Our story begins at a beachfront luxury hotel built front of a beautiful beach in San Diego. A figure, only dressed in a pair of black trousers, walks down the corridors of the hotel until he reaches one of the hotel's tub rooms.

He opens the door of the tub room, revealing MistressOfDawn,PhoenixOFTheDarkness, Kitten Hachi-chan, Jill Valentine, Hotaru Tomue, Noel Vermillion, Erza Scarlet, CC, Kula Diamond, Ai Enma and Nozomi all sitting in a hot tub, dressed in bikinis.

All the girls sighed upon seeing the figure. "Hello Loony…" They all said in unison.

Lunatic121 smirked and lifts his head up to the girls. "Hello my beautiful ladies. You have all waited long enough." He said with a smirk.

"LOONY!" All the girls said as they come out of the hot tub and gathered around the insane Author Fighter and rest their heads and hands on him.

"Poor things…" Lunatic smiled as he turns to Kitten. He lifts her chin up with his finger and leans his head closer to Kitten. Suddenly, blood splashes onto the screen.

TLSoulDude and Dimensiondude cover their noses as their noses bleed furiously as they listen to their brother's imagination, who is sitting on his chair.

"And all the girls' tongues were be all over my fire tower, like little birds." Lunatic said with a huge grin. "My naughty thing softly entered their juicy flesh…"

"CUT IT OUT, LOONY! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING?" Soul yelled, covering his nose.

"I just wanted to fire the atmosphere." Loony smirked as he got up from his chair and walks over to the door. "Well bros, I guess it's time for us to go."

"Go where?" D-dude asked.

Lunatic smiled at him as he holds up an invitation. "To go to San Diego of course! DW has invited us to go on a beach vacation with him! Just think about it guys, delicious barbeque dinners, beautiful girls in bikinis, watching beautiful girls play volleyball and other activities, not to mention seeing girls' hot bodies…"

"OKAY! WE GET IT!" Soul and D-dude yelled as blood trickle down from their noses.

Author Fighters OVA: Beach Vacation

Chapter 1: Let The Fun Begin!

(San Diego, California, USA)

Coronado Beach, one of the most beautiful and finest beaches in the United States. Today, the Author Fighters and their teammates have all come to the beach to spend their time relaxing and resting. It has been some time since the Author Fighters foiled Drake's latest scheme, so DW64 and his friends decided to spend their time off from their daily Author Fighters duties.

"Wow! I don't believe it! The sea! We're actually here!" Kula smiled happily as she looks at the view of the beach and the sea. DW64 and his solo team, The Omega Eleven were the first to arrive at the beach.

DW64 is dressed in a blue jacket, black shorts and sandals. He also has his favorite silver cross necklace worn around his neck.

His girlfriend and second-in-command, Noel Vermillion, is dressed in a white bikini and sandals.

Carl Clover, the team's magician, is dressed in a simple white tank top and purple shorts.

Ragna the Bloodedge, the team's swordsmaster, is dressed in a red jacket with flower patterns and black shorts.

CC, the team's assassin, is dressed in a blue one-piece swimsuit and has a white hat on her head.

Kula Diamond, the team's ice elemental fighter, is dressed in a purple bikini. She also has a yellow beachball with her.

Erza Scarlet, the team's strategist, is dressed in a black bikini and her hair is tied to a ponytail.

Finally, Ellis, the team's comic relief and shotgun user, is dressed in blue shorts and sandals. DW and his team look at the beach in awe. Coronado beach is a huge stretch of coast with lots of sand. Many people were present on the beach, doing various activities such as sun-bathing, building sandcastles, playing volleyball and surfing at the sea.

"Ah, it feels really good!" Carl smiled as he adjusts his glasses. "To come to the sea with everyone else."

"Don't sweat it guys." DW shrugged. "DarkMagicianmon said to take it easy once in a while."

Noel blushes as she looks back at her bikini. "This bikini does look good on me but showing off my midriff is kinda embarrassing." She said sheepishly.

"Don't worry Noel." CC smirked at her. "It doesn't really matter what you wear since you don't have any boobs to show off."

Noel's eyes twitched and yelled at CC, "WHAT DOES THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN?"

"Please! Calm down guys! We're here to relax!" Ragna said.

"That's right. Let's just relax and try to have some fun. After all, that's why we're all here, right?" Erza said with a smile.

"Well said, my beautiful Erza!" Carl and Ellis both said with hearts in their eyes.

"Right guys. This is our reward from saving humanity from extinction. So guys, I want you all to have some fun and relaxation." DW said.

"DW!" A voice yelled. DW and his team turn their heads and see MistressOfDawn, Jill Valentine, Hotaru Tomue, and Atton Rand walking over to the beach.

Dawn is dressed in a white bikini and sandals.

Her second-in-command, Jill Valentine is dressed in a blue tank top and a black mini-skirt, the same outfit she wore in Resident Evil 3.

Hotaru Tomue is dressed in a black bikini.

Atton Rand is dressed in a white tank top and blue shorts.

"Mistress! You guys come just in time." DW smiled as MistressOfDawn and her Darkness Shroud teammates walk over to him and his team. "Where's Starkiller? I thought you will also bring him here."

"Galen Marek is at the hotel. He doesn't really like the heat." Mistress replied. "Anyways DW, thanks for organizing this beach vacation for us! It's really what me and my team needs!"

"Mistress, I'm really embarrassed in this swimsuit." Hotaru said, looking down at her bikini.

"C'mon Hotaru. What's wrong with you? Pull yourself together and enjoy it." Jill said, wrapping an arm around Hotaru.

"That's right Hotaru. It's really cute." Mistress said, smiling at Hotaru. Hotaru blushes and smiles back at Mistress. She nodded.

"Umm…do I get to say anything?" Atton asked.

"Hey guys! Don't start without us!" Jean yelled as he and his teammates, Kaidoh Kaoru, Nozomi, Ai Enma and Dejiko arrived at the beach as well.

Jean is dressed in black sunglasses, a brown hat, a red jacket with flower patterns, black shorts and sandals. Kaidoh Kaoru, his team's grenade launcher, is dressed in a simple white tank top and blue shorts.

Nozomi, his girlfriend, is dressed in a white bikini.

Ai Enma, his team's demon girl, is dressed in a black one-piece swimsuit and a brown straw-hat.

Finally, Dejiko, his team's sharpshooter, is dressed in a white one-piece swimsuit and sandals.

"Jean, good to see you!" DW said as Jean walks over to him and gives him a high-five.

"Good to see you too DW." Jean said.

"Wait for us!" Kitten Hachi-chan yelled as she, Nukid, X Prodigy, Agent Liberi, PhoenixOfTheDarkness, Wildrook and JC619 arrive at the beach as well.

Kitten Hachi-chan is dressed in a green bikini and sandals.

Nukid is dressed in black shorts.

X Prodigy is dressed in white shorts.

Agent Liberi is wearing his SPI armor and a pair of sunglasses.

Phoenix is dressed in a light blue bikini and a white hat.

Wildrook is wearing a pair of sunglasses and a pair of red shorts.

Finally, JC is dressed in black shorts with the CWF logo on it and sandals.

"Nukes! JC! X! Liberi!" DW smiled.

"Kitten! Phoenix!" Mistress said as the six authors walk over to them.

"Yeah, we are all ready to have fun!" Nukid smiled.

DW turns to the sea and has a look of determination on his face. "Right! Let's all have some fun!" He yelled.

Meanwhile, a bus pulled to a stop as it arrived at Hotel del Coronado, a luxury hotel built in front of the beach. The hotel is one of the oldest and largest all-wooden buildings in California. This famous hotel has also hosted US presidents, famous celebrities and royalty throughout the years. The Fictor Brothers immediately grab their bags and step out.

"Is this the hotel?" Soul asked Loony. Loony looks at the invitation DW sent to him.

"Yup. He clearly says Hotel del Coronado. So, let's go in." Loony said.

After booking their room, the Fictor Brothers go to the second floor of the hotel. They walk down the hallway until they arrive at their room.

"Here we are. Room number 2143." Soul said. He turns the doorknob and opens the door. Soul, D-dude and Loony then widen their eyes and jump in surprise when they see Galen Marek, dressed in a grey tank top and grey shorts, lying on one of their beds.

"Hey, you're Starkiller, right? What the hell are you doing in our room?" Loony asked.

"Oh, and you guys must be Mistress's teammates. I'm here because I hate the heat and I don't really like hanging out with others. So I'm here at the hotel to relax." Galen said as he rose up from the bed.

"But this is our room!" Soul yelled.

"Yeah! You can't just break into our room like that!" D-dude added.

"Oh, sorry then guys. Anyways, aren't you guys supposed to be changing into your shorts? DW, Mistress, Jean and everybody else are already down at the beach playing." Galen said.

"Oh yeah right! We got to change into our swimwear now! I can't believe DW and the others start without us!" Loony said to his brothers.

"Yeah, just changing into our shorts. What could possibly go wrong?" Soul shrugged.

"Good luck guys." Galen said as he stood up and walks his way out of the room.


DW: And I shall end the chapter here. I hope I portray everyone correctly. And I also can't promise if you will play a big role in the OVA or just a cameo. Anyways, stay tune for the next chapter and read and review!