This will be the last chapter to this story, there is a sequel coming though.

On the bridge there was word of a hail from a ship "It's Romulan" said Worf, "Open hailing frequencies" said Picard, "Hailing frequencies open sir" said Worf.

Picard introduced himself then asked why the Romulans were in the area that they were in "Research" said the Romulan Captain, Deanna was not on the bridge but Lily turned to the Captain, "Sir I sense dishonesty, they do not tell the truth" she said, Riker looked at his daughter, so did Picard a little shocked "How so Ensign?" he asked, "They are hiding something sir, I sense they are up to something but what I do not know".

"Sir they are charging weapons!" said Worf, Picard muttered under his breath "You are truly your mothers daughter!", "Shields up, go to red alert!" he said aloud, Data looked confused, when done, Data looked at the Captain "she is her mothers daughter sir, how could she not be?', Picard looked at Data "It's an expression of speech, Data" he said, "Oh" said Data.

It soon came apparent that the Romulans wanted a fight so Worf being tactical officer, gave them one, "They have retreated sir" he said after awhile, everyone sighed "Now lets get to our destination" said Picard "Set the course speed for 8.9 Ensign Lily" he said, "course set sir" "Engage!" he said.

Sorry this chapter is short, sequel coming right up.