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Gaara grunted. Barely turning his head, he sent up another wall of sand to intercept another of Gohan's attacks. Again, the arena shook.

"You promised me blood!" Gaara growled.

"Shut up, stupid demon! I-" Gaara never finished his thought.


Gohan's fist rammed into Gaara's face, sending him skidding backwards a few feet. The dark-haired boy stepped forward to deliver another punch. Time slowed down.

A wild look appeared in Gaara's eyes. A small sneer appeared on his face, as Gohan's fist began its movement forward. Gohan almost didn't notice as sand began brushing pass his legs. Almost before he could react, his lower torso was engulfed in a massive hand of sand. A look of surprise etched on his face; Gohan racked his mind for a solution to his imminent predicament.

Up in the stands a whole different reaction occurred. Naruto whooped at Gohan's first strike. In fact, he was whooping after the dust had cleared. And pretty much the whole time before too.

"YEAH! DATTEBAYO!" His joyful cry rang out through the stadium and damaged more than a few peoples ears.

Other spectators, ninjas and civilians alike, gasped when Gohan broke through the seemingly impenetrable sand defense. As the red-headed ninja reeled backwards, the crowd leaned forward with stark anticipation written on their faces and held their breath as a whole, waiting for the next move. Well, everyone except for the people collecting illicit bets.

A low moan emanated from the crowd as the sand encircled Gohan. Anticipation and glee was replaced by shock and horror. Even the ever bright face of Naruto dimmed a little.

"Gohan…" he whispered.

What was happening down below, on the other hand, was a completely different story. For Gohan, time hadn't sped up yet. The cool, calculating countenance that he was used to seeing on Gaara's face was replaced by a grotesque, monstrous one. A feral smirk made it look even stranger.

The sand arm solidified.

Gohan's fingers spread near his temples.

Gaara growled.

It was over in less than a second.


A brilliant light flared through the stadium. Spectators cringed, eyes watering. Many ninja, with superior eyesight, clutched their eyes in pain. Kakashi and Sasuke, using their Sharingans to keep up with the fight's intense speed, had altogether different reactions.

"YAAAAAHGGGGGGG!" they screamed.

With an almost comical poof of smoke, the two vanished. Later accounts report them being seen on the other end of Konoha, crying and pouring water into their eyes. But that's not important.

Gaara stood there, eyes twitching in shock. His insomniac eyes were so startled that the black rings up and left. Gohan made a valiant attempt to stand there, but it was slightly difficult with the three broken ribs and shattered femur. He squinted in pain, although obviously, not about his eyes. His were one of the few sets of unharmed peepers left in Konoha; along with the Aburame clan and that exceedingly odd instructor Ebisu.

Gohan glanced up at his opponent. The archetypal twitch had vanished, replaced by a cold fury in his eyes. Then there was no emotion in his eyes. Then his face went slack, and the sand came. It flowed up Gaara's body, solidifying along his torso. Two massive pillars of sand swirled up beneath his feet, lifting him up into the air. The sand reached Gaara's other arm, twisting and flowing until it formed a fourth massive appendage.

Very few things were going through Gohan's mind at this moment. They were not, as most of you probably presumed, things like: 'I'm hungry!', or 'Yeah! Better opponent!'. What was, in fact, going through his mind, was a single word. If his mother knew he was thinking this, he would have been grounded for a very, very long time. In fact the word was:


Gohan clutched his side. His ribs weren't feeling any better, and he didn't suspect they would in a hurry. He looked on, apprehensive.

With a final shudder, sand engulfed Gaara's face. The massive sand creature shook once, then twice, before leaning down, and observing Gohan, a malicious grin on his face.

"Ah. The puny human causing my host so much trouble." The creature, no, enormous raccoon,Gohan realized, bared its teeth. "Well. You shall not remain a hindrance," the beast paused, almost for dramatic effect, "ANY LONGER!" The raccoon lunged at Gohan. Tensing, the young demi-saiyajinn hopped away.

Most of the crowd was too stunned to even react, but those who weren't noticed something odd. Gohan never came back to the ground. Hanging in midair like a rag-doll, arms slack, shoulders slumped, the dark-haired boy gathered his energy. Gone was the carefree child enjoying a healthy fight. Now here was the real Son Gohan, proud child of Son Goku, and protector of earth.

'Can't give them too much,' he said to himself. 'Super-Saiyajinn's out.' He grimaced. 'Oh well, let's go with the next best thing.' He closed his eyes, dropping into a state of meditation.

Jiraiya Sannin, famed toad sage and super-pervert, leaned almost casually on one of the supporting columns of the stadium. He grinned. 'Haven't seen a fight like this since, well, since our little skirmish with Hanzo.' He winced at the memory. 'Okay, so maybe not.' He continued to watch as the massive sand creature reared up. His eyes widened. "Ah," he muttered. "Jinchuuriki."

With slow measured steps, he moved towards the arena floor. The ground shook. The white haired man stumbled once before regaining his footing. His eyes shot to the boy hovering above the arena.

"What in blazes-!" Jiraiya yelled.

The enormous beige and black raccoon was curious. There, before, no, above him, was a boy doing the seemingly impossible. Levitating himself? The boy was practically flying! Unheard of! Then, the sandy manifestation of the Shukaku demon stepped back and again. If it had any blood, it would have drained from his face.

'No. There's no way he should be able to do that!'

Gaara, lone and suspended inside the sandy form, twitched. Never, had he heard his demon sound so frightened. His face scrunched up, and relaxed. The demon was back in control.

'Bah. How powerful could this even be?' The raccoon looked up and bared its teeth. "Die, boy!" Massive arms of sand burst out of Shukaku's body and speed towards the lone figure.

Gohan's eyes clenched. The sand got closer.

"Hah!" the Shukaku's feral laugh rang through the stadium.

Gohan's eyes snapped open.


A red aura flashed from his body, whipping at the incoming sand. The two flailing masses seemed to fight for a moment before sand exploded over the arena.

A stupefied Jiraiya stood open mouthed, staring at the boy.

'No. No, no, no, no, no! That is impossible! Only the Kami's are supposed to be able to do that!' He ran over to the edge of the arena and gripped the low separating wall. 'What the hell is this kid?'

Gohan looked down at Gaara, no, Shukaku, with pupil-less eyes. Veins pulsed in his forehead, (No, not byakugan.) and sweat dripped down his face. He then whispered a word too quiet for anyone to hear, but if you could hear it, you would hear the profound regret that came along with the statement.


And with that, he brought his hands to his forehead, leaning back.


Shukaku growled with sand swirling about the massive creature.


The red aura swirled brighter, and seemed to be drawn towards his overlapped palms.


The sphere of golden-white energy swelled once, twice, before reaching a size akin to a watermelon. The glob of light shivered, and then Gohan brought his arms forwards.


The resulting blast was massive. A column of light, easily the size of the combined ego of all the Uchiha who ever lived, roared earthwards. If the massive sand-beast could have, it would have paled.

Then, it stiffened, and brought up masses of sand. Within moments, a shield, broader and thicker than anything the Suna nin could have conjured, flowed in front of the incoming attack.

There was a sudden, ghastly, silence.

There was a sudden, ghastly, noise.

There was still, a ghastly noise.

The Masenko impacted the sand shield. Every second, attempting to burrow into the dusty mass. But it wouldn't give. Almost the entire might of a Bijuu, for that's how much Shukaku put into the shield, was proving to much for a simple 'Kaio-Ken', so, Gohan moved on to a not so simple 'Kaio-Ken'.


Jiraiya blinked in shock. Times TWO? The toad sage took a deep breath, and several steps backwards. He was thirty two and-a-half years too old for this.

The bright gold beam plowed with apparent ease through the sandy barrier, but Gohan was tiring with every inch. He gritted his teeth, and with a shout, put a last bit of oomph into the Masenko. Then he vanished. The blast plowed the rest of the way through the sand barrier, but dissipated inches before reaching the almost cringing form of the Shukaku. No, not cringing. The raccoon was practically in the fetal position. He cracked a tentative eye open. Seeing nothing but a big hole, he began to laugh.

"Missed me?"

The voice was so soft and quiet, the beast would have missed it, if not for the flicker of red in his peripheral vision.



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