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Sometimes, you feel like you want something, but don't know what. Sometimes, you feel a hole in your heart, but you don't know what you were longing for all that time. That was how Naruto was feeling these days. He needed "something"; he didn't know what that was though. He wanted the feeling to disappear, to go … but what was it? He didn't understand, he had never felt like this before.

Oh, he was starting to sound like Sai … Damn it …

He knew he had to stop running. It wasn't fixing anything, and all it was doing was hurting him and Gaara. But … his heart ached more and more every time he saw Gaara.

He couldn't even look at his new mate.

When would this stop?

How would it stop?

He didn't know …

He just didn't know …

I have a bad feeling…

Naruto was startled when Kyuubi spoke up, breaking his train of thought.

What is it?

Something bad … Something very bad is going to happen.

What is it? If it isn't important can you leave me alone for a while?

For what? So you can start crying to yourself? It is rather pathetic seeing you hurt like this.

Oh, thank you, I appreciate the help. Now, leave me alone.

Did you not hear me? Something bad is going to happen … I think you should check on your mate.

What? After I made him cry? Why should I run back to him when he is obviously not okay at all right now?

Aaah … you will regret this later …

I don't care! Go away!

Naruto shut himself away from Kyuubi. That bijuu irritated him so much. Does he not understand that Naruto was in a bad condition? Sitting in a tree, he wept to himself. He could not sleep, not eat, not now.

Stupid fox!


What? Are you angry because I called you a stupid fox?

No, you are the stupid one. Now it not the time for quarrelling! Gaara is in danger!

W-what are you going on about?

Hurry up! You are going to lose him!

Naruto began to sweat a lot. Gaara was in danger? That couldn't be true. But the way Kyuubi spoke … he had never said his name in such a manner …

No, it was impossible. Gaara!


"I didn't know it was going to be this easy…"

Gaara stared at the people who were stood before him; his hands protectively hugged his belly, as to protect his unborn child. When someone had knocked on the door, Gaara had refused to open it, but the intruders were persistent and blasted the door away. Now, standing before him, were two people he didn't recognise.

"I know, but we really should stop wearing these cloaks. They stand out way too much and someone is bound to have noticed, un," the blond haired man spoke up. Unlike Naruto's short blond hair, this man had long flowing hair, where part of it was held up high in a ponytail. The other man had red hair, much like Gaara's own, but it looked softer.

Well, I don't really mind the cloaks, it conceals our weapons quite well though I admit it makes things easier without them," the redhead said.

The sand around Gaara was restless, but he knew full well, that using chakra whilst pregnant was forbidden. His chakra was helping him hold the baby … plus … his body wasn't in a good enough condition to fight.

Gaara's eyes widened as a bird suddenly landed on his shoulder, it was so fast that he couldn't follow it with his own eyes.

"It is better if you do not fight back, un" the blond man threatened quietly.

"You don't want anything to happen to your precious baby now, do you?" Gaara's glare turned into a look of pure horror as the redhead's words pieced through his defence, his hand reflectively holding his stomach tighter.

"I highly suggest you just follow our orders," he continued, a smirk forming on his face.

"What do you want from me?" Gaara snapped back coldly. Even though he felt utterly powerless, he could not let these men hurt his baby.

"You will understand later, now … just follow us quietly, un," the blond man answered, putting his hand into a small bag. Surprisingly, another weird bird appeared from the man's hand, was this made of rock … maybe clay?

"Why would I follow you? I refuse to!" Gaara's voice was stern with determination.

He needed to do something; he needed to call for help, but from whom? Naruto? But he didn't know how to contact him … and Naruto … of all people.

Gaara shook his head gently, he shouldn't think of that right now. Naruto kept all his weapons in his room, right? How could he get there?

Before Gaara could move, a hand clutched at his throat, pushing him to the ground and choking him. "Where do you think you are going, ex-Kazekage-sama, un?"

Gaara tried to fight back, but felt the struggle leave his body when he felt an awful pressure on his stomach.

"You don't want anything to happen to that baby, un?" the blond sneered.

"Hold him," The redhead walked up to them, a metallic tube swirled out of his cloak. It glinted in the dim light; a sharp needled adorning the tip of it.

Gaara wanted to escape, but he had no power, he wanted to cry out for help, but his voice remained stuck in his throat.

Naruto …

Please …

Help me!



The room was empty, the door was nothing but splinters and shards of wood.

What the hell? Where was Gaara? Naruto checked all the rooms but came up empty. The living room was messy, the door was missing, nothing here was right. What had happened? Where was Gaara?

Why … why was this happening? Why Gaara? They should be after him.

Not poor Gaara. He had been through enough, right? Being raped, finding out he was pregnant and now being kidnapped!

No, he couldn't let this happen, like hell would he let this happen.

He would kill anyone who hurt Gaara, his Gaara.



"Will you two move? Do not involve yourself in our affairs unless you want to get hurt."

Shikamaru and Kiba stood still in front of the two weird people and a flying bird which was holding Gaara, who seemed unconscious. The bird had flown over Shikamaru earlier in the day; he knew there was something wrong. Kiba has also noticed there was an unfamiliar scent mixed in with Gaara's.

"Like hell are we going to move! Let him go! He is Naruto's husband and I will NOT let you kidnap him!" Kiba snapped loudly, Akamaru barking along with him.

"It would be rather troublesome if Naruto went berserk in the village, so it would be in your best interest to let him go," Shikamaru sounded bored as he spoke to the intruders, but he was deathly serious. It would be bad if Naruto lost his temper … it would be weird if he didn't …

"Unfortunately, we need him, so we aren't going to let him go, un," The blond man spoke up as he produced a smaller bird which flew directly at Kiba and Shikamaru.

Within seconds, the bird had blown up.

"What? A bomb?" Kiba exclaimed, never before had he seen a moving bomb, it had to be controlled by chakra …

"Deidara, you go ahead, I shall dispose of these annoying pests," the red haired man spoke up.

"Okay, Sasori-dono," the man named Deidara nodded before jumping on the bigger bird and flying away.

"Wait!" Kiba began running, but was stopped suddenly when a kunai narrowly missed him.

"Now, let's finish this quickly and you can become part of my collection," Sasori smirked and pulled a paper roll from his long sleeves.


Naruto was on fire. He had released more than a hundred kagebushins in search of Gaara. He was so focused on finding his mate; he didn't notice the destroyed buildings, or his friends fighting.

A big bird in the sky caught his eye. He saw a crop of red hair in its tail's grasp.

He went berserk.

He didn't remember what happened next. He was so angry, no furious. He didn't think, all he knew was that Gaara was unconscious … he was in danger.

He wanted to beat the man so badly, but he couldn't remember what he did. Even Kyuubi was roaring in pure anger inside of him.

No one was allowed to touch or hurt his mate … ever …

But that person had managed to escape. His partner was still around though, he resembled Gaara with the red hair, but he was also the one who tried to kidnap his mate, and he would never forgive him for that.

Some people had tried to restrain him, to stop him, but he was so angry that nothing could stop him.

Naruto had never felt anything like that before.

This was the first time, since becoming a ninja, that he had wanted to kill a person so badly.

Normally, he just wanted to win the battle or finish the mission, but no, this time he wanted to kill anyone who had hurt Gaara.

No one could stop him … no one …

Suddenly there were thousands of weapons pointed at him …

No flying towards him …

He dodged them all, apart from one flying towards his back …

He braced himself for impact, he turned around …

He saw red …

So much red …

Those eyes, that red hair … more crimson liquid …

That was what brought Naruto back to reality …



It was weird.

Sometimes the body moved before the brain could think.

Gaara didn't understand how …

But when he started to regain consciousness, the environment around him was bizarre, he couldn't explain it.

The forest had been half destroyed, Shikamaru lay beside him, badly injured, Naruto was wild and angry, the red haired man was controlling many puppets around him, Kiba was trying to stop Naruto, and he looked worn down …

He couldn't understand any of this but he knew, Naruto was berserk and had to be stopped.

"Naruto …" Gaara called out weakly, his voice barely a whisper. His body was still influenced by the poison, and he only wished that his baby was okay.

It hurt him to see Naruto fighting. Hate and anger had drowned him, taken over. This wasn't right; this didn't fit Naruto at all. Even though the blond had hurt him before … still …

"Naruto!" he called a little louder, he wanted Naruto to stop fighting. He didn't want his mate's pure soul stained with blood. He had suffered enough right? He had raped him, but felt so guilty.

He really was a good person, a good ninja. Though it sounded stupid because everyone thought ninja's had to be heartless. But that is what made Naruto so good.

Gaara loved him … he loved Naruto for who he was.

Please stop …

"Naruto!" his voice wouldn't carry. Why was he so powerless, he had to do something, he had to stop him.

The enemy had so many weapons, all poised ready to attack. Kiba had been kicked aside long ago, maybe he was unconscious. The other ninja in the village were probably preoccupied with the burning buildings or maybe they were away on missions.

The weapons got closer to his mate and Gaara felt the need to move.

So he did.

He focused on one of the weapons; it would surely piece Naruto's heart from his back.


Gaara didn't understand why, but next thing he knew, Naruto was hugging him tightly. A long sword penetrated right through him, piercing his right lung. He could feel the blood pumping out of his body.

He started at the pair of deep blue eyes that belonged to a shocked Naruto. His body was trembling, and his voice hitched in his throat, but those eyes said a thousand words.

Fear, worry, sadness … so many emotions were swimming in those eyes.

"Gaara … no … don't …. Just hang in there …," the blond's voice was trembling.

Gaara coughed up a crimson liquid, he could feel his life dwindling, withering away … no …

He was going to die.

How did he not think of this before he moved?


He didn't feel scared or angry … maybe just a bit sad. If he died, then the baby would die too as it would be too young to survive outside of his womb. Naruto would also be alone …

"Don't …please …. Gaara …"

Was it raining?

Gaara stared at Naruto; tears flowed heavily from his eyes. He blond choked on his words, he couldn't talk properly.

No this was impossible …


No, please ….

Gaara couldn't die … no …

"Naru …," Gaara tried to speak as Naruto tried to stifle his sobs.

"Don't die Gaara! Don't … don't … please … stay …," Naruto was desperate, he couldn't explain how he was feeling … Gaara, his Gaara was dying in his arms.

"It is okay," Gaara smiled, raising a bloody hand to wipe away the tears.

More blood flowed.

No way … he was going to be alone again. When he thought he was happy, with his own husband, and a baby. It wasn't as normal as he had hoped, but he was happy … it was confusing but … was happy.

He knew deep down, this was the happiness he wanted …and it was going …

It was impossible … it had to be a lie … It was too much.

He could feel Kyuubi kicking and screaming inside of him.

His heart broke … no shattered when he felt the hand become limp.

Everything slipped into darkness and it was Naruto's first time to taste this …


To be continued

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