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Anger. Anger was a simple emotion that even a baby could feel before they understood the description. Every living being could feel angry, even trees, they just show it differently.

Someone once said that anger was a source of power. That it could drive anyone to do even the most impossible things. Like revenge.

It was a simple emotion, but even until now, Sai couldn't feel it very well. His emotions had been erased almost completely, and he had to rebuild it from the very start. Maybe something was wrong with his brain. Since it had been years, he had start over to learn emotion, but he still had a hard time getting a hold of the abstract things.

Just like how he watched an angry Sakura beside him, he felt glad that he wasn't the cause of her anger.

Both of them were chasing Naruto, and Gaara who had been kidnapped by Akatsuki. They had been together in the library. Sai had been reading a book about human relationships when suddenly in his head popped a question, and when he asked Sakura the girl sent him fly through window.

Then he saw that weird bird in the sky.

And here they were now, chasing the remaining traces of Naruto and his friends. It had taken a long time, since the village was screwed with fights, and they couldn't find other ninja who were as expert in chasing, so Sai needed to scatter his drawings to find them. When he had found the trace, it wasn't so hard to follow it.

The trunks of trees were half destroyed, and the ground was full with heavy, and deep, foot-prints. Maybe it was from Naruto, who for sure, had gone berserk.

Sai stared at Sakura, who just held her anger. She was almost berserk too. He wondered if he could keep hold of the both of them at the same time. Probably the answer would be that it was impossible.

She should be angry. He understood the reason. Even though Naruto was full of smiles, he had been suffering silently. Many things had happened with Sasuke, and Akatsuki also with that bijuu thing. She had been happy to see Naruto married, and even though it was in accident, the blonde was happy at the ceremony. Though later, something had gone wrong...

Since the news that Ino had been raped, Naruto had been acting strangely. Since Shikamaru hadn't found any hints to chase the rapist with, and Ino hadn't recovered from her trauma, it had become problematic. But Sai couldn't help Naruto since he had hard time understanding what was going on inside the blonde's head.

He looked depressed, and upset about something... but Sai didn't know what.

And now Gaara was kidnapped. Naruto was berserk, and Sakura looked like she would burst off.

Sai was at lost since he also had a hard time understanding the emotions around him.

When he saw fire in the distance, with burning woods and leaves, he could feel another emotion radiating through the air.

It was...


A very deep anger, and even the emotionless Sai was a bit swept off of his feet by it. He stopped for a second, as he wasn't sure why he could feel such terrible emotions in the air, but when he glanced at Sakura beside him she was acting the same as him.

The anger inside her couldn't be compared to the one which radiated from someone else. Was it a power from one of the members of Akatsuki?

Sai just continued to jump through trees. Sakura was following behind him, and fortunately, her anger had settled down.

"I had bad feelings," she said quietly. Sai just shut his mouth. He wanted to say that he couldn't understand what she meant by 'bad feelings', but when he saw the burning woods not too far from him he thought maybe he could understand a little bit.

So, Sai nodded in agreement with her.

"I just hope it isn't Naruto." She added. Sai would have doubted before that it was, but now when he saw the flame and felt the anger through air...

Maybe he was wrong...

But he still hoped like Sakura.

However, just like in the past where Sai had learned not to hold hope about something because usually it would be vice-versa with what he had hoped, Sai's eyes just widened as he arrived at the scene.

Flames were burning, and ground was shattering. Air was corrupted with smoke, and... someone was standing at the center. Or something. Sai couldn't say with that appearance... it couldn't be a human. Though it was standing with two feet, but Sai couldn't describe the appearance...

The body was burning... or it was like he was the fire itself. It had nine tails flaming down its back, and the eyes were glowing, and sharp like a predator, his claws were long, and made of fire...

But... it clung onto something with its hand...

"Gaara-sama!?" Sakura shouted beside Sai. The ninja artist gasped, and yeah, it was Gaara. The red head was drenched with blood, but he was cradled with that fire being almost like... in caring way...

Maybe Sai had misunderstood again... It wasn't his first time misunderstanding something. But...


Sai turned to see Sakura with widened and frightened eyes. "It is Naruto..."

Sai turned again to see the creature standing not too far from his place. The glowing eyes, the body of flame, the tails...


"No way...," he muttered. He couldn't believe that. Naruto wasn't like that, but it was true that when Naruto had used Kyuubi's chakra too much he would transform into a miniature of that bijuu. But... it was never engulfed with flames...

But, those nine tails were proof.

Had Kyuubi take over of Naruto's body? Was Naruto conscious?

"Naruto! It is me, Sakura! Do you recognize me?" Sakura suddenly shouted, and Sai was surprised. When Naruto turned to them Sai's instinct told him to run.

They weren't full of blood-lust, but those eyes were lost in anger. The fire was burning the woods quietly around them, and the next thing was Sai's body already moving, grabbing Sakura's waist just a second before a tail of flame suddenly stretched to their side.

It was hot, a little too late, and they would be burning corpses together.

Sakura had recovered from her shock, and she got to her feet. Then they avoided the dance of tails attacking them. Sakura, who was used to fighting with bare-hands, couldn't do anything besides dodge, or run, and sometimes Sai helped her with his shield of ink but it only lasted for a second before it burned.

In just a few seconds both of them had been covered with burn wounds and ink.

"Naruto! Stop it!"

Sakura had cried her teammate's name, even as tears began to fall from her eyes. Naruto was just standing there, with Gaara on his arms, and with those glowing eyes. His tails moved and attacked like an angry beast, but his body was standing still like a statue.

"Please ,wake up Naruto!"

With how limp Gaara was on Naruto's arm, his body drenched with blood, Sakura was fearful that the red head was dead.

It explained why Naruto had gone berserk, and was almost beyond help.

She needed to reach Naruto, and needed to wake him up. He couldn't do this forever. He would kill many people if lost to his own anger.

She dodged several tails attacking her. Her skin was full with wounds, and she was burning and bleeding, but she didn't care. Naruto was suffering and she couldn't leave him alone like this.


The medic nin was shoved to the ground. She gasped, and turned to see Sai had been thrown far, and fire was burning his body.

One of the tails finally had gotten him.

Or rather, he had saved her from one of the tails attacks.

"Sai!" Sakura cried. She got to her feet, and approached her friend. A bubble of ink flew to him and blasted, putting out the fire on his body. She knelt down beside him. Sai was covered with ink from head to toe. She almost couldn't recognize him if she didn't know his body shape.

And with his grunting, at least he was still live.

When the tails came again, she grabbed her teammates, and then ran to the woods, out of each tail's reach.

She placed Sai on ground. From the heavy breath and moans she could tell he was injured badly. She was on the verge of tears. She was so stupid to throw herself like that...

When she wanted to heal Sai's burn wounds, his hand grabbed her.

"Stop... you need... to stop him," He said between his heavy breaths. Sai was trying to get up, and Sakura helped him to lie on a tree.

"Just a minute. Your wounds need to get healed first," she said, but Sai gripped her stronger.

"I'll be fine... I've had worse than this before. You need to save your chakra. Now... it is just you... Sakura..." He said, holding down his pain. He stared at Sakura. She looked like she was about to cry. It was true that he needed to get first aid, at least to stop his wounds from bleeding too much, but she needed all her chakra to stop Naruto too. "The others will be here shortly. Don't worry," he added. It was true, but he didn't know when the others would arrive. At least his bleeding wasn't too bad. He wouldn't die just because of this, but the burns would leave ugly marks all over his skin.

But, it wasn't important right now.

"Okay... wait here, don't move too much. J-just rest," She said, still a little shaken up. He nodded, and closed his eyes. Then he heard foot steps, and Sakura's presence had gone from his side.

Sai just hoped, no matter how foolish he sounded, that everything would end well.


Red and black.

All Naruto could see was red. And his thoughts felt empty. Like darkness, so it was black.

He'd lost it. He'd lost something. He didn't know what, but he'd lost something important, but he didn't feel pain. It was painless, and it was scary, because if it was reality then he should feel pain. If it was painless then it should be dream.

But this dream was too empty. Nothing bizarre happened. Just darkness, and red clouded his eyes.

He wanted to remember all of what had happened, but he remembered a little bit that...

He didn't want to remember at all...

It was something that hurt badly. It had been painful, so he didn't want to remember. He hoped it was dream, so he didn't have to remember. So all pain would disappear into darkness like a dream.

Something intervened though...

Some pests... so he just thought of them disappearing.

He didn't want to remember, nor did he want to wake up. It should be a dream, but he didn't know which one he was in. Was he in a dream, or reality? He didn't know.

And he didn't want to know either.

He just wanted it all to disappear. Disappearing into nothing would be good. If only everything would be that easy... but he was still existing...

He was holding something. Something ... important. It was the only thing he was aware of besides red and black. He thought he shouldn't let it go, but he didn't know what it was, nor did he know why.

He just held it.

Something was still disturbing him, and it was annoying like bugs. He was too empty to do anything, so he just simply thought of them disappearing.

But suddenly, pain burst from him.

Someone had hit him. Hard.

He didn't move, but he was hurt. Then he noticed. It was reality. His eyes were clearer, and he could see another color.

It was pink.

Something he held onto was pulled. Someone pulled it from him. He pulled back. He didn't want to let it go. He didn't know why, but he couldn't let it go.

If this was reality then he wanted to go back to the dream. He wanted it all to disappear


Stop it! It started to hurt more! But he just clutched, and held it desperately.


Why couldn't this bug leave him alone? He just wanted to disappear.

When the one he had clutched to was torn off of him he felt, suddenly, something inside of him was exploding.


He growled loudly.

'GIVE IT BACK TO ME!' He thought. But, it was another language spoken through his lips. It was hurting. He wanted to stop. He wanted it to go back. Give it back to him...

"Wake up!"

Other pain came, but it couldn't be compared to the pain inside of him. It was burning, and it hurt badly. He felt that the only way to pain the stop was to get something back to him. To hold it, and then disappear into a dream.


He snapped.

The red suddenly turned into white. It was blinding, but other colors started to come back, one by one.

Something was wet, and he could feel then. He noticed.

He was crying.

Someone was standing in front of him, and he couldn't make it out but...

He recognize him... or her...


"Wake up, Naruto. Please, go back to yourself," She said softly. He looked down then, at his hands... claws? It was his hands? Why were there claws...? Wait, where was his skin... his clothes...?

Why... was his skin covered with an orange...cloak? It was so thick, almost like fur, and he couldn't see his skin at all.

Then, his eyes wandered from his hands to Sakura. Then to someone who was lying down in her lap.

Who was he?

Naruto approached them, but his eyes locked to the one who closed his eyes, and covered with red color. He didn't know who it was, but he felt it was someone important...

He brushed his cheek. It was so cold. His skin was like porcelain. So white, and smooth, but it had lost the color of its life. His hair was red, and the eyes was closed.


He nudged him. The man didn't open his eyes. He glanced at Sakura in confusion

"He is dead..."

Naruto tilted his head, and then nudged him again. He poked, and even licked, the cheek in affection, but he didn't wake up.

He didn't wake up...

He was dead...


Gaara was dead...

His Gaara was dead.

No! It was a dream! It should be a dream! It wasn't real. Naruto backed off, and he growled loudly.

Then everything was black again.


Stop it.


It is me. Kurama.

...ah... it's you...

Just stop it.

Stop what?

Stealing my chakra. Going berserk.

It isn't you?

Yeah, it is you idiot. I have been trying to get a hold of you, but your mind just keeps shutting me out. Thankfully the pink haired girl hit you so hard, and you're awake again.


You want him to back, right?

Yeah... wait, you can bring him back?

That depends on you. I can't do it alone. The price to do this is a bit high, and full of risk. Do you want to do it?


Nothing can appear suddenly. Everything needs 'give and take' right? Your mate won't suddenly revive without you offering something as 'payment'.

What is it!? I will do anything, I will give anything! As long as Gaara will live again!

It is...


Sakura stared at the red haired man who lay beside her. If not for his chest being soaked with blood he would look like he was sleeping. He looked to be at peace...

Now, she needed to check the others lives...

She glanced at Naruto. He was having a shock attack. Most likely the first time Gaara had died in his arms his mind had shut down because he refused to accept the truth. That would explain why he was acting so weird earlier. Even though his tails attacked her, and Sai, he didn't do nothing else.

The orange cloak started to disappear little by little, while the blonde just sat on the ground with a shocked face. His skin was full with burns. It was far worse than Sai, but she could treat him later. For now, Gaara...

The pink haired girl was startled when Naruto suddenly snapped. Then he stood, and approached Gaara in hurry. Was he berserk again? No... it seemed not...

"Wait. Naruto, what are you doing?" she asked, but Naruto just shoved her aside. The blonde bit his finger until it bled, and then started to draw something on his hand.

Seal...? Or summoning? But it looked different.

The blonde then ripped Gaara's clothes open. He drew other complicated words around the left side of his chest.

"What are you doing?" Sakura asked once again, afraid of Naruto's action. Her friend tended to be reckless, and she didn't want him to do any more stupid action than he had.

"Shut up, woman!"

Eh? She was stunned. Naruto's eyes were red. And that voice wasn't Naruto's, it was...

"Wait! Don't-"

"Annoying! Let me concentrate!" Kurama snarled once again. Sakura just backed off, it was still Naruto, but he looked so intimidating. Different than before. Just his eyes were red, but the rest looked normal.

Naruto, or rather Kurama, stood, and it seemed that whatever he had been doing was done. He started to make complicated seals with both of his hands. Sakura had never seen a seal like that before, and she didn't even know that a bijuu like Kurama could make seals like a ninja!

"What are you doing!?" Sakura asked again. She was afraid. She was afraid that maybe... she had lost Naruto...

The red eyes stared at her. It wasn't her friend's eyes. They looked cold, and intimidating. The eyes of a beast, but it was calm, and a bit... sad.

"I need to get him back. Don't intervene. Move aside."

Sakura didn't know why, but she just sat there on the ground. Kurama turned, and she was sure he had decided to ignore her.

Suddenly, Naruto's body started to glow with blue light... no. It was Naruto's chakra but... it looked different. It wasn't chakra...

Life force?

The life force started to transfer to Gaara, making Gaara's body glow like Naruto. There were also another life force mixed from Naruto's body. Red...

It was Kurama's?

Wait. If they continued to do that...

"No! Naruto! Don't die!" she screamed. She got to her feet, but a tail suddenly slapped her body back to ground.

It was from Naruto, but the tail just appeared for a second before it disappeared again.

Gaara's body started to glow more, and his skin started to get his color back, but Naruto's condition was getting worse. He started to sweat a lot, and was in pain. His feet started to tremble, and he fell to the ground, but his hand signs remained the same.

"Come on..." Kurama whispered. Sakura could see how he started to lose his concentration because of the pain. His whole body was shaking, but his eyes looked sharp, and determined. More red life force flew out, and Gaara's body was glowing more.

"Just a little more..."

Sakura had promised that she wouldn't cry on the battlefield. That she would stop being a crybaby, but in the end she still cried. She knew she couldn't stop them. Those eyes. Both Naruto and Kurama would do anything to get Gaara back. And... Shukaku, she assumed.

When finally Naruto dropped to the ground, she gasped. She approached him in a hurry. He looked to be in pain but...

Naruto was alive.

And she gasped again when she heard a groan behind her.

She wasn't sure what a miracle was. But definitely she knew that this was a miracle. Miracles were something you needed to do by yourself.

If you are determined, then nothing was impossible.


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