"Report," the voice of the captain-commander was cold, and harsh, even as he gazed at the kneeling and decidedly uncomfortable looking third seat of the fourth squad, Yasochika Iemura.

Iemura, for his part could barely lift his head as the captain-commander's spiritual pressure saturated the room. From his kneeling position, he glanced around the room, from his peripheral vision, and gulped. Of the thirteen captains of the Gotei 13, currently, as incomprehensible as it sounded to him, three were missing, three more were convalescing in the hospital, and another was dead.

"Sir, as of now, Captain Komamura of the seventh has been sedated, and is being prepared for surgery. His body has undergone extreme shock after being subjected to an incantation less Hado 90: Kurohitsugi, and as such, we are waiting for Captain Unohana to arrive and take charge of the situation."

From the sidelines, Ukitake, Kyouraku, Byakuya, Kenpachi and Aizen narrowed their eyes at that tiny bit of information. Incantation less usage of level ninety Kido was exclusively the forte of captain level shinigami, and even then, amongst the thirteen of them in existence, at best only three could claim that level of proficiency. The captain-commander, Unohana Retsu, & Aizen Sosuke, the sole recognized Kido Master in the Seiretei after the exile of Tsukabishi Tessai.

"Continue," the gravelly voice of the Captain-commander came out, even as Iemura gulped and droned on, "Captain Histugaya Toshiro, is currently unconscious, with a severe concussion, and is not expected to regain consciousness for at least a week. On the other hand, Captain Ichimaru has suffered a broken jaw, a dislocated shoulder, and three cracked ribs. He will be out of the field for at least three months. All of their injuries appear to have been inflicted by hand."

Yamamoto narrowed his eyes, as he took in the facts, mastery in Kido, enough to use level ninety spells almost instantaneously, and with enough power, to instantly incapacitate a captain, and also in possession of hand to hand combat skills, which were enough to take out two captains simultaneously. This new threat was growing in proportions minute by minute. But something was off about this, deep down his old bones; even Yamamoto realized that everything was not as it appeared, even as he absently dismissed Iemura, much to the man's relief and oblivion.

Just then, his lieutenant, Chojiro Sasakibe, appeared in the room, and bowed down in front of him. "Sotaicho, I have compiled a report from the initial interrogations, and I have even acquired a memory enhancer from the twelfth division to display the sequence of events as they have occurred, sir," the kneeling man reported, even as Yamamoto grunted.

"Where are captains Unohana, Shihoin and Urahara?" the old commander asked, even as his lieutenant looked up, and for the first time, even Yamamoto noticed that his seemingly eternally unflappable aide, appeared flustered.

"Sotaicho-dono, Lady Unohana, Lady Shihoin, and Captain Urahara have departed for the living world, sir," he concluded, even as a ripple of surprise spread through the assembled captains.

Yamamoto raised his eyebrows, even as Sasakibe continued.

"Lady Unohana's departure was reported in the morning, but in the late afternoon, Captains Shihoin and Urahara departed for the living world as well, around half an hour after the death of captain Tosen was reported, along with two more companions," he concluded, as Yamamoto looked at him with incredulity.

"Companions?" he asked, wondering who in soul society would be willing to be seen in public with Yoruichi and Urahara, because despite their reinstatement, the previous stigma of exiles and traitors had shadowed their every step in the Gotei, and they were virtually social outcasts; as apart from their colleagues in the Gotei 13, no one else even deigned to look at them.

Sasakibe steadied himself and replied curtly, "Lord Ginrei Kuchiki & Lord Shihoin Chichiri were seen accompanying them to the material world."

"What?" Byakuya blurted out in shock at hearing his grandfather's name with the most unlikely companions, mentioned in the report. "Lieutenant Sasakibe, you must be mistaken, my honored grandfather has not entered the material world for the last 800 years, are you really certain?" he asked in complete amazement, even as the other captains, analyzed the information.

Aizen had been taken for a complete loop, and not for the first time, found himself flustered. Urahara, with the heads of two of the five noble houses? That was inconceivable, even in his wildest dreams. What would two of the most influential men in the soul society have to do with Urahara, much less risk being seen with him in public, willingly?

"Captain Kuchiki," Sasakibe's voice was steady, "their departure was through the personal senkaimon gate of the Kuchiki clan," he continued, even as Byakuya allowed himself to be shocked into silence.

"That is neither here nor there," Yamamoto retorted, wresting back control of the situation, even as he looked at his deputy. "Dispatch a messenger to summon Unohana back to soul society, to deal with the medical emergency that has arisen," he ordered, even as Sasakibe sent a hell butterfly with that effect to the fourth squad.

"Continue with the report," he ordered, even as Sasakibe nodded, and brought out a sheaf of notes.

"This report is compiled with the testimony of the survivor's of the ninth squad, who first came into contact with the two Ryoka, responsible for these turn of events," he began as all the captains began to listen with rapt attention.

"Around 6:00 in the evening in the material world, seven hours ago, the 18th platoon of the ninth squad, encountered the first of the two Ryoka, a thirteen-year old human girl," he paused, as the eyes of the captains widened.

"A child?" Yamamoto himself asked in incredulity as Sasakibe nodded.

"Wait, lieutenant Sasakibe, do you mean to tell that a mere thirteen year old human child was actually able to interact with soul reapers?" Aizen asked with surprise in his tone, even as the man nodded his head in agreement.

"Upon seeing the men, the girl approached them, and asked what soul reapers were doing in the real world, at which our men were understandably surprised, for living mortals do not even have the knowledge of Soul Society's existence."

"She identified them, and asked about Soul Society? She actually referred to Soul Society by name?" Ukitake asked in an incredulous tone, at which Sasakibe nodded in agreement, while Yamamoto grunted, and hardened his eyes.

"Upon which, the men of the ninth squad, decided to apprehend her, and to liberate her soul, and bring it to Soul Society for interrogation," Sasakibe added delicately, knowing how sensitive an issue it was with few of the captains.

"They attempted to slay a thirteen year old child?" Kyouraku growled, even as some of the other captains frowned. While the law of soul society stated that any mortals with the knowledge of Soul Society were to have their memories erased, in certain situations, the soul reapers involved in the situation did have the discretionary authority to slay the mortals in question, and capture their soul and bring it to soul society in order to be interrogated. While many other divisions had abhorred and banned this practice, deeming it morally unethical, a few traditionalist and conservative divisions, specifically, the first, the sixth, and the ninth, did indulge in this option, although rarely.

But seeing as it was the ninth division, whose captain was known to be a zealot for following laws and tradition to the letter, it did not surprise them that members of this division had opted for this method.

"Continue," Yamamoto growled even as he released a flare of his reiatsu to warn the captains to stay in line, even as he looked at his lieutenant who was looking decidedly uncomfortable.

"As soon as the men accosted her, the girl somehow managed to escape their grasp and fled from the scene, with the men in pursuit, however, it was here that the second Ryoka, whom we have now identified as the girl's elder brother, intervened," he paused for effect as he looked at the captains, who were now listening with rapt attention.

"The young teenager instantly intervened and slew every single member of the 18th platoon. There were no survivors," Sasakibe concluded, even as Yamamoto's reiatsu flared in anger.

"A single Ryoka, managed to slay an entire section of soul reapers?" Aizen asked with a careful tone, even as Sasakibe nodded.

"Perhaps, it would be better if we were to witness the events that occurred afterwards, complied from the memories of the members of the ninth division, who were present, for I truly have no words to explain what occurred afterwards," Sasakibe paused, even as he motioned for the members of the twelfth squad, led by their vice-captain, Kurotsuchi Nemu, to come forward.

As the members of the twelfth squad, began to set up the equipment, Yamamoto quietly gazed at his vice-captain, whom he could not ever, remember as being so flustered. He wondered what it was, that could have unsettled his vice-captain so much. He would get his answer two minutes later.

As the equipment was initialized, a holographic screen came up; even as the events were shown from the view point of the members of the ninth division from the sidelines.

The corpses of the slain soul reapers were seen lying on the ground, even as at the distance, they could see a little girl crying her heart out, while a slightly older boy was seen comforting her. Then, as the screen came into focus, the face of the boy came into view …

"Impossible! It can't be …," Ukitake blurted out in shock as he gazed at the face, even as Kyouraku's jaws dropped open in amazement, while Yamamoto of all people almost stumbled, almost.

"Kouga! No, it can't be, he is dead …, he has to be," Ukitake blurted out, even as Kyouraku hissed in warning, but the damage had already been done.

"Kouga…," Aizen asked in surprise, even as he made note of the name. For even the captain-commander to lose his composure, and almost frighten Ukitake, there was something much deeper going on here, Aizen realized, even as he noticed the looks of absolute horror on the face of Kyouraku and the Sotaicho, and was that actually anger on Byakuya Kuchiki's face?

"No, look closely, the face has certain similarities yes, but there are many more fundamental differences, for one, the color of his hair is all wrong, and his eyes have a different color as well," Kyouraku pointed out, even as Ukitake composed himself.

"The Ryoka's identity can be speculated upon later, continue …," Yamamoto ordered, even as the projection continued.

"Over there…"

"We found them …,"

A group of ninth division shinigami appeared with a pronounced flash in the area, and after taking one look at the corpses of their comrades, they unsheathed their Zanpakuto in unison.

Instantly, the girl moved behind her brother, and watched fearfully as the men began to advance towards them.

Suddenly, she felt it again, it appeared as if her brother was becoming hotter every second, and she could even see the faint outline of a blue colored glimmer, surrounding her brother.

She couldn't also help but notice, that whatever her brother had done, had frozen their attackers in their place, who were … were they looking at her brother with … fear?

"Leave…," the boy growled, even as the men flinched in shock at seeing such Reiatsu emerging from the strange boy.

"Leave now," he commanded again, even as he glared at them, "leave now and I will spare your lives, if not …," he warned, and just as it seemed that they were about to obey him, they stopped as a new voice came out quietly, "It's not the place of a mere Ryoka to command us."

As one, the shinigami parted, to allow the newcomer to come forward, while one of the men whispered, "Hisagi - fukutaicho."

Shuuhei Hisagi, the lieutenant of squad 9, stiffened as he looked at the Ryoka, and the little girl behind him, and as his gaze fell upon the corpses of his squad members, they hardened, even as his blade slid effortlessly out of its sheath.

"Karin, get behind me, but stay within my line of sight," the boy ordered his sister, even as she hastened to obey her brother.

The very next second, Hisagi struck, and both he and the Ryoka vanished in a blur. Attack, defend, counterattack, dodge, the two of them clashed and broke apart in a dance that anyone less powerful than a lieutenant couldn't even begin to follow.

However, after a few seconds, it all ended, at which Hisagi was left standing near his people, bleeding profusely from a multitude of injuries, and panting to stay upright, while the Ryoka boy stood alone, unscathed, and apparently, not even winded.

"You … are strong, very strong," Hisagi gasped, even as he forced his blade into his hands, "but for the sake of the ninth division, I cannot lose, I will not lose …," the young lieutenant took a step forward, when a new voice interrupted, "Hisagi-kun, stay back."

"Tosen-taicho," Hisagi whispered, even as the captain of the ninth squad, Kaname Tosen walked in. Wearing his trademark visor, and his dreadlocked hair in a ponytail, the captain of the ninth squad, walked in, even as he assessed the situation.

"I am very sensitive to the smell of blood you know," Tosen continued, as he gazed at his lieutenant, even as he moved forward, "besides, you are no match for this boy in your current condition," he muttered as he withdrew his Zanpakuto and settled into an Iai stance, while the boy prepared himself.

"Let's go," he whispered as he stepped seamlessly into Shunpo, and charged at the boy.

As he flashed in front of the boy, he swung his blade in a horizontal strike, intending to decapitate the boy in one strike, only to freeze when the boy caught his Zanpakuto, within his bare hand, eliciting a horrified gasp from all the shinigami who were present.

Tosen was so lost in his thoughts due to his shock, that he couldn't react to what happened next, and neither could his subordinates, who were in the same state of shock as him.

Before any of the shinigami could recover from their shock, the boy cleanly snapped Tosen's Zanpakuto in half with his bare hand, and before the man could react, he forcibly plunged the broken foot-long blade in his hand into Tosen's forehead to the hilt.

Instantly, Kaname Tosen's eyes widened in shock, even as his broken blade fell from his hand, while his body shuddered for a second before going limp, as he crashed down.

He did not get up again.

Silence, utter horrified silence reigned in the hall. The captains were visibly nauseated at seeing one of their own, being brought down with such devastating ease.

Ukitake was drowned in thought. That the boy was related to Kuchiki Kouga, of that, there was no doubt in his mind, not anymore. The move that the boy had used in his duel with Tosen, was the exact same move that Kouga had used against him in his own ill-fated duel with the rogue. Unlike Tosen, he had been fortunate enough to survive, although it had left a mark on him. He idly crossed his breast, where the scar-mark of the puncture-wound inflicted by Kouga upon his lungs was still present.

Similarly, Kyouraku and Yamamoto were lost in their own thoughts. Byakuya, on the other hand was watching the reflection with a gimlet eye, even as his mind, burned the image in his memory.

Kenpachi, who had until then been completely uninterested in the proceedings of the day, showed some interest for the first time.

"Heh, I always knew that he was worthless, but I didn't know it was to this extent. Fucking disgrace, that is what it is," he muttered, even as he analyzed Ichigo's image.

Yamamoto shot him a chastising glare.

"Continue," Yamamoto ordered at which, Sasakibe nodded.

"Upon the confirmation of Captain Tosen's death, the ninth squad immediately alerted the Soul Society, upon which Captains Komamura, Ichimaru and Hitsugaya were dispatched to apprehend the Ryoka. The following memories were obtained from the members of the Onmitsukido, who were present at the venue."

At the death of their captain, the men of the ninth squad seemed completely demoralized, and were appearing to be clueless, when suddenly, the place was saturated with a burst of Reiatsu as a number of masked individual's teleported inside. More than sixty people, dressed completely in black wearing black face masks, drew their swords as they pointed them at the stranger.

The Onmitsukido. Along with Captains Sajin Komamura, Gin Ichimaru, & Hitsugaya Toshiro.

"Surrender your Zanpakuto, and identify yourself, and submit to our custody," Toshiro ordered curtly as he looked at the Ryoka who looked almost … apathetic at the turn of current events.

The Ryoka just looked at him, and scoffed.

"You have more important matters to attend to … little boy," the teenager retorted even as he pointed disdainfully at the corpses of the slain shinigami as he spoke curtly, "I would have spared their lives, but they attacked a member of my family, and therefore I was forced to slay them. There has already been enough loss of life. Just take them, and crawl back to whatever hole you came out of, and if you value your lives, never return," he scoffed, even as he sheathed his blade and turned around.

Toshiro bristled with fury at the casual disdain in which he was treated, and drew his blade with a snarl, when a firm hand grasped his wrist.

"You have murdered the members of the Soul Society, and you are in violation of its laws. Submit to our authority, and you will be dealt with fairly," Komamura's deep baritone voice came within his helmet, even though it was obvious to everyone that he was greatly restraining himself .

"Tell me, Shinigami," the boy retorted coldly, as he looked at the captain, "Why … must I obey the laws of a place to which I do not belong? Your men attempted to slay my sister, a young girl barely thirteen years of age, and I intervened to save her life. Are you suggesting that I should have stayed back and allowed your men to murder a little child in cold blood to uphold your laws? Is that the kind of place you hail from, where children are murdered at a whim in the name of upholding the law? And you call your world as the afterlife, the heaven that we mortals must aspire to? If that is so, I would rather spend my life in hell, rather than spend it in your barbaric and uncivilized afterlife."

The words had a visible impact as most of the Shinigami lowered their eyes, and even Komamura bowed his head a fraction, acknowledging the truth in the boy's words.

"There is a modicum of truth to your words, I admit, but mortals are not allowed to know of the afterlife, and it has been the law of the soul society for a hundred millennia, and the law must be upheld, and we will, at the cost of our lives, if we must" Komamura insisted, even as the boy narrowed his eyes.

"And so you would have," the boy retorted, "but unfortunately for you captain, we … that is to say, me and my sister … are not ordinary mortals. We are the descendants of Soul Reapers, our parents are soul reapers, our grandparents are soul reapers, and me and my siblings are human children sired by soul reapers, living in self-imposed exile in the mortal world."

The projection paused as a clamor arose in the hall.

"Impossible, children sired by soul reapers in exile? But who …," Byakuya frowned in thought, when suddenly a disturbing thought occurred to him as he remembered his argument with his grandfather regarding the return of his uncle, and his … family.

"It can't be … is he actually …," Byakuya exclaimed in shock, not realizing that everyone was looking at him, even as he analyzed his thoughts.Is this why after 800 years, you have deigned to set foot in the mortal world, grandfather?

"Byakuya," his thoughts were interrupted by the voice of Ukitake, even as he noticed the eyes of all the captains, including the Sotaicho upon him.

"Captain Kuchiki, do you know who this boy is?" Aizen asked in genuine curiosity, while Byakuya frowned.

"I have my suspicions, Captain Aizen, but I must watch the rest of the memory, before I can confirm my theory," he spoke stiffly, even as Yamamoto nodded in agreement, and motioned to Sasakibe to continue the memory projection.

"What?" Komamura involuntarily took a step back in shock at the revelation while the eyes of Ichimaru and Toshiro narrowed.

"Be that as it may, as the offspring of an exile, this places you under the direct authority of the laws of the soul society. Submit to our authority, and disclose the identity of your parents, and return with us to soul society, to be judged by the captain-commander, and the central 46 chambers."

The boy's eyes narrowed. "It seems you do not understand captain. Know this, my parents and my grandparents, may have been part of soul society, but me and my siblings are not. We were not born there, nor have we ever set foot in that place, much less even laid eyes upon it. It will be a cold day in hell, before I let the uncivilized neanderthals, of that barbaric place, lay a hand on my family. The very fact that you are still alive after making such threats to my person, is a testament to my generosity. Gather your dead, take them and leave now to bury them in peace, or else somebody else will have to come here from Soul Society to bury all of you."

"Enough of this drivel, Soten ni Zase, Hyourinmaru," Toshiro growled, as he unleashed his Shikai. As everyone watched, the dragon made of water, hurtled towards the two Ryoka with alarming alacrity; but at the last moment, in a perfect execution of the art of Iaido, with a single strike, the orange-haired teen cleanly bifurcated the dragon in two. However, at that moment, he frowned, while a victorious smirk adorned Hitsugaya's face. As soon as the blade cut through the dragon, the entire place exploded in a shower of Icicles, which effectively enclosed the two Ryoka.

"Hyorinmaru's ability is that it freezes anything it touches, you were foolish to attempt at facing that dragon, head – on," Hitsugaya spoke quietly while he gazed at the prison of ice that his strike had created.

"Was that actually supposed to hurt me, little boy?" a cold voice came out, even as everybody looked up to see the orange-haired Ryoka standing in mid-air, holding his sister in his arms. The girl seemed terrified and was clinging tightly to her brother. As they all watched, the boy literally walked down to the ground, as is he was climbing down a set of stairs.

He deposited his sister, who was by now, mercifully unconscious, on the ground, even as he muttered the words, Bakudo 81: Danku, and raised a translucent barrier to guard her. He then turned towards Toshiro, and everyone could see that his eyes were bloodshot with anger and rage.

"Was that petty little attack supposed to intimidate me, Kozo? Know this, the difference between you and me is as vast as the distance between the sky and the earth, you wouldn't be able to hurt me, even if I blindfolded myself, and tied one of my hands behind my back, and tried to help you with my other hand," he concluded, and to emphasize his point, he casually threw his Zanpakuto away, and arrogantly beckoned Hitsugaya to come forward, at him again.

Toshiro sprang to the attack, blistering speed and aggression turning him into a blur as he led with his foot in a lancing kick. The Orange-haired boy for his part was no longer in front of the kick and lashed out with a counter-punch which instantly forced Toshiro to drop his Zanpakuto.

Toshiro grit his teeth but forced himself to stay calm; getting angry would do nothing but hand his enemy an advantage; damn, how fast was he moving to almost get behind me? It wasn't a question he had much time to ponder as for the first time he could remember, his opponent went on the attack and Toshiro found himself back-pedaling and dodging rapidly to try and avoid the rapid jabbing strikes that were flying towards him. He wasn't entire successful in this endeavor and a few agonizing jabs of pain bloomed in his forearms, one in his ribs as the tips of his enemy's fingers hit home like blunted iron weight, but despite the pain he smiled grimly to himself; in his urge to hit him, the foolish and overconfident Ryoka was leaving larger and larger holes in his defense and one good strike through them would be enough to bring him down. There! a slip, the faintest hint of improper footwork and Toshiro struck like a coiled spring, bringing the heel of his foot around in a lightning strike towards the gaping gap that had appeared in his opponents' defenses; glancing over his shoulder to direct his attack however, it was only when he saw the blue eyes flare open with dangerous intent that he realized the gap he was aiming towards was nothing more than a cunning ambush and he'd walked right into it.

The foot that appeared to be slipping suddenly rifled forwards like a cannonball and had a similar effect on Toshiro's standing leg; balance destroyed by the low kick the Captain began toppling helplessly forwards, roundhouse kick losing both momentum and direction as his body position collapsed downwards to where his opponent was eagerly awaiting him. Having slid into a crouch from his kick, the Ryoka now used all the power in his thighs, hips and the torsion from his waist to straighten up with one trailing arm and catch Toshiro under the chin with the crook of his elbow, a devastating clothes-line lifting the Captain clean off his feet. Not wanting to carry this spar as his opponent had obviously lost, the orange-haired teen casually continued his brief spin but this time angled his arm downwards, dropping to one knee as he slammed his opponent neck-first into the dirt.

Toshiro was unconscious before his heels hit the floor.

The captains watched spell-bound in a thrall, as they watched the greatest prodigy to have arisen in the Spirit academy in the last 800 years, be thrashed soundly, now by a boy who appeared to be an even greater prodigy. The Ryoka's movements, and his skills, they were remarkably similar to an ancient form of hand to hand combat, no longer taught, but was painfully familiar to all the senior captains present, by experience.

"Move, Capture him," Komamura ordered coldly as the Onmitsukido members charged forward with a yell, with their blades raised. The Ryoka looked at all of them dispassionately and simply released a burst of Reiatsu as he expelled it through his wrist, which had the effect of forcing every member of the Onmitsukido to stop in his tracks, rendering them unable to move even an inch.

With a single gesture of his wrist, the teen had immobilized the entire squad of Onmitsukido, and rendered it helpless.

"What the hell?"

"We can't move!"

"Taicho! He has paralyzed us completely! We can't move!"

Without a word, Komamura brought his own Zanpakuto forward and charged at the stranger, using a flash step, intending to behead him with a single strike. However, the boy deftly avoided his assault with a flash step of his own and simply raised his left wrist and flicked his middle finger towards the captain's direction, before he could regain his footing. The effect of that simple gesture was devastating, as Komamura was sent flying away with enough force to crash through two buildings at the opposite end of the street.

With a snarl, the captain got up, his head armor damaged, and his true visage revealed to everyone.

"Roar, Tenken …" he released his Shikai, as a massive 200 foot long spiritual apparition of his blade swung down upon the Ryoka, crumbling the area around him. Before Komamura could recover from his move, the image of the Ryoka before him vanished, as the boy appeared in front of him in a blazing flash step.

Before the captain could do anything, the boy muttered a single phrase, "Hado 90: Kurohitsugi", and as everyone watched, a pure torrent of eldritch energy encased the captain from head to toe in the form of a rectangular box, even as numerous spears of the same energy perforated the rectangular cage from all sides before shattering; revealing an extremely lacerated Sajin Komamura, who collapsed to the ground, unconscious even before he hit it.

"Ikorose, Shinso," the voice of Gin Ichimaru came out, even as his blade pierced through the abdomen of the boy, at a speed faster than that of light. For a moment, it appeared as if Ichimaru had won, as the Ryoka sagged, but then, to the captain's sheer amazement, his body vaporized, indicating that it was a clone.

Before Ichimaru could react, the Ryoka boy, appeared in front of him, and gathered a massive amount of Reiatsu, in his right fist, and with a resounding cry of 'Ikkotsu', he let fly. The devastating impact of that punch was evident as Ichimaru was sent away, flying, and collided with a tree on the opposite end of the road, bleeding and barely conscious.

After taking down the three captains, the boy slowly walked towards his unconscious sister, when the members of the ninth division, led by the injured Shuuhei Hisagi, appeared in front of him. Snarling, the teen raised his hand, and his Zanpakuto came soaring through the air into his hand. With a snarl, the boy slashed his sword downwards, while creating a deep gouge in the ground. He then took a step forward towards the injured shinigami, who despite their peril, stood their ground.

"That is enough!" suddenly, a voice cut in, and everybody turned around to see Captain Unohana walk out, looking pensive, as she moved in between the Ryoka and the shinigami.

"Sheathe your blade," Unohana spoke sternly as she looked at the boy, "I will not repeat myself, Ichigo," Captain Unohana spoke softly, at which the boy, now identified as Ichigo allowed his Zanpakuto to slide back into its sheath with an audible click, and then without uttering a word, walked away towards the barrier where he had deposited his sister to pick her up, while the shinigami scampered to get out of his way.

Looking at the flustered and curious look on Hisagi's face, Unohana allowed a small smile to grace her lips, "Lieutenant Hisagi, please accept my apologies on behalf of my grandson. I will instruct him to curb his impulsiveness, so that such a debacle will not take place again," she bowed slightly, while Hisagi's jaws dropped open in shock, even as he slowly sheathed his blade. Then the weight of Unohana's words hit him like a ton of bricks falling upon his head.

"WAIT! DID YOU SAY HE WAS YOUR GRANDSON?" Hisagi asked as his eyes widened to their maximum possible limit.

"Indeed. However, I apologize on his behalf, lieutenant, he can be quite difficult at times. Now, please excuse me, I have much work to attend to," Unohana spoke softly, as she walked aside, to tend to the critically injured shinigami, leaving Hisagi spluttering and gaping like a newborn child.

Pure unadulterated shock, those were the only words possible to describe the looks upon the faces of all the captains including the Sotaicho.

"My God … is he … actually Retsu's grandson?" Ukitake muttered in shock, while for the first time in centuries, Aizen Sosuke, a man whose brilliant scheming and Machiavellian plots had completely fooled the entire population of the most powerful military in any dimension; a man known for nothing so much as his multi-layered genius and unimaginably complicated plots, both amazing even considering the millennia he'd had to practice them; a man who was, in short, possibly the most clever schemer Soul Society had ever seen, stood entranced, watching in fascination as he saw something that he had never imagined to be possible, occur in front of him, and for once, with him being unable to discern the current situation. He found that feeling rather irritating.

"How …," Kyouraku, who was probably for the first time in his existence, feeling completely overwhelmed, gazed at the memory in fascination.

Yamamoto was deep in thought, and what went on in his mind was for him and him alone.

Suddenly, all of their thoughts were interrupted as a hell butterfly made its way to Chojiro Sasakibe, who after a few minutes, stood up and looked at his captain.

"Sotaicho-sama, Lady Unohana has just sent a message to the Central 46 chambers, bearing the signature of herself as the regent of clan Yamamoto," he paused, at which Genryuusai widened his eyes in shock, even as Sasakibe continued, "along with the signatures of Lord Ginrei Kuchiki on behalf of the Kuchiki clan," here Byakuya narrowed his eyes, as now his doubts were confirmed, "and finally with that of Lord Chichiri on behalf of the Shihoin clan."

"And the message," Yamamoto asked with an inscrutable tone, even as Sasakibe continued, while all the captains watched with baited breath.

"The identity of the Ryoka boy, responsible for the death of Captain Kaname Tosen, and the defeat of Captains Sajin Komamura, Gin Ichimaru, and Hitsugaya Toshiro has been confirmed. His name is Kurosaki Ichigo, son of Kurosaki Isshin, formerly known as Kuchiki Isshin, the erstwhile captain of squad six. His maternal grandparents, have been identified, as Captain Shihoin Yoruichi of clan Shihoin, and Captain Kisuke Urahara, formerly of the Shiba clan. His paternal grandparents have been identified, as Lady Unohana Retsu of Clan Yamamoto, and Captain Kurosaki Baishin of Clan Kurosaki, the erstwhile captain of squad ten. He is the first shinigami to have been born in 15,000 years, with the bloodlines of the head families of all the five noble clans flowing in his veins. And as the grandson of Lady Unohana, he happens to be … your great-grandson. As such, the central 46 have decreed that a shinigami of such esteemed pedigree cannot be allowed to remain in the mortal world for even another second. They have requested that the remaining captains of the Gotei 13, personally escort the Kurosaki clan back to the Soul Society."

As all the captains watched, Yamamoto stood up, and without uttering a word, walked out of the hall, with his cloak billowing behind him.

Authors Note: Damn, it feels good to be back. It has been nearly a year, but just when I was beginning to think that I had lost all inspiration to write fanfics again, it just came back. This is not up to my old standard yet, but I will get back in rythm, soon.

With regards to this chapter, while you all may think that I overopowered Ichigo drastically, it is not so, remember that the captains were all at 20% power, while Ichigo was at a 100%. They underestimated him severely and paid the price for it. Still, he would have kicked their asses even at full power, but that is a chapter for another day. Also, Unohana's interaction with Ichigo at the end will be explained in detail in a later chapter.

With regards to his family line, it may look complicated, but it is linear actually. each of his grandparents are from one of the major noble houses, and he is of Kuchiki, because although not by blood, his dad is adopted in that clan, so, he is related to all the clans, the Kuchiki, the Shihoin, the Shiba (urahara's family, will be revealed later), the Kurosaki (their own), and the Yamamoto (well, that completes the circle, surprised myself with that to be sure)

More to come later, and in next chapter, Isshin kicks Byakuya in the nuts, figuratively, while Yamamoto has a one-on-one with his new grandkids, and Ichigo is swarmed by surprise, surprise, marriage proposals! poor dumb genius!