You Carry On

"What's that now?" Cal waves at her offhandedly between flicking his gaze from the screen to her and back again. His expression is contorted into one of confusion mixed with the look he wears when he's trying to figure something out.

Gillian chews a few more times and then pushes the wad of pink bubblegum to the side of her mouth to answer. "I'd have to say contempt. The way he's-"

"No. In your mouth. What's that you're chewing on?" Cal interrupts.

Her eyes widen. "Oh!" She runs her tongue over the gum, repositioning it in her mouth again. "It's bubblegum. Would you like some? I can go and get my purse if you'd like."

Cal pauses the tape and turns full around to face her. The disgust at the thought of chewing on gum is clear on his face. "No. No I'm quite all right, darlin'. You carry on though."

"I will," she replies, grinning at him before resuming chewing.

Cal stares at her for a moment longer and then shakes his head. "Right then," he says. He turns back to the screen and presses 'play'. "Contempt, you said."