Haunted Mansion 2: Spirit within you


Starring: mizztawky

There it was, just two feet away. Emilie edged closer hesitating in every step. She leaned forward to the lock, took out a key and turned her hand clockwise. In an instant the gate swung open letting out an almighty screech. Emilie covered her ears, gritting her teeth. She slowly walked into the abandoned courtyard. She glanced skywards noticing an array of small bright lights, stars. The stars seemed to centre the moon which was directly above a dome-shaped window. She questioned this fact and stored it for later inspection. Emilie, rubbed her ears, still ringing from the gate. Dark dull gravestones surrounded her every turn. This is when she thought to herself that this wouldn't be an ordinary holiday, but something much more sinister.

Emilie looked down to her palm, a crumpled note lay there. She unravelled it, the words reading 'Congratulations on winning the holiday of a lifetime: Unravel the mysteries of the Old and experience the world in a whole new way, only a few minutes away from Louisiana' Emilie chuckled, disagreeing with the statement made. She crossed the courtyard where she took out another key, much bigger than the original and examined it for a second. Once again she slotted the key into the door in front of her, but this time the lock was more rusty, after a brief moment of struggle the door unlocked, she pulled the handle and pushed the door, to her surprise it opened easily.

She stepped inside; a chill ran down her spine. She shuddered and took another step. Now, she had taken the steps that she would later regret. Poking her head around the door she felt another chill. Emilie still wasn't scared; after all she did love this kind of adventure. She stepped once more; this time the floor creaking, she stepped back quickly. Emilie reached for her bag and pulled out a torch, after a few shakes it lit up. In a split second the rest of the lights switched on flickering one by one, startling her a bit. Emilie turned around, the door was shut. She thought again "silly ghost stories"; she chuckled, shook her head and panned around the room once more.

She made her way to the grand staircase, tiptoeing trying not to make a sound. She no longer needed her torch and the battery was running low so she flicked the switch off. But once she had switched off her torch the lights went out. Confused, she flicked the switch on and the lights turned on. Again and again she flicked the switch back and forth and again and again the hall lights turned off and on. Emilie whispered "freaky" and carried on. Now Emilie was half way up the stairs, the railings were full of cobwebs; Emilie wasn't a great lover of them.

Once she had reached the top, she looked down both corridors, both never-ending and narrow. She had to choose which one to venture down. She chose to go right, she headed down the corridor but a bright white light from the left caught her eye. She turned around sharply and shone her torch in the direction it had come from. Emilie stepped curiously wondering what it was. The light flickered quickly. Emilie stepped forward more, hesitating slightly. The batteries in her torch had gone, now she was in darkness, except for the odd candle light. She edged closer like before but her heart was beating faster and faster. She knew she wasn't aloneā€¦