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The story line is a bit AU with Canon timeline. This is the world where Sasuke is gone to Akatsuki (and thankfully, Naruto doesn't really care about it, he just mad but not chase him with his stupidity) and Shukaku have not removed from Gaara's body. The characters is about 17 I think. And it is NaruGaa, the other pairing I will show it later.

Warning: Grammatical Error, Yaoi, Lemon, MPreg, OOC

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One Mistake

It was a usual dark and cool night. But, for someone, perhaps this night would be good. But, maybe for the other someone, this night would suck. For the blonde, this night would be the best beyond compare. Well, that was for him. He spent his time with his friends, drunk, in a crowded bar.

For Uzumaki Naruto who was always happy and cheerful, this night would be one of his best.

Unfortunately, he didn't think that one of his closest friend – or maybe, he just thought him as his mere friend – was very lonely, especially tonight. Naruto had asked all of his friend to drink with him tonight, but one person.

He was Gaara.

And right now, the red haired Kazekage was watching him and all his friends from the outside of the bar. He was sitting in one of tall building amongst the shadow where no one could see him.

He really felt lonely and extremely empty tonight. Today had started out as normal day, but now watching his friends having a great time in the bar without him made him miserable. He wasn't going to cry, he told himself, but still....he felt abandoned...

So, why didn't he just jump into the bar and teach them a lesson for not inviting him?

"But I know why they didn't invite me…" he whispered to himself.

Because he was Kazekage.

What an excuse.....

That was right. He thought, if he became a Kazekage, everyone would be respect to him and acknowledge his existence. But, he never thought that the opposite would happen. He was Kazekage right now, so all of his friend stayed away from him.

He understood that, but still....

He was also a normal teenager, right?

He thought, his blonde friend wouldn't act like this. His first friend would accept him and treat him normally, but just as usual, he was wrong.

People had stopped calling him "Gaara" or even "Gaara-sama", and instead labeling him as "Kazekage-sama" and just that. That was fine actually, but he didn't like it.

He was tired of all the stupid honorable Kazekage bullshit. He wasn't emotionless like everyone made him out to be. He wanted to act like normal teenager. He wanted to hangout with his friends; but because of this damn title, all of his relationships changed, people began to avoided him.

Well, maybe it was too much, but they act so polite in front of him. Maybe they thought if they made mistakes in front of him, he would tear them apart. Of course he would never do that, but everyone thought like that. He couldn't change their minds.

He even forgot, when did the last time someone touch him?

Because he was a Jinchuuriki, because he was a Kazekage; he never knew how to touch or be touched by other people. He just knew how much it hurt when someone punched and kicked his body. He didn't know how the feeling of a hug, holding hand or kissing.

Maybe he would die without ever knowing these feelings.


"You are really emo right now, poor brat...." growled a voice from inside.

"Shut up, it is all because of you" Gaara clenched his fists.

Maybe becoming a Kazekage was a dumb choice. I thought, you chose it because of that fox brat. But he's abandoned you now....

I chose it for myself. And, Naruto didn't abandoned me now, he just.....

"He just what?" The voice growled with a smirk in it's voice.


He is really different than you, you know. He is happy and cheerful; just look at his stupid grin, it makes me want to vomit. He's an idiot but everyone still loves him. Really, just the opposite of you.

You didn't need to tell me about that.

Being inside you for all this time, I get so bored....

Yeah, yeah I know. My life sucks.

He felt the demons precence slowly vanish from his conscious, he was happy the monster was gone for the time being, if the conversation had continued there would have been, for sure, a fight. Gaara sometimes wondered how why Shukaku sometimes acted so gossipy and airheaded like a female, but for that tanuki monster to be a female, just the thought scared him to death.

"Ah, it is midnight now, I have to go back," he said with low voice. He needed to head back to his room in the hotel. He didn't want some Konoha shinobi to see him and start a stupid rumor about "The Kazekage playing around in the middle of the night". It was sounded so dirty....

But, just as he was about to run into his room, he noticed Naruto staggering about in the seemingly never ending shadows of the street. Naruto began to drunkenly dance and shout, scaring some ally cats away.

"He's drunk," Gaara said, more for himself. He wanted to ignore him since Naruto hadn't invited him to have little drink at the bar, but when he saw the blonde begin to vomit on the side of street he turned and was soon at Nartuo's side.

"Naruto, are you okay?" he said with flat but worry tone. Naruto's smell stung his nose and made him sick. He watched as the blonde proceeded in regurgitating the remnants of his dinner and drinks.

"Uhh....I feel.....like......shit......," Naruto sang. Gaara sighed, he didn't like to deal with drunk people. He had, had a bad experience while caring after a drunk Kankurou and Temari at same time.

But, his friend needed his help right now.

"Common, stand up Naruto, I will take you to home," he said. Naruto nodded and started to laugh but lost his balance and fell onto the street. Gaara looked at him with tired face, Naruto started to roll in the street and giggled in gibberish. This blonde was really troublesome and more annoying when he was drunk.

Since he didn't have any choice, Gaara pulled Naruto from the street and supported his body with his shoulder. Actually, just the smell alcohol and vomit from Naruto made him want to throw up. But, he dealt with it and took the blonde to his little apartment.

Naruto sung and laughed the whole ride back. For the first time in his life, Gaara felt incredibly embarrassed; he wanted to kick the blonde and leave him by himself. But, this drunken idiot was the one who save him from darkness, he tried to be patient and deal with his stupidity.

Taking Naruto into his apartment was, surprisingly, not an easy task. Since the blonde couldn't walk by himself Gaara had to support him, because Naruto was taller than him it was a hard thing to do. If he slipped him into the street, the blonde would start to roll just like a cat in heat.

"Note to self…never drink," said Gaara to himself. He couldn't wonder what he would act like if he were drunk. Fortunately, he never drank before. He only had sipped on a very small glass of beer when Tsunade forced him to.

Gaara sighed and started to walked again – he hadn't noticed that he had stopped. He tried his best to block out all of Naruto's senseless talking, at that point something began to click in his mind.

Wasn't he touching Naruto, right now?

'No, no, don't be silly, This isn't the time to think about something like that,' Gaara thought but he couldn't stop the rush of blood flushing to his face.

Touching people was a rare thing for Gaara, so he enjoyed it.

'So, people are quite warm,' he thought naively. He thought others touch would feel cool, or maybe even hurt.

This was euphoria for Gaara, and he enjoyed it while he could. Because he knew after he took Naruto home; he would have to let him go and probably the boy would forget all about it in the next day.


The night had fallen and birds began to sing their morning song. The blonde awoke from his night of heavily drinking. His head throbbed so violently that the room spun. Naruto lurched over the side of the bed, his head nearly splitting in two with each vomit.

"Man....my head feels....so....heavy.....," Naruto mumbled while rubbed his stomach. He knew he would have hangover, but he didn't think it would be to this extreme. It was terrible having to throw up for hours on end.

Soon his stomach began to calm and the room ceased it's constant spinning. He looked around the room and noticed something.

This room....felt weird...

"Wha....is this my room?" Naruto spoke to no one in particular. He glanced around one more time, he was sure this was his room…


He looked down to see that some time in the night his clothes had been half way removed…

…the room smelt of something familiar…

…and why was the bed soaking wet?

"Wa...wait...wait a minute," Naruto said with a panicked tone, it was all clear now.

He had sex with someone last night.

"Ekh....bu...but, who....who....," Naruto shouted. He quickly looked around his room to see if his mistress was there, but all to be found were clothes carelessly toss aside from last night romp about. He couldn't feel any ones presence in his apartment. Perhaps he hadn't gotten lucky last night, maybe he had just drunkenly masturbated.

No, it didn't add up. He did have sex last night. But with who?

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