Three Lies & One Truth

"Have a good night."

A lie. He wants her to have a terrible night that won't end with a goodnight kiss and future dates with Mr Sparkly Teeth, Lawyer Boy. He doesn't want her with this guy, just as he didn't want her to waste herself on Alec when they were together.

Still, he pastes on a smile and pats her fondly on the shoulder. "Have a good night," he repeats.

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine."

The truth is he isn't fine and he won't be. That doesn't give him the right to crash her plans now, does it? He'll return home to a bottle of scotch and drink himself fine. He won't ruin her day because he's feeling off.

He's too stubborn to admit it anyway. That's the story he's sticking to.

He catches a glimmer of guilt in her eyes and knows she's seen through his lie. He guides her to the door, faking a smile. "Go. I'll be fine."

"That dress looks beautiful on you."

It's not altogether a lie but it's also not the complete truth. The dress is simple and elegant, hugging her form like it was made for her. It's a shade of ocean blue that brings out the colour of her eyes and the silver chain that she's wearing with it makes it all the more enticing.

He offers her a cocky grin. "Course I might be lying. Could be I just want to charm it off you."

"I like you more than a friend."

It's simple, he thinks, but she looks at him like he just told her he is planning on using magic to turn himself into a turtle with a naturally bright pink shell. Shifting from foot to foot, swaying slightly, he watches her and tries to show her with just his facial features and his expressions, that he means it.

He does mean it - a lot. And when realisation spreads over her face, he can't help but grin, even as his heart pounds loudly in his chest.

She steps forwards and his hand catches hers. "And I think," he tells her, "You like me more than a friend, too."