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As soon as we got to the Hokage's office, we got to see who our partners in this mysterious mission were: Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi.

"The old Team 7..."

"Good, you're all here." said Tsunade.

"What is this we heard about the mutts going with us on this mission?" asked Sasuke. Bri growled at him in response to the insult.

"This mission is a tracking mission, and it will be an excellent opportunity to test their abilities, and see if they're worth staying, or not." said Tsunade.

"In that case, why can't we take Kiba and Akamaru instead?" insisted Sasuke.

"Wow, he must really dislike us..." I thought, already planning on how to use that to our advantage.

"Oh, come on Sasuke! The puppies just got here, and we want to train them to become even better that Akamaru! That way, we'll have the best ninja dogs around!" said Naruto, grinning.

"And besides, I saw the chakra that they possess, and it was a fair amount, even for puppies. I believe that an opportunity like this would be too good to waste." said Kakashi, not taking his eyes of his book.

"So, what's the mission, anyway?" asked Naruto, already eager to begin.

Tsunade took out a scroll. "According to this information sent by our allies on Sunagakure, a spy we have been looking for for quite some time has been spotted."

"So that's why Gaara and the others were here..." said Naruto, tilting his head. Tsunade nodded.

"Yes, and we have decided to send a retrieval team as backup. This ninja is not to be taken lightly."

"Well, who is he, anyway?" asked Sakura.

"Yakushi Kabuto."

Everyone in the room gasped.

"He was last seen heading towards Amegakure, and it's up to you four to capture him, and bring him back alive for questioning. You may leave when you are ready."

Everyone bowed, and exited the room, with Bri and me following close behind. As soon as we were outside, Bri and me went to the Training Grounds.

"Why are here?"

"You heard Tsunade, Kabuto is headed to Amegakure, so we need to contact the Akatsuki, and inform them." I said, touching a small button on my collar.

"Report." said a voice on the other end that I knew belonged to Madara.

"Well, we have some good news, and some bad news..."

"I knew it! The mutts can't handle it!" said a different voice.

"We can handle it, Hidan, so shut up!" said Bri. "And what are you doing there, anyway? Did Kakuzu cut your head off again?"

"No, we're here for a debriefing on a mission!"

"As lovely as this conversation is, can we please get back on track?" asked Madara.

"Fine..." said Hidan, and we heard him mumble something about Madara being a lot more tolerable when he was known as Tobi.

"What are the news?"

"Well, the good news is that we were accepted into the village, and we already have a mission with Hatake Kakashi, Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke, and Uzumaki Naruto."

"The Nine-Tails brat?" Looks like they scored big..."

"And what's the bad news?" asked Madara.

"Well, the bad news, is that that is a pursuit and capture mission. A spy that Konoha has been looking for was spotted near Sunagakure, and is headed towards Amegakure."

"I don't see how this constitutes a problem. You were taught to pursuit and capture enemies, so I don't see the problem." said Madara, clearly not impressed.

"You didn't let me finish. The spy used to work for Orochimaru, as well as Akatsuki. He was one of Sasori's subordinates. We're gonna be looking for Kabuto Yakushi."

"That is indeed something we need to discuss... We will probably have to capture him ourselves, and see what he wants with us." Madara paused for a moment, before continuing. "Once you get sight of him, contact us again, and we will see what he has to say. You have done well in informing us. Perhaps this idea will pay off after all..." he said before the connection was lost.

"What do you suppose he means by that?"

"I couldn't hazard a guess..."

Just then, Naruto came running into the Training Grounds, looking for us.

"There you are! Everything is already set, and we're ready to go!" he said, motioning for us to follow him. We did, and met up with the rest of Team 7 on the Front Gate.

"I hope you all have everything, because this journey is gonna take several days."

"Yeah, yeah, let's just go, sensei!" said Naruto, fired up. "This is the first mission I've had in weeks, and you just keep delaying it by telling us stuff we already know!"

"We can't send you on missions for no good reason, Naruto..." said Tsunade, who was there to see us off.

"Why not? It's not like the Akatsuki are a threat anymore... Kakashi-sensei and Sasuke sent them somewhere where they will never bother us again!"

"Maybe, but they're not the only ones out there that represented a threat. And the proof of that is your mission."

"Well, if we want to make it on time to the meeting point, we have to leave now." said Kakashi, closing the book that he had been reading until that point.


We all said our last goodbyes, and sped off towards the Leaf Forest

"Let's see if the mutts can even get atop the trees..." muttered Sasuke, as they began to climb the trees .

Bri and me exchanged a look, and began to charge our paws with chakra. After feeling that it was enough, we jumped at the same time, and landed next to the other members of our team.

"Wow! Who knew they could do that?" asked Naruto, impressed.

"They're ninja puppies, Naruto, they're supposed to know how to do that." said Sakura.

Kakashi nodded, but said nothing. Sasuke, however, only grunted, and pushed forward.


After a few hours of traveling in silence, Kakashi decided to set up camp, and that we should rest for the night. We then stopped at a clearing near a lake.

While Sakura and Naruto went in search of wood to make a fire, Kakashi and Sasuke started to set up the tents.

After a few minutes of waiting, they finally returned. Sasuke then did a few hand signs, and shoot a flame, making a fire, and they started making steaks, which gave me and Bri an idea.

After they were done, I went over to Sasuke, and gave him puppy dog eyes.

"Forget it, mutt." said Sasuke with a scowl on his face. "You're not getting my dinner."

"Fine, if that's the way you want it..."

I looked over at Bri, who already got dinner from Kakashi, who decided to cook extra. Hiding behind some bushes near the lake, she put her paws on the water, concentrating chakra, and making the lake water a few feet away begin to rise, making the shape of a water dragon.

"Wow, look at that!"

Startled, they all looked. Including Sasuke.

"Big mistake!" I thought, as the shape in the water began to dissolve, and I grabbed the stake on the forgotten plate, and ran.

Once the lake was back to its original state a few moments later, they returned to their dinner.

"What was that?" asked Sakura.

"Looked like a jutsu. Probably just some ninjas practicing..." said Kakashi.

"Yeah... HEY!" shouted Sasuke, when he noticed his missing dinner. He looked around, until he spotted me with the steak still secure between my teeth.

"Why you little mutt..."

"Sasuke, it's okay, there's plenty more where that came from!" said Naruto, laughing at his friend's situation.

He reluctantly turned his back, and went to get another steak, and I walked over to Bri, who was already eating her dinner.

"Thanks!" I said, taking a bite at my prize.

"Hey, what are friends for?"

We both laughed, and, before we knew it, it was already time to sleep.


The next morning, we packed up, and headed towards our destination once more. After a whole day of traveling, we finally reached Sunagakure. As we entered the village, Bri and I looked around at all the buildings made of sand, as we headed towards the Kazekage mansion.

We met up with one of the Jounins in charge of the search parties who had been tracking Kabuto.

"We're really glad you were able to make it."

"Considering the situation, we are happy to do anything in our power to help." said Kakashi.

"Yeah, what can we do?" asked Naruto.

The Jounin laughed at his behavior. "Well, considering you brought ninja dogs, we have something that might make your life a lot easier." he said, and grabbed a piece of cloth that was on a nearby table.

"On one of the chases through the village, the Kazakage managed to get this while he was fighting against the intruder." he said, showing us the piece of cloth. "It belongs to the cloak he was wearing."

"Then this mission will be even easier now! See, Sasuke, I told it would be a good idea to bring the puppies!"

We looked at the piece of the cloak, and did our job. Soon afterward, a we started to pick up the scent that we believed to be Kabuto's, seeing as it was the main one.

"Well, let's like we're good to go. We'll let you know when we find them." said Kakashi, preparing to leave the village.

Our team said goodbye to the Jounins, and and left the village in search of Kabuto.


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