Summary: After making the ultimate sacrifice to save the ninja world, Naruto is rescued from certain death by the Supreme Kai. Now the greatest ninja from the hidden leaf village has a new mission, protect the earth.

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A Stroke of Luck

The Supreme Kai and Kibito had traveled to edge of the realm of the Kai's in order to repair a breach in the dimensional barrier. After a thorough inspection of the tear the two began their work of closing the rift. Both were calmly floating in a meditative stance. The work was almost done until the Supreme Kai suddenly sensed something and his eyes widened.

"Kibito! Someone's in there! We must get them out!" exclaimed the Supreme Kai.

"Impossible! King Yemma's men investigated this, it wasn't a forced tear, just result of an old extinct galaxy collapsing!" responded Kibito.

"I just sensed them arriving now! A tear from an adjacent realm opened quickly and they were sucked into this one before the breach closed. Rescue them before I complete the repair." ordered the Supreme Kai.

"Right away sir!" replied Kibito as he vanished into the void. He appeared to find an unconscious blond haired teen floating through the rift between worlds. The boys black and orange clothes we're ragged and his body looked badly burned.

"You are very lucky that the Supreme Kai sensed you, you surely would have died if left here after the tear closed. " stated Kibito before hefting the young man over his shoulder an teleporting out of the rift.

"I've got him sir!" declared Kibito now outside the rift standing next to Supreme Kai.

"Very good Kibito, now let me finish this here." Supreme Kai sent out one last pulse of energy and the rift closed. He turned and looked at the boy Kibito held over his shoulder.

'I sense a tremendous amount of latent energy in this boy, we must investigate this.' thought the Supreme Kai.

"Master, should I drop him off with one your subjects?" inquired Kibito.

"No Kibito we will take him with us, I must investigate this boy myself." replied the Supreme Kai.

"Sir, he is still mortal, we couldn't possibly bring him..." responded Kibito.

The Supreme Kai cut him off, "Kibito on my initial scan of this boy, I felt latent energy that rivaled the beast I sealed away several millenniums ago. Perhaps we have found a counter if the monster should ever be released again."

"Ye-Yes sir." stammered Kibito, his eyes widening to the size of dinner plates.

The two then fazed out of view and appeared back on the Supreme Kai's planet. Kibito laid the boy down on the ground before kneeling and beginning to heal his injuries.

"Sir, there are conflicting energies within his body. I will be unable to awaken him until they come into harmony." reported Kibito.

The Supreme nodded, "That is fine Kibito, we can scan his mind to find the source of the problem after his physical injuries are healed."

"Yes, sir." replied Kibito.

After a few minutes the healing was complete and Kibito then replaced the boy's tattered clothing with a dark blue version of one of their outfits.

"The first step is to scan his mind. Not only may we find to reason behind this state, we'll find about him as well." stated the Supreme Kai as both he and Kibito took a meditative stance. Soon the most recent memory of the young man flashed through their minds.

X-X-X-X-Flash Back-X-X-X-X-X

Within the vast expanse of the main Akatsuki hideout, the ground rumbled as the Gedo Mazo statue pulsed with power.

"You stubborn fool! What have you done!" exclaimed Madara.

"Invaded your base and sealed you inside to ensure your destruction." replied Naruto

"Naruto, I won't let you end my ambition! Konoha will be destroyed!" raged Sasuke.

"Forget about that you imbecile we must retreat!" yelled Madara as he initiated his mangekyou sharingan technique only to be stunned as it failed. "What is this! Why can't I open the time-space rift!"

"Say hello to the final gift of Itachi, the power to block your time/space ninjutsu! Since the founding of our village you have been meddling and destroying lives left and right! The Uchiha clan and its corruption ends here! Demonic Sage Final Technique: Self-Destruction!" declared Naruto standing proud with his fist clenched and a defiant look in his eye.

Madara, Sasuke and the rest of the Akatsuki could only look on in horror as Naruto's body glowed red before an explosive wave of red energy exploded from him overtaking the entire base and triggering an second explosion from the Gedo Mazo containing the other Bijuu.

X-X-X-X-X-Flash Back End-X-X-X-X-X-X

From this memory the two went back through his entire life including memories that he couldn't access because he was too young like the sealing of the Kyuubi.

"This boy has one of the most noble souls I have ever met. To sacrifice oneself for an ungrateful world he is truly a hero of the highest caliber." stated the Supreme Kai.

"Bound together at birth with the fox. The willpower to withstand the temptations of its power is astounding, but his body was not meant to use demonic power." said Kibito.

"That may have been true before, but the boy's body over time began to adapt to the demonic energies. The beast seems have attempted to modify its vessel to either ensure its survival or simply take the body as its own at some point. It would have worked but the seal made the process occur too slowly." countered the Supreme Kai.

"I see. We can accelerate the process somewhat so that his body can handle the demonic energies." said Kibito.

"Yes. Also, we will remove the soul of the beast and cast it into Makai. Now let's get started." ordered the Supreme Kai.

The two stood a few feet away from the body before raising their arms outstretched. Soon Naruto's body levitated into mid air, a purple aura surrounding him. After a few minutes the whisker marks on his face sharpened a bit and the muscle mass increased all over his body.

"It seems the facial markings were not from being the vessel, they were his own to begin with." observed the Supreme Kai. "Now that we have modified the body, we must go inside to remove the soul of the beast and cast it into Makai."

The two vanished in a flash of light and reappeared inside the sewer like mind scape of the blond in front of the seal.

"For such a primitive people to create such a technique is impressive, despite how barbaric it is." commented the Kibito.

"The will power of this young man is what truly holds this beast back." replied the Supreme Kai.

"Who dares enter my domain!" snarled the Kyuubi as its eyes opened from behind the gate.

"Demon you're lucky your vessel was found by the Supreme Kai. You will now gain your freedom and the boy will be rid of you once and for all." retorted Kibito defiantly.

"As soon as I am free from this cage I will devour everything in my path, starting with you!" roared the Kyuubi.

"You will be doing no such thing, the boy's body has become accustomed to holding your power. Your power will remain here and you will be cast into the realm of Makai with nothing left but your tainted soul." proclaimed the Supreme Kai. He then raised his hand and hit the Kyuubi with a spell.

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! THIS IS MY POWER!" roared the Kyuubi before suddenly its body bloated and it clamped its claws over its mouth. The Kyuubi's attempts to suppress its power back down within its core proved futile as a massive red orb forced it way up threw its throat and out of its mouth. After the process completed the Kyuubi's size reduced to that of a normal fox.

"NOOOOOOO!" screamed the fox as the Supreme Kai hit with another spell that banished it to the realm of Makai. With another pulse of his power, the seal and the sewer faded away to reveal a forest with a blue ball of energy illuminating the sky. The red orb in front of them then rose to join to the blue orb in the sky.

"Our work here is done. The rest will occur naturally over time." The two then vanished from the mind scape back to the real world.


Shortly after reappearing in the real world Naruto finally began to awaken. The two simply observed him as he came too muttering random nonsense. When he looked up in true Naruto fashion he spoke the first thing that came to his mind.

"Is everyone in the afterlife that ugly?" followed by, "Hey a fish man!"

A tick mark appeared on Kibito's forehead as he promptly berated the blond for a lack of respect for the Supreme Kai as said Kai chuckled in amusement. The Supreme then proceeded to explain the situation to him, how he was rescued, and what they did to him. Naruto simply nodded sagely as if he understood everything that was going on. Then the Supreme Kai laid his cards on the table.

"I have a proposition for you. Long ago I sealed away a great evil inside a planet. If this being were ever to be released it could mean the end of all life as we know it. I believe you have the potential to defeat this being after some training and preparation I want to send you there. You can consider it a mission."

Naruto scratch his head, "So let me get this straight, I'm not dead, you pulled me out of a dimensional rift, removed the fox from my gut, left me a bunch of its power and all you want me to do is go guard some planet in return."

After receiving a nod from the Supreme Kai he continued, "If I find a good ramen stand there, I'll get people to start worshiping you."

At this they both face planted into the ground. "That's it? I figured you'd be more inclined to find away to return home." stated a surprised Supreme Kai.

NAruto shrugged, "I already made peace with my old life when I resigned myself to self destructing to stop those guys from taking over the world. Besides I could be an even bigger legend, Naruto Uzumaki Inter-Galactic Ninja!"

"But, you're part demon now. Surely that has to be startling?" questioned Kibito.

"Who cares?" Naruto shrugged before he rubbed his hands together with a maniacal grin on his face, "Now you said something about training!"

"Yes! Kibito take us too the Grand Kai of earth's sector." exclaimed Supreme Kai joyous that his plan was coming to fruition.

"Right away." Kibito placed a hand on the both of them and the trio vanished.


Naruto stood there stunned for a moment after they appeared on the Grand Kai's planet before jumping up and down in excitement.

"You have to teach me how to do that!"

At this Kibito smirked, "Maybe later."

The trio stood outside of giant white palace when suddenly and old man wearing jeans and denim jacket walked out the front door. He danced around while listening to rock music on the boom box he held in his hand.

"Pretty fly for an old guy." blurted Naruto.

"Show some respect for the Grand Kai!" yelled Kibito.

"I take it as a compliment, that the young ones still think I'm the essence of cool. Supreme Kai what can I do you for?" said the Grand Kai.

The Supreme Kai proceeded to explain the entire situation to him. At this the Grand Kai gave Naruto a look over before speaking.

"I see. Yes a very rare find indeed. No problem I'll have North Kai whip him into shape."

"Kibito if you could go retrieve him for us. He'll know the most about the current situation on earth." stated the Supreme Kai.

"Right-away sir." replied Kibito before vanishing. Seconds later he re-appeared with King Kai.

"Supreme Kai, sir! I'm honored." exclaimed King Kai as he bowed.

"Please North Kai the honor is all mine since, I have come to ask you a favor. Kibito has debriefed you on to situation?"

"Yes he has...'He must not know about Goku and the others. They could use extra help with those androids coming. Let's see if he can be of any help.'...let's see Naruto? Let me get a good reading of you." King Kai turned to face the blond with his antennae perking blond stood there impatiently before King Kai spoke again.

"Yeah, I can whip him into shape. Get him ready to go in say two and a half years?" 'Just in time for those androids'

"Excellent!" remarked the Supreme Kai.

"What how is that possible! He should require a much lengthier amount of training time." stated Kibito.

"We will have to modify it a bit but his trademark technique, the shadow clone, is the key. Everything the clone learns the user learns."

"I can do over a century worth of training in this amount of time." replied Naruto with a smirk.

"Don't get too cocky. I'm going to have to rebuild you from the basics. The earth will be a fine place for him reside. On of my pupils resides on that planet, he should be able to help him adapt. Now first things first." King Kai raised his hands in the air and suddenly four small rings of energy appeared around Naruto's wrists and ankles. The clamped down upon him before he plummeted to the ground.

"I want you to forget everything you ever learned about chakra. I'm going to teach you how to use your purely physical energy. First step figure out how to stand up."

"Why would I want to do that? Some on my most destructive techniques are from chakra." growled a struggling Naruto.

"Just think of it this way. Using chakra gave you more precision but less power, however if your enemy is strong enough precision won't matter you need to over power him. From you memories I deduced that the strongest opponent you fought could level an entire village?" at this Naruto nodded, "Well I'm going to make you strong enough to fight guys who can level an entire planet!"

At this statement Naruto gained a maniacal gleam in his eye before suddenly forcing himself to his knees.

'Kids so easy to motivate these days.' thought King Kai while shaking his head.

"Well then good luck to you. We'll be back later to check up your progress." The supreme Kai waved before he and Kibito vanished from the area. The Grand Kai turned his boom box back on and danced his way back inside the mansion.

"Speaking of kids, I should tell Goku the good news." muttered King Kai. The other world overseer's antennae perked up as he made contact with his most powerful student back on Earth.

'Hey, Goku! I've got great news!' King Kai communicated telepathically.

'Hey, King Kai! Long time no see! Did you find someone to help us fight the androids?' responded Goku.

'No, I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO! Bwahahaha!' joked King Kai.

Goku was completely lost, 'They have car insurance in other world? Who knew?'

King Kai shook his head, 'Tough crowd. Never mind that! I've got someone to help you fight the androids! The Supreme Kai wants relocate one his warriors to my sector, more specifically the earth.'

This caught the Saiyan's attention, 'Wow! I can't believe it! There's a Supreme Kai too?'

'There's a bunch more Kais, but that's not important.' replied King Kai. 'The Supreme Kai buried a great source of evil within the Earth long ago. He wants to send his man there to protect it from anyone who might come looking for it.'

'But, we already have plenty of people protecting the Earth.' reminded Goku.

'I already know that! However, the Supreme Kai has not checked on the planet in a while. If he knew about all you guys he might just keep him here and I figured you'd need all the help you can get with these Androids. Besides the Supreme picked this guy out personally, so he's got to have a ton of talent.'

Goku was sold, 'A warrior sent by the Supreme Kai must be incredibly strong! I can't wait to fight him!'

'You saiyans are always looking for the next challenge. You still have two and a half years before the androids arrive and he has to finish his training here under me. After i whip him into decent fighting shape, I'll have you and a few of the others come to meet him.'

'Sounds good to me!' replied an enthusiastic Goku.

"What did King Kai want?" asked Piccolo.

"Apparently, he found somebody to help us out with the Androids." informed Goku.

"Who could he find that would be strong enough to help?" asked Gohan.

"There's actually someone who is King Kai's boss, a Supreme Kai. The Supreme Kai discovered this mystery fighter and wants train him to defend against some great evil he sealed away." replied Goku.

That threw Piccolo for a loop, "You're telling me there's a Supreme Kai? And he found this guy? Are we reviving some dead warrior with the dragonballs or something?"

Goku shook his head, "Nope, I'm pretty sure he's alive. The Supreme thinks he's loaded with potential. I don't think you'd say that sort of thing about a dead guy. Looks like the future might be changing after all."