his thoughts betray him. "Anything?"

"Anything Naru-kun." Naruto was embarrassed to say the next words coming out from his mouth but at the same time it was something he always wanted, what his heart truly desired without biased outside influence. It was something his body craved and his soul needed.

"I want you to…" Naruto paused and felt the skeptical thoughts reenter his mind. Now, both Tsunade and Kakashi could hear Naruto but not Kyuubi. Kyuubi placed her palm over his forehead and channeled chakra into his mind to read his thoughts. Tsunade and Kakashi both didn't know what she was doing but channeling chakra straight into Naruto's brain could do anything to him, including re-wire his thinking. Kyuubi closed her eyes and saw the thoughts swimming in his mind and found the one thing he truly desired more than anything and pulled her palm away. Naruto didn't feel any different but a quick self check couldn't hurt. Kyuubi wrapped him in a hug and whispered in a very light tone.

("No one would listen" is the song here.)

"I'll love you Naru-kun. I've been there too." The statement making Naruto's eyes swell up with tears. Kakashi and Tsunade didn't know what she was saying to him but they've never seen Naruto cry like this before which made them think she was hurting him in some way.

No one would listen
No one but her
Heard as the outcast hears.

"I know it's all you ever want. You want someone to hold you and tell you they love you." She continued to speak to him without alerting Kakashi and Tsunade about what they were speaking about. "I'll be your date tonight and every night." Kyuubi said feeling Naruto wrap her in a hug and crying into her back.

"I just want… everyone to be happy so much I…" Naruto said trying to hold back tears.

Shamed into solitude
Shunned by the multitude
I learned to listen
In my dark, my heart heard music.

"I know Naru-kun, you take the burden for yourself which takes so much out of you. To make everyone happy is rewarding to you but at the end of the day you yourself have no one to turn to and say those things to you." Kyuubi rubbed his back trying to calm him down. "As I said before Naru-kun I'll always be with you." She said feeling him continue to cry into her back. Tsunade and Kakashi watched for what seemed like hours of Naruto crying into the Kyuubi's back.

I longed to teach the world
Rise up and reach the world
No one would listen
I alone could hear the music

After he had no tears left to cry over, she helped him to his feet and once again caressed his cheek. "Are you sure you're ok?" Kyuubi whispered to him. Naruto wiped stale tears from his eyes and nodded. Kyuubi turned back to the two onlookers who regained defensive positions. "You really think this is the time or place to be doing that?" She said turning back around and wrapping him into another hug.

"Alright I've seen enough Kitsune!" Tsunade demanded not being able to hold back any longer. Kyuubi was manipulating him, Tsunade's worst fear, she was sure of. "Just what are you playing you harpy?" Kyuubi ignored the question and continued to care for her Naruto. "Don't listen to what she says Naruto-kun, she doesn't love you!" Kyuubi's eye shot open her face and eyes became fires, whose fires burned the cheek of Tsunade. She gently laid down Naruto who was wondering what the Kyuubi was doing.

Then at last, a voice in the gloom
Seemed to cry "I hear you;
I hear your fears,
Your torment and your tears."

"Don't hurt her, please!" Naruto begged now being able to see just how much Killer Intent (From now on known as KI) was beaming from her eyes alone. Kyuubi, once Naruto was safely out of harm's way, sprinted forward and grabbed Tsunade by the collar of her shirt and lifting her up in the air. "Don't hurt her!" Naruto again pleaded. Kyuubi looked back at Naruto with his blue eyes not wanting to see Tsunade hurt. So be it. Kyuubi looked back at Tsunade who wasn't taking being held up like a ragdoll very well.

She saw my loneliness
Shared in my emptiness

"You may call me whatever you want, but if you have the nerve to ever question my loyalty or love to Naru-kun again and I swear I'll do more then just treat you like a ragdoll!" Kyuubi said gently placing Tsunade back on the ground and let her go. Kakashi made his move and went for a strike with a kunai which made impact with her neck. Blood leaked out of her neck.

"NO!" Naruto screamed reaching towards the Kyuubi. Naruto wanted to move but was halted by her voice.

No one would listen
No one but her
Heard as the outcast hears

"Stay put Naru-kun. I'll be done shortly." She said making Naruto regain his position. Kyuubi grabbed Kakashi's kunai and started overpowering him to pull the kunai out. The Kyuubi's wounds closed with no scars or marks on her precious skin. "Did you hear everything I said to her?" Kyuubi asked Kakashi. At first he didn't respond but felt her chakra surge at the silence.

"Yeah what about it?" Kakashi had been overpowered and felt his chakra being siphoned so he couldn't escape.

"Same rules apply to you." Kyuubi said throwing the kunai aside and walking back to Naruto. Kakashi and Tsunade could believe that the powerful Kyuubi no Kitsune had fallen for Naruto. It made no sense unless she was going to use him in some way. Tsunade and Kakashi couldn't just let her use Naruto like that. Kyuubi offered her hand to Naruto who gladly accepted. Kyuubi and Naruto were about to leave the room when Tsunade stopped them.

"Like hell I'm going to sit back and watch you get hurt by this demon!" Kyuubi growled but Naruto stood up for her.

"Does me being truly happy mean nothing to you two? I don't care if she breaks my heart…" Naruto started with his eyes watering but not crying. "I've asked countless women on dates with me and every time I've been rejected or stood up. Why is it that when I finally meet someone you two are trying to stop me!" Tsunade's and Kakashi's hearts sunk. Naruto fell to his knees crying with no tears. "Am I really destined to be alone?" A growled emerged from the Kitsune's throat.

"Naruto-kun, it's not that we are trying to stop you from loving someone, we just don't want to see her hurt you." Tsunade's half truth penetrated his mind but didn't stick. "We don't think you know what you're getting into with her. She's a monster who doesn't care for you!" Kyuubi growled and readied herself to bite Tsunade's head off.

"I'm warning you! Say I'm a harpy or whatever you want but stop saying I don't love Naruto!" Kyuubi growled with loads of KI. Tsunade started shaking but putting up the illusion she wasn't scared.

"Baa-chan I know what she is but I don't care! She'll make me happy! She has too!" Naruto said in tears on last time. "Baa-chan…" Naruto said in a calm voice. "if she won't or can't, then I'll… I'll…" Naruto trailed off. Tsunade got the point.

"Naruto-kun, I'm just worried she is going to use you for her own goal. Can't you understand how this looks to us? We have a job at protecting the village and a huge threat just emerged. Now the threat is saying she loves you. How can we just trust her? It could be a ploy" Naruto looked at the Kyuubi who was still pissed at Tsunade for thinking she was using him.

"And what possible goal would I achieve from making Naruto mine? I could set your entire village on fire! I don't need him for anything like that!" She turned to Naruto and smiled softly. "I do this because I care about him." Kyuubi resumed her exchange with Tsunade. "Use some intellect for once." Naruto looked back at Tsunade who was sending back the glares that Kyuubi was sending back. A voice, caused the two to break their match.

"Maybe you're right, maybe you're not, but… I don't want to make everyone unhappy at the cost of my own happiness." Naruto said dampening the mood in the room and everyone's eyes was on Naruto who walked in shame to Kyuubi and hugged her before walking out the door without another word.

No one would listen
No one but her
Heard as the outcast hears...

After a moment of silence, Kyuubi turned around and scorned both Kakashi and Tsunade. "Are you happy now?" Kyuubi said chasing after Naruto. Kakashi and Tsunade felt worse than shit. They both also ran after Naruto who was just outside on the ground with Kyuubi over him rubbing his back.

"Why can't I ever have someone?" Naruto planted his face in the dirt.

"It's not your fault Naru-kun." Kyuubi said. Once Kyuubi saw Kakashi and Tsunade walk out of the building she started to growl. "Haven't you two done enough? He's already in pain, or do you two enjoy making him feel like this." Tsuande and Kakashi both slowly shook their heads slowly 'no.'

"We don't want you to be unhappy Naruto-kun it's just that… Kyuubi isn't someone who we would think could make you happy." Tsunade said trying to think of something to cover her own ass. "But we were wrong." Tsunade said walking over to the both of them. Naruto slowly stopped crying and looked over at Tsunade. "I may not like you loving something that is as… infamous as the Kyuubi no Kitsune, but if it makes you happy Naruto, I will support it with a close eye." Tsunade said making sure to directing that last part towards the Kyuubi. "Just hours ago you were afraid of her, now you love her. It makes no sense what you do Naruto-kun." Tsunade started helping Naruto up. "But you've done things that have made no sense before that has been good choices." Kyuubi wrapped her arms around his shoulder and placed a light kiss on his cheek which seemed to rekindle some spark of hope again in his lost and broken heart.

"Thanks baa-chan." Naruto said wiping away some of the tears his cheeks cradled. They were about to walk into town when Tsuande stopped them again.

"I don't think so." Tsunade said very annoyed. Kyuubi started growling again and in a sudden twist of her neck, directed that anger straight at Tsunade.

"Do that all you like but I'm not letting you leave here like that." Tsunade said giving the Kyuubi another look.

"Like what?" Kyuubi looks at the way Naruto and they were holding each other. "Who cares if we are holding each other, I don't care how I…" Tsunade cut her off.

"I mean the fact that you are naked Kyuubi no Kitsune." Tsunade said bluntly. Kyuubi was confused.

"So what's wrong with it?"

"If you notice not one of us is naked, and I'm certainly not going to send you off into town with you naked." Tsunade said nodding at Kakashi who disappeared into a swirl of leaves.

"You do know Bijuu don't wear cloths, right?" Kyuubi plainly stated.

"When you're here you do." Tsuande said pissing off the Kyuubi. Kyuubi scowled and looked at Tsunade with a death glare.

"Are you ordering ME around?" Kyuubi said highly offended.

"When you are here yes." Tsunade said proudly. Kyuubi wanted to start growling but Naruto started talking in her ear.

"Umm Kyuubi-chan?" Naruto started with a huge blush on his face. Kyuubi turned her head to him. "Could you please wear something?" Naruto asked.

"Why?" Kyuubi said with a bit of hurt in her voice.

"It's just that I don't want anyone to say anything bad about you." Naruto said. Kyuubi think she understood. Kyuubi softly turned his head and she put him into a passionate kiss. After they broke the kiss Naruto still had a blush on his face but now could look her in the eye.

"Alright Naru-kun, but only cause you asked me too." Kyuubi said with Kakashi reappearing with cloths in his hands. Kakashi handed Kyuubi the cloths and Kyuubi started trying them on. After finally finding something she remotely liked she held Naruto's hand as she quickly wanted to get to Naruto's apartment so she could get out of those itchy cloths. On their way Naruto begged her to slow down which she did just a little.

"Kyu… I mean…" Naruto couldn't say that he was dating the nine tailed fox in front of the village she attacked 18 years ago now could he? "I think I have to give you a name."

"Well until you think of one let's go back to your place so I can take off some of these clothing. They are starting to agitate my skin." Kyuubi said scratching herself with her feet before she bore her teeth and started lightly nipping her skin. Tsunade, Kakashi and Naruto sweat dropped at the sight of Kyuubi acting like a domesticated dog. Kyuubi caught on to their stares and took her a moment before she realized humans would think that was weird and straightened herself out before grabbing Naruto's hand and pulling him off. The crowd to Naruto's house was awkward as the people of the village were amazed at Naruto's catch knowing not who she was but saw her outstanding figure. Rumors flew around that Naruto had brainwashed her and wasn't long before they were stopped by a large man and a group of men with clubs and various weaponry.

"Don't worry pretty little lady, we'll break this demon's control over you." The man said vulgarly. Before trying to push her aside lightly with his arm with no effect. He tried pushing a little harder with still no effect as if he was trying to push a tree with a toothpick. He tried using both hands as she still wouldn't move.

"You're pretty heavy." The man said pushing with all his might and still not having her budge. Kyuubi's eyebrow started twitching. No matter who you were, you never tell a girl that she's pretty heavy and not expect a response. Kyuubi's response was short lived as the man was thrown clear across the street and continued to move along before the rest of the gang moved in around them. Kyuubi didn't have time for this, the itching of her cloths made her susceptible to immense anger and easy agitation. She was about to attack when Naruto stepped in.

"We'll be leaving now!" Naruto said pulling Kyuubi behind him while jumping up to the roofs and into his bedroom. Naruto sat down on his bed and sighed. When he turned around to Kyuubi she had already taken off her clothes and was once again naked before his face turned red. He stared at her breasts and was about to go lower when he started to get a nose bleed. He then noticed the Kyuubi was watching him. Naruto got a scared look on his face as he placed his arms around his head and apologized. "Sorry Kyuubi-chan for staring! I promise I won't do it again! Please don't hit me!" Naruto said shaking in fear. Kyuubi walked over to him and Naruto prepared for a blow into orbit. He felt a hand on his shoulder and he started to calm down as he lowered his defense he was placed into a passionate kiss. Naruto, after a moment of shock, returned the kiss as Kyuubi pushed his body onto the bed. He was wondering what was going on without breaking the kiss. Kyuubi positioned herself over him as he started realizing what she was doing. She broke the kiss and placed his arms over his head before she violently pulled his short off him and began kissing his chest, still holding his arms over his head. Naruto didn't want to take this relationship this far yet. Naruto started begging her to stop but she started kissing lower and lower until she reached his pant line. She smiled mischievously and pulled down all his clothing so she could have her prize. "PLEASE KYUUBI-CHAN STOP!" Naruto begged with tears flowing down his face. Kyuubi looked at his face with her eyes switching between her prize and the hurt look on his face. "Please don't do this!" He once again begged not wanted to have his former dreams come true. Kyuubi tried restraining herself but couldn't do it alone.

"Naru-kun hit me…" She said weakly. Naruto didn't understand or didn't want to understand. "If you want me to stop hit me." She said a little louder but Naruto was still confused. "HIT ME!" Kyuubi screamed when Naruto pulled one of his hands out of her grip and smacked her across the face. Kyuubi felt her sex lust flush out of her body. Her hair covered her face and Naruto felt horrible about what he just did.

"Gomen! I…I…" Naruto tried to say sensing something. Naruto felt tears hit his chest and now felt really bad but before Naruto could say it Kyuubi said it first.

"Please forgive me I… I'm in heat." Kyuubi said getting off of Naruto. "It makes my sex drive go into overdrive. It lasts awhile and I…I can't control myself sometimes. Especially…" She knew what she was about to say and didn't even want to admit it herself. Naruto on the other hand wanted to know if she was thinking what he think she thought.

"Kyuubi-chan…" Her eyes slid over and looked at him. "Are you in love with me?" Naruto asked with so much hope that she was going to say yes. Kyuubi didn't want to admit it, she was the most powerful demon loving this boy. Kyuubi couldn't hide her feelings that well though.

"I can't control my sex drive especially around the one I love, which is you Naru-kun." Kyuubi felt ashamed but before it could really set in Naruto kissed her on the lips and laid her against the bed. Kyuubi broke the kiss and with an astonished look on her face.

"Say it one more time please…" Naruto said needing to hear it one more time. Kyuubi was less ashamed and more willing to ssay it this time.

"I love you Naru-kun and I always will." Naruto never bothered to pull up his pants as he kissed her and she felt his penis hit the side of her leg in fully erect form. Her lust started flowing into her body again as she broke the kiss and trying to once again restrain herself. "Naru-kun this is turning me on… I'll become like before and take advantage of you if you don't stop." Kyuubi warned as her mind was slowly only starting to think about the warm hard penis on her leg.

"Kyuubi-chan I'm new at this but if you promise to love me forever, I'll let you do whatever you want to me." Naruto said watching the lust in her eye flare.

"I'll give you my lover's mark then."

"Lover's mark?"

"It's a mark I place on my eternal mate as symbol or wedding ring to our eternal love and dedication to each other. This pact can never be broken as long as both shall live and it can only be placed while both mates are in intercourse and while true love exists in both of their hearts for each other." Kyuubi explained feeling her list almost completely taking over her body.

"Then Kyuubi-chan give me your Lover's mark and let us be together forever." Naruto smiled largely at her as her body overflowed with lust, causing her to pounce on top of Naruto and once again assault his chest with kisses. This time Naruto was willing and her kisses filled his body with a strange sensation he had never felt before. It was a deep burning fire never before been lit and her kisses were the kindling. She reached his waist and didn't hesitate to go lower as he felt her start kissing his tender erection. Every kiss was near torture as pleasure was threatening to burst out of his skin at every kiss. He felt pressure build up inside him as he fires began to burn and his sex lust became apparent. Kyuubi watched as her lover moaned and tossed and turned in unbarable pleasure in her work. She crawled on top of him and lowered herself onto him. Her lips slowly stretched and wrapped around Naruto's penis as his virginity was skillfully squeezed as she softly landed on his skin. Naruto arched his back as did Kyuubi as she felt a warm liquid shoot into her. After she felt the warm liquid take it place inside her she looked down at Naruto with less lustful eyes but still hungry for more.

"Can you handle more?" Kyuubi said almost mocking his quickie. Naruto laughed.

"If you don't continue I will." Naruto said with his hands getting ready to flip it over. Kyuubi got the point and continued to slide up and down on top of him and lowered the rest of her body down to his. She used her hips to continue to screw him as her head made its way over to his shoulder. She licked a small area of his shoulder being sure to apply a generous amount. Her body was on autopilot as she felt her walls clamping him. She had to wait for the right time. She was starting to leak on the bed as her contractions became more frequent and pleasureable. Naruto cried out as Kyuubi still had to wait. "KYUUBI-CHAN!" He cried once more slamming the remainder of himself into her causing her to cum. She bite down into his shoulder as Naruto screamed in orgasm. Kyuubi removed her fangs from Naruto and looked down at him. After a few minutes, Naruto caught his breath and looked up at her.

"You are now mine forever Naru-kun." Kyuubi said planting a kiss on his lips. He so enjoyed the kisses she gave him. Kyuubi broke the kiss and smiled down at him.

"Want to go again?" Naruto said.

"I would but I'm tired." Kyuubi said rolling over with her back against the bed... bad idea. Naruto pounced on her. He moved her legs aside and place himself at her entrance.

"Good then I can have some fun now." Naruto said penetrating her. She moaned as he went full length into her. Kyuubi made sounds that Naruto never heard before but arroused him beyond anything he ever heard. He felt her walls begin to shift as Naruto continued to pound into her, making her moan louder and louder as she felt another orgasm coming. Kyuubi never begged before but she wasn't herself at this moment.

"HARDER!" She cried feeling Naruto go harder. Her insides began to use up the last of her endorphins to orgasm as she came loudly. Naruto felt the wave of pleasure as he rammed into her one more time releasing some of his very personality into the void. Naruto rolled off her and felt the bed on his back. He was asleep within seconds. Kyuubi watched as her lover fell asleep next to her and turned over to watch as Naruto began to sleep for the first time she wasn't in his body. She too fell asleep later on and both slept throughout the night. The doorbell rang that morning as Naruto got up and put on some cloths as the doorbell continued to ring.

"I'm coming!" Naruto yelled at the door quickly realizing he could have woken up Kyuubi who was still sleeping. He answered the door with his usual attire. Sakura was at the door and handed him a message.

"What's that smell?" Sakura asked as she sniffed an unusual smell. She was about to sniff Naruto when Naruto sniffed and realized what that smell was... SEX. Naruto started sweating trying to think of a way to get Sakura to leave.

"Thanks Sakura-chan but I have to get ready!" He said trying to get her to leave without putting the door in her face. Sakura looked at him with a 'what's going on' look but figured he's tell her later.

"You're welcome. Tsunade-sama wants you to meet her as soon as your ready then." Sakura said bowing before him and leaving. Naruto sighed and looked down at the letter.

"I really need a shower." Naruto thought placing the letter down on the table and sheading his new cloths on his way to the shower.

(Short time skip)

Naruto walked to Tsuande's office with a more than usual happy smile across his face and also felt like whistling. Once he reached Tsunade's office he met Shizune.

"Good morning Naruto-kun. How are you today?" Shizune didn't notice that his smile was unusually big until his next phrase.

"Good morning Shizune-chan! I'm really great thanks for asking! How are you shizune-chan?" Shizune noticed the way he walked; the way he talked was different. She couldn't put her finger on what it was.

"You seem happier than usual today Naruto-kun." Shizune stated hoping for a response as to why.

"I am, I'd love to stay and chat with you Shizune-chan but I got to go to see baa-chan!" He said walking away. It hit her.

"Naruto-kun doesn't walk to Tsunade-sama's office… New walk, bigger smile… you don't think…" Shizune found out why Naruto was so happy. She was stunned, she never knew Naruto was in a relationship! Naruto approached Tsunade's office and leaned against the wall as he could tell she was in the office with someone.

"Well Kakashi-san, we have to…" Tsunade's eyes wondered over towards the door. "Kakashi you feel it too?"

"Yeh, someone has been sitting outside for the last 15 minutes listening in on the conversation." Kakashi concluded. Normally he wouldn't say things like that but the presence didn't move. Tsunade walked over to the door and slammed it open to find Naruto sitting outside her office.

"Naruto-kun, why are you sitting out here?" Tsunade asked almost relieved it wasn't someone trying to break in. On second thought, why was he just sitting here? Should he have broken down the door 14m 59s ago? Before her thoughts could take her further she heard him say.

"I was waiting for you to finish up with Kakashi-sensei." Naruto said leaning his head against the wall. Tsunade was stunned. Tsunade looked back at Kakashi.

"I want you inside my office now!" Tsunade screamed leaving the door open. "Close it behind you." She stated before he could get up to follow. After he shut the door, "Sit down Naruto-kun, we need to have a talk…" Tsunade said pointing at a seat in front of her desk.

"Can I join on it?" Kyuubi said smiling at Naruto who ran over and hugged her. Kyuubi broke the hug but kept her hands on the sides of his chest. "It wasn't nice to go running off like that Naru-kun." Kyuubi said cutely. Tsunade and Kakashi wondered if this was the same people that walked out of their office yesterday with so much crying and hatred. Kyuubi broke apart for a second to grab a chair in the corner and place it next to Naruto's chair where he promptly sat. Tsunade stood there trying to figure out what went on yesterday after they left that completely changed their moods from bad to the happiest…

"YOU SLEPT WITH HER!" Tsunade shouted which echoed throughout the village. Kakashi fell out of his chair which caused Kyuubi and Naruto to laugh. Naruto was still timid about the subject but with Kyuubi sitting right there smiling at him…

"We did more then that Baa-chan." Naruto said pulling Kyuubi into another kiss. Tsunade's face vaulted. Shizune came running up who ran through the door, nearly smashing it to pieces.

"IT'S TRUE? NARUTO-KUN SLEPT WITH…" Shizune noticed the fiery red haired girl kissing Naruto and her face vaulted. Kakashi regained consciousness.

"What happened we were talking to…" Kakashi saw the sighed and his head fell back knocking him unconscious again. The two smiled at each other and figuring that they were going to be stuck like this for a while got up and left. Naruto noticed she was wearing cloths today without a complaint.

"So what do you want to do?" Naruto asked Kyuubi who thought about it for a moment.

"Why don't you go show me around here today, I've only seen this village 18 years ago and it's changed since then." Kyuubi said.

"I never did name you since we got caught up in other things." Naruto and Kyuubi both smiled at the thought. Naruto dismissed the thought for the time being, they would get back to that later. Naruto thought about a name for her. "How about… Nanami-hime" He stated gaining an approval from Kyuubi with a kiss on the lips which Naruto enjoyed.

"Sounds good to me." They said walking down the streets hand in hand.

"So what do you want to do now?" Naruto said with a smile that made any cold heart melt and become lustrous.

"Well why don't we go grab something to eat Naru-kun." Kyuubi said. It didn't take Naruto less than five seconds to think of a place.

"And I know just the place!" Naruto said pulling Kyuubi into the all too familiar ramen shop.

"Figures you'd take me here, next time I'll pick." Kyuubi said looking over at Naruto who was already ordering. She didn't mind, the only she cared about was that smile of his always staying on his face. She closed her eyes and thought of the next blissful thirty years with the boy, her lover, her best friend, and mate. Indeed, blissful because No One Would Listen But Her.

End. I might do a second chapter. Tell me what you think.