Knot Funny

Her eyes widen when she enters Nathan's library and she stops barely two steps inside. Spinning around to fix him with a bewildered look, she waves her arms about at the room and its contents. "Nate!"

"Sophie," he replies.

"Bugger! These books! You... I thought you said you gave most of your money away to charity?" Without waiting for him to answer, she starts to explore the room. Bookshelves line every wall, all of them packed to the rim with books, old and new. Several more bookshelves, stacked just as heavily, form aisles down the centre of the room.

She trails her fingers over one of the shelves, eyeing the books in awe. At the end of the shelf, she hesitates. The carpet is rich, dark blue and contrasts nicely with the dark wood of the bookshelves. Off to the right is a table with a comfortable-looking chair perched under it.

Nathan simply smiles at her and shrugs. "The operative word there is 'most'."

"How do the others not know about this?" She inspects the thin film of dust on her fingertips.

"Oh, I'm sure they do know. I don't see why I shouldn't indulge myself just a little bit though." He follows her as she straightens up and then moves around the end of the bookshelf. She wanders along the next one, peering at the books and occasionally pausing to touch a finger to the spine of one or to pick one up and flick through it.

"There are books on every topic I could get a hold of," Nate adds. "From forensic science to Buddhism to books on how to tie certain types of knots."

"You certainly have an impressive collection!" She replaces a book on fishing and picks up another on skydiving. "I'm sensing a theme."

"Oh?" Nate turns from her and wanders further up the aisle from her. She isn't certain whether he is intentionally avoiding her gaze or just moving about casually and so spends a moment studying him intently.

"Yeah," she drawls. "It seems to me a lot of these books are non-fiction. A lot of them explain how to do things one might find useful in our line of work, too. Nate, are you planning something?"

"Nope. I just like to be prepared," he replies easily.

"Riiight. Well, Nate?"


"You're definitely prepared here. But reading a lot isn't all you need to be prepared for our jobs. You know that right?" She replaced the book.

"I also like to read," he adds, smirking. His smirk fades. "And yeah. I know that. But it's a boost. It's a good place to begin."

She nods and walks a few metres, pausing again to check out another book. "Oh! I found one of those knot tying books you mentioned. It's." She flips through it. "Oh, wow, Nate! There's some kinky stuff in here!" She looks at him accusingly.

Nate shrugs and tries to hide his unease. "Research?"

"Oh, I'm sure." She smirks. "Maybe we should try something out of this one day."

"It's not supposed to be kinky anyway. That was just a few pages in that book. I bought if for the rest of the knot tying bits. There's something in there about boats."

"When are we ever gonna use that?" she teases.

Before he can answer, she's slinking away with the book still in her hands. At the doorway, she glances back at him. "I'm just gonna borrow this one. I hope you don't mind."

He sighs and shakes his head. "Whatever. Knock yourself out."

"I do that, I won't be able to tie myself up too. I'll need someone else to do that."

"Sophie," he warns.

She smirks and disappears off into the rest of the house, missing the smile that makes its way onto his face.