A/N: This is my first Leverage fic. I hope I've done the show justice. :)

Game of Wits

Theirs is a game of wits, of manipulation and of waiting. She has been aware of it since the first moment she set eyes on him. There has always been something resembling electricity between them and they have struggled with it every day since. They are opposites in so many ways and it's just not logical. She is well aware that it isn't. But she can't help it.

While she ran from him, she longed for him. She yearned for him to be the one to capture her and bring her down. She longed for his care. She wanted for him to care about her. The care he put into chasing her was not nearly enough to satisfy her.

She has spent years as a grifter, years and years stealing, but there is something much more desirable about capturing his heart. She isn't there quite yet but she can feel the slippery edges with her fingertips. Soon.