This is my first attempt at writing Naruto!

Just so you know, I won't be using Japanese honorifics, or town names for the most part. Don't complain if you miss 'em!



Gohan closed his eyes and sighed. A year ago. Just a year ago. How recent that was. He could still see his father if he concentrated. Aura blazing, standing next to a bloated Cell, hand out,middle fingers on his forehead. That sad grin, as he transported him, and Cell to King Kai's planet. He sighed. That's all he had to remember him now. That, and a few techniques taught to him in his fathers spare time while training for the Cell Games.


"Wha-? Oh! Sorry Piccolo!" He grinned sheepishly as his former sensei stared at him quizzically. "I guess I kinda zoned out there..."

"Yeah!" Piccolo humphed, "I've been trying to get your attention for a good five minutes now!

"Sorry, sensei."

"No apologies needed. I brought the stuff you asked for."

"Thank you!" Gohan said, gratefully accepting the objects held before him. A bag of senzu, his fathers old Nyoi-bo (Power Pole), and a sword, like the one Piccolo gave him on his six month wilderness experience. "That should be great!"

"Are you sure your mother is okay with your little, ah, world-round escapade?" Gohan laughed nervously.

"O-of course Piccolo! What a silly thing to ask! See you later!"
"Gohan!" Piccolo cried, "Just wait a sec..." he sighed "Oh well. He is a little too impulsive for his own good, but, he is the kid who defeated Cell. He'll be fine." He slowly turned around, "I wonder if he'll find the little gift I left for him?"

----Capsule Corp.-----

Trunks Briefs giggled with glee. His parents had finally let him do it! He was going to get a birthday wish from Shenlong! He gave a small frown. It did take a while to get my parents too agree. They probably thought it was a bad idea or something. Here goes! "Awise, Eternal Dragon," Trunks recited, an a squeaky voice, "Gwant my wish!" At those words, the seven orange-gold spheres in the ground in front of him began to glow. Slowly at first, the Dragon balls pulsated with a bright incandescence, faster each time. Then, with an almighty burst of energy, a column of light shot into the now darkened sky. Slowly, before Trunks' entranced eyes, a giant dragon took shape.

"Why have you summoned me?"

"I have a wish!" Trunks exclaimed, a nervous lit in his voice.

"Then give it to me! I was having a nice nap!"

"Um, o-okay." Trunks said, a little more nervous, "Hmmm...Now what should I wish for?"

"You mean you don't know yet?" The dragon asked angrily, "Hurry up!"

"Ah! Okay! I'm going!" Trunks said with a start, "Um...Got it!"


"I wish Gohan had some friends!" Shenlongs eyes glowed for a moment.

"It shall be done. Have you any other wishes?"

"No!" Trunks replied happily, giddy from making his wish, "You can go now!"

"Very well. Goodbye, mortal" Shenlong once again became a being of light. He shrank into the dragon balls, which promptly shot off in different directions.

"Bye bye, dwagin!"

--------Somewhere over the Ocean--------

Gohan frowned. Something wasn't right. He quickly pulled up. He had been playing in the spray before, but now something was seriously wrong. Gohan let out a burst of ki, and shot higher into the sky. If something is coming, he thought, I'll have a better view of it from here. He looked around, both with his eyes, and his senses. Gohan's brow creased with concentration. Nothing around here. Better leave, before something does come. He gathered his ki again, and started flying in a different direction. He closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of wind on his face.


Something had hit him in the back of the head, and hard. He reached back, and found a perfectly spherical rock, lodged between Nyoi-bo, and his shirt. A dragon ball. Someone just made a wish, Gohan realized, or else they wouldn't be stone and flying around. He looked up. What he saw next, was in no way what he expected to see. He expected to see sky, sky, and more sky. Instead, he got an immense, swirling, green vortex. Actually, green wasn't the right way to describe such a color. To Gohan, it looked almost like a mottled green snakeskin, flowing through the vortex, pulling everything around it in. Wait, thought Gohan, everything includes... "Meeeeee!" Gohan let out one last yelp, as the immense suction from the strange wormhole pulled him in.


Hatake Kakashi hopped onto the roof of his apartment. He sighed. No distractions here! Finally! Time for some light...reading...He pulled out a small pink book, which, from a vantage point on the street you could almost make out the words 'Icha Icha Paradise' on the front cover. Kakashi slowly brought the book closer to his face. Ooh! Pictures! He thought with glee. He slowly straightened the metal forehead protector, revealing his other eye. His iris glinted red, as his eyes widened. "Exquisite illustrations!" He muttered to himself.

"Hey! Kakashi-sensei! Are you reading that garbage again?" Kakashi snapped the book shut, and looked around wildly.

"Why..no Sakura!" He stuttered, "Just...enjoying the fresh air!" Sakura rolled her eyes.

"Fresh air my shuriken." She muttered. Louder, "You were so reading 'Icha Icha Paradise' again! You really have got to stop reading that stuff!"

"Aw, come on! It's very good-Whoa! What was that?" An astonishingly bright nova had appeared in the sky. People all over town, heads out of windows, bathrobes hastily donned, stared in wonder at the conflagration hanging in the sky. Slowly it condensed, into a strange mottled color. A pinprick of blue light burst out of the swirling vortex. Falling at incredible speeds, it bounced off one of the noses of the former Hokages on the monument, before plowing to a halt in front of the Hokage's office. Kakashi and Sakura dashed over to the crater that had recently appeared outside the town administrators headquarters. A boy, twelve, possibly thirteen, struggled out of the hole.

"Wasn't expecting that." He gasped, before falling over in a dead faint.

---------End of Chapter 1--------

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