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Chapter 9: End of a Vacation

(Two Days Later)

After packing their stuff, everybody except DM, Airnaruto and Hikari groaned as they walked through the hotel lobby with their bags

"Thank you for staying at Hotel del Coronado, we hope to see you again." The receptionist bowed as the Author Fighters walked past him.

"No problem." DM smiled at the receptionist.

Soon after, the Author Fighters walked out of the hotel where a bus was parked outside, ready to take them back to HQ. They turned around and face the hotel entrance one last time.

"Is everybody ready?" Hikari asked everyone. Everyone nodded. "Now then,"

The Author Fighters then bowed down and said in unison, "Thanks for taking care of us for the last three days."

Kula then broke into tears. CC placed a hand on her shoulder. "Come on Kula, don't cry." She said.

"But…I've become attached to this place." Kula cried as she wipes her tears.

"Attached to this place in just three days?" Jill sweatdropped.

"I'm sure gonna miss this place." DW muttered.

"Me too." Mistress said, lowering her head.

"Come on guys, don't feel down. Let's take a picture so that we can always remember this vacation!" Hikari smiled as she took out a camera.

"Good idea Hime. Author Fighters, gather around!" DM said to his allies. Everyone nodded and they all gathered around with DarkMagicianmon standing in the middle.

Hikari walks over to a bellboy and asked, "Sir, don't mind taking a picture for us?"

"Sure." The bellboy nodded as he takes the camera. Hikari then quickly runs over to the others and stands next to DM. The bellboy said as he turns to the Author Fighters.

"Before we take the picture, I would like to say thank you to DW64 for organizing this beach vacation for us." DM said to DW. Everyone nodded in agreement.

DW chuckled as he scratches the back of his head. "No problem guys. It was nothing." He admitted.

"But soon, we will have to go back to our duties as Author Fighters and continue our battle against the Darksides." DM said. "But I hope we can have another vacation like this again soon!" Everyone nodded.

"Smile everyone." The bellboy said.

Everybody then turn to the camera and strike their poses. DW and Noel smiled as they wrap their arms around each other. DM and Hikari both smiled as Hikari rests her head on DM's shoulder. Carl, Ragna, Ellis, CC, Kula and Erza all sit on the ground and smile. Nukid, Mistress, Jiro, Jill, Hotaru, Atton smiled and gave peace signs. Jean wraps an arm around Nozomi. Enma and Galen just fold their arms and stared at the camera. Dejiko and Kaidoh place their hands on their hips. Liberi salutes. Airnaruto, Wildrook, X, JC, Phoenix and Kitten wrap their arms around each other and the Fictor Brothers simply smiled.

"Next time, let's go to Acapulco!" Loony yelled.

Phoenix, Kitten and Soul all turned to Loony and glared. They jumped onto him and stomp the crap out of him just as the bellboy took a still picture of the Author Fighters.



Yuri Lowenthal as DW64
Hayden Panettiere as MistressOfDawn
Vic Mignogna as Nukid
Drake Bell as Jean Kazuhiza
Christian Bale as DarkMagicianmon
Stephanie Sheh as Hikari Ino
Kevin Conroy as Airnaruto45
Jason Statham as X Prodigy
Benjamin Diskin as JC 619
Kate Higgins as Kitten Hachi-Chan
Dakota Fanning as PhoenixOfTheDarkness
Frank Frankson as Wildrook
Joaquin Phoenix as TLSoulDude
James Arnold Taylor as Lunatic121
Doug Jones as Dimensiondude
Cristina Valenzuela as Noel Vermillion
Michelle Ruff as Carl Clover
Patrick Seitz as Ragna the Bloodedge
Eric Ladin as Ellis
Stephanie Sheh as Kula Diamond
Kate Higgins as CC
Stephanie Young as Erza Scarlet
Jennifer Gould as Hotaru Tomoe
Patricia Ja Lee as Jill Valentine
Nicky Katt as Atton Rand
Samuel Witwer as Galen Marek
David Lodge as Kaidoh Kaoru
Jessica Gee as Dejiko
Brina Palencia as Ai Enma
and Kenji Matsuda as Jiro

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