This is a one-shot collection for my darling, NeroAnne. Longer author's note at the end.

Title: A Song For Every Letter
Rated: +18 – it's for NeroAnne must I remind you
Summary: a bunch of one-shots that are based on a song written in alphabetical order & are for my beautiful, too perfect to be true NeroAnne, X3!
Genre: Romance/General

Anthem of the Angels
Song Used: "Anthem of the Angels" – Breaking Benjamin
Rated: +18 – sex; language; dark
Summary: Phil was nothing more than a show boy. At 15, he advertises for an alcohol company in a talent show, showing off his body to something he doesn't believe in. Jeff, 16, is a contestant in the show and an alcoholic. SLASH.
Genre: Romance/Angst

"White walls surround us/No light will touch your face again/Rain taps the window/As we sleep among the dead…"

sunday; corrupted act

The talent show's walls were painted with white, the curtains were a bright blood red and a sixteen year old was in his chair and the bright beautiful sparkles of his topaz dress was sparkling, bouncing off the reflective light of the lights and Jeff's fingers twisted around his blue and purple locks, sighing once as he stared at the clock, as he'd been doing for the last ten minutes.

He wasn't coming.

Jeff might as well took off all of his clothes right now and strip danced but Matt wasn't coming and that was certain.

The slightly discouraged sixteen year old moved towards the red curtain, peeking to see the crowd and seeing that only his father was there, glancing at him in encouragement. They weren't the richest family, and they weren't too poor but they couldn't afford Matt going to college and Jeff wanted to do that for his brother.

He'd always been the pretty one.

The one with hypnotizing green eyes and beautiful silky hair and now, looking out of the curtains, he knew that the person he was doing this for wasn't even coming and he turned around to see one of those show girls that advertised the entire thing and he'd seen that he was actually a boy, a beautiful boy with a round face and olive eyes.

Jeff's heart pounded. He'd never seen anything so beautiful in his life.

Phil turned around, the way the tight black dress was tightly hugging his ass into this perfect curve, and the way his hips swayed and Jeff just stared at the ravenette as Phil made his way towards Jeff, 'can you fix my face?"

There was nothing wrong with Phil's face.

Jeff wanted to tell him that.

But Jeff realized that Phil wanted makeup and Jeff badly wanted to add makeup to that face, to touch the soft flesh there and he pulled Phil down onto the chair, adding a bit of foundation onto Phil's face, sweeping it, and for once, he envied the blusher. He blushed in a bit of lilac foundation over his cheeks, adding a bit of pink to extend the effect he was going for and he almost gasped at how beautiful Phil looked like. Jeff almost wanted to cry because he couldn't look as pretty as the ravenette did.

Jeff's fingers slipped underneath Phil's chin.

Phil looked dizzy, 'I'm sorry. Just that too much alcohol makes me dizzy."

Jeff laughed loudly, looking at the tattoo on Phil's shoulder, which was a brand of alcohol, a company he loved in fact, 'but you advertise an alcohol company."

"Yeah, it's my Dad's but I hate it."

"Wait, your Dad made you wear this?"

Jeff trailed his eyes up and down Phil's clothing, his tight skirt, the tank top that showed the smooth flesh that Jeff wanted to touch so bad, the blackness of it, the silver pendant that hangs on his neck, black tights and ballet flats.

Phil nodded his head, 'yeah." He giggled as if it was nothing. "It was just something he needed me to do. You know, those times of desperation? We're not actually rich. This is for my education."

"Same, but it's for my brother's education." Jeff pointed at his body, 'this dress isn't mine. This used to be my Mother's. She just loves it so much and I feel so bad in it, you know? Like I'm not worthy somehow. It just meant so much to her…"

"It's beautiful." Phil touches the fabric, making Jeff's inside scream.

Phil stood up, his body so close to Jeff's, only inches away. "Hey, I haven't seen you around North Carolina before, are you…?"

"Phil! Get over here!"


Jeff smiles. That's his name. Phil.

He watches as Phil walks over towards his father and the elder male talks to Phil, Phil nodding his head before walking into the stage and Jeff peeks through red curtains to see Phil dancing along with the other show girls and in moments, the white stage's light bulbs twitched, Jeff stared up as the world suddenly turned black and even with no light touching Phil's face, he looked beautiful as he tried to go back stage.

He heard the sound of something moving around. He heard the little sound of squeaking and Phil let out a scream as Jeff held onto the younger male and helped him out of the building, holding onto his arm, moving towards the exit and once they were out of there, a smile crossed Phil's face. "Oh, thank you." Phil grinned at Jeff. "Thank you! Thank you so much!"

Jeff nodded his head at Phil and hugged him. "Hey. I owe you." Phil simply said.

"Can you come around my house tonight? I want to go to this place…" Jeff couldn't really tell Phil where he wanted to go but Phil grinned and nodded his head as Jeff wrote his address on a paper and slipped it into the pocket of Phil's skirt, watching Phil as he walked towards his father.

That night, Phil knocked onto Jeff's door.

Gilbert answered the door.

"Oh hello, are you one of Matt's friends because—?"

Phil simply shook his head. He was wearing a dark green sweater stripped with navy blue and black jeans and black boots and his hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Even in the moonlight and even far away, Jeff could see that Phil was even beautiful in simple clothing and that made him envy him but at the same time, he wanted him so much.

"No, Dad, he's one of mine. We're going out." Jeff said, not even bothering to hide the scent of alcohol from his mouth, the thick scent heavy in the air.

Jeff walked towards Phil, linking his arm with his own, feeling the feel of Phil's softness and he wanted nothing more than to take off the shirt and touching the delicate flesh of his body, to bite into Phil as he'd never bitten through a person before.

"Where are we going?"

"Um…" Jeff took a turn and Phil could see where they were going, to this forest and Phil felt a little scared but he wouldn't say it and he walked towards the tiny cottage that was there, allowing Phil to come in as well, shutting the door behind him. Phil looked around the place, 'so you like spending time here?"

"It's my escape."

Jeff sat down on the chair. "I found this cottage when I was a little kid, when I used to have nightmares of Matt going into the forest and never coming back. When I just woke up that morning and he wasn't there, I just walked into this forest. I was nine at that time and I was crying so bad and I just found this place… I spend the night here since I was too scared to go out and then I walked back in the morning but that place, I felt so safe…I kept coming back…my brother could never make me feel that safe, so away from the world…"

Phil nodded his head, standing up. "My escape is ice skating."

Jeff raised an eyebrow. "When I was a child, all I ever wanted to do was to be that graceful. That's why I take dancing lessons. I watched the sport all the time, but to have that type of poise when their feet hit the floor, the droplets of ice hitting up because of the blade…to have that type of control…"

Jeff looked at Phil's figure, 'you already are graceful."

"I am?"

"Yes." Jeff's hand trailed up and down Phil's shirt, 'I'm sorry. You…"

Phil pressed his lips towards Jeff's, softly allowing his tongue to explore Jeff's and in moments, Jeff had played along with the game, both of their tongues playing as Jeff had taken off the belt of Phil's, letting his pants fall down, leaving nothing on Phil, the soft air touching Phil's flesh.

Jeff grinned at what he saw, massaging Phil's cock as Jeff continued to kiss him. Phil's hands were going up Jeff's shirt and he took it off quickly and at that, Phil bit Jeff's soft nipple, hardening up the pink nub. Jeff took the time to try and take off Phil's sweater and he did and now, naked and in front of him, his soft skinned beauty, Jeff let out a gasp. "God, you're beautiful."

Phil smiled warmly as he kissed Jeff's neck, showering him with kisses while his hand unbuttoned Jeff's pants, allowing them to fall and Jeff moved towards the bed there, it was sturdy enough and it seemed like it, as he started to kiss every piece of Phil's flesh, showering him with kisses. Phil started to stroke Jeff's cock, softly stroking it to hardness, and when it was hard enough, Phil wrapped his itty bitty mouth around Jeff's cock, bobbing up and down, biting and sucking at the soft sensitive organ.

Jeff's moans covered the dusty room and when Jeff had came, he came in Phil's mouth, not droplets of Jeff's cum falling from Phil's pink mouth. "I want you in me," Phil said in desperately. "Come on baby, make me feel complete."

Jeff nodded as he shoved himself inside of Phil, making him feel complete for that one moment, driving in and out of him, slamming and pounding, hitting Phil at the angle he wanted, hitting him at his prostate, making Phil fill up with pleasure as moans and screams of satisfaction as he continued to slip in and out, the lubed up cock fitting directly into Phil. "God, Phil, babe, it's as if your ass was made for me. It fits so well around my cock."

Phil nodded his head. "Baby…"

Jeff slipped in and out once last time before Phil had came, both of them lying there, panting while Jeff kissed Phil's neck. "Goodnight."

The breathless Phil tried to attempt to breathe as Jeff curled up next to him. "Goodnight."

That morning, Phil woke up and dressed up, only to realize that Jeff was looking out the window, 'I can hear her."

Phil raised an eyebrow as he sat next to Jeff. "I can hear my Mother, she's in the wind, in the leaves. The Dead sleep so peacefully…"

"Days go on forever /But I have not left your side/We can chase the dark together/If you go then so will I…"

monday; obsessions

Phil had slipped out of his room that afternoon, his head dizzy and he wanted to go and lie down but lying down just hurt his back for some reason. He got medication and went out for some fresh air.

In that moment, he saw Jeff's face.

He'd seen him just ten minutes ago.

"Hey." Jeff grinned, walking to him.

Jeff was obsessed with him, completely and utterly smitten and Phil hated that he'd gotten so attached after that night but happily, he was leaving town in a few days. After the beauty contest.

"You said you loved ice skating, right? I got tickets."

Phil perked up at the sound of that and nodded his head, grinning and holding onto Jeff's hand, both of them going to the ice skating ring and Phil wanted to touch the ice once more, he hadn't for so long.

In the ring, Phil felt free.

Jeff was just watching his beautiful angel twirl around, the skirt of his flying to expose his underwear, and the way that Phil was passionate, it showed in his eyes that he was all too passionate.

Jeff wanted to cry.

The beauty.

It was spontaneous.

Phil will be perfect.

Phil went towards Jeff, 'I never asked you what you want to be."

Jeff looked down at the floor, 'well, I'm a weird person…people don't really want to know…"

"Come on!" Phil grinned but Jeff pulled out a book from his backpack, showing him his interest of ghosts and Phil raised an eyebrow, 'you actually believe in these things? Like real ghosts and stuff?"

Jeff nodded his head. "Yeah. You can take a couple of spins around and I'll watch."

Phil nodded his head as he went to take another spin but a slant of light seemed to reflect off his blade as he twirled around one more time and he fell as hard as he could've, screaming in agony and Jeff made his way towards the ice skating ring, 'Phil? Baby?"

"My leg! I think I broke it!"

Jeff took Phil to the hospital.

He really did break it. Fracture it.

They told Phil that his break was so severe that he needed at least eight months to heal and the look on Phil's face as the tears furiously spill from his face. "My dancing lessons. My ice skating lessons…all gone! I can't believe it. My whole career is over! They told me that I might never be able to walk the same again…" Phil looked at Jeff who was pale.

"She wanted you to fall."

Phil raised an eyebrow.

"You didn't tell me that your mother was dead, 'Jeff raised an eyebrow, 'and neither did you tell me that your father was too."

Phil was staring up at Jeff as if he was insane.

"No! They're both alive!" Phil looked at Jeff as if he was crazy as Jeff shook his head, 'no, they're both dead."

"No…" Phil simply said. "I'll prove it to you! You insane ghost freak!"

That night, Phil walked up to his parents, telling them of the conversation he and Jeff had, giggling and chuckling around and when he'd seen the look of paleness plastered on his parent's faces, Phil raised his eyebrow, 'Dad? Mom?"

"He's right." The Mother said, stroking Phil's face. "You were orphaned and we adopted you and I didn't want to tell you this way."

"No." Phil refused to believe, tears slowly spilling from his eyes… "Then why do you make me dress up as the guy's slut and shake around my ass?"

"I need the money for your education, Phil." The male responded, snapping at it.

Phil looked down, tears spilling from his eyes. "No. I won't believe you. My school is a public school and my dancing lessons are for free. You've always told me that and I never believed you. I want to know the truth!"

"It's for his alcohol addiction." The Mother sighed.

"I won't believe you!"

Phil turned around, tears still cascading from his cheeks as he went upstairs to pack and go to Jeff, he needed to be safe, Jeff wasn't crazy, Jeff was right…and he knew that he'd never be able to face the world the same again, his cast made it hard for him to go upstairs but he'd get out of this house.

In the screeching rain, Phil knocked onto the door.

"Phil?" Jeff opened the door. "Get in here."

Phil had difficultly waking in, only having his backpack and a messenger bag to hold his things. Phil explained his situation to Gilbert and Jeff, while Jeff nodded his head and Gilbert understanding allowed Phil to stay here for a while until he finished his education. That moment, they heard the knock of the door once again.

Jeff cringed.

His older brother was here.

Matt looked at Phil, 'who's he?"

"None of your business, 'Jeff snapped back, 'how dare you miss the talent show?"

"I heard it got postponed."

"It did but you only knew that after there was that fuse problem!" Jeff said, angrily. Fury burning in every cell in his blood. "You treat me like shit, you know that?"

"Jeffery!" Gilbert announced, his eyes widening.

Jeff turned around to look at Phil who was shaking and his eyes starting to look like they were going to tear from tears, 'c-can you open my bag?"

Jeff nodded his head and opened the zipper, seeing a few bottles of pills and Jeff pulled one out and fed it to Phil. "What are those for?"

"My body loses control when I get nervous." Phil smiled weakly, 'I take them a lot before I go on stage but when I'm actually on it, I'm not the nervous…"

Jeff kissed Phil quickly before turning to his father, 'I'm going to take him up the guest room and then we'll go downstairs for dinner."

In the room, Phil's eyes dropped down as he yawned. "Sorry. It's just that my medication makes me sleepy too sometimes. It depends on the time of day and how much I ate."

Jeff nodded his head, 'hey, I understand."

Jeff kissed Phil's forehead once before walking outside and looking at Phil, 'goodnight, baby."

"Goodnight, Jeffy…"

"There is nothing left of you/I can see it in your eyes/Sing the anthem of the angels/And say the last goodbye…Cold light above us/Hope fills the heart/And fades away/Skin white as winter…"

tuesday; secret place


Twelve year old Jeff knocked onto Matt's room, 'Matty! Matt, please, come with me…I found this really pretty secret place! It's right up the forest! Come with me, Matty. It's not the cottage thing! Come on, Matty…"

"No! Jeffro, I told you I'm busy."

He heard sobbing.

"I'm not listening to your fake sobs."

Matt cringed at the memory. He really had given Jeff a hard time when he was younger but now, how was he supposed to tell them that he quit college just because he thought Jeff was trying to hard to get money for him? Jeff should worry about his own school and this Phil, there was something about him…

He was beautiful, sure.

He seemed to be Jeff's type but Jeff should focus more on his future. Hell, Jeff never really knew what he wanted to be. He stepped into the room where Jeff was a few ice skating tapes with Phil.



"Don't leave." Phil had been quite scared throughout these days, he won't let Jeff out of his sight, and he was clinging onto Jeff too hard but Jeff didn't mind at all. He actually enjoyed the fifteen year old's infatuation with him. "Please, don't leave."

Jeff kissed Phil's forehead, 'I won't."

"But Jeff…"

"Just get out of here, you already screwed me over, 'Jeff pleaded.

Matt simply nodded his head and walked out of the room, leaving the cowering Phil hold onto Jeff who stroked Phil's arms and kissed his forehead, taking off the tape and sleeping right beside him.

This was all too perfect to be true.

"How are my parents, Jeff?"

"They're happy that you're safe."

"Are they really everywhere around us?"

Jeff nodded his head. "In the wind, in the air, in the ice, everywhere, Philly… that's why when you dance, they're right beside you, the wind that sings, the shining sun, they're right there…"

Phil grinned. "And your Mother?"

Jeff grinned. "An angel."

"Angels exist?"

"Definitely." Jeff nodded his head, 'I've always believed in them and they always watch over the ones they love. Hey, want me to tell you a little story?"

"Yeah." Phil said, snuggling into Jeff's body.

"There's this two boys, an eleven year old little child and a twelve year old and the twelve year old is scared of forests. I can't say how or why but when they both walked through after getting separated from their parents, the twelve year old wanted to get wood and he walked off but when he came back, the eleven year old was gone and there was just nothing left…nothing at all…the twelve year old could listen to his screaming and walked over there, saw a cliff and the eleven year old hanging over it, he tried to help him up but they both fell. The eleven year old got amnesia for a while but he slowly regained his life but he could never remember the incident and the twelve year old…some say he was unfortunate, but he's now an angel…"

"That's a real story?" Phil raised an eyebrow.

Jeff nodded his head. "An angel," he repeated, kissing onto Phil's nose. "Goodnight, Phil."

"As the sky returns to grey/Days go on forever/But I have not left your side/We can chase the dark together/If you go then so will I/There is nothing left of you/I can see it in your eyes/Sing the anthem of the angels…And say the last goodbye/I keep holding onto you/But I can't bring you back to life/Sing the anthem of the angels/Then say the last goodbye…"

wednesday; talent show

"I'm not pretty enough."

Jeff was looking into the mirror. He was in his Mother's dress and he looked back at Phil then at the clock, 'of course, Matt didn't come." Jeff said, letting a sigh escape his lips and Phil let his smile drop but he still tried to spark a bit of hope.

"I'm sure he'll come."

Jeff shook his head, 'he won't."

"I'm going to go outside."

Phil walked outside and slipped out of the door where Phil sat down beside Gilbert, 'is Matt coming? Jeff seems awfully upset. He thinks he isn't."

Gilbert sighed and shrugged. "He said he might come but it's obvious that he's not coming at all."

"Can I talk to him?"

Phil took the phone from Gilbert and walked over to a scolded area, sitting down onto a stump of a tree, the talent show wasn't far away at all, it was just a five minute walk, even with Phil's injured leg. Phil pressed the phone to his ear, 'answer me. Dammit."

"Hello? Dad?"

"No. It's me, Phil."

"Oh. What do you want?"

"You know, your brother feels so worthless without you here. There's the fact that he's doing this for you and you're not here. How long have you been doing this, Matt? How long have you been ditching his shows and ruining his self esteem? How long?"

"He's strong-"

"Don't you dare say that to me. 'He's strong, he'll pull through', Hell, that was what my so-called 'Father' told my so called 'Mother' when he wanted to turn me into a show boy. Don't you dare say that to me! Hell, if anyone knows about crushed dreams, it's me. I've wanted to be an ice skater all my life, and now, I might never even walk right, but Hell, at least, I had Jeff beside me through it all and where were you when Jeff needed you the most? Answer me!"


"Thought so. If you need Jeff, he'd be the one hyperventilating and drinking alcohol to calm down his nerves. Goodbye, Matt."

The ravenette returned back to his seat, looking up at Gilbert and grinned at him softly, 'thanks."

It was Jeff's turn.

Phil's stomach churned.

Nothing happened.

"We seemed to have a bit of a problem…"

That moment, they heard the sound of footsteps and Matt sat down besides Phil, 'what'd I miss?"

Phil's eyes widened, 'Jeffy's missing."

"Oh no."

Phil stood up, holding up his crutches and looking towards the forest's path. "I think I might know where Jeff is."

"Yeah?" Matt stared at him.

Phil simply nodded.

Phil led the father and the brother towards the cottage but looking through the dusty windows, he could see that nobody was there.

"I don't understand…where else could he be?"


Twelve year old Jeff knocked onto Matt's room, 'Matty! Matt, please, come with me…I found this really pretty secret place! It's right up the forest! Come with me, Matty. It's not the cottage thing! Come on, Matty…"

"No! Jeffro, I told you I'm busy."

He heard sobbing.

"I'm not listening to your fake sobs."

Matt turned around and silently cursed himself. "It's around here…he has another 'secret place' I suppose."


"I…" Matt sighed, 'I…don't know."

Matt sat down, making Phil sit down onto a log too as Matt held his head in his hands. "I've been a real jerk to him, you know. He was just a kid, I didn't even take care of him…I ruined it all…no wonder the poor kid's getting into obsessions that seem so out of the ordinary. I can't believe this…"

"We'll find him, Matty. I promise. I haven't been the sweetest to him but those obsessions, 'Phil blinked, 'they're real. He can see ghosts and stuff…or I don't know…he just knows things that even I don't know. He told me that I was adopted…he's special, Matty."

"And I couldn't see that." Matt's voice broke.

"We'll find him." The father promised, helping Phil up. "Come on."

After trying to search high and low for their little friend, they stopped when they heard sobbing coming from a north direction and Matt followed, trying to support the tired Phil who seemed like he couldn't move any longer. They suggested a break before but Phil wanted to keep on looking. The night sky burned before them. The soft beats of rain fell down and Matt allowed Phil to sit down while he turned his head to see Jeff lying down, curled up near a tree, his dress still sparkling in the moonlight and Jeff seemed to have been finishing his sixth bottle of champagne.

"God." Matt knew that Jeff drank but not this hard.

Phil hurried towards Jeff, the crutches fell and he fell onto the floor, crawling towards Jeff, ignoring the ripping pain that he'd felt and curled up towards Jeff. It was just a patch of nothingness it seemed, near a cliff, where soft waters continued to run.

"I don't understand what's so special about this place." Matt said.

Jeff stared up at Matt, 'this is the place where I died."

Matt's heart might've stopped. "W-what?"

Jeff looked towards Phil, 'remember the story I told you? It was real. I said it. It was real… the twelve year old was me and the eleven year old was you."

Silence roamed.

"One day, I saw you, you came around here to visit in the summer and you were just so beautiful…I was so jealous. I wasn't like Matt…I didn't have anything. Not anything at all. Except that everyone called me beautiful and when I saw you…I was just so jealous but I wanted you. I wanted you so bad. I still feel the same way…whenever I see your face, those eyes, that face, everything. You were the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life, Phil."

Silence once more as Jeff sighed.

"I took you towards this place because I wanted to see how you looked like in the moonlight. People always looked so pretty in the moonlight but I was still young, I didn't know my way around the forest. I called your parents and they said they'll pick you up. They found us and when we were about to go, the moon reflected on your face and…God, I was so jealous…I wanted you so bad…I hid behind a tree and told you that I got hurt. I just wanted to feel your lips against mine…I didn't know. I didn't want to hurt anyone…

"You came towards me and I faked an injury, Philly. You told your parents that you should stay for the night and I said that I knew a place, the cottage, remember? And when we got there, you all fell asleep but I couldn't…I just wanted you that bad…I didn't want to hurt anyone… I really didn't…I woke you up and said that I needed water. I kept walking you around in circles until we got lost then I said I'd get wood for a fire and that we'll find them later on. I went to get wood…then the next second, when I came back, you were gone…I was so scared…I didn't know where to go or where to turn…I really didn't want to hurt anyone!"

Jeff lingered in the silence for a moment.

"There was just nothing left…not even a piece of you…then I heard you screaming…your screams…they were still into my head…they were still so loud and…and…I didn't want to hurt anyone…and…I saw you, hanging off the cliff, you said you were looking for me and I tried to help you up. God, I really tried but I tripped and we both fell. I landed first, cracked my head, split it open…I don't care…but you kept on screaming, you were confused and you were bleeding and then your parents found you…your real parents…and they tried to get you, they really did but they ended up falling too…cracked their heads…I'm so sorry, Philly…I swear I'm so sorry! I really didn't want to hurt anyone! But I didn't just hurt myself…"

Phil just stared at him for a moment. "Jeff."

Jeff started sobbing, bringing the bottle of alcohol near him, 'this was my escape, Philly. I came here all the time and nobody knew who I was…I was a nobody…I posed as if I was still alive…" another multitude of sobs. "Nobody knew… they found you but nobody cared about me or your parents because something ate our bodies. They didn't know. I just knew…I didn't want…Matty…Philly…Daddy…I…I didn't want to hurt anyone…"

Phil held onto Jeff, holding him close, his head pressing against Jeff's neck.

Jeff just stared down at his love, 'I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Philly…but you can hold onto them right now, they're dead…you can hold onto me…but I'm dead. You can't bring me back to life…"

Phil sobbed, continued to cry while Jeff looked up at Matt's face, tears cascading, leaning down towards Jeff and kissing his forehead, 'I'm such a horrible person."

Jeff shook his head. "It's okay, Matty. I don't mind. Just leave me alone now. You have nothing to do with me."

"No, Jeffy…" Gilbert said, looking down at his son, 'we're not leaving you."

"Doesn't matter. I go back and win that contest…it won't matter at all… and Phil, 'Jeff turned towards Phil once more, kissing Phil's lips chastely, 'you'll never see me again, I swear you won't but keep on with your ice skating dream. It's not crushed. I'll be there holding you…everywhere… the ice, the sky, the sun…" Jeff stood up while Phil continued to hold onto Jeff's hands.

"No. Don't go." Phil begged.

"I have to." Jeff warmly smiled upon his lover.

"No…no…no…don't go. You're all I have left, Jeffy."

Jeff shook his head, 'you have Matt and Dad now." Then he turned towards Dad, hugging him, 'Mom says she loves you. I'll miss you so much."

Jeff turned to his brother. Jeff rubbed the tears off Matt's face as Matt sniffled once. "Matty, I'll be fine. Sheesh. But hey, now, you try and find me…" Jeff grinned, 'I have a new secret place. And thanks for quitting college."


"Angels will always be watching, don't they, Matt?"

Jeff nodded his head then kissed Matt's cheek. "Goodbye, everyone."


Jeff grinned once before a light eliminated the sky for a moment and Jeff flew off in the direction of the light, every star shining brighter than usual, Matt stared up for a moment before looking back at Phil. "I love you…" Phil simply said, closing his eyes and letting the feeling of warmth wash over him.

"You're dead alive/There is nothing left of you/I can see it in your eyes/Sing the anthem of the angels/And say the last goodbye/I keep holding onto you/But I can't bring you back to life/Sing the anthem of the angels/And say the last goodbye…"

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Song Used: "Awaken" – Disturbed
Rated: +18 – sex; language; dark
Summary: Killing. Incest. Underage sex. Crimes. Violence. Stealing. LEGAL. Contains incest, graphic, blood. High school ficlet! Has like 3-5 parts, XD!
Genre: Drama/Angst

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