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Her bare feet grazed against the cloudy pavement. It was such a dream-like state of mind, that May Gibson couldn't pull her focus towards her wellbeing. "Where…" She muttered looking down at her hands. The clouds were so thick that she could barely see her pink fingertips. "…where am I?"

"Deep within your mind." A soft feminine voice replied behind May. The blonde whipped her head around quickly to see the responder as the clouds faded from her view. "With me."

The raven-haired Japanese woman smiled at May. Although this woman grinned happily, she could describe the feeling of protection from her. Almost like the security a child has with their mother.

"Who are you?" May gasped as the woman walked towards the blonde with her hands folded in the sleeves of her yellow kimono. "Wait a minute… you're, you are Sakura. Aren't you?"

The woman nodded just before standing specifically in front of May. She was the same height as she and mimicked the same bright blue orbs in her eyes. "Indeed I am, May Gibson."

"Where are we? You said in my mind, but how can that be possible-?"

"Indeed we are trapped inside the walls of your mind." Sakura revealed her tiny and delicate hands while placing her palms on May's shoulder blades. "Unfortunately, the Tribunal did not respond as I had instructed in the past and now your life is being forfeited."

"No…" The teen pushed Sakura's hands away while taking a couple of steps backwards. "I can't die! Fate said-"

"I know what Fatemous told you, May." Her blue eyes gathered with tiny wet droplets. "I will do my best to ensure your protection but you were always destined to behold my soul."

"Why?" May looked up with a glare. "Why me? Why is it always me that the bad things happen to?" Her voice grew with her rage. "I mean, I've had my ass handed to me more times than I can count! I train hardcore everyday only to fall on my face! I've had my family taken away from me and it seems that my friends are all counting on me to save them and I CAN'T! I can't do anything right! NOTHING!"

When she stopped screaming, the only sound heard between the two ladies was the huffing coming from the young blonde. She continued her stare down of the oriental woman until Sakura finally closed her eyes. "Maybe… just maybe the reason you are so hard on yourself is because you do not already see the good you have done in this world." She smiled as if she had not been reprimanded. "Instead of focusing on the bad, redirect that anger into something positive. Something, productive, perhaps."

May raised an eyebrow as well as a grimace across her lips. Just before yelling once again at the woman, a light bulb clicked, causing her to sigh. "…That sounds like something Master Splinter would say."

Sakura nodded and proceeded to bow. "I will try my best, May, to save my brother from his inner demons as well as rescuing you and your Kame friends."


Sakura nodded with a giggle. "It means turtle." She placed her cool palm underneath May's cheek, "Hold my hands, May. If you concentrate and think about protecting your friends and the city of New York, then we will save the fate of the world."

"Together." May nodded taking her hands into her own, "all of us."

"Anna hand me those bandages will you?" April motioned to the teenager while placing the splints specifically on Karai's legs. As soon as she was handed the wrappings, April wasted no time in quickly mending to the woman's wounds. "I hope this brat will appreciate this."

"I would have never thought I would have gotten to meet one of the turtles enemy's at this state of vulnerability." Anna brushed a strand of hair out of her face while studying Karai. "You would think they'd want to finish her off… well I know May would. She hates this woman!"

The mentioning of May caused April to sigh. It had almost been two months since she had disappeared with the turtles not knowing a single clue how to get her back to NYC or to revert her from Sakura's soul. "Yea…" The concerned aunt nodded while tying the last bandage around Karai's ankle. The movement must have triggered a nerve because in the next second the former Shredder-woman moaned.

"Father… no! The Shredder is… I?" Karai sat up straight with a wide glare in her eyes. "Where am I?" Taking in her surroundings, she made eye contact with April first and then Anna second. With a disciplining finger, Karai frowned back to April. "YOU! Am I your prisoner?"

In the middle of Karai's condemning, Anna hid behind April as the two stood beside the bed. "No." April scoffed. "More like my patient."

"We weren't too sure if you were gonna make it." Anna added while stepping to the side of the red-head to stare at Karai.

"You saved me?" Karai gasped. "But why?" Then she winced as she attempted to stand up. The pain forced her back onto the bed.

"Well if it were up to me I wouldn't have." April smirked. "But four guys I care for very much seem to think there's something about you that's worth saving. But if you try anything, I slam you so fast that it'll curl your hair, sister."

Anna giggled. "April O'Neil- 1. Evil Bad Guy Lady- Zip."

Suddenly the bedroom door started to bang and then open revealing Casey with an armored man clutched in his hand. "Yo April, I found this boozo sneaking around back tryin' ta break in!" The intruder stood up quickly and Anna noticed the large red Foot Symbol on the chest of his armor.

"Oh mistress, you're alright!" He smiled running to the side of the bed opposite of April and Anna. "We have to get out of here. Out of the city and maybe even off the planet!" He quickly wrapped his arms around her body lifting her off the bed and guiding her out of the room. "The resurrected Shredder has made his move, and there doesn't seem to be anyway of stopping him."

They all looked out through the window at a bright pink orb of light emerge from the Foot Tower in the middle of the city and then grow through the air. Everything the light touched formed into a horrifying nightmare.

"Wow, it's gotten a lot bigger since we last saw it…" Anna gulped. "It's a good thing my parents are out of the country for their anniversary."

"Anna," April sighed while shaking her head. As if on cue, April's phone began to ring. "Hello?" She replied into the device. "No Leo, it's not… you better get over here right away."

Leonardo sighed as he and his brothers, Master Splinter and the Ancient One stood hopelessly in April's living room. With a concerned huff, April placed her hand on her hip. "So want to explain to me just what in the world that orb of light is?"

"The Ninja Tribunal always said that Demon Shredder always longed to transform this world into a reflection of his own dark soul. A world full of demons and the undead. A world of chaos and pain and so you see, the Shredder has begun the dreaded transformation of the city." Ancient One revealed to the group.

Leo uncrossed his arms, "And it's a good bet he won't stop until the entire world is transformed."

"The Ancient One and I have meditated on this." Splinter looked to the short obese man. "We have felt massive fluctuations in the cities Lay Lines."

"Lay Lines?" Mikey repetitively questioned.

"Yes my son. Lay Lines are mystic conduits of energy that run throughout the planet. They are the essence of the Earth's spirit and an uncommon number of those line run in New York City."

Taking action, Donatello and April pulled up a map on her laptop of the city. Ancient One pointed to the areas in which the three Lay Lines were located on the island.

"Oh. The Key Stones." Karai, now fully equipped in her Shredder outfit, spoke up. "Chaplin tell them what we discovered."

"Well," The ninja Foot Techy cleared his throat. "When the Mystic Ninjas escaped we did a lot of research of their magic and what they did on the sly. For decades, they blackmailed city officials into installing three Key Stones around Manhattan: One at the Statue of Liberty, one at the United Nations and the last at Manny's Meats in Northern Manhattan." The group almost thought he was joking but then quickly paid attention to the rest of his lecture. "These Key Stones are solid amplifiers of magic ectoplasm but now seeing that they are located on junctions of Lay Lines, who ever controlled them would have the mystic energies of the whole planet!"

Recalling a lesson from the Tribunal's training, Leo spoke up. "In our training with the Ninja Tribunal, we learned that energy is not good nor evil. If the Shredder can make use of the Key Stones, than maybe we could as well… right?"

"If we were to access the Key Stones before the Shredder and focus our energy into them," Splinter scratched the bottom of his chin. "Then perhaps we could reverse the spell and cripple Shredder in the process."

"Well whatever we're doin' we betta be doin' it quick." Casey replied pointing to the window. The pink orb had tripled, yet still continued to neglect April's apartment.

Taking into his usual leader mode, Leonardo walked into the center of the room. "Alright everyone listen up and listen good. We only have a limited time to act and we have to make sure everything goes according to plan. Raph and Mikey, you two go Uptown to Manny's meats. Don and Master Splinter, you will head to the UN while Karai, Ancient One and I will go to the Statue. Meanwhile the rest of you, Chaplin, Anna, April and Casey, you all will head in the shell mobile to track everything online. Besides, we don't know how long it will be until April's place is blasted by the transformation orb."

Everyone nodded in agreement. "What happens if this plan doesn't work?" Anna whispered meekly as the group glared at the girl. "I mean, it'll work of course… but you know, what if it doesn't?"

"Let's focus on being positive instead of the negativity, young lady!" Ancient One snapped and then farted loudly in the silence. The smell was so brutal, that Leo choked on the potent air just before dividing the group up to split. "Okay everyone… let's head out." As much as it pained him to take Anna's word to heart, Leonardo and the others knew for a fact she was completely correct. If their plan didn't work, they didn't have much else to fall back on.

With a glare from Karai in her Shredder armor, Leo held a hand out for her to follow Ancient One while he took to the back. "I am unsure to why I am here, but since you all have healed me while I was injured, I will repay my debt." She scoffed as the three made their way to the newly redesigned Sewer Slider.

"Okay, you two get into the back. I'll take the control. Once we land at the island, we've got to move quickly, understand?" Leo commanded once more. The two gave a single curt nod. "Okay. Let's get going."

As the Slider surfaced the top of the Bay towards the Statue, Leo decided to check in with the rest of the others. It was the only thing he could do to keep his mind off of his missing blonde girlfriend… well, besides talking to Ancient One and Karai. "Are we all online?!"

His headphone buzzed slightly, "Check! Mikey and I are on the way!" Raphael grunted. Leo could hear the background noise of the Shell Cycle they must have taken to get Uptown.

"Donny here with Splinter! I wish we could give you more data on what to look for with these Key Stones, but we don't have a clue. However, make sure when we do find them, we blast them with everything we've got!"

"Roger that, Donatello." April sounded off next. "Chaplin and I are online and ready to coordinate the timing from here. Casey and Anna are scouting out the streets while trying to get us to a safe distance. You all be sure to do the same."

"Great you guys!" At least there was no trouble so far in the plan. "We are almost at the Statue, I'll call in once we find the Key Stone." Leonardo continued to drive while focusing on the best means to exert the force powerful enough to destroy the item without completely wiping out his energy, just incase.

"I am still unclear as to why I am needed exactly." Karai ridiculed just as she had done before and in every conversation she ever had with the blue-bandana leader.

"First and foremost, so I can keep an eye on you!" Leo demanded. "After what you've done to me and my family, I'm not exactly in a trusting mood." The ache in his shell seemed to heat up with the rage of their encounter that nearly killed his brothers and Splinter. "Secondly, I've had a dream about you that made me think Master Splinter was right when he said that all the Shredders are connected on some level of energy. If you can help us fight the Demon Shredder, then you're going to help us because we need every advantage we can get!"

The tone of his voice made the turtle cringe. It was almost similar, maybe too familiar, to his ferocious voice and attitude just before meeting the Ancient One in Japan.

Shaking his thoughts away from wanting to repay Karai the same damage of a scarred back, Leo turned the vehicle to park next to the side of the raised island. "Here we are, hurry and find the Key Stone as quickly as possible!"

The group ran out of the Slider while scouting out the area. "There doesn't seem to be anything here…? Well, nothing out of the ordinary at least." The turtle muttered to himself too soon.

Just then, his pendant hanging in the center of his plastron chest began to glow a bright yellow. The sensation was strange… it wasn't like the usual glow that occurred when he engaged his chi.

This time the glow was more spiritual driven. As if the pendant was specially telling him to turn around to look at the Key Stone, "Huh?" His gaze focused upon a tiny abnormal monument to the side of the brick star that surrounded the Liberty Statue. "That's it!" He smiled running with the other two behind.

Until, the ground started to shake violently underneath their feet. "I believe we have some company!" Ancient One stated sarcastically. From beneath the depths of the bay, a fire demon demanded its presence by blasting a ray of flames at the trio.

"Guys?! Guys, we've only got about a minute and a half to do this! Is everyone in place?" April questioned to Leo and the others through the headset.

"Yea! In place and about to be killed by a Wind Warden!" Mikey complained. At least Leo wasn't the only one being attacked right now. What was strange about the warden's movement was the fact it continually missed the group. However, it only pushed them further and further away from the direction of the Key Stone- probably it's original intent.

"Leonardo! Look at the furnace of the fiend," Ancient One stated while on top of the turtle's green shoulders. "we must get close enough to extinguish it!"

He and Karai stopped momentarily readying themselves to head the master's advice, but that moment of stillness allowed the warden to blast the flames once more while driving them further away from the small Key Stone.

Stuck at the foot of the Statue of Liberty, Leo panicked now being cornered by their attacker. What was worse was the fact that out of the corner of his eye, he could see the pink orb now fully covering the Downtown part of Manhattan.

"Move!" Karai pushed Leo forward in his state of thinking just before the demon blasted them again.

"Wow, I am so glad that we have a truce." He muttered his thanks in a non-thanking way. "For the time being…" She warned her enemy. He nodded and then took out his Tribunal Sword. "Gunshin, attack with the power of the Dragon King!"

Focusing his entire Chi through his amulet, Leonardo raised the single sword into the air as the blue Chi attack not only extinguish but also destroyed the fire warden.

"Guys hurry! The Shredder's dark energy is going to reach you in 16 seconds!" April shrieked into the receiver. Leo nodded both to April, whom couldn't see him, and to Karai and Ancient One.

"When I say go," The fat ninja master declared, "Focus everything you have into the Key Stone!" Leonardo continued to hold his concentration on his Chi despite the Ancient One's warning. "Okay! Go, go! NOW!"

The pink orb was just about to hit the Liberty Island, but just as Leo and the other two attacked the statue, the same glittering yellow glow drew back the pink and engulfed the darkness of the Demon Shredder's magic.

"Yes!" Leo cheered watching the city revert back to its original frame. "We did it!" Placing the sword behind his shell once again, the turtle leader sought to celebrate their moment of victory and hard work… but that moment was short lived.

"Leonardo! Karai!" Ancient One gasped watching a gigantic red and black dragon emerge from within the center of the city through the golden bubble. "Move!" He waved his hands backwards just as the golden glow quickly changed back into the Demon Shredder pink orb once again. The yellow glow that also had been emitting from the Key Stone changed into pink and exploded right behind the trio.

Leo closed his eyes as his feet left the floor ready to embrace the impact, but felt nothing. "Huh?" He opened suddenly and questioned the nature of the yellow shield protecting him and the other two from the pink blast. "What the-?"

The natural aurora of the gold color made him calm… almost as if…

He shook his head away from that thought. There was no way that yellow light could be a result of May and Sakura…

Could it?

With another shake of his bald green head, Leo looked out into the result of the new New York City while making sure the other two were okay. "What just happened?"

Ancient One sighed, "We have lost this battle… seems your friend cursed our plan from the start… we must regroup and figure out another cause of action. If we don't then the fate of the world will be in the hands of this evil tangu…"

The room was silent and filled with the uncontainable thought floating in every single person's brain: total utter defeat.

"So," Mikey spoke in the midst of the uncomfortable silence. "What do we-"

"Don't!" Raph cut off his younger brother. "Don't say it Mikey! You constantly keep sayin' dat!"

"But it's true!" the orange bandana turtle shrugged. "Leo?" The leader in question sighed, "The only thing we can do. We have to gather our forces and try to stop this demon as best as we can…"

"How do we do that?" Anna tilted her head with her arms crossed in front of her chest. She still wasn't too thrilled with Karai being present but at least she knew they at least had another fighter to make up for her loss. "We already have all the people we know right?"

"No." Donny spoke up while patting her back. "We might have to call on a few more, enemies." His eyes gazed to Karai. "We have the Purple Dragons and Bishop, plus the Justice Force and our street friends. If we split up and get everyone together, then we just might be able to start a resistance to attempt to stop the Demon Shredder."

Anna nodded. "Better shot with more numbers for sure." Then she looked to Raphael as he spoke up, "Hun and Bishop are da enemies, how can we even trust dat they'd help us?."

"True." Leo nodded, "But right now the Demon Shredder is everyone's enemy. I say we split up and try to gather as much help as we can. Mikey get the Justice Force, Raph take on Hun, and Don take Bishop. April, Casey and Anna, find people we know from the streets that are willing to help."

"What about you?" Anna asked out of the blue.

"I'm-" Leo turned his shell quickly before anyone had time to retaliate, "I'm going to channel and find our blonde friend, May. Meet back at the old lair… the one Karai destroyed."

Raphael sighed while tossing a piece of debris from the broken pile of ceiling he and his other two younger brothers sat on while waiting for Leo. After fearless had stated he was attempting to find May, Raph couldn't focus on anything else, despite having to plan a way to force Hun into their group. "When da hell is he gonna get his ass here?"

"Calm down, Raph. Leo said he'd be here shortly, remember."

"Yea," Raph threw the rock down while shoving his cheek into the palm of his hand. "Well he'd betta hurry it up or else I'ma-"

"Hey guys! You're never gonna believe who I found!" Leo's voice echoed through the empty lair that once used to be their home. Thinking that he had found their lost human friend, all three turtle brothers stood with their arms out reached to hug May. However, what they expected to be one shadow walking out from the tunnel turned into four.

"Furaigi and Joy?!"



The red-bandana turtle practically pounced on Joy after happily saying her name. Hugging the other blonde felt good to Raphael and honestly he had been in such a depressive state not having May around for so long that he HAD to hug Joy. "Man it is so great to see you guys!"

"But how is it that you're alive?!" Donny smiled.

"Well, like we told Leonardo." Joy smiled, "After the battle between the Tribunal and their demons, we each saw a bright light."

"Not a good sign, usually." Adam added in. "But we awoke in the ruins of the monastery." Tora stated. "Bruised and battered, but very much alive." Furaigi concluded.

"It was probably thanks to the Ninja Tribunal." Leo sighed as the group smiled at one another. "Speaking of which, here you go Furaigi. I was only holding onto Gunshin in your absence."

"No, Leonardo… it belongs to you."

But the blue clad turtle wouldn't take no for an answer. With his persistent smile Leo held the sword out to the burly dark-skinned man. "You honor me, my friend."

"Well looky what we got here!" A booming voice sounded from one of the tunnels. "We come at a bad time?" Hun and his Purple Dragon thugs smirked at the turtles with their guns raised specifically in their grimy hands.

"You turtles invited Hun?! You must be desperate." Baxter Stockman's voice sounded directly across to the opposite tunnel of the thugs. Of course, Stockman had only been reduced by now to a human sized machine with his original head projected above the appliance. To his side stood a strict Agent Bishop, "Control yourself doctor, we are here on business."

The scientist rolled his hologram eyes and then faced back towards the turtles, "Speaking of which! I have one little question. What's to stop any of us from eliminating any of you terrapins right here and now?!" As he spoke of his threat, guns replaced what used to be his claw-like hands and pointed directly at the brothers.

"Us for one!"

Looking above to the second story of the lair, the turtles smiled at Silver Century and the rest of the Justice Force. Plus, Leatherhead and all of their human friends made up a good chunk of the resistance.

Leonardo looked to his brothers. The look of concern on his face revealed the fact they were still missing one person out of everyone, but by this point it was looking like they'd never see May again…

Raph nodded with his head and ushered his brother to the center of the room. "We can't waste any time, bro."

"I know…" Leo nodded and then walked pass the others towards the pile of rubble left in the center of the room. "Okay, let's get started! We've asked you all here because everything going on in the city, the transformations, the monsters. It's all the work of a resurrected demon. The original Shredder from the 4th century A.D. His power is growing by the minute and the evil he's brought here is transforming the world." He paused making sure to look at every scattered group roamed in their old home. "The entire world! Whether we like it or not, we are all in this together."

Hun simply growled. "I can see why you chumps are in trouble, but that doesn't have anything to do with me! I did okay with the old Shredder, and he was just a tiny broom-faced alien bug!"

"Yes," Leo sighed already knowing this was going to happen from the oversized oaf. "But it doesn't look like those who have served under the old Shredder are welcomed in the new world…"

"And I should believe you, because…" Hun stubbornly crossed his arms.

"Believe him Hun," Karai entered in through yet another tunnel with a Foot Ninja by her side and Chaplin on the other. "I have the scars to prove it!" As Hun and the rest of his cronies figured out the severity of their situation, Master Splinter and Ancient One took the moment to walk to Karai's side. "Karai herself has an important role to play in all of this. It seems that all who take on the mantle of the Shredder unknowingly create a link between that of the Ancient Demon Shredder and we hope to use this during the coming battle."

"Karai!" Hun shook his large head, "You really going along with all this mumbo-jumbo?!"

"I too, but through meditation I have felt it!" She admitted. "The link is very real!"

Being an over looker in the whole situation and argue of sincerity, Agent Bishop finally questioned. "So what exactly is your plan?"

"The Shredder is a tangu, a demon." Ancient One spoke up. "Its essence has never been destroyed but it's physical form is vulnerable. Three artifacts were taken to revive his form: his helmet, gauntlet and bodice. If we can separate these three once again then he should be greatly weakened."

"Right, but first we need to get to him!" Leo commanded the attention once again while still keeping his footing on the pile of rubble in the center of the old Lair. "That's where Dr. Chaplin and his mystic tech comes in." Chaplin nodded in response. "So we can blast through his mystic armies and take the Shredder head on!"

"And to aid in that attack, I will use my link with the Shredder to drain away as much as his dark energy into myself as I can take while further weakening him…" Karai stated proudly but her speech drifted as a set of footsteps echoed down the hall she was standing in. "Hmmm?"

The footsteps sounded light and yet they seemed to be coming from a pair of heels a woman would wear as they clacked against the brick floor.

"Leo, who else are we expecting?" Donny shifted uncomfortably. The leader shook and kept a close watch on his family, friends, and his enemies incase they were behind the intruder. "Well someone is crashing the party." Mikey half-joked.

"Your plan is good…" A feminine voice sounded as the footsteps echoed louder. Karai turned her head to look behind her back at the shadowy figure entering their presence. "However, meditation and mystic weaponry will not get you very far…"

From out of the shadows, a woman with long jet-black hair and a bright yellow kimono pushed pass Karai and her Foot soldiers. She smiled at the group with big bright blue eyes shining back, "…without my help."

"Who are you!?" Karai scoffed. Meanwhile, the turtles, Splinter, Ancient One, and even the four relocated acolytes gasped at the woman.

"I," The woman walked towards the turtles in the center of the room. "Am Oroku Sakura..."

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