= Prologue =

Rook's recovery from the Dark Wing bite was fast. He felt no ill symptoms and prison life returned to a sort of normality. That is, when you put aside the weekly brawls and attempted breakouts. Rook learned a few more lessons of prison life on the side of the guards. Not all of these were pain-free lessons of course. Flek and Karbo kept Rook out of trouble, but even they couldn't be with him twenty-four hours a day.

When Rook felt depressed, he'd often have a few drinks with Queck. For gossip, Rook usually turned to Sammy. The young inmate was practically a gold-mine worth of information, shame he had to leave at the end of the month. Rook was happy for him and offered to meet up with him again on the outside someday.

Barka and Weslee continued training with weights. They were instructing the other Wishers members about good prison etiquette, if such a thing exists. Scraper was up to his old tricks. Mainly starting fights with the other inmates. Rook bothered Scraper, ever since Rook showed him up in the food hall. Scraper wanted revenge… but was it possible?

= * = * =

Chapter 1: Bodies

Rook has been in Keeya Prison for a month now. Times were good at the moment. However, nothing lasts forever. A few days after the snow had started falling, strange sightings were being reported from all areas of the prison. Shadowy figures, along with screams in the night. Ebertto and Baeny were struck down during the previous night, Alon found them passed out on their patrol route. An emergency meeting was called for some of the red cappers, Flek was among them.

Flek grimaced. "I found Garlett this morning, another bite." Nakka was in a panic. "That's three bodies now, three!" Flek shook his head, "No choice then, call up the hunters... This Dark Wing problem has become much worse..."

Rook was in the middle of his evening meal. He was just about to dip some bread into some soup when he heard a noise from his headset. He clicked the receiver, "I'm eating. What's up?" Flek chuckled, "You realise that everyone can hear you on this? I just wanted to let everyone know… The Hunters are on call again." Rook was taken aback, he clicked the receiver back into the off position. "Ode, what do we do now?"

Rook secretly disliked the Hunter's armour. It was heavy and the black fabric always bothered him. Still, it was his obligation and no amount of fidgeting would make this any easier for him. He was now among the Hunters group in the clan room. Alon was there, along with Ewen and the others. Alon was about to start the meeting.