Chapter 2.

In my next class Jessica's blond friend, who I discovered was Lauren Mallory at role call, sat three desks to the left and one row forward of me and spent the whole lesson turning round to gawp at me. I tried so hard to ignore her. Honestly, I tried really fucking hard. Really, really fucking hard. But… my temper got the best of me, and about 45 minutes into the lesson when she turned around to stare at me and found me staring back at her and actually had the audacity to flutter her fucking false eyelashes at me, I casually scowled at her and slowly mouthed the words 'Fuck Off' to her. I actually laughed aloud when she blinked and flinched back in surprise at my statement, which of course, made the teacher pay attention to me. After being asked a mundane, boring as fuck question about the differences between igneous rocks and sedimentary rock formations - I mean… why the fuck to we have to learn Geology within our Geography classes? - I was feeling more than just a little pissed off with the whole idea of school.

The last 15 minutes went by painfully slowly and I could feel Mallory's eyes on my face the whole time. As soon as the bell went, I was out of my seat and heading to the classroom door. I got there first and yanked the door practically off its hinges before stepping out of the room, and fuck me if I didn't walks straight into Jessica fucking Stanley. Of course, the fact that I had about a foot on her height and more muscles than I think even she fantasises about, meant that she literally got bumped backwards and hit the floor on her butt with a massive 'Ooof'.

She looked up at me and lifted her hand towards me for some help off the floor. I heard the click of heels and the nasty smell of some generic perfume and knew that Mallory had come up behind me. I thought that maybe I could nip this in the bud early on?

'Sorry about that Jemma,' I spoke down to her, without attempting to give her a hand up. 'I didn't see you there.'

I turned to walk away from the girl on the floor when the Mallory girl started laughing at my intentional naming error on her friend.

'See you later on, Eddie,' she called out behind me. 'Come on "Jessica", get up,' she sniggered to her friend.

I swivelled around walking backwards and said 'My name is Edward, and no… I won't see you later… "Laura". With that little mind-fuckery out of the way, I stormed away up the corridor to my next class. Fucking French!

I walked into the French room and discovered none other than the traitorous "Jalice", seated side by side, looking at each other with lovey-dovey eyes.

I sat down behind them with a guy, Tyler? and pulled on the twin's hair.

She spun round in her chair so fast it was almost a comedic outtake of the Exorcist. 'Don't touch the "do", dude.' She warned me, and turned back towards Jazz.

At least I had no skanky hos trying it on in this lesson. I sighed in relief… an hour free! I took a deep breath in and relished the act of filling my lungs to capacity. I blew it out and opened my eyes to see Jasper turned towards me.

'Tough day so far dude?' he smirked.

'You have no fucking idea!' I told him. 'I have almost been raped several times today by two very nasty… I want to say girls, but that would be too nice!' I added with a shake of my head.

'We met a couple of nice people in the last class, Emmett is pretty cool and Rosalie is a bit of a hardass, but they are goooood peoples! We are gonna sit with them at lunch and that invite also extends to you.'

'As long as I sit no where near Stanley or Mallory, then no worries.'

Tyler beside me perked his ears up at the mention of the girls and turned to look at me.

'What?' I asked him, in fairly pleasant manner if I do say so myself.

'Erm… nothing really. Do you mean Jessica and Lauren?'

'Yeah, why?' I tilted my head to the side slightly with that question.

'Well… it's just that…' he tapered off.

'Yeeeeees?' I asked again in a long drawl, curiosity - damn my inquiring mind - had claimed me.

He took a deep breath and muttered to himself 'I can't believe I am going to say this' to himself. Another breath and he looked me in the eye. 'Although they have both been around a bit of the male population of the school, they are both good girls.' He fucking winked at me.

His little leer at the end of that sentence prompted me to understand exactly what he meant. Although having some principles and not technically giving it up to every guy in the school, they were both considered good lays by the guys who had had a turn with them.

I actually frowned in disgust to Tyler and snarled at him. 'I am not interested in fucking either of them and I hope to fucking god that you tell both of them that too. For fucks sake, it's my first day here and already the school nasties are cracking on to me. Do I actually have a sign saying 'Needy and Desperate… Wanna hook up' over my head? Why can't they just leave me the fuck alone?"

Alice and Jasper turned to look at me, Alice with a sad frown on her face and Jasper with an understanding calming countenance.

'Edward?' she whispered sadly, 'please just… try for me? Just this one time. Please? Only a year and a half and we can go to college. We won't need to move anymore. I know you were looking at U-Dub for their music program and that means we can stay locally. That means that quite a few of these students will be at our college. Don't screw up your future happiness by being a douche now.'

I took the time to contemplate what she was saying and smiled at her. 'Okay, Alice. For you… I will try to make some friends this time.'

I could feel Tyler looking between Alice and me and wondering what the fuck was going on. I turned to him, exhaled loudly and smiled an apologetic smile.

'I'm sorry, Tyler. I should probably explain myself. Urm…My parents have moved us around ever since we were kids and after a while, I kinda got tired of leaving my friends behind me and being forced into new schools where I am gawped at like a museum exhibit/shiny new toy. For that reason, I stopped trying and… I apologise for taking that out on you.'

I put my hand out towards him and he grasped my hand firmly with a smirk, 'Nice to meet you. I am Tyler Crowley. I am 17. I like football and basketball and partying on the weekends. I am also quite partial to Lauren Mallory on occasion.'

I snorted out a laugh at that last comment. I shook his hand while saying 'Edward Cullen. Also 17. The midget is my twin and the blond is her everlasting love whom we dragged with us from the last school we went to in Texas. I like basketball and baseball. I am not a fan of the 'partay way', so don't expect me to attend any. I will also never, ever, EVER, partake in Mallory… or Stanley. No offence, but I can't stand either of them and I am definitely not looking for a girlfriend.'

'No worries dude… I'll keep them to myself then!' he laughed.

'Please do!' I stated firmly, 'and please let them know that too.'

He raised his eyebrows at me and look apologetic, 'I will, man, but understand those two will probably take this as a challenge!'

I dropped my head down to the table where my head hit with a thump. Once again today I have to say Fuck My Life!

Alice just smirked at me.

French was slow and boring and thank fuck it is lunch time now. I am fucking starved!. Alice was pretty much jabbering away at me about how nice Rosalie is. How fashionable Rosalie is. How pretty Rosalie is. What a nice car Rosalie drives. Guess what? She is nice, she apparently has great taste, is gorgeous, and hers is the shiny red Beamer in the parking lot. Woo-bloody-hoo!

I then had Tyler jabbering in my other ear about how his football career was going. What his GPA is. The positions he had taken the skank twins in (I really didn't want to know) and lots of other inane highschool conversation.

Jasper, the fucking prick, just sat there smirking at me, knowing I was in fucking pain! Every now and then I would bring my hand up to test for blood around my ears… bastard would chuckle every time. He knew what I was doing!

We actually did fuck all work in French, which was great because I sure as hell did not want to listen to a bunch of morons fuck up a lovely spoken language, and then… it was lunch time. A whole hour in a room full of students squawking and moaning and bitching and wailing and kissing and breaking up and all that other bullshit I have long been trying to avoid.

My problem now is (for Alice's sake) letting some of these fucking douches in enough to be friendly, but not enough to be BFF's, because no matter who these fucking kids were, I did not want them all up in my shit!