During the four days that followed, Troy and Gabriella spent every second of their time together. They took trips to the park, stayed in bed until noon cuddling, went out to dinner, and saw movies. They were both sad that their time together was coming to an end, but then told themselves that in about a year, they would be renting an apartment together.

Jack and Chad had learned to accept the fact that Troy wasn't going to U of A and actually managed to feel happy for him. Chad would miss playing basketball with Troy, but he would get over it. And Troy's relationship with Gabriella actually inspired him to try to stay close to Taylor throughout their college years, even if it meant missing a Red Hawks' game every so often to go visit her at Yale.

Sharpay had also changed. She was becoming one of Gabriella's best friends, and also more of a friend than a bossy older sister to Ryan. She supported both Troy and Gabriella's relationship and Ryan and Kelsi's. She had also decided to stop distracting herself with other boys and stay with Zeke. After all, no one else really put up with the way she acted, and anyone who liked her for who she was-or used to be-deserved a chance.

The day Gabriella left to go to California was a sad day. All her friends went to Troy's house to say good-bye to her. She returned the good-byes with as little tears as possible. However, Troy drove her to the airport, and when she needed to say her final good-byes to him, it definitely wasn't easy. She sobbed and clung to him as if she would never let go. Troy was tempted to take her back to his truck and invite her to stay at his house until he moved to California for college, but then decided that her mother would be upset about that, as would his parents.

"Good-bye, Wildcat," Gabriella managed to say as gave Troy one last hug and kiss. "I'll miss you. And I love you."

"Good-bye. I'll miss you-and I love you-too," Troy returned. Then, as he let go of Gabriella, he added in a whisper, "Gabriella Bolton."

Even though it was a sad parting, Troy and Gabriella just kept thinking about the future. And they both decided that when Troy arrived in California at the end of the summer, it would be something to celebrate.

In those two and a half weeks, so much had happened-both good things and bad. What was going to happen in the future, no one knew. But Troy and Gabriella both knew that if they were together, there was nothing they couldn't make it through.

Sorry the epilogue was so short:( I'm gonna miss writing this story:( I hope you all enjoyed it, and again, I apologize for the unreasonably short epilogue; I just didn't know what else to put in it. I'll finish Spring Break next, and then work on Whatever it Takes and try to get ideas for HSM8, which I apologize for putting on hiatus.