Part 2

After a helping meal, Kyuubi and Naruto began to walk around the village. Not too many people bothered them. If anyone did they would evade them until they got bored or completely lost them running in circles like idiots. Naruto and Kyuubi reached the park which was nice and peaceful right now. Kyuubi and Naruto sat hand in hand at the sun setting on a near flawless day. They laid on their back and watched for nearly an hour as the sun faded from the sky and the stars came out.

"Hey Nanami-chan." Naruto started. Kyuubi looked over to him.

"Yes Naru-kun?" Kyuubi asked not hearing anything else out of him.

"I wanted to know how you came to love me." Naruto asked with his heart. His heart craved love but wanted to be sure it was love and not false love. Kyuubi looked back into the sky.

"What do you think of when you see the night time sky like this?"

"What does this have to do with…"

"Answer me Naru-kun." Kyuubi said still looking up at the sky. Naruto also looked up into the sky.

"I think of an endless dark with millions of bright stars."

"I don't. I see millions of stars brightly shining, bringing light to that which is dark. Without stars there would be no light, and without light there would be only darkness." Kyuubi turned back to Naruto. "Each star is unique and carries it's own amount of light. That star is the closest to us allows us to have a brighter night because of it, no matter where we are. Naru-kun, you are my closest star and have done nothing much teach me to love and respect you because of everything you are. You are very close to my heart and there isn't anything I wouldn't do to be with you. You bring so much joy to all those around you and they are too stupid to realize that someone as special as you exists to make their days and nights happier." Kyuubi explained nearly bringing a tear to Naruto's eye.

"Kyuubi-chan I love you so much. I could never think of anything to say that beautiful to you." Naruto was on the verge of tears.

"I only wish to make you happy Naru-kun. Everyone takes your kind heart for granted. I've seen what they have done to your heart; I've seen why you do things. You care so much more about making everyone happy then your own. When someone as special as you Naru-kun can touch so many people the way you have, it's truly a blessing. I remember that Sakura used to beat you up all the time, and now she's finally realizing what a blessing you really are." Naruto couldn't hold back his tears any longer. Kyuubi wrapped him in a hug. "It's truly sad when humans have people like you brightening their life and treat them as badly as they do. People who bring a smile everywere they go instead of brining pain. It's even sadder to think that some people are completely lost in their darkness that that's all they know, so something like kindness they refuse to try or do again because it hurt." Kyuubi look down at Naruto who was still crying into her shirt. "I love you Naru-kun because I couldn't imagine anyone else who couldn't." Naruto continued to bawl into her shirt. Kyuubi stroked his head. "I'm here for you Naru-kun and I always will be." Kyuubi watched as Naruto's heart let out all the tears it wished it could cry for so long. The tears it held back against all those time it wished it could but tried to stay strong. She watched as Naruto slowly started to calm down and fall asleep crying into her chest. She laid there with her friend and lover continuing to stroke his hair. Kyuubi sat up and carefully placed Naruto's head on the cold ground and looked down at him. She grew one of her tails and picked up Naruto, cradling him in her tail. Naruto's face smiled as he felt a large warmth on his skin. The feeling was all around his body and it was an alien sensation to him but it was tiring and comforting. Kyuubi used a teleportation jutsu as their bodies were engulfed in flames before disappearing. Kyuubi used the jutsu to bring him to his bedroom where she laid him down softly on the messy sheets. Stains dotted the bed and with her acute sense of smell could still smell the sex they had there not that long ago. Her tail still cradled him as she grew more tails from right above her ass. She shead her cloths to allow the tails to grow. She laid down next to him. She positioned herself so she could wrap four tails around her lover, acting as his blanket and support. She wrapped the rest of her tails around herself. Without a hesitant thought present, she kissed Naruto on the lips. Naruto didn't stir as she brought his head into the crevice of her breasts and let him use that as a pillow tonight as she continuously stroke his hair. She nestled her mouth and nose into his hair and fell asleep.

some unknown hours later…

*Bang Bang Bang*

"Naruto-kun I swear if you don't open up this damn door I'm going to break it down and kicking your ass!" Sakura screamed provoking no response. Sakura focused her chakra into her hands and used a quick chakra picklock to gain access into his apartment. Inside there was no one as Sakura stormed inside and looked around for him. She cut the air behind the door as she slashed the door to view his bedroom. "Naruto-kun, you better have a damn good explaintion for…" Sakura saw the naked Kyuubi lying in bed next to him. Sakura covered her mouth as to not wake them but screamed at the sight. Well... what do you know, he did have a good reason. Naruto slept soundly in the breasts of his lifelong partner. Sakura backed up into a figure standing behind her. Before she could turn to scream or find out who it is, the figured placed her hand over Sakura's mouth.

"Sakura-san, you really shouldn't wake him up." Kyuubi said before releasing her mouth. Sakura was about to go defensive when she saw she was the same women still in bed with Naruto.

"Who the hell are you and…" She made a quick reference to the sleeping Naruto in the breasts of the figure still in the bed.

"That's the real me in bed, I'm a shadow clone that she made to watch for pesky intruders like you. They won't wake up until she deems it so." The shadow clone explained. Sakura looked over as the two still weren't awake.

"Then why did you cover my mouth?" Sakura said almost wanting to spit.

"Even though you won't wake them up, it will cause alarm for the surrounding area. After all if you scream, it will alert people who will come and try to wake him up possibly." She explained having a decently good point. Still Sakura wanted to know more. "What else do you want to know?" The clone now wondered.

"A lot of things, first off who are you or should I say, the women in that bed with Naruto?" Sakura demanded throwing another judgmental finger at the two. The clone scoffed.

"His lover." The clone stated causing Sakura to turn back at the two. "Those two are now eternally bound together forever as they embrace." The clone knew that Sakura didn't know yet and wasn't sure to reviel it.

"What the hell does that mean." The clone, an extension of Kyuubi, never did like being bossed around by anyone other than Naruto who never really did it.

"Listen leave before I get angry and do something I regret. The only reason you aren't dead or dieing is because Naru-kun doesn't want any of his friends hurt." Sakura didn't like threats either.

"Then tell me who the hell is that in bed with him?" Sakura once again demanded. Kyuubi felt the other presence she felt awhile ago make it's appearance. Tsunade entered the room and stumbled upon the sight. "Tsunade-sama? What is going on here?"

"Hell if I know, but I want answers!" Tsunade said looking over at the two in bed. "Did they already get at it again?" Tsunade said clenching her fist. "Damn those two. At this rate they'll…" Tsunade stopped at the thought of children. "He'll ruin his life at this age." Tsunade saw Sakura's vein ready to burst out of her head in anger. Tsunade pulled out a small paper and gave it to Sakura who immediately recognized it.

"This is a…" Sakura dumbly pointed out.

"A triple S rank secret compact. Should you ever discuss what I'm about to tell you here today to ANYONE, the punishment is instant death." Tsunade explained scaring the hell out of Sakura. Sakura's trembling eyes gazed upon the two in bed.

"Just who or what the hell is she?" Sakura thought loudly. Tsunade snapped her out of the by snapping her fingers. Sakura quickly signed her name at the bottom in blood and gave it back to Tsunade. Tsunade once again looked upon the two and sighed.

"She's the Kyuubi no Kitsune." The shear name sent a lighting bolt of fear up Sakura's spine. She looked back at the clone who now had slit eyes and an angry expression on her face.

"S-S-S-She's…" Sakura's body lost all control of function and stood paralyzed. Kyuubi walked over to Sakura who felt like she was staring into Orochimaru's eyes again back when she was a genin and was paralyzed with fear. Kyuubi place a hand on her chin as Sakura began to sweat in panic. Kyuubi could read deep into her soul.

"She can't be trusted with this information." The clone stated bringing her exploration of Sakura's emotions to a close. "She'll either have to be admitted as insane or have her lips sealed shut or dead will solve most problems." The word dead got to Sakura as she tried to snap out of it.

"No I swear I'll never say anything." Kyuubi wasn't sure whiether she was telling the truth or was saying it out of fear for self preservation.

"Either way I'll make sure she doesn't tell." Tsuande said holding the piece of paper. The Kyuubi clone scoffed at the idea of holding a human's words on a piece of paper. "But what are they doing was a good question." Kyuubi looked at both of them for a moment before walking to the side of the bed were the two slept.

"Right now both of their souls are bonding in a dream world of their choosing. This dream world sends their bodies into a complete state of suspended animation which is basically being dead but the body will revive itself. Never before have I done this so I do not know what awaits us but as I fell asleep with Naru-kun I felt my soul leave my body along with his and brgan entering this state. I left behind two clones to watch my body and keep out any unwanted intruders. Know this," The Kyuubi said turning back to both of them. "we are safe, we are in a world, a dream were no one will harm us and we live peacefully for the time being until this wears off." The clone walked back to the door way were the two women stood absorbing the information with a delicate pace.

"So they are dead but not dead?" Sakura tried to make sense of it all.

"In a way, yes." The clone simply answered.

"Then shouldn't we try to revive them?" Sakura said wanting to perform her healing on Naruto. The clone growled at Sakura who receive the threat of pissing off the Kyuubi seriously and backed off.

"No one may interrupt the dream. Should you try, not even I will know what will happen. They could die, their souls could be in the wrong body, among other possibilies but those would be the most likely to happen." Sakura backed off in her thinking of reviving him. Suddenly both bodies stirred as they awakened. Naruto was the first to become completely awake and see the three females at the end of the room. Tsunade and Sakura ran over to his side to see if he was alright. Sakura immediately checked his pulse.

"Pulse feels fine." Tsunade streatched open his eye lids to check his pupils. Naruto pulled away from both of them.

"Did you guys omit me in the damn hospital again?" Naruto said rubbing his eyes. He opened them to reveil he was still in his room.

"What the hell happened to you?" Tsunade asked. Naruto's mind was at work putting back together everything that happened. Memories, thoughts, feelings all came flooding into this body and soul.

"Kyuubi-chan and I entered this dream were we couldn't wake up but felt as if our very souls wrapped around each other in a beautiful embrace and caressed one other." Naruto's eye filled up with tears. "I've never felt a better feeling before." Naruto placed his hand over his heart.

"Nor have I." Kyuubi said wrapped a single arm around his neck and across his chest and he felt her body move close to his. Sakura and Tsunade both wanted to punch Naruto. "You know if you want we can…" She started whispering in his ear. Naruto smiled and turned his head to Kyuubi. Kyuubi, without warning, placed a kiss on Naruto's neck giving his neck a little tongue and suck. Naruto felt a burning sensation in his neck from the lover's mark. The mark began to glow as Kyuubi's lust began to grow. Sakura and Tsunade began to get pissed off that they were about to do this in front of them. Naruto realized that Sakura and Tsunade were getting pissed off and got out of bed, still fully clothed from the other day.

"Sorry Sakura-chan, baa-chan." He said trying to calm them down. He looked over to Kyuubi who was disappointed her lust couldn't be fulfilled this moment. She got out of bed naked and walked over to the both of them. Sakura wasn't sure to be pissed off that Kyuubi was naked or because she's a demon sleeping with Naruto. After a few more thoughts she thought maybe she was naked because she doesn't wear cloths because her kind doesn't wear cloths. After that thought passed she came to terms with her appearance but it still bothered her.

"So what do you two want?" She said with just a hint of frustration. Before they could answer Naruto spoke.

"Kyuubi-chan, shouldn't you put on some cloths around our guests?" Kyuubi may love Naruto but cloths weren't her favorite attire. She sighed and walked over to Naruto's dresser picking out a orange and red t-shirt with a pair of orange pants Naruto usually wears. The t-shirt did nothing to cover her breasts and nipples but like she cared.

"A little more please?" Tsunade said trying to be nice. Kyuubi's eye began to twitch and she was just about to go feral on both of them when Naruto stopped them. Naruto wrapped his arms around Kyuubi's neck and nuzzled his face against hers.

"Come on baa-chan, she looks cute in my cloths." Kyuubi smiled and enjoyed the complement and turned around and kissed him on his lips, away from the gazes of the two women in the doorway. The Kyuubi clone ran over to the both of them and began kissing Naruto as well, wherever she could. Tsunade cleared her throat trying to get their attention, like that would stop these hungry prowling Kyuubi(es? s?) from their pray. Tsunade decided it best to just confront them.

"Ok enough both of you!" Tsunade screamed breaking the three apart for a moment. "What the hell is wrong with you Kyuubi your acting like a dog in heat…"Tsunade never thought of it before because she was a demon but… "Are you in heat? Do you have something like a heat cycle?" Sakura grew wide eyed at the thought of the most powerful demon known to human existence had a cycle of sexual lust. Kyuubi turned to the two and addressed them.

"Yes I am Now if you wouldn't mind, I'm going to take Naru-kun, throw him on the bed and…" Tsunade could hear anymore of this.

"Stop right there. I don't need to know the details of how you two… pleasure each other. What I do want to know is how long does your heat cycle last?" Kyuubi thought about it for a moment.

"Hm… Last time I went into heat I locked myself up for 50 years until it passed…" Tsunade froze.

"F-F-Fifty years?!!!" Tsunade exclaimed. Naruto nearly fainted.

"I don't know I've never been satisfied in my heat before like Naru-kun has been doing." She said giving a nearly out cold Naruto a smile. "At this rate though, Naru-kun will pleasure me more than needed by the end of the week." She turned back to Tsunade who was getting pissed at hearing all this talk of sex.

"Naruto-kun, do you even know why Kyuubi is in heat?" Tsunade said looking over at Naruto who was still recovering the words fifty years.

"I don't know, to make me really really happy?" Naruto said thinking of her heat has done to him.

"It means she is at her most fertile."

"What do plants have to do with this?" Sakura's head volted to the floor as did Tsunade's. Kyuubi laughed at Naruto's comment. "I'm guessing that wrong?" Kyuubi approached him.

"The reason for my going into heat is because right now, my body is wanting to get pregnant." Kyuubi said rubbing her belly.

"So you mean that this 'heat' cycle is to make us have children?" Kyuubi smiled.

"Yes it does. It also means you can do anything you want to me." Kyuubi said almost too happily. Kyuubi disappeared in flames and reappeared behind him and began sucking on his neck again. He moaned loudly, something Tsunade and Sakura never heard him made before. The mark began to glow as Naruto's body was slowly flushed of all emotions other then lust. Kyuubi broke the hold and placed her chin on his shoulder. Sakura and Tsunade wasn't sure what was going on but they were sure it couldn't be good. "Doesn't that sound good Naru-kun?" Naruto's will to not take Kyuubi in front of Tsunade and Sakura was starting to lose the fight.

"What did you do to him?" Tsunade demanded.

"I've done nothing he hasn't wanted." Kyuubi said never looking away from Naruto.

"He doesn't want to do that right now."

"How would you know what my Naru-kun wants?" Kyuubi said placing a kiss on Naruto's cheek.

"You're right, but I'm sure as hell pumping his body full of sex hormones doesn't make him think like himself." Tsunade said pointing to the mark.

"What makes you think that maybe he just isn't lusting for me?"Kyuubi said looking over at Naruto who still had a little fight left in him.

"He doesn't want to do this and you are hurting him trying to make him do this!" Sakura said looking at Naruto struggle with his lust. Kyuubi froze as she felt her inner self start to regain control. Kyuubi lowered her head. After a few seconds, watter droplets hit Naruto's floor under the Kyuubi. Kyuubi placed a hand over his shoulder and the lust subsided within him. Naruto started panting.

"Forgive me Naru-kun." Kyuubi said, still water droplets falling. Sakura and Tsunade both saw them. "My heat makes me do horrible things sometimes, I…" Kyuubi looked up so Naruto could see the tears streaming down her face and hitting his floor. "I would never do anything to hurt you." Kyuubi turned to Tsunade. "We may not be friends but I need to ask you a favor." Tsunade didn't like were this was going. "I need you to lock me up in that special cell of yours that drains chakra." Tsunade's eye lit up and quickly hoped no one heard that. "I don't know how much longer I can last. I can already feel my lust returning and my grip on myself fading. If no one does anything I'll wind up hurting Naru-kun and maybe someone around him. He's too important to me to let that happen!" Kyuubi said. "I'll loose control of myself and possibly screw him over and over until Naruto's mind shatters along with his pelvic bones. I'd rather die then finally come back to that sight!" Kyuubi gripped her shoulder and lunged her nails into her shoulder causeing blood to stream out. "I have one weakness no one knows about…" Kyuubi started talking. "My skin is tougher then any steel you guys can make, so your weapons are useless. Behind my lest ear is a weak point, it hurts like hell if you put enough pressure on it. Use it to back me off when I…" Kyuubi lunged her nails deeper into her shoulder. Kyuubi took her hand out of her shoulder and grabbed Tsunade. "Throw me in there! If I hurt Naru-kun then I'll…" Kyuubi's breath became labored as she felt the heat return to her groin. Kyuubi fell to her knees. Tsunade didn't have time for paper signatures and such.

"Hurry, Naruto-kun, pick her up and bring her with you and follow me. Can you make it?" Tsunade said placing a hand over her already healed shoulder.

"If you hurry." Kyuubi's arm was lifted up by Naruto and Sakura. They carried her like a wounded ninja as they took off out Naruto's window. They took the most grueling pace they could to keep up with Tsunade. They were nearly there as Kyuubi spoke to Naruto. "I'm so sorry Naru-kun." Kyuubi said more tears falling from her eyes. Naruto looked over to Kyuubi.

"It's alright Kyuubi-chan we are almost thermmmmh…" Naruto was stopped as Kyuubi planted a harsh kiss over his lips. Naruto tried to break it but stumbled and lost control of his footing. All three stumbled downwards into an alleyway next to the target passage to the room. Naruto landed back against the wall while Sakura landed on her butt and made a small 'owch.' Naruto was soon greeted as Kyuubi's lips greeted him once again as she forced Naruto's body to stay pressed against the wall. Naruto tried to break it but felt her nearly crush his body. Naruto felt her hand touch his stomach and opened his eyes to see the lust in her eyes once again swell. She started to lower her hand down his stomach slowly as to tease him. Naruto tried to cry for help but heard only himself muffle into her mouth.

"Get off him!" Sakura screamed throwing her chakra xxxjinfused punch at her. Kyuubi moved her eye to see Sakura charging her. A tail shot out of her lower back and caught the punch. Sakura tried harder but with no change. Kyuubi threw Sakura backwards into a nearby wall. Naruto found the distraction useful as she lissened her grip for a few seconds to catch the punch and quickly substituted himself to get away. Naruto panted as his lungs enjoyed the long awaited arrival of air. Naruto felt his clone disappear and tried to hide his presence. He felt a burning in his shoulder and realized that he could feel the Kyuubi and obviously she could feel him as she turned and looked at him. He decided this wasn't going to work and decided to run towards the chamber that Tsunade had tried to go ahead of them and prep. Naruto ran as fast as he could to the gate and past it to almost a cave like entrance into the side of the hokage mountain. He could see up ahead a light and looked back to still see nothing. 'Did I lose her?' Naruto thought no longer being able to feel her anymore. He ran into the light and turned around to be meted with a pair of lips on his. Arms wrapped tight around him and one arm squeezed his butt. Kyuubi broke the kiss as she pushed him into the side of a large igloo like dome which was the chamber in which the Kyuubi was suppose to go. Before Naruto could react to being knocked into the hard structure Kyuubi once again used her body to sandwich Naruto. Her breath was heavy and thick as she planted another kiss onto Naruto. Naruto felt her tongue invade his mouth and soon after, his throat. Kyuubi parted lips and licked her lips.

"You have been such a bad boy Naru-kun, yet I am willing to forgive you." Kyuubi looked over to the hard cold object and nearly growled at it. "That device would hurt me Naru-kun. MY entire body requires chakra and is nearly all but functioned of it. That device sucks my chakra dry and leaves me nothing but gasps of breath and a weak frail human form that I couldn't even crawl with. Do you want that?" Naruto looked away. "Do you want to see me in pain as my body is stripped of everything?" Kyuubi lowered her eye on the boy. "Or can you end my lusting sex cycle right here and now? If you do we can be together for a very long time. We could even get married in human terms if you want so that everyone knows. But if I go into that chamber Naru-kun, I won't get out until 50 years later. By then, you will have probably found someone else…" Her eyes lowered to the floor. "Can you do it naru-kun? Can you condemn me to 50 years of pain and fragility ,and exile to a woman who loves and cherishes you as much as me? Can you Naru-kun?" Naruto averted his eyes away from her as he thought. "Say yes and I'll walk in there on my own accord right now and you can listen to my screams as my chakra is ripped from my skin. Say no and you condemn yourself for one day as my sexual lust slave. The choice is your Naru-kun." Kyuubi said taking a few steps back. "Now choose." Naruto bit his lip, does he choose to condemn the woman he loves to pain for 50 years to save himself or does he endure the pain for one day and free her from her lust? The choice shoulder be simple and clear. The choice should be good for both of them, not one of them. Naruto can't stand to look at her while he made this decision. He thought about all it ment and all the sacrifice he would have to make if he got her pregnant. He thought about his dreams, his nindo, his very was of life and how it would change in each scenario. After seemingly days of thought of each choice he made his. He looked her straight in the eye and slammed her up against the dome. He pressed his lips are against hers and the choice was made. Her heated lust sprang forward as she kissed him back but he was one step ahead of her. Once she kissed back, his tongue broke her sealed lips and plaid around her mouth. The mark on his shoulder burned white as all he could think about was 'forgive me…' He lowered his hands and quickly inserted a finger inside her heated folds causing her to let out a moan of agreement as she placed her hand down his pants and feeling his still hardening penis. She tried rubbing the bottom of it with no success of making it harder. Her frustration was taken out as she broke her sealed lips and plaid around her mouth. The mark on his shoulder burned white as all he could think about was 'forgive me…' He lowered his hands and quickly inserted a finger inside her heated folds causing her to let out a moan of agreement as she placed her hand down his pants and feeling his still hardening penis. She tried rubbing the bottom of it with no success of making it harder. Her frustration was taken out as she threw him clear across the room and on the floor he slid across his back and finally stopped near perfectly between the wall and dome, plenty of space for what she had in mind. She jumped the distance and landed with her hands on each side of his chest. She tore open his jacket with her claws as she savagely ripped the cloths to pieces. She left his pants on, for now. She ditched whatever clothing she had on before, while on all fours, started sniffing his chest. After she was done a smile crept across her face. She lunged at him and started kissing his neck, with tongue, which caused Naruto's mark to feel like a massive fire was burning his skin to charcoal. Naruto smiled as her lust now started becoming his. She trailed both her arms down his chest and to his pants in an erotic fashion. She purred as she unveiled her now fully hardened prize. With a big sniff of it, she placed herself over him and proceeded to slam down. The impact caused Kyuubi to arch her back as she mewed in pleasure. She lowered her body as she felt a hard on, in between her ass cheeks, that rubbed against her asshole itself. She looked down at the smiling Naruto who thought he had won.

"You're so naughty Naru-kun." She smiled down at his clone. "You don't know that I made this body, and when I made it I heavily lubricated the inside of my ass so you could have the fun you wanted inside of it without hurting me. Joke is on you my pet." She said poking the clone under her in the nose. She then reached around and spread out her ass cheeks so Naruto could have a better view of her tiny tight hole. "So have as much fun as you want, how many women you have tried to date would let you do this?" Naruto panted as he grabbed his penis and tried to jam it into her ass, too small. Kyuubi moaned in a bit of pleasure and pain. The pain cause my a dick forcing its way into her trying to get past the outer barrier. Her ass hole started to slowly stretch as Naruto's lust released itself before he even managed to get it in. Naruto panted as he looked down to see he had come on her asshole just trying to push it in. Naruto used a finger to push some of the substance into her ass hole, feeling it was in fact heavily lubricated as Kyuubi said. Naruto felt a little embarrassed as he came to easily and Kyuubi chuckled at the boy's early orgasm. He tried once more to push it in. This time was successful as he felt the asshole open enough to allow him access causing him to ram it far up her ass. Kyuubi moaned in pleasure as she felt the penis hit her G-spot through her ass. The clone now started pumping as Kyuubi's eye wanted to roll back into her head at the two penises ramming into her g-spot and into, what felt like, her stomach. They felt each other's thrust as they jabbed madly into her. Naruto's lust mark completely took over now that the real fun was underway. Naruto lost all conscious control as his mind passed out. His body and lust now was all that mattered. Kyuubi felt like she was going to have the bigger orgasm then she ever thought possible with all the stimulation. Kyuubi stuck out her tongue and started panting like a dog. Naruto's pelvic region became purple and blue as he continuesly slammed into Kyuubi.7…8…9 tims he came inside her and every time she would have a massive orgasm that Kyuubi thought would kill her. Kyuubi even put her eyes into the back of her head as Naruto went for the final thrust of his tenth. After the lust completely subsided as he released trace amounts of cum, his mind returned as he keeled over and fainted. Kyuubi calmed down as the Naruto clone disappeared and she came to her sences. She now, with no lust inside her, she placed her hand to her aching head.

"What the hell is this feeling from?" Kyuubi said but before another thought entered her mind. "Wait if I'm back to my normal self then…" Kyuubi's conscious mind didn't want to look behind her feeling the cold air hit her now sensitive parts. Her head turned anyway as she saw the two of their cums mixed together in small pools were it overflowed. Kyuubi turned her head more as she saw the unconscious Naruto laying there. Kyuubi's eyes filled up with tears as she cried loudly. "NARU-KUN!!!" She screamed loudly enough that everyone in the leaf village not only heard it, but felt almost a wave of sadness blanket it. All of Naruto's friends didn't know who 'Naru-kun' was but it sounded too similar to Naruto that they came running towards the source. They all arrived too late as they found nothing there except two liquids that none of them wanted to identify. Kyuubi held Naruto close in her arms as she ran into the hospital past the crowds of people and into the front desk.

"Miss mind putting on some cloths?" The nurse said unable to see Naruto's face lodged in her breasts.

"Not now!" She said looking down at Naruto. "He need help now!" She said letting the nurse look him over from her spot behind the counter.

"Put him down and let me take a look at him." She said rushing from behind the counter. Kyuubi laid him down and stayed bent over as the nurse came around and saw his face. She grabbed a towel and threw it over Naruto. Then walked behind the counter. "NEXT!" She screamed signaling for the next person in the line that Kyuubi knocked down.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Kyuubi said putting out her arm to the next person couldn't approach.

"I don't treat demons." The nurse said with a rather vulgar tone. "NEXT!" She said signaling the person Kyuubi was holding back. Kyuubi reached across the table and grabbed the nurse by the bosom of her shirt and lifted her into the air.

"You will treat him or else…" Kyuubi said purposely leaving the blank out as the nurse struggled to get air. Kyuubi released her as the nurse struggled trying to inflate her lungs. Once her lungs the first thing the yelled was.

"SECURITY!" A tall man in a green jump suit appeared.

"What seems to be the problem here?" He said looked at the nurse on the floor and the looking up at the naked Kyuubi. Gai kneeled before Kyuubi and held her hand. "What seems to be the problem here young lady?" Kyuubi didn't have time for games. She pointed her finger towards Naruto.

"This women won't treat Naruto who is…" Kyuubi's facial expression went from mad to sad as she remembered why they were here. "dieing." The nurse regained her composure and walked behind the counter.

"Good, the demon deserves to die." She said coughing. Gai stood up and looked at the nurse.

"While I don't like how the women acted towards you, I think you shoulder treat him." The nurse looked up at him.

"What is it with you people and trying to save him? He's a bloody murder and I refuse to treat him."

"Very well, then page some one who will." Gai stared at her for awhile before calling down a cart. "Thank you."

"I called it down because I was ordered to. Some doctors in the hospital are under the order of the hokage herself to treat him if he comes in. Me? I prefer to let the murder of my sons and family suffer." She said holding a necklace under her nurse's uniform. Gai walked away as a few medical ninja came running down, gently picked up Naruto and wheeled him away. Kyuubi followed after giving the nurse a death glare. Kyuubi followed them all the way up to the ninth floor which they began preparing for surgery.

"How do you know he what he needs?" Kyuubi asked the head med. Nin.

"Tsunade-sama called us and said that if you were to arrive, to prepare him on immediate surgery and await further orders."

"His heart is failing." Kyuubi looked at the floor once more. The surgen then thought for a second.

"How do you know this?"

"Go, do what you can to make sure to save his life." Tsunade said with a hand over the back of her head. The surgen bowed and ran through the doors were Naruto went a few moments before. "What the hell happened back here?" Tsunade demanded.

"Naru-kun agreed to satisfy me instead of putting me in the chamber. During the sex, his heart was beating to fast that it caused itself to nearly completely stop." Tsunade closed her eyes.

"That baka… I'll make sure that we are able to get him back to his old self. If we can't repair him, then I'll make sure he gets a new heart." Tsunade said placing a hand on Kyuubi's shoulders. Tsuande made a smile at Kyuubi which cheered her up a bit but she still didn't feel good about it. "But I'll need you to go on clean up duty with Naruto's friends soon enough. For now though, sit down and wait for us to do our job." Kyuubi felt helpless for the first time in her life. There were two things she couldn't use her chakra to heal, brains and hearts. Those two organs were too complex with electrons and elements she couldn't begin to understand how the heart creates its own electrical pulse. Kyuubi watched as Tsunade walked through the doors and heard them lock. 2 hours….4…6…12…16…21… hours past like days as Kyuubi was deep in thought the entire time beating herself for what she had done. For the first time in her life she loved someone, but in the process of it, nearly kills him. She thought of every possible way to remedy this but found none. The light above the door went off and Tsunade pushed through the doors. Kyuubi jumped up and raced in front of Tsunade who was expecting such a greeting.

"He's stable and you can see him, but you were right." Tsunade lowered her eyes this time. "We couldn't save his heart. Should he remove any of the tubes or rupture anything he will die." Tsunade said looking up at her. Kyuubi wanted to fall to the ground and cry until the dream was over… she was at least hopeing it was. "He's going to live, I'll make sure of it." Tsunade said walking past her. Kyuubi ran in the room to cover her mouth and fall to the floor crying. Naruto was on a slab of a table while his entire chest was open with tubes moving his blood for him being pumped through machines; while more tubes ensured that food was deposited into his stomach, and his body was hydrated. Kyuubi's head hit the floor as she begged for this entire thing to be some sort of sick dream. Naruto was awake and looked over at her.

"Please don't cry Kyuubi-chan!" He begged. She lifted her head up with tears streaming over her face and seemed to put out the flames that her hair once burned with as they lay stuck to her face with the tears she cried.

"Naru-kun, why did you choose this over just putting me inside that damn chamber?" Kyuubi begged back. "WHY!?

"In your heat, you gave me a choice to wiether or not to do what I did. You asked me if I could condemn you to 50 years of having your chakra drained and you in pain."

"Then why the hell didn't you choose to throw me into that damn chamber?" Kyuubi begged, now screaming at him.

"Kyuubi-chan, I love you and everyone too much to condemn any of you to even 1 second of pain." Kyuubi's eyes widened. "I love you too much to let you suffer at all." Kyuubi gripped her imaginary heart with both her hands.

"And this is suppose to make me happy? Watching you suffer? Knowing you could die?" Naruto's eye started hiding his eyes behind his eye lids. "Naru-kun I wanted you to put me in that chamber cause at least that I would have been happy knowing you were safe!!" Kyuubi paused "What did you think would happen if you never woke back up? You think I'd be happy?" Kyuubi's heart was in pain.

"Kyuubi-chan, I would do anything to make you happy, including lay down my own life." Naruto's words caused Kyuubi to stop crying for a second. "What did you think would happen to me if you were put inside that thing? You think I could ever live with myself for the next 50 years listening too you suffer?" Kyuubi thought about it for a second. "At least this way we can be together." Naruto's eyes caught hers. "And I'd die then not being able to see you every day." Kyuubi let go of her imaginary heart and walked over to Naruto's slab of a bed.

"Is that what you really want Naru-kun, to be with me even after all this?" Kyuubi asked.

"Kyuubi-chan, I want to be with you no matter what. I want us to grow old together, I want us to be together always." Naruto took a short pause to let Kyuubi absorb his words before speaking again. "I love you Kyuubi-chan and I never will stop." Kyuubi kneeled down next to the slab and put her head against his.

"I love you too Naru-kun, it's why I'm prepared to die to make sure you live too." Naruto didn't like the sound of that. Kyuubi heard Tsunade come back in and got up and walked over to her. "I want you to kill me." Kyuubi said to a stunned Tsunade. "Kill me and give it to Naru-kun. Use my heart to save his life." Naruto growled.

"Don't you even dare think about it baa-chan, you too Kyuubi-chan! This won't make me happy, this won't solve anything!" Naruto yelled tried to get some of these damn restraints off him.

"Naru-kun I can't bare to look at you like this, knowing all of it is my fault." She said crying one more time.

"Come here Kyuubi-chan." She did what she was told and walked over to him without thinking about it. "Closer." He said she walked close enough to be standing over him. "Closer." She bent down, almost as if she knew what he was planning. Naruto put his head up when she came in range and kissed her on the lips. After a few moments he broke the kiss and watched sparks rekindle her heart. "Please don't leave me Kyuubi-chan." Kyuubi kneeled down once again and used her forehead to nuzzle Naruto's. "Promise me Kyuubi-chan." It was a strange silence.

"I promise, but only if you promise you will live and do as you said before, live together forever." Naruto smiled.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Naruto said smiling at the girl. Kyuubi stood by his side for three days before anyone disturbed the two other then doctors coming and going, just checking vitals who didn't say anything. Tsunade walked back in to check up on them to find them still huddled in the same position they were in for the past three days.

"Kyuubi." Kyuubi turned her head to Tsunade who was carrying a few scrolls. "I need you to get each of Naruto's friends to sign these paper's swearing them to secrecy, then erect this barrier and tell them everything. Alright?" Kyuubi looked over at Naruto who was smiling.

"Go ahead Kyuubi-chan, I'd like it if you met my friends in person." Kyuubi kissed him on the forehead then rolled over and walked over to Tsunade.

"They have all been ordered to meet in a remote area of the park. The top scroll is the way to the park, the other two are the barrier scroll, and the scroll which has the papers they need to sign. I'll brief you more outside." Tsunade said turning and walking outside the room. Kyuubi looked back at Naruto who gave him a 'go' with his eyes. Kyuubi turned and walked out as well. Naruto smiled and wondered how his friends would react to meeting her. After the boring lecture by Tsunade Kyuubi went to the place specified with ample clothing, on of Anko's outfit which she enjoyed. She arrived to find all of Naruto's friends there and accounted for.

"Oh god not another one." Ino said pointing at the Kyuubi. Kyuubi ignored the comment.

"You are all here cause Naru…to-kun is hurt and wants you to meet me. I was instructed to have all of you sign these papers before we start." Kyuubi unsealed the scroll and gave each of them the papers.

"What the hell is 5 S rank? There is no such thing." Shikamaru said looking up at Kyuubi.

"5 S rank would be considered above top secret. Only people such as the Hokage or the counsel would know this information. It's the highest ranking in the village. Naruto asked that all of you hear what I have to say, but first you have to sign it in blood. Should you speak about the fact that there is a 5 S rank at all, is punishable by death. Anyone caught revieling secrets about 5 S rank becomes a missing ninja to everyone, but it really tortured and used to train the advancing specialists in torture how to better torture. You will be kept alive and have this done for 20 years before you are let go to be hunted down for practice by ANBU." Everyone's eyes widened in fear of breaking the pact, which was worse then death. Most of them reconsidered signing it. "But that's only if you break it." That relieved some people but other still werern't sure. After about an hour of standing around, Kyuubi got back all of the papers signed from all of Naruto's friends and sealed them inside the scroll. Kyuubi then took the other scroll and put it up so no one could hear them from the outside or see them.

"So just who are you?" Ino asked looking over at Kyuubi's cloths.

"We'll get back to that later. For right now I want to say that Naruto-kun is in critical condition at the hospital. His injuries are to the extent that he might die." Die…die…die… all echoed throughout their minds. Their minds thought of nothing else but what Kyuubi just said, dancing the song of death around in their heads.

"He can't die he's… Naruto-kun!" Hinata spoke up.

"He can, it was hard for me to accept at first but I did."

"Which leads us back to the question of just who you are?" Shikamaru looked at her round eyes.

"Later." Kyuubi said putting some 'shut up' look into the look she was giving Shikamaru.

"Well, can you tell us what happened to him?" Hinata asked. Kyuubi sighed.

"AS you all may or may not know, Naruto-kun had the Kyuubi no Kitsune sealed inside of him and…"

"Wait… had?" Shikamaru said with fear rising inside of him.

"She escaped after the seal broke and went on to hurt Naruto enough to cause him to be in the hospital."

"She?" Shikamaru asked with connections going off in his head.

"Yes, the Kyuubi no Kitsune is a she, and she's still around." Most of them started panicking.

"Does that mean she will hurt us too?" Hinata asked forgetting about Naruto for a moment. Kyuubi chuckled softly.

"No I don't think she will…" Shikamaru figured it out.

"And how do you know?" Kiba asked provoking the response from Shikamaru.

"Because she's the Kyuubi." Shikamaru said. Kyuubi was surprised.

"Well I guess Tsunade-san was right, you really are very smart." Everyone inside the barrier was panicking except for Kyuubi and Shikamaru.

"I'm glad my reputation has caught up with you." Shikamaru was scared but his intellect made him sure that Kyuubi wasn't going to kill them. "I also suspect that you didn't just hurt Naruto-san, there is something you are not telling us. Something like… your in love with him…" Kyuubi jumped at it.

"Ok smart enough to figure out that I am the Kyuubi is one thing, knowing that I love him is not that easy to spot is it?" Kyuubi asked knowing her secret was exposed. Everyone was now half fear half WTF!??

"It was if you knew how to spot it. –kun is used as close friends, possibly even closer. Considering you probably aren't fond of humans mean that you befriended Naruto-san or you were much closer." Kyuubi cursed herself for making that obvious.

"So what really happened between you two?" Shikamaru said walking closer to her. "You're not gonna hurt us since you're in love with Naruto and because you haven't already which you could have once you put up the barrier. So you might as well spill it." Kyuubi clenched her teeth but then had an idea.

"Well done figuring it all out, I think I should at least reward you with looking at my full human form." She said closing her eyes and making her eyes slit. Nin tails grew out of her lower back which raged around in the air. She opened her eyes and looked at Shikamaru. "Now then, as for what happened between Naru-kun and me… I was in heat and wouldn't stop mating with him until his heart stopped." Shikamaru in all possible calculations could never figure that out. "I then rushed him to the hospital and Tsunade-san took care of him. He's stable but he's also on many machines to keep him alive."

"You have a heat cycle?" Shikamaru could only say.

"Yes and believe it or not, I love Naru-kun. It was him who chose to mate with me non-stop to end my heat cycle, nearly ending his life. I wish things could have turned out different but it seems me and him have to make struggles to keep our love alive." Kyuubi said turning her head at the boy.

"Mating… you don't mean you…" Hinata asked nearly heartbroken.

"You must be Hinata-san, Tsuande-san told me to make sure you knew. Yes I had hot lusting sex with Naru-kun." Kyuubi put it bluntly because she felt it would be better then leaving doubt in Hinata's mind about it. Hinata broke down in tears.

"He was suppose to be with me!" She screamed.

"He's with me, but he still wants to see you all." Kyuubi said lowering the barrier. "Will you come with me to see him? The choice is yours anyone who doesn't trust me can go on their own. Room 918." Kyuubi said turning around. "He wants to meet all of you regardless of when you come but wanted me to bring you all at once if possible." Kyuubi turned her head around to see just how many would follow.

"No way! I'm not following the …" Kiba caught himself. "You around!"

"Suite yourself, I'm heading back to his side were I belong so you follow if you want. I'll always be next to him so if you're too scared of me then I don't know what to tell you." Kyuubi was done talking. She wanted to get back to Naruto's side quickly. She disappeared in flames as the rest of the group gasped. Shikamaru wanted to know more.

"Well you heard her, either get to the room or don't."

"Shikamaru-san how could you trust her like that?"

"She has no reason to lie. She could raze this entire village along with the mountains in one swing if she wanted to. There would have to be a reason for her acting like this and the reason is she loves Naruto-san. She won't betray him and neither should we." Kiba growled a little before stopping.

"Besides, she is not our enemy at the moment. While she is the Kyuubi no Kitsune, she has not made a threat against us yet. Let us not provoke her to do so." Shino added.

"I suppose that's true. But I still don't trust her!" Kiba yelled getting a lot of similar responses from the crowd. The crowd made its way to the hospital up to room 918. Kyuubi kneeled beside Naruto.

"I told them, they seemed to not trust me." Kyuubi said with pleading eyes.

"I'm sure they will like you Kyuubi-chan." The doors opened up to see a crowd of people walk in and almost instantly gasp in horror at all the machines that Naruto was hooked up to. "HEY GUYS!" the voice broke their silence.

"Wow you really do look like shit." Shikamaru said walking towards him.

"What have you been teliing them Kyuubi-chan?" He asked looking over at Kyuubi.

"I didn't tell them anything Naru-kun. Only that you were stable." He looked back at Shikamaru who had reached next to the Kyuubi.

"She's right, I assumed since she did this to you, you would look like shit." Shikamaru sighed. "So you and her huh?" Naruto smiled.


"And already went that far huh?"

"It's not a race you know…" Naruto said looking over at Kyuubi but he was proud that he got someone as smart and as great a personality as her.

"Still, here I thought you were still after Sakura-chan or someone. Ah well, I'm happy for you." Shikamaru tried to give him a smile but failed at a good one. Naruto was at least glad he tried.

"You know I tried her, I tried, I tried dating everyone, Tenten-chan, Ino-chan, Hinata-chan. I dated all of them and none of them showed up. I thought Hinata-chan loved me but she stood me up. Then Kyuubi-chan came along and she loved me." He rolled his head to see Kyuubi who was smiling down at him. "And I love her." Naruto added watching Kyuubi's face light up. She placed a deep kiss upon his lips as if to savor the taste in case she never would again. Kyuubi still wanted to rip out her heart and give it to him, after all she did this to him, but Naruto would never allow it. What felt like minutes passed by while Naruto's friends observe the deepened kiss and were in awe. Kyuubi broke the kiss and dragged her mouth down to his ear.

"I swear on my life as a Bijuu that I will make this right. That's a promise." Kyuubi whispered into his ear. Kyuubi nuzzled him and started what sounded like a soft purr.

"Alright Kyuubi-chan, you can but you have to find a way were you live. I refuse to see you harm yourself." She could easily just think, 'I won't let you see then.' But she figured making it up to him by a lifelong servitude in addition to his eternal mate. Kiba began to growl.

"How can you trust such her? Foxes are known for their cunning!" Kyuubi chuckled.

"And you are probably known for your stupidity. If what you said was true, don't you think I would have killed you to keep you quiet?" Kiba went into defensive mode. Kyuubi laughed watching Kiba try and do a subtle snarl.

"I guess that means you don't like her Kiba-kun?" Naruto asked looking at Kiba's face.

"Not in the bit. I am telling you, something is going on here. Female foxes are loyal to an extent, but something is not right about her." Kiba responded.

"Maybe the fact I was just in heat…" Kyuubi said as she was luckily wearing panties today as she started having images leak from the back of her mind to her conscious. That wasn't the only thing leaking as she felt a small burning sensation on her groin. She was lucky he heat cycle past otherwise Naruto would be in deep shit. Kiba knew of what a heat cycle does. When he was 16, one of the female dogs in the clan because so frenzied that she went after Kiba for weeks. At first just humping him, then it became a problem when she started licking his… Kiba threw that image to the back of his mind as he tried to concentrate.

"Heat huh?" After image of that day flashed in his mind and he quickly shut up.

"Had a bad run in with it have you?" Kyuubi saw him shudder. "Imagine that and then some since I'm not a human's dog." Kiba shuddered.

"Alright fine, I got your point." Kiba looked back at Naruto. "Anyway nice job getting her out of that, I bet that wasn't easy to do." Naruto looked over at his shoulder as he felt the heat in his shoulder. He knew that meant the she had lust on her mind but she could now control it. It turned him on too to be truthful. He liked sex… scratch that he loved it. Not because it felt insanely good, but because every time he and Kyuubi did, it threw more and more of his blackened heart to the farthest reaching corners of his mind. It made any bad day, any nasty thoughts completely disappear and replaced with the joy he never knew. Hinata approached them.

"Naruto-kun, I-I-I…" Hinata looked down as her hair fell down over her eyes. "I'm happy for you." She said with a genuine smile. "I'm glad for you."

"Really?" Naruto said surprisingly. "Out of everyone I thought you had a huge crush on me?" Hinata still smiled but angled her head slightly down.

"I did but on the way over here I kept thinking of why I lost you, over and over again. Then I realized, I wasn't brave enough to confront you about it. I couldn't speak when I was around you."

"That's great but why are you happy for me again?" Naruto said sure that she had lost it.

"Those were all my greatest setbacks that kept me from doing a lot of things, and you helped me to overcome them. It cost me a little of my heart but overall I will be better off for it." Hinata said placing a kiss on his forehead. "Naruto-kun, no matter what you do you always help me to overcome something. You will be my role model for a very long time." She said walking out of the room tears rolling down her face but with a large smile across it. Naruto wasn't sure to be happy or sad that he broke her heart. He was definitely sad but she said she was happy… it was fortunate that Naruto didn't see much of her around after that. She came by every once in awhile to see how he was doing. Ino stepped up next as Kiba ran to talk to Hinata.

"I have to say Naruto-kun, I'm… shocked you managed to get someone. I mean yeh she's really powerful and scary… but she seems to be very intelligent and loving towards with you. I'm glad you have someone that makes you as happy as she does. Should you ever need some flowers to ever help with…" Ino put her ear closer to Naruto's. "getting her in the mood…" Naruto blushed. Ino retracted her head and finished the statement. "just come and see me alright?" Ino gave him a quick hug. "I'd love to stay longer to see what everyone else says but I need to get back to the shop. If it wasn't for Tsunade having an ANBU deliver the message personally, I would have never been here." She said turning around and walking out the door. Shino approached him next.

"I don't know what you expect from me but it you wanted to know would I approve you two?" Naruto nodded.

"It's really important to me to know what my friends think. Not that I would leave her but I just want to know what you guys think." Shino understood.

"Two different species of insects can mate and can be called beautiful, why not you two?" Shino said looking down at Naruto.

"Always got to drag bugs into this don't you?" Naruto said almost creeped out.

"Anyway I have to get back to training, so I hope it works well between you two, and not like praying mantises." Shino said making Kyuubi laugh a little.

"I missed it, what about what?"

"Praying mantises females eat the heads of the males after they have sex." Kyuubi said looking down at the still very creeped out Naruto.

"So what… You're going to eat my head?"

"Naru-kun, you are too cute." She said in a combination of laughing and smiling. "The male doesn't die but he lives for while until his head grows back… the point being I roughed you up too much before after sex, I shouldn't let it happen again." She poked his nose.

"Oh alright… thanks… I guess." Naruto still not quite getting it. Shino was leaving when Shikamaru left with him saying something about being somewhere and Naruto thought he heard "troublesome demons…" used salaciously. He had no idea… Kyuubi obviously heard it as he felt the burning in his shoulder slightly spike. Tenten was up next.

"I never really knew you that much to tell give you my honest opinion, but I'm glad you found your special someone. So I'll leave the rest to you guys." Tenten said giving a small glance to Neji patiently awaiting his turn. Choji was up next.

"She a good cook?"

"Why does everything have to be about food with you?"

"What, just asking…I think it's great your doing well for yourself. Bit of caution next time, obviously she a bit more then you can handle. So try stock piling on food before you do it so you can have a lot more energy to perform." Naruto's eyes twitched as he turned to see Kyuubi's smile grow… intentful.

"Don't tell her that." Naruto said feeling the almost emanate doom approaching. Naruto wanted to cry out now at the lust he felt in his shoulder.

"Oh don't worry you'll be fine. I like this setup, you the mountains of energy Naruto, and her the mountain razer… yeh it'll be great… Speaking of which I gotta go raze my mom's mountain of meatloaf!" Choji said running away leaving Naruto under her watchful gaze. Naruto started crying at the thought of nearly putting him back in the hospital after Kyuubi was done with him again. Lee approached.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, for all things are possible through the power of youth! And from our encounters I know you are more then able to handle yourself against any opponent in any rules. Even when handling her!"

"Thanks for your support…" Naruto said as he can almost feel like after she's done with him.

"Not a problem!" Lee yelled. "If you don't mind I have to go back to Gai-sensei and tell him I'm ready for the rest of our training exercises. Lee ran off without giving a chance to speak. Neji walked to Naruto who was still in a dream land about what Kyuubi was going to do with him after he got out.

"So what do you think?" Naruto asked Neji who was studying them both carefully.

"Truthfully I think it's doomed to fail. You two know little about each other, you already marked." Neji said. Naruto was surprised no one else noticed the mark on his shoulder, or didn't ask about it. "You two have gotten in way over your head. You're being childish, abrupt and completely stupid." Neji took in another breath. "But that's how you do things and everything seems to work out in the end so… yeh I guess I can tell you this might work, though only with you…" Naruto laughed along with Kyuubi. Neji chuckled at the thought. "Anyway, like everyone else, I was in the middle of something when I got the call so if you don't mind, I'll take my leave of you." Naruto nodded and Neji bowed and left. Naruto relaxed his head and heard the bang against the slab. The pain subsided as he looked being at her standing over him.

"Your friends seem to like me…" Kyuubi said really knowing what some of them thought, through their emotions.

"I'm sure they are just fine with us." Naruto said looking behind her. "Isn't that right Kakashi-sensei?" Kyuubi sensed him earlier but didn't want to confront him yet.

"I'm alright with it, but is it what you want?" Kakashi said letting out a sigh.

"Yes, Kakashi-sensei, she's all I ever wanted." Kakashi shot her a glance.

"Alright, I'm fine with it too." Kakashi said pulling out his book. He started leaving the room. "Oh… and Tsunade-sama found you a heart." Kakashi vanished in a swirl of leaves. Kyuubi hugged Naruto in happiness before kissing him on the lips (13 months time skip). Kyuubi broke the kiss while in a long white gown that she hated but didn't care as Naruto stood upright in a tux. Naruto's eyes teared up. He wanted to wipe his eyes on his sleeve but refused the reflex. Kyuubi looked at him as her face changed.

"Naru-kun, what's wrong?" Kyuubi asked. Tsunade held the Village tome and went over to him. Tsunade handed him a piece of cloth which he used to wipe some of the tears from his eyes.

"I… I've always hoped to get married… it's just that I never thought it would happen…" Naruto wiped his eyes again with the cloth. "I'm just so happy I'm married the such a beautiful women that I love so much…" Naruto broke out in tears. Kyuubi caught him from falling down as Kyuubi put his head into her chest like she did when he was alone or afraid. She sang lightly into his ear.

"Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known? God gave me courage to show you, you are not a-lone…" Naruto cried louder into her dress. She kissed his forehead. "I'm here now for you. You never have to be alone again." Naruto tried to pull himself together. One thing he never had a life of is love, which is what he had now. Naruto stood up with a large smile on his face.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Naruto said planting a kiss on her lips. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up and twirled around in joy. After a few spins, he put her down. He rubbed his nose against hers. Naruto looked around at the guests, none of them didn't already know she was the Kyuubi. "I want to really see you…" Naruto said. Kyuubi's face shifted to confused. "I want to see what you really look like, I want to see you in your real form." Kyuubi got scared.

"But… I'm… you know what I am… I don't want you to hate me Naru-kun…" She said scared that he would see her and not love her anymore. Naruto smiled and used his hand to caress her cheek. He trailed it down to her neck.

"How is it I'm married to a women I've never seen?" Naruto said no longer touching her skin, it was touching her very beating essence. She looked at the ground and thought about it. "I love you Kyuubi-chan, I know who are you, not what you look like. I want to know who you are and what you look like." Kyuubi looked up and started biting her lip as her head began to shake and turn in thought. She closed her eyes.

"Then close your eyes and promise me… you won't leave me. Please…" She begged terrified that he would leave her. Naruto pulled her into a deep kiss then broke it.

"I love you Kyuubi-chan! Nothing would ever change that." Naruto said looking into her very soul. Kyuubi blinked and bit her lip. She closed her eyes as her body began to glow.

"I hope your right…" Kyuubi said having a tear fall blind as the light around her body engulfed her. Naruto shielded his eyes as did Tsunade, who had heard bits and pieces of their chat. As the light died down, Naruto looked at the light to see an orange furred fox that had chakra radiating around her as nine tails gracefully swayed in the breeze. Her eyes opened to show a glowing bright orange-red eyes that looked down and away from him. Her teeth stuck out slightly from her black lips. She couldn't look him in the eyes. Naruto decided to return the song she sang to him.

"Pitiful creature of darkness what kind of life have you known? God gave me courage to show you are not a-lone." She turned to him and he wrapped his arms around her neck. Tears flowed from her eyes. She felt only one emotion rampage through her body as it consumed her. Her body convulsed as she cried into Naruto's tux. Tsunade was happy for them as she stared at the miracle. Kyuubi couldn't take it in anymore as she started bawling into Naruto's jacket. Naruto hugged her tighter with light tears coming down his cheeks. She pulled away from him and stared at him with tears wetting her fur around her face. She placed her snout on his cheek and began to rub it back and forth, her sliced eyes providing nothing but tears and happiness. Kyuubi smiled at Naruto as she pounced on him. The crowd gasped as she did this but then settled down as they saw Naruto was ok. The unexpected forced knocked him down on the ground hurt but as he looked up as her body came down close to his as he could feel the warm release of heat and chakra. Her snout now nuzzled his face even more. She stopped momentarily to look down at him. She lifted her paw up to offer it to him to help him up. At first Naruto didn't know what she was doing but figured it out quickly. He grabbed her paw as she gently pulled him up. One of her tails approached her eye to wipe away the tears from it. She was about to do the other one when Naruto wiped it for her. As she opened her eyes to see him for the first time again, she smiled. He saw a small gap between her eyes and had an idea as he put his face closer and closer to the center between her eyes. She trusted him as he kissed the area he was looking at. It was quick. As he departed from her, he met her eyes and she understood that no one would love her but him.

End chapter

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