Disclaimer: I don't own the Toy Story movies or characters.


By Jennifer Collins

Andy sat on the floor in front of his schoolbooks, which were propped up on the coffee table. His back was to the television, but he could still hear the changing sounds as his mom flipped through the channels. He tapped his pencil against a blank page in his notebook and rested his cheek in his hand.

Mrs. Davis looked carefully at her sixteen year old son. "Is the noise distracting you?" She asked from her perch on her couch.

Andy barely looked up at her as he absently shook his head. She turned the volume down anyway. A commercial came on, and Andy glanced over his shoulder. He did a double take. "Mom, turn it up," he urged. She sighed as she raised the volume a few notches.

"Calling all Space Rangers!" The television blared. "We want to hear from you! This spring, NASA's Discovery STS-124 will launch with a Buzz Lightyear action figure on board. Tell us in 500 words why yours should take flight and your toy could win! Log onto our website to download the instructions today!"

Andy's eyes locked briefly with his mom's for just a second before he started scribbling down the information in his notebook. Mrs. Davis smiled as she watched him jump up excitedly from the floor, quickly gathering his books. He looked at her once more before turning to the staircase and she nodded encouragingly. In less than a minute, he was already up the stairs and bounding excitedly through the doorway to his childhood bedroom.

Inside Andy's old toy box, some of the toys were stirring. "I'm goin' to go see Becca," Jessie said quietly. "Bullseye, can you give me a boost?" The stuffed horse eagerly stepped over some other toys as he made his way over to her.

"Wait! You can't go out in the middle of the day!" Woody exclaimed. "What about Molly?"

Jessie shook her head. "Bo says Molly's out for the day. Andy's downstairs doin homework. It's fine."

"Well, be careful!" Woody urged.

Buzz smiled as Jessie stuck her tongue out at Woody and the cowboy rolled his eyes. Their living arrangement had changed drastically over the years as Andy had gotten older, but some things would always stay the same.

He took Jessie's hand to steady her as she stepped up onto Bullseye's saddle. She reached up to lift the lid of the toy box, but then froze. "It sounds like someboy's coming!"

"Then get back down here!" Woody hissed.

Jessie jumped down and toppled over in her haste, landing in between Slinky dog's coils. "Sorry, Slink!" She whispered.

Mr. Potato Head reached out a hand to help them untangle, but Woody motioned for him to stay still. "The box is opening!" He exclaimed softly, trying to stay quiet.

"He's opening the box?" Rex asked. "That's impossible! He hasn't touched that lid in almost three years!"

Woody shushed the toys as they all murmured in excitement. They quieted down just in time to see a tiny sliver of space that grew as the lid slid off the box. Then, to their delight, Andy's face appeared just inches away and he reached out a hand. He rummaged around for a few seconds before his fingers brushed against Woody's soft arm and he smiled tenderly at the cowboy doll before gently moving him aside. He found his old Buzz Lightyear action figure set on top of some of his older toys and his smile grew as pleasant memories danced across his consciousness for a split second before he remembered the purpose of his search. Then he closed his hand around Buzz's waist and pulled him out. Before he even had time to think or realize his actions, he reached into the toy box again and lifted Woody up.

He turned towards his desk and set Buzz down, propping him up against the computer screen, then placed Woody down at the edge of his bed before sitting down in the desk chair and turning the computer monitor on.

He hadn't replaced the lid on the toy box, and the toys could hear the light clicking of the computer keys as Andy's research began. The printer hummed to life and began spitting out some papers. Andy studied them for a few moments before picking up his pencil and turning to a blank page in his notebook. He gently patted Buzz on his helmet and grinned, his eyes sparkling. Then, he ducked his head and began to write.