Chapter 1

Robert's POV

"I couldn't believe it, we just got laid off…," I thought. I stared into my coffee and played with the stirrer and the pastry that I was about to eat. "But why though… why did Alex, Danny and I get laid off…?" I knew the economy was rough and that unemployment was high, but why… why us? It didn't make any sense to me. "Hmm… guess I'll have to find work elsewhere…," I mumbled. I was starting to get depressed, for obvious reasons. I had lost the best job in the world and I had no idea what to do.

"Hey… I overheard what you said," a voice said. I looked up and blinked. A stout man about my age smiled at me. He had nice brown hair and bright green eyes. He was tall and slightly lean but he was smaller than I was. His voice was strong but smooth. He wore a black shirt and pants and had a nice pinkish-purple tie. He looked nice, to be honest.

"Come, sit please," I pointed to the seat opposite of me. He smiled again and sat down. "I'm Robert Goren, nice to meet you. What's your name?"

"I'm Mac Taylor, nice to meet you, too," he held out his hand and I shook it.

"So… I guess you heard what I had said?" I scowled.

"Yes, I did. It's really too bad. Say, how'd you like to work for me and become a CSI?"

"A CSI… I'm a detective…," I cocked my head curiously.

"I'm a detective too," he nodded.

"Oh! OK then…," I tried to smile. "My best friend Alex and Danny got laid off too… I don't see how they're going to find work…," I had to keep the tears back somehow.

"Call them; tell them they're hired and that they can work for me. What happened to you guys isn't fair to any of you."

"M-Mac… t-thank you…," I got out my cell phone.

"My office is just up the road, if you'd like to follow me there."

"R-right… l-let me finish my breakfast first," I nodded and put my cell phone down. I ate the rest of the pastry and downed my coffee. He stared at my strange way of finishing a meal. I stood up and pushed in my chair. I walked up to the counter and paid. I looked at Mac. I wanted to ask him why he didn't get anything but I thought it'd be random. He smiled at me and we exited the Panera Bread.

Alex's POV

I was tired, saddened and emotionally distraught. I decided to take a nap for a while. I just couldn't believe we had been laid off. I had held in my tears until I went into the car and I've cried since then. It wasn't fair to us. What did we do to deserve this? It was all that dumbass named Zach's fault for laying us off like that. "It's not fair…," I repeated. I was so exhausted from crying that I had collapsed in my bed. "Dumbass…," I mumbled as I fell asleep.

Danny's POV

I sighed. "What a terrible day I've had… I wonder how Rob and Alex are handling it." I watched people playing with Frisbees as I sat down on a bench in Central Park. It was a beautiful day out even though it was a little cloudy. Bam, bam, bam…I heard three shots being fired. I had no gun… I had no way to help… I had never felt this helpless in my life. I saw the dark shadowy figure just up the hill but I couldn't see any features. I knew it was the shooter… I could see the gun in his hand. I could see the person slowly dying. I had no other choice: I got out pocketknife and ran at the man while yelling. He turned around and tried to fire his gun but the bullet bounced off the zipper if my jacket – landing in his head and causing him to follow over backwards. "That wasn't luck… that was my guardian angel…," I thought.

A/N: So it was a random thought I wanted to get out of my head. They let lose Rob, Alex and Danny… I wonder why.

Oh yeah, don't ask how the bullet bounced off his jacket zipper. It was a random thought it my head…