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Chapter 1

Sasha's POV

It wasn't long before that weird sensation left, and we could feel the ground again, although, this time, I felt slightly different, like something about me had changed…

"Ok, you can all open your eyes now." We heard Madara say, and we complied.

Bri and I looked around. Then we screamed and started jumping around.


"We're here!"

"In the Narutoverse!"

"With the Akatsuki!"


Everyone else sweatdropped.

"Why the fuck are you acting like that?" Hidan asked.

"Be quiet, you would act this way too if you saw Jashin," Bri replied.

"No I fucking wouldn't."

"Hi Jashin-sama!"

"Where?!" Hidan turned around and started looking while Bri and Kakuzu started laughing. Hidan then realised he was tricked, but soon his complaints were forgotten when he noticed another detail.

"Holy shit!!!" He said. "I'm human again!!!!! It's a blessing from Lord Jashin-sama!!"

"Damn, and I was hopping you would remain a dog, so we could sell you off…" Kakuzu muttered under his breath.

I looked around, and saw that, in fact, all of the Akatsuki members had regained their human forms. "Must have really been a reaction to going into a different dimension…"

"Wait, why are you guys so big?" asked Bri.

"We're not big, it's you guys that shrunk, un." said Deidara.

Me and Bri then looked at ourselves. "What the hell?!? We're puppies!!!"

"Yes, I figured that that would happen." said Madara.

We both looked at him. He still wore Tobi's mask, so we couldn't see his face. "The dimensional jump has caused you two to get new bodies, just like it did the same to us when we were in your dimension."

"So now what do we do?"

"We will have to go to the Akatsuki headquarters, where we will need to train you into becoming ninja dogs."

"Ninja dogs? But I can hardly run, I don't even know how I made it through Gym class in high school!" I complained.

"Well, since you were "given" what seems to be ninja dog bodies, we will defiantly be able to train you two. Besides…" He added with what I knew was a smirk under his mask "I can see that you both have chakra networks, which will make matters a lot easier."


"So, where exactly are we?" Bri asked.

Zetsu looked around at the forest surrounding us. "We must be somewhere in the Fire Country. We need to go west to get to Amegakure."

Madara nodded and turned to me and Bri. "This will be the first stage of your training. Stealth and endurance. The trip will take about three days, and we will need to travel with caution, so that we don't get caught by the guards patrolling the borders." We nodded in understanding, and followed them into the horizon.

Three days went by, without a lot of commotion, and with me and Bri doing fairly well. It seemed that we were already starting to adjust to our new condition, and we were soon in front of a huge rock, with a seal on it.

Madara put a hand on it, and made a few hand signs. A few seconds later, the earth started to shake and the rock in front of us started to move, revealing a passage way that led to an underground cave.

The Akatsuki members entered, and we followed them. The cavern was gigantic, and it seemed to be built to resemble an underground house. It had several rooms, which seemed to belong to all the members, and the biggest one appeared to be a training room, with all the necessary equipment.

"We're here. Now what?"

"Now we need to gather in Pein's office, to discuss our plan."

Pein nodded, and led all of us into his office. Madara sat in front of the desk, and turned to us. "Our immediate plan is to capture the Kyuubi. But we can't just launch an attack, seeing as the ninjas from Konoha all think that the Akatsuki doesn't exist anymore."

"So, what's the plan?" asked Kisame.

"We will use that assumption to our advantage. They will most likely lower their guard, and that's when we will strike. Until that time, we need spies on the village, so that we can monitor the situation."

"Then why can't we use my spies, like we have in the past?" asked Sasori.

"We will need to use someone new, someone that they won't be able to recognise off of the Bingo Book. But, most importantly, we need someone that has deep knowledge of the Konoha ninjas."

"And that's where we come in." said Bri.

Madara nodded. "Granted, this task won't be easy. It will require infiltration techniques, and most of all, you can't give them any reason to suspect you two. And that means that they can't catch you talking, or doing anything that ninja dogs wouldn't normally do."

"There's just on problem. We aren't ninja dogs. How are we supposed to fool them?"

"That's simple: for the next few months you will each train with a different Akatsuki member, to learn all the things that regular ninja dogs do."


"Your training will start tomorrow! Your all dismissed!"

We all left the office and headed to different rooms. Hidan went to his room, to catch up on his rituals, Kakuzu headed to his room, to search for bounties, Pein stayed behind with Madara and Konan, Itachi went to the gym, Sasori went to work on his puppets, Zetsu just disappeared, and Deidara and Kisame went to the living room to watch TV, out of boredom.

So, we decided to follow Deidara and Kisame, and, as I sat there I kept thinking on how our lives would change, now that we we're Akatsuki members.

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