La Campanella


A one shot dedicated to my dream piano piece – LA CAMPANELLA and to my two most favorite Inuyasha characters, Sesshoumaru and Kagome. I wrote this on a blur while I was listening to the piece so I'm not sure if it would be understandable because my feelings then were ecstatic. I just want to know whether readers could actually read and understand this. I didn't re-read this after writing wonder how this would do.

If given the chance, I would write a better dedication to La Campanella by Liszt. This really didn't give it justice. Sigh.


A tune was played along the breeze. The wind loved the piano so much that she even took it with her as she travelled.

She loved it so much that her overwhelming feelings reached the ears of one boy.


The tip-tapping noise halted to a stop.


The owner of these feet turned around as if someone called him. No one did.

He started walking to his destination once again. But not until his silver locks was blown by the breeze.

He stopped. He turned around. He lookd at the direction where the sound came from. He closed his eyes and listened carefully.


He opened his eyes that revealed golden orbs. It was the sound of the piano playing. La Campanella. He figured. And he knew the piece being played. It was the piece that her passed mother played.

A piece he loved and it was played with hidden magic on each note. Thus, he began heading to the direction for which the notes lead him.

He walked....and.....the melody got more more..ugh! No more words to express the emotion overwhelming him. The tune was about to end, he knew.

So he walked faster.....


the notes overlapping each other...fingers moved with speed....

'don't stop...yet..'

Almost there...

.....He stopped. panting.

He reached the room where the music ended. And fortunately, its door was open.

He proceeded toward the room. He scanned for the person behind the piano.

He saw a girl completely still with her hands just leaving the keys. Her raven hair flowed at her back.

The girl then turned around, and she made contact with his eyes. Hazed Blue stared at Burning Gold.

For so long nothing happened.

Until, the girl broke the gaze and proceeded to flipping the pages of her music sheets as if nothing important happened, as if no one entered the room, as if she didn't notice the presence of another.

She once again began her La Campanella.

a/n: a one shot again. I am really a frustrated pianist and a very hopeless writer. I haven't got the time, inspiration and motivation to update my ETERNAL SNOW and DANCING QUEEN AND KING. . SOOO. Sooryy.