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Song Used: "Awaken" – Disturbed
Rated: +18 – sex; language; dark
Summary: Killing. Incest. Underage sex. Crimes. Violence. Stealing. LEGAL. Contains incest, graphic, blood. High school ficlet! Has like 3-5 parts, XD!
Genre: Drama/Angst
Parts: 1/3

"Stripped of life, alone/In the midst of something that I/Want to play with your evil inside
wanting, letting go, of what never could be again/Lost and alone/Imprisoned now inside your mind/With the way you tried/To destroy me again/You were waiting and living for no one/With the way you tried/To completely refuse all your life…"

tuesday; crossing the line

Matt's POV

I turned around once more to stare at Jeff's body, his eyes staring at me with glee and want, and I knew that it was wrong, so wrong, but I wanted him so badly too. "Hush, Jeffy, we're almost there."

He didn't say anything but I knew that his body language said more than I wanted to hear. He pouted and stared down at the crystal-clear water, the cool water that refused to evaporate at the sight of the gleaming and shining sun. Then I looked back at Jeff, who still allowed the pout to control his mouth. "Matty…you weren't very nice to me." He simply stated, his eyes soft and childish.

I nodded my head. "I know, love. I'm just frustrated."

The destination was the island over there, the tininess of it, near Italy. We came from America and we'd been in this ship for longer than two months because we couldn't just afford a plane and besides, I was impatient. Jeff and me were two out of a huge bunch. There was Ted, Randy, Curt, Zack and that sparkle-ass guy that was Jeff's friend…John something.

I simply sighed as I sat down onto a chair and Jeff sat on top of my lap, softly kissing my lips, very chastely, very quickly, but the soft of the strawberry lipgloss he uses was on my lips when I licked it off. He put too much of that shit but still…

Jeff jumped up and ran towards John, hugging him and Curt and Zack were walking towards us, both of them looking lively and animated.

Normal POV

"Woo woo woo!" Zack said his very annoying catchphrase. "Hey, man, like how are you digging the ship? Awesome, no?"

Randy hit him. Just because he could. "It's my Dad's ship!"

"When he realizes that we ran off with his ship, he's gonna kill us, 'Ted said, sitting down onto a patio chair and crossing his legs together, Randy staring down at his little prize before starting to roughly kiss him just because he knew that Ted wasn't in the mood for Randy kisses, he never was come to think of it… Randy turned around to face Zack and Curt passionately kissing.

"Dude, you're brothers!" Randy exclaimed.

Curt pointed towards Jeff, 'he does it too."

"Yeah, but it's much hotter on the little innocent freak than you slut," Randy snapped. Curt pouted and Randy sighed, nodding his head towards him. Curt grinned, he had learned a few tricks from Jeff on how to get what he'd wanted and right now, it was obvious in those sparkly eyes that Curt wanted nothing more than to have Zack bang into him mercilessly. Jeff simply looked at the island that wasn't far away. "I heard it's beautiful! Does anyone else live there?"

"I don't give a damn." Ted snapped.

"He's just in a bad mood 'cause I made him do it three times this morning!" Randy simply said, sitting down beside Ted and kissing onto Ted's soft cheek, making Ted giggle at the warmth of Randy's lips towards his own cheek.

The island that was found in Italy had no rules at all. And that was were the high school friends were heading off too, because they needed the freedom more than anything and nearing towards the green land, Jeff jumped up and walked down towards it, staring around and then bouncing on and about.

"Jeffy! Don't you dare get out of my sight now!" exclaimed.

It was very island-like. The type in the movies. Looked deserted. Maybe somewhere inside, they could have salvation. Matt was happy that they had a ship and had wood and other things just in case they needed to build something but in the paper, it stated clearly that there were some inhabitants. Matt just walked with Jeff, holding onto his hand when Jeff got too animated and wanted to walk through. Jeff had Curt and Zack by his side and Matt had Randy and Ted by his side. The six teenagers made their way through the green forest and Randy just sat down beside a tree, plucking off berries from a nearby bush.

Jeff just eyed the bush. "Randy. That's Poison Ivy."

Randy nearly gagged as Jeff giggled. "I hate the fact that Jeff and Matt were in that Boy's Scouts thing when they were little. But hey, that skirt wasn't bad on you, Jeffro."

Matt just glared at him. "No one hits on my baby brother."

Randy nodded his head. "Yes, sir."

"Good." Matt simply plucked a blueberry from another bush and plopped it into his mouth, knowing exactly the type of bush he'd taken it from while Randy just scowled at Matt's knowledge that bragged all too much on its own by the berry that was sloshing into Matt's mouth. "Now, nothing's around here, right? Wait…where's Curt?"

"The idiot." Zack mumbled under his breath.

Randy just burst into laughter. "Sorry but Zack calling Curt an idiot is like Jeff calling Matt a slut."

"HEY! Am not!" Jeff shouted, pouting that pout of his and Randy just groaned at the face, looking away to where Curt had gone off too and in moments, the blonde had returned, staring at Jeff.

"Hey! I found people!"

"Really?! Show me!"


The two enthusiastically headed off, making Randy groan as he stood up, and the other four tried to pick up the speed, heading off into Jeff and Curt's direction.

"Twenty minutes on this island and already, two of us got lost. Awesome." Randy said, sarcasm dripping his voice as he stopped when they found Curt and Jeff standing there, and their faces looking at the boy in amazement.

Matt stopped. Shit.

He was gorgeous.

Black hair. Olive eyes. Pale flesh. And a skirt so flouncy that Matt wanted to touch his ass just to feel the skin underneath. The black top with an straight edge symbol written across in white, and the skirt was enough to turn on Matt.


Phil turned around and stared at Matt. "H-hello?"

"Jeffro, I'm leaving you." Matt simply stated.

"HEY! At least fuck me first."

"No, I'm a virgin. I want someone worthy."

Jeff pouted and Matt laughed, 'not gonna work on me, remember, Jeffro? I live in the same house and I see that face all the time."

"Fuck you."

"Yeah, the other one is gonna do it."

Jeff crossed his arms again his chest as Randy cleared his throat at Phil's presence, walking towards the girly boy. "Hey, do you live here?"

Phil nodded his head.

"Do your parents live here?"

"They're dead," Phil simply stated.

"Oh, I'm sorry that this jackass brought it up, 'Jeff tried being friendly, pushing his way towards Phil. "So you were born here?"

Phil nodded his head once more. "Yes…this is my home."

"Do you have any brothers or sisters? No relatives at all?"

Phil simply shook his head. "No. None."

"Aww…you poor thing, 'Jeff simply stated, staring at the straight edge cross on his t-shirt. "And you have to wear that straight edge sign?"

Phil nodded his head. "We do a lot of drinking here. I just love having pride in the only thing I can do that my friends can't, you know?"

"Friends? There's more of you?! AWESOME, DUDE!" Zack grinned.

"Don't mind him, 'Randy started. "He's an idiot."

Phil nodded his head towards Randy while Zack frowned, 'I don't like this chick."

"I'm a boy." Phil said, agitated and that caused Matt to howl with laughter as Randy smacked Zack on the back. "Do you want to meet my friends? They're…very…angry a lot though so you have to be very calm with them. And the orange sunglasses one mustn't say anything stupid."

"That's near impossible." Curt said, staring at his brother and lover.

"Only if the orange sunglasses one's brother starts being a little kinder to him."

"That's not gonna happen either."

Phil sighed as he twisted, the skirt moving, slowly sliding off his hips to expose beautiful pale flesh and Matt bit down at his lower lip as Phil made his way towards the cabins and he stopped when a fire was seen. Jeff grinned. It was just like Boy Scouts when they were young. A bunch of logs as couches, a fire lit for their food, a bunch of alcohol bottles, but instead of tents, there were cabins.

Phil knocked onto one cabin, only to see a comic book get thrown out of the window. Phil sighed as he knocked once more and decided to walk in, stepping in quietly to see the brunette. Cody's face was plastered with annoyance as Phil walked in. The other six teenagers slowly followed.

"Are you alright, Coddles?"

Cody shook his head, his eyes bubbling with tears. "She's dating him. She can't date him! He's the enemy!" Cody sniffled. "It's unfair!"

"It's just a comic book."

Cody shook his head. "No, it's not just a comic book! You know how much I love it, Philly! You know."

Phil nodded his head, kissing Cody's forehead. "It'll be okay."

"…oh shit."


So much for banning idiocy.

Cody was staring at Ted, and Ted was staring at Cody. Ted might've just been in the mood for sex for once, as he leaned down towards Cody and helped him up. "Hey, you know what? I bet that he's tricking her…"

"Maybe he isn't! Maybe the entire series is just gonna be all lovey dovey from now on! Felicia is not that evil that she won't change!" Cody exclaimed.

"Felicia? As in Felicia Gold?"

Cody nodded his head.

'For once having a little brother has done me good!' Ted exclaimed in his head. "You know that Johnny is too evil to change. He's going to trick Felicia for the key again…don't you remember that Johnny went through the potion guy? Love potion?"

"…that does make sense." Cody thought of it for a moment. "Thank you so much! You're better than Phil! He thinks it's stupid!"

"Excuse me!" Phil exclaimed, walking towards Cody and playfully pushing his friend's shoulder, 'but comic books are not my thing."

'He doesn't like comic books…his ass looks so tight from here…and damn, he smells good…' Matt blinked once or twice and looked at Randy who was enviously looking at Cody, a plot forming into Randy's head. "Hey, Ran, if you're gonna hurt Cody, then…"

"Ted is mine." Randy snapped.

"You do realize that Ted's not happen with you, right, man?" Matt reminded him.

Randy jus glared. "Doesn't mean that the little bitch can have him."

Matt knew that this was going to no good and he wanted to say something else but Phil held onto Matt's arm, and looked at him, blinking. "Hey. I'm wondering. You look like you're choking…do you think it's 'cause I put too much perfume?"

"You did!" Cody said, pouting. Phil laughed. He knew Cody only said that to spite him.

Matt shook his head. "No, not too much at all."

Shit. The perfume was enough to make Matt jizz in his pants.

Jeff wanted to slap that little seductive bitch right there…angry burning into his eyes as he stared at Phil's body language. He'd definitely kill the little bitch.

"What's the composition? I can't concentrate on looking at myself in the mirror!"

They all turned around to find the annoying Mike Mizanin there.

"Wait…the conceitedness reminds me…"

Jeff's eyes widened. "Shit. We forgot Morrison!"

John poked his head through the doorway, 'someone call me? And thanks guys for forgetting that I exist!"

Jeff giggled.

Matt rolled his eyes. "Speak of the bitch and she shall appear."

"Who's she?" John asked.

Matt slapped his forehead.

Jeff just glared at Matt as John slipped inside of the cabin. Phil nodded his head as he slipped his arms around Matt's neck and stared into his face. "You can sleep in my cabin…"

Jeff was gonna slap him. He was gonna do it right now.

"…with your brother of course."

Jeff nodded his head at him, crossing his arms. Matt just stared. He was sure just a moment ago that Phil was hitting on him but now…Jeff was confused but his anger subsided into nothing in moments.

That night, Matt and Jeff huddled into each other's arms and when Matt rolled over at some point and rolled back to find the presence of Jeff gone. He opened his eyes.

Jeff was standing in a very sexy outfit.

Matt was about to die.

He had a very short black tank top on that showed his belly and the flower piercing of his belly button. He had his tiny underwear and a see through babydoll through it all. Matt was just staring blankly at Jeff as he slipped down towards the floor and started onto kissing Matt. Matt pulled off the blanket he had on and as Jeff knew, Matt was naturally naked while asleep.

Jeff leaned down towards Matt and started making out with him.

"Shit." Matt mumbled at Jeff's technique of kissing. He'd never been kissed like that before. Matt wanted to better up so he sat up and threw Jeff onto the ground and now allowing himself to just show how much Jeff had turned him on, he topped him, attacking Jeff's lips once more, tasting and nearly sucking off all the strawberry lipgloss Jeff had on. Jeff's hands were balled into Matt's hair and Jeff broke the kiss to bite onto Matt's nipple. Matt let out a soft slurred groan. "Bitch."

Jeff's hand went towards Matt's cock, squeezing it as Matt attacked Jeff's lips again in show of dominance and Jeff felt Matt grab onto Jeff's shoulders, gripping onto them tightly. In seconds, Matt's hands were roaming across his body, tearing off the babydoll dress that Jeff had on, the feel of the heated flesh resting against Matt's equally hot one. He tore off Jeff's tank and bit down Jeff's nipple for revenge. Jeff let out a moan. "Bastard."

With that, Matt tore off Jeff's underwear, shoving himself as hard as he could've inside of him and Jeff felt Matt's cock inside of his tightness, Jeff was amazed at the pain and pleasure that could be in this… he closed his eyes to relax but Matt pushed himself out only to push himself back in.

"Hey!" Jeff exclaimed.

But Matt didn't take no. He wanted to show Jeff who ruled around here in sex. Matt shoved in and out of him, and in moments, Jeff gave in and held onto Matt's hair. Matt would give him shit about him trying to tear off his hair later but right now, he couldn't speak. His breaths were too short and rapid and he wanted to come inside Jeff now.

Matt slipped out and in as hard as he could've.

Jeff let out a s squeal.

That made Matt come inside of Jeff's ass. Jeff simply took a breath before releasing himself. "Shit."


"Now get that thing out of me." Jeff snapped.

"Yes, darling."

Then they heard the sound of something. Matt cleaned up their mess while Jeff looked for a change of clothing into his backpack, pulling out jeans and a t-shirt, he flickered the light switch on and looked around. "Why isn't Phil here?"

"He isn't?"

"Did you honestly think that I'd fuck you if Phil was around?!" Jeff exclaimed.

Jeff slipped out of the doorway and Matt followed, both of them slipping into the forest, looking for the ravenette as Matt leaned down towards the soil to see a symbol that seemed to be there but it was covered by dust and he looked around for Jeff again but he couldn't find him.


Matt blinked.


Oh shit.

Deeper in the forest still, Phil was watching the fire burn, his eyes tightening and then he heard the sound of him.

"You know that you're not supposed to take what's mine. We had an agreement about this years ago, Phil."

Phil let out a whimper. "Please…I didn't know he was yours…I didn't…"

"Phil, you're not like me."

"I'm exactly like you! We're the same kind, aren't we?"

A shake of head from the other figure.

"No! We work for different people. We may be of the same kind but we work for different people…and that sets us apart…I'm not like you anymore…"

And the other figure tackled Phil to the ground.

Oh shit.



"Feed on your nothing/You'll never live up to me…"

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