Hey there this is my story and I really hope you enjoy it! I've posted this from my old Quizilla acount! However, I have updated this so therefore the grammer and transitions will be smoother! Hope you enjoy!


"Fire! Fire! There's a fire!"

"Call 911! There's a FIRE!"

Screams were heard on the corner of Rose Street. And even though she didn't know it, right at that moment May Catherine Gibson's life would change forever...

"Bye Katie! Thanks Mrs. Smith!" May waved goodbye to her best friend.

"See ya at school May!" Kaite waved back. She was standing on the front proch of her apartment building, where she and her mother lived.

May smiled back and started waling down her street. Shure, walking alone at night in San Francisco was probally not a good idea. But May only lived a few buildings down from Katie's and she had walked this path may may times before. And she was still standing.

'what's that smell?' There was an odd sent comming from the street that she lived down. She quickly hurried home to her cozy apartment. But dropped her purse and gasped instead at what she saw.

"Move out of the way!"

"Did someone call the fire department!"

"Are the Gibson's out of the building?"

'Mom...dad...Josh' May quickly ran over to her burning apartment building. Tears flowing from her eyes.

"May! Your okay! Where's your family? Are they out?" May's next-door neighbor, Mrs. Royar, asked.

"I...I don't know...I was at a friends house and-"

She was inturrupted by an explosion comming from Josh's room. May just stood there watching the building burn in the flames. Shure the neighbor's had tried to get her to move, but she just stood there; shaking.

The firefighters had never showed up. And after an hour of waiting for them, most of the neighbors left, except mrs. Royar. Tired and tear stained, May was still mezmorized by the small flames that consumed her home.

After two or three more hours The flames cleared and the entire building was left to rubble. May finally made a move. She fell to her knees, crying. Tears pouring from her Bright blue eyes.

"May dear? Come...let us see what surrvied."

Mrs. Royar kindly put a hand in May's face. May grab her hand as Mrs. Royar helped May back on her feet. They walked through the rubble scavaging little tiny things that were left. May had gone into what used to be her kitchen and stoped walking; horrified.

"May sweetie whats-" Mrs. Royar had walked over to where May was gasping at the sight she saw.

There covered in ashes and rubble lied three black skeltons. "My...my family..." May cried passing out in Mrs. Royar's arms.

April O'neil had had a hard night. Since she had been fired, or rather quit, her old job, she decided to open up a antquie shop uderneath her apartment building.

"Oh better get the mail..." She had not gotten it because of all the hard work she had done in the afternoon. She walked outside and opened the mail box on the side of her building and then walked into the shop.

Locking the door and turning off the lights in the new shop she headed up to the kitchen of her apartment.

"Bills...junk...bills...crap..." fliping through the junk mail she found a small blue envlope at the bottom.

April sat down on her chair and opened the envlope. Inside was a note written by the childcare center. O'neil read through the note, obtaning every bit of information the note had said.

When she was done she put the note down and untied her hair. Combing through her red hair April cried. Sliently with her head down.

"I can't believe this..." She whispered to herself. "My sister's dead..." She got up from the table and walked into her room. She sat down on her bed hugging her pillow. 'May, stay strong...of course you can stay here...we're family'

It had been an average training run for the turles. Beat up every Purple Dragon and help every person in need. And that is shurely what had happened.

"Ya-hoooo!" Yelled mikey as he and his brothers jumped roof to roof.

"Mikey! We're supposed to be quiet!" Donny strickly said hopping to the next roof.

"Yeah...whatever..." Mikey laughed.

"Another hopeless cause..." Donny sighed.

The tutrles stopped on a roof. Just to rest up a bit.

"See anything?" Leo asked.




Leo sighed and sat down, leaning on the edge, resting.

"Donny...don't cha have some awsome tool thingy that I could play with?" Mikey moaned digging through the young scientist's bag.

"Urg...Get off Mikey!" Don slaped him. He got out a pair of weird looking gogles.

"Here...night vision gogles..."

"Awesome! Turtle night vision!" Mikey grabed the object from Don's hand and put them on overneath his mask. Mikey looked through the gogles looking at the entire area that he and his brothers were in.

Just then a cab had pulled up to the building across the street from the one Mikey was on. A girl got out of the car and payed the cab driver. She had blonde hair, a little bit passed her shoulders and she was wearing a white shirt, and blue faded pants.

Mikey kept watching her as she walked up to the front of the house and knocked. She waited and so did mikey. The girl knocked again but there was no response.

"Come on guys, let's go home..." Leo said getting up.

"Come on Mikey!" Raph yelled at his annyoing brother.

"Hold on! I'm doing something!" Mikey whined. The girl had been looking out the window looking for someone, but no one had come to the door. She walked down the stairs, shaking her head she looked around for the cab. but it was no where to be found.

"Mikey! Let's go!" Raph had now hit his head. But mikey ignored him watching the girl. Something in his gut was telling him that he NEEDED to. The girl sighed and then walked around towards the ally that the house was near.

"Oh no...don't go in the ally! That's the worst thing you can do!" Mikey threw the gogles at Raph and jumped down the building.

"Mikey! Wha-" Leonardo started. But noticed that a girl was walking into a trap.

"Guys! That ally leads to the purple dragons headquarters!" Donny yelled and jumped down after Mikey.

Raph and Leo looked at each other. "Couldn't hurt to get so practice in..." Leo muttered.

"Yeah and you know Mikey's going coz there's a gurl involved...heh..." Raph jumped down and ran after his brothers.

Leo sighed and joined them as well.

May walked down the ally hoping there was a shortcut to her aunts house. She walked with her head down as she talked to herself.

"Hm...maybe Anut April said 246 and not 236..." She sighed and countined walking. "In San Francisco the ally's are shrotcuts, so maybe it's the same as in New-" May stoped as she bumped into something...or rather someone. She looked up and saw a band of some weird looking guys. they had purple dragon looking things all on their clothes and chains as well. 'shit...they must be in a gang or something...'

"Heloo there sweet-thang...comming for your initation?" One of the men asked.

May noticed that more came and surrounded her. They came, and brought weapons. "Uh...I'm not looking for trouble guys...I thought that this ally lead to another street...uh, I guess not..."

"Got that right...GRAB HER!"

May screamed at the top of her lungs. Scared and afraid that these people would probally kill her.

They ripped her purse off causing a cut on her shoulder, they pulled on her collar of her shirt, trying to yank it off. One of them was even trying to undo her pants, but she continuously started to kick them. Unfortunatly more of them came to her pants, and held down her legs.

More screams came from May as the men started to take off her clothes. But there were some screams that wern't her's...they were men's cries for help.


May could feel the grip on her body to lessen and soon she fell to the ground, knocking the wind out of her.

She curled up into a ball and began to zip up her pants that were almost down past her waist. Her shirt was unbuttoned, and her bra was showing...but she didn't have time to fix it. She looked up just in time to see an enourmous man with a red dragon tattoo wraped around his arm. His hair was blonde and in a long straight ponytail. He wore all blck and he looked like he had been sucking on lemons, for his face was filled with disgust.

The man looked down at May and smirked. Then he looked past her and fronwed. "Again, turtles...saving another damsel?" He laughed and then snapped his fingers. More men came out from behind him like dogs, they probally follow his every order.

May looked behind her to see who was her knight...or rather green knights.

I know May might sound like a Mary Sue right now, but trust me she'll get better! You'll just have to keep reading to see her transformation! ;)